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  1. Every mic that comes from DEQX comes calibrated with an individual corresponding calibration file that is used in the DEQX software. Were you to use some other mic then you would have to use a randomly selected calibration file from the set supplied by DEQX. The file is machine code and is not editable nor can you determine what the response graph actually looks like. Therefore the file that you choose may or may not be close to the attributes of the foreign mic. The mic plugs directly into the back of the DEQX, ie. no mic pre-amp is required. The DEQX provides phantom power.
  2. "Decware" suggested the diagonal room placement in one of the articles on their web site years ago. Terry in Bathurst does it. I was going to try it but the doorways, fireplace et al all seemed to be in the way. http://www.decware.com/paper14.htm
  3. aechmea

    Should I Run 2 x B&W ASW610

    IMExperience, multiple subs produce a more even freq response than 1. You still have to get the phase/timing and relative amplitudes right but seems worth it. I can run my 2 main speaker's bass panels and 2 subs with minimal, almost unnecessary, EQ due to careful placement. My room is about the same size (6 x 7) and I have 2 x 15inch but they only need to run at quarter rat-power, so 15inch is overkill for me. I would go with 2 whatevers.
  4. It depends on how you use the sub. My "pre-amp" attenuates the line level to the sub by 12 dB. Then the volume setting on the sub is 5 out of a possible 99. Mine are therefore not even close to raising a sweat. Many amps would be capable of that. There isn't a lot of difference between 1000 and 1250 (about 1dB) so I wouldn't worry about that. Crowns are designed as pro amps used for hard work. Probably more robust that the Velo. The Crown may have a fan. Some fans are noisy. But If you run the sub such that the door rattles and the windows bow out then ...
  5. Yeah, you are probably right Al. Its just such a disappointment when one's hi-tech well regarded expensive bit of electronics fails.
  6. I have 2 x DD15. Both have or have had faults. The first reckoned it was overheated when switching on and wouldn't go any further. I had it repaired for about $1100 or so. The thing didn't look to be modular to my eye when the repair man gave me the old "guts". A great cube of SMD electronics which was about $1000 in itself. It would appear that $1100 is the going price. The other dropped about 6dB or so in volume one day (half the plate amp part not working?), but still works; seems OK if I just turn its volume up. I am hesitant to get it repaired since $1000 is a lot, I don't use any of the DSP functionality anyway and if it really fails I might buy a passive sub and use one of my spare amps. On the other hand I should probably get it repaired though before the parts are no longer available. Not any help, I know, but just letting you know that you are not alone. [My retailer said that he has had so many returns that he no longer sells Velodyne stuff. I think that we have expensive lemons.]
  7. aechmea

    Speaker topper

    and if you get the mass and spring material wrong. it can most definitely be worse. The same mass-spring-mass technique is used in "stabilizers" for bows (archery) to quieten down unwanted vibrations on release of the arrow. Not every archer gets their stabilizer mass/length/spring right!
  8. I had a Phase Linear 1000 Autocorrelator Noise Reduction (https://kenrockwell.com/audio/phase-linear/autocorrelator.htm back in the 70s that I used to get rid of tape hiss and TT rumble. The unit also had dynamic range expansion capabilities. Pity that I don't have it now to add some dynamic range back into the mercilessly compressed CD masters of today. Or a digital Audirvana plug-in version would do.
  9. After more than 10 years, Phideaux has finally released the 3rd part of his trilogy. It's called "Infernal" and is a double album. Previous parts have been "The Great Leap" (2006) and "Doomsday Afternoon" (2007). Released yesterday, I have wasted no time so mine is on the water as I type. I got my CD from Amazon, but I see that there is a download on Bandcamp.
  10. aechmea

    Peter Dutton is going, going,...

    https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/leadership-twist-as-report-claims-peter-dutton-could-be-ineligible-to-sit-in-parliament-20180820-p4zyn1.html It seems that there is a fundamental problem with this article. At the start is says that "The trust owns his wife's company" whereas at the end it says that "Kiralee Dutton is the sole director and shareholder of RHT Investments". Both cannot be true. If Mrs Dutton is indeed the sole shareholder of the company that runs the child care centres then that's where it all stops. Sounds like a fake news beat-up to me. [Edit: I see that the ABC article has reported a different ownership structure re the trust and the company. It would help if news reports reported facts.]
  11. I've tried subs all over the room, including out in the middle. For me the middle of the room was OK (not special) and I ended up with the subs elsewhere. Every room is different so it's worth a try. I was never able to get a reasonable response with front corner subs or subs near the mains. The middle of the room happens to be the null point of the lengthways and the sideways modal frequencies. A sub in this position (= energy pumped into a null) should not activate the mode and therefore those two modes probably won't be the primary-mode problem that a lot of people focus on. It might be a null for those frequencies but will be a reinforcement for other frequencies, and nulls for others and reinforcement for others and everything in between .... So positioning subs is not something that one can predict very well and is trial and error until one is happy with the result. Its all about room dimensions and the position of the sub(s) and chair(s). A sub on the wall behind the chair often works. Measuring helps; well, some would say mandatory. Then use EQ to lop off any peaks. I like playing with the German Java app http://www.hunecke.de/en/calculators/loudspeakers.html which may! give some clues/ideas/starting points. Then again it may be of no use whatsoever. Hahaha.
  12. I would nearly have had the first Tubular Bells LP in Aus. At the time I subscribed to "Melody Maker" magazine. In it was a mention of MO and TB. Having non-mainstream taste I thought that I would give it a go. However I could not find it anywhere in Adelaide; in fact no-one had ever heard of him or it. Undaunted I placed an order on a London record store with a bank cheque in pounds. Post was by sea so it took sometime to get here. By then it had probably come thru normal channels to the retailers. When I moved from Adel to Newc later in the 70s I gave my vinyl collection away. Can't remember why; must have seemed like a good idea at the time. I only do CDs now but I have the (complete?) MO discography over and over again the original release CDs some of the compilations with different masters and versions some EPs with alternative mixes the 2000 HDCD remasters the recent "Deluxe" remasters and individual miscellaneous CDs TB 25th anniversary version TB for 2 pianos TB for Two some DVDs Plus other stuff that I might have forgotten. Also saw "Tubular Bells for Two" live show in Newcastle last month; marvelous musicianship and entertainment from 2 Aussies. How they can keep up playing TB on all of those instruments in real time is boggling. TB lives on.
  13. aechmea

    Velodyne DD12+ Repair

    The electronics in both my DD15s have failed in the past. The guts of both were replaced. Apparently electronics failure is quite common in these subs. The internals I am told are difficult-to-repair SMD and replacing the whole kit and caboodle is the repair method of choice; maybe the only method. Next time I get a failure I will (I will get someone to) by-pass the Velodyne electronics altogether and just drive the speaker with a "spare" external amp. Pretty poor really considering the original cost of the subs.
  14. For BIA, the recording is fine; it's a 'recent' mastering that is rubbish. The 20th anniversary SACD disc has a CD layer that is compressed to within an inch of its life. I can't listen to it. (DR8) The original CD from 1985 is about as good as you get (DR16) for dynamic range. [There are many many remixes, remasters and re-somethings of all sorts of rock/pop stuff that are much poorer than the originals with respect to dynamic range. Choose your version carefully.]
  15. [In my situation the sound passes by my ears, never to return (not really, but sort of) and aligns with one of Linkwitz's tenets.] I covered the backwall almost entirely with 200mm thick semi-rigid fibreglass with another 2 freestanding 100mm thick sheets just behind the chair to kill as much of the backwall reflection as possible; effective on reverb to about 60Hz or a bit less. I suppose that the tube traps in the rear corners contributed as well. However my suck-out was at 35 - 40 Hz (2.5metres off backwall) and the absorption didn't fix that. The only way I fixed that was to put one sub in the back of the room. That filled the 'hole'. At 1.5m from the wall I predict that your suck-out will be at about 50 - 60Hz. That is higher freq than mine but only just in the range of even THICK absorption, so I don't think that absorption will have much effect on your bass, but you never know. Further from the wall is better as you already know, and as Dave says anything is better than nothing and both 1 and 2 have a very good chance of cleaning up the mids and highs. Bigger is better so maybe option 1 but the further from the wall is better, hmmm, so its 6 of one half a dozen of the other. I would choose 'bigger'. How about both 1 and 2? How about everything , both big and small between desk and wall?