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  1. Fortunately my W doesn't possess WAF so my room looks like a fibreglass warehouse. However, my understanding/experience is that it doesn't really matter much where absorption is placed. Bass has the ability to ignore most things put in its way unless those things are large and thick. Also absorption is more effective away from walls so the further out from the wall the better. I suspect that stuffing spaces in furniture and other secret places will all be beneficial to some degree; except for the lowest frequencies, of course. With the absorption hidden away, that will still leave large expanses of wall, floor and ceiling to allow reflections, so stuffing will be a partial solution, but better than not, and maybe enough to suit your taste. Your lounges and furniture, (and carpet, curtains etc.) are already absorbing high freqs so there should be no discernible difference there. Off hand, I can't think of any gotchas.
  2. aechmea

    DEQX Owners Thread

    @almikel Page 59 (bottom half) of the 3.0.2 User Manual. Could be wrong but I have a suspicion that it was new in v3 of the software.
  3. aechmea

    nbn to “kill off top fixed wireless products”

    Sorry OP and other posters but I can't help having a whinge. I have given up ever getting NBN. Neighbours on either side can get fixed wireless yet my address gets nothing. On the NBN "map" the swimming pool and the remote garage can get wireless but the house can't!. Across the road the 1m wide easement running along the road separating the council road and the federal highway can get fibre. Put my address in the NBN lookup database and it says "satellite" is now available, after 2 years of "being planned" and 2 years after the rest of the town got FTTN. I am disgusted.
  4. aechmea

    Tidal streaming numbers

    If you go to the main article https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/did-tidal-falsify-streams-to-bulk-up-kanye-west-and-beyonce-numbers/ the pdf link is half way down. It works from there.
  5. I moved one of my subs to the back wall. I was able to fill a dip from 35 - 50Hz this way so there is a good chance that it will work for you. You could try with one of your existing subs to see if the concept works.
  6. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    Nothing much. Its just the lure of money. Even the plumber is a problem. No quote No invoice Will only accept cash No receipt No GST paid No income tax paid
  7. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    I know lots of people like Ms Daft. I suspect that there will be a lot more of the population that get a (bad) surprise if the proposed Labor legislation is ever implemented. The devil will be in the detail as always. Misunderstanding is rife. Everyone will be affected. What most people seem not to understand is that anyone with franked shares that currently get some sort of refund at the end of the year for whatever reason (eg. overpaid PAYG, deductions etc.) will almost certainly get a reduced refund since that refund or part of that refund will no doubt consist of imputation credits. I suspect that Labor will call them "tax rebates" which are the last items to be applied and any excess is non refundable. I can see this affecting everyone, even wage and salary earners that have shares that pay a franked dividend. Imputation credits are prepaid tax. Also, the refund of imputation credits is not a freeby handout. They are tax that I have already prepaid on the dividend. I only get 70% of the dividend paid to me whilst the govt keeps 30%. This is identical to PAYG taxation. PAYG earners get to apply their prepaid tax to their tax liability and will get it all refunded at the end of the year if that is the way it works out. For me, 100% of the dividend is taxable income but now I can't apply all or maybe any of the 30% prepaid tax. "But they don't pay tax" I hear the chorus; bulldust; I am pre-paying 30% on all of my income (even the first dollar) and will get nothing back. What other low income earner pays 30% on every dollar? None. 30% tax on every dollar is the same as tax on income of $120,000 at marginal rates. Why pick on shareholders. It won't be the very rich that are targeted. Also, very rich people pay tax anyway so they will have the best opportunity to fully use their imputation credits and thus the proposed system will have little effect on them. It ends up with the lowest earners being denied a refund which is not the spin nor the intended target that Labor is putting forth. Super funds will just move funds to other investments. By denying a refund of imputation credits to super funds in pension phase, the trustees will just move funds to other asset classes. Imagine the mayhem on the sharemarket when SMSF super funds (there are 500,000 of them) cash in their shares. Imagine the mayhem on the property (or bullion or bond) market when those same funds buy up properties instead. Imagine the hit to the budget when 1 million people end up on the govt aged pension 10 years earlier than otherwise would be the case. Imagine the electoral fallout when approx 1 million beneficiaries of SMSF funds decide that they are pissed off with Labor and its cash grab.
  8. Notice that I quoted just a few words of your post. In your post you said that 30dB was an increase in Watts from 1 to 30 ie 30 times. Not true. Would have been true of Volts. Maybe it was just a slip of the pen. In that instance you have mixed up the ratio of two voltage amplitudes expressed in dB with the ratio of 2 power values also expressed in dB. 40dB = 10000 times Watts = 100 times Volts 30dB = 1000 times Watts = 31.62 times Volts 20dB = 100 times Watts = 10 times Volts 10dB = 10 times Watts = 3.162 times Volts Watts are proportional to Volts squared. That comes from W = I^2 R If one is talking input and output voltages then your example of 100 and the 31.62 multipliers are correct. However, when you are talking wattage or SPL then the 10000 and 1000 multipliers are correct. Most people think in terms of power amplifier power (watts) and SPL rather than the voltage change associated with it, so when they think, say, 30dB power or SPL, they should be multiplying by 1000 not 31.62. 'Tis why lots of amps are underpowered for the speakers and the SPL that they are played at.
  9. aechmea

    Hello from Northern NSW

    Hi Sergio, Welcome to the forum. There is a strong thread regarding prog rock. Have a look at that, but there are plenty of other topics that will be of interest.
  10. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    and I would go further and say that almost all of the company profit and tax paid will be (eventually) passed on to shareholders; the tax refunded as imputation credits. Talking Australian companies and Australian shareholders. Company Tax is a furphy for the govt and the company. It doesn't make any difference how much the companies are taxed, it eventually ends up being paid by or refunded to the shareholders via their tax return depending on their marginal tax rate. The company is just a pass-through portal. As for the govt, it collects company tax at one end but gives exactly the same amount back (imputation) at the other end; nett gain = zero. Might as well not have company tax at all. The only tax that the govt has use of for a short time is the bit that has not been distributed as franking on a franked dividend. It will be distributed to shareholders eventually and the govt will eventually give it back as a tax credit. Strawman storm in a teacup: as is the whole discussion re company tax cuts.
  11. Not quite ... When talking power units ... 10db = 10 times (by definition) 30dB = 10dB + 10dB + 10dB = 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000 So 30dB is actually 1000 times power. --------------------- Other bits of interest Formulae are (dB) = 10 * log(p1/p2) for power units (dB) = 20 * log 9v1/v2) for voltage/current units because power is proportional to voltage squared and dBs are logarithmic 3dB (roughly) is double power. Actually 10 * log 2 = 3.0103 6dB (roughly) is double voltage When it comes to perceived loudness it is generally agreed that 10dB SPL sounds about twice as loud. Because power (watts) and SPL are roughly proportional, an amp with 30dB gain over another amp would sound about 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times as loud. The end result of this maths is that you need lots more watts to increase the volume by just a little. You need lots of watts to cater for dynamic range fluctuations of say 20dB = 100 times which often occurs in recorded music. You need lots of watts for inefficient speakers (say 83dB for 1 watt at 1m) compared with (say 93dB for 1watt at 1m) = 10 times You need lots more watts for increased distance from the source. This is a squared value as well. eg. 3.16 m from source => 1 tenth = -10dB In some setups, some large wattage numbers start to crystallize, which is why there are many of us that need (or should need) 500+ watt amps just to get low to mid 80s dB SPL with head room, at "the chair". McGowan has done the maths too which is why he keeps raising the issue and sells high powered amps. Different of course for efficient speakers like horns.
  12. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    I don't actually have a problem with people with experience in the particular field being appointed into the field in some capacity. eg. there is no point in appointing a teacher into say defence, or a farmer into health And if you are in the field for some time then you will have acquaintances and friends. Familiarity does not make one a crim although some turn out that way when boundaries are pushed and there are no consequences. ----------------- re the investment advice industry There is no science or formulae to investment. One does what seems like a good idea at the time based on preference and guess. Time and a certain randomness will will determine whether it is a good idea or not. No-one can know the future. It is well established that "active" profession fund managers do no better than the stock market average. All one needs to remember are the old sayings "Let the buyer beware" "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" "If it seems too good to be true, then it is" "Never buy an investment off someone that doesn't have grey hair" (= old age; been there, done that) [I have grey hair and a Santa beard, so just send money to me .... which seems like what happens in too many cases. Sometimes people are their own worst enemies.]
  13. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    The link is invalid. The back portion has been truncated. Here is a corrected one. https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/the-bankingrc-political-mistakes-and-coalition-finance-industry-mates,11428
  14. aechmea

    Banking Royal Commission (2018).

    Henderson is an investment adviser and media columnist. I believe that his staffer (pretending to be Mc Kenna) was ringing McKenna's super funds which are different entities altogether and not related to Henderson. I understand that Henderson was advising McKenna to roll her super into a SMSF and have Henderson related entities do the investment into Henderson related trusts. I suppose the staffer was trying to find out what super McKenna had and the status of it.
  15. aechmea

    Currently Spinning

    I played "Man on the Rocks" once or twice but the dynamic compression was bloody awful (DR7). Even the instrumental version (bonus CD in the Deluxe set) is even worse (DR6). Gotta have it anyway to keep the discography complete (or nearly so (well maybe it is)). "Return to Ommadawn" has DR12 so is good from that point of view.