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  1. I gave up buying Grange in the late 70s when it got to $15 a bottle. Oh, how the value of money has changed over time. [Still have 5 from the early 70s and one from the 60s.]
  2. RK Cables (member here) in Melbourne has plenty of shapes and sizes including sheets http://www.rkcable.com.au/sorbothane.htm
  3. Well not only Busby, but I also wandered through the MW exam questions the like of which Domaine de la Romanee-Conti DRC passed. Tough stuff, so great credit to @DRC - well done Duane - you can splurge on a new bow now - whilst not drinking of course. I notice that his other interests listed on his MW bio were archery and music. Seemed a bit understated considering reality. [To DRC: My archery club has just laid out a 3D range to keep things a bit interesting. Used an existing field range and reversed the range flow and reversed the target and shooting positions so that distances were not familiar, at least for the first few times. Very popular.]
  4. You have sent me down a rabbit hole! I searched re Busby, trying to find his manifest of cuttings that he brought back. Then re-discovered "Kirkton" which was the Busby family vineyard near Branxton (Hunter Valley). Then that matched with my drinking buddy's wine club (The Kirkton Chapter aka The Kirkton Wine Club). So went to their site and there was his picture from decades? ago. Then I had a quick sqizz at their tastings and there was the one that I went to in 2014 at his house and to which I donated a bottle of 1981 and 1982 Joly "Savenierres Clos de Coulee de Serrant". Anyway there is a list of Busby vines on Google Drive (whatever that is) to which I don't have a signon it seems - maybe for Kirkton members only. https://accounts.google.com/signin/v2/identifier?continue=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fa%2Fkirkton.org%2Ffile%2Fd%2F0B3c40s4__22kR2tKaHNkejVfeDg%2Fview%3Fusp%3Dsharing&followup=https%3A%2F%2Fdrive.google.com%2Fa%2Fkirkton.org%2Ffile%2Fd%2F0B3c40s4__22kR2tKaHNkejVfeDg%2Fview%3Fusp%3Dsharing&hd=kirkton.org&service=wise&sacu=1&rip=1&flowName=GlifWebSignIn&flowEntry=ServiceLogin I'll see if we can get the list.
  5. I have FLAC files on an external USB drive. On my (old) Macbook I use (an old version) Audirvana. I only use a very basic method by loading up as many albums/tracks as wanted and pressing "play" once. No further intervention required.
  6. Only the vinyl of "Truth...." is reasonable. Many digital masters are compressed to within an inch of their lives these days - and not just London Grammar. It is know as the loudness war as eman said. Started in the mid '90s and continues to this day. Its not CD or digital files or the rip that are the problem per se it is those fat fingers of the masterer twiddling the compression knob. Some masterers are good others not so, and a lot don't even seem to know or care. These day, I check the DR database first and try to purchase the version with the best dynamic range statistic. In the case of Lon. Gram., unluckily, they all seem bad. http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list/album?artist=london+grammar PS. I don't have the album so can't check that track
  7. And if you do audition amps side by side then make absolutely sure that they are at the same volume at the seat. Anything-everything at a lower volume sounds dull and lifeless. Power amps have all sorts of input sensitivities which will affect the volume unless the volume knob is adjusted to compensate. I initially rejected my power amp because it was "dull and lifeless" compared to the others until I realised that it was 2.2v compared to the others at 1.5v or thereabouts and needed a good dollop (over 3dB) of extra input voltage. Once the volumes were equalised it became a clear winner.
  8. Two considerations from physics ... 1. All absorption is most effective at 1/4 wavelength ie. where the particle velocity is greatest. The velocity at the wall is zero so absorption is at its least effectiveness there. 2. The thickness of absorption should be in the ballpark of 1/4 wavelength also. Anything much thinner than that will not have the required effect. However not all waves impinge at 90º so the obtuse ones will have a longer path length thru the absorption and be attenuated more than one might expect. So... Thin stuff against a wall will only attenuate high frequencies. Curtains and carpet, the same. If you wish to tackle low freqs with absorption, then the absorption needs to be huge, thick and away from boundaries. Almost all "bass traps" are really only high freq attenuators - they aren't thick enough, big enough nor in the right location. Low freq attenuation is actually quite difficult and needs pressure traps not absorbers. If you are serious, your room will look like a fibreglass warehouse and have paper thin walls to let the bass out. ------------------ I used lots (6) of Fletcher full sized semi-rigid fibreglass sheets (2400 x 1200 x 100 32Kg) and 5 rigid fibreglass pre-formed tubes (2000 x 450 x 50 64Kg). They are covered with cheap hessian/linen material from Spotlight and are free standing and therefore moveable or re-moveable. In my case most are behind the chair to kill the back wall reflection. It might be unsightly but is very effective all the way to 35Hz.
  9. I vaguely remember something about one of the old conductors (Toscanini??) bringing in the bass section of the orchestra earlier than the rest. [I don't do classical so this is just a snippet of info that I may have picked up somewhere along the way. Or may be its just urban myth. Or maybe my aging brain made it up. Our classical friends would know.]
  10. Isn't EAC command line Windows only software. Rob McHugh has a Mac, so EAC is not an option for him. However there are many pieces of Mac software (one such program is XLD) that will extract PCM data from CDs and store as your preferred file type (WAV, or FLAC, or AIFF, or ALAC etc). (Use one of these formats as they are lossless formats). These same programs will also convert from one file type to any of the others with absolutely no loss.
  11. I'm with Duck. I don't know the particular equipment, but my understanding is that an "Aux out" is for connecting, say, a tape recorder ie. full volume and not attenuated by the volume control. On the other hand a "Pre out" is different and will be attenuated. It is for connecting to a power amp which may not have, and is unlikely to have, a volume control of its own.
  12. 66 eh - a mere pup... I gave away my TTs and LPs (some 40 years ago and the remnants recently). Didn't like the platform even way back when. I have copied all of my CDs to removable USB hard disks (+ 2 image copies) in FLAC format (AIFF, ALAC, WAV, FLAC - doesn't matter as they are lossless). Can recreate a physical CD from them if need be. CDs ripped in these formats to file are the same as the CD. Nothing wrong with the CD format - it is the mastering that matters most. My disks are really back-up only since I still only play the CD. Not interested in streaming, particularly from the net as we have no NBN and are unlikely to get it in my lifetime. Impossible for me to stream CD quality from the outside world, so why bother. I spent 30 years in IT but even so streaming is simply not attractive. And there is no way that I will buy a mobile phone just so that I can navigate a menu structure on a streamer box just to play an album. [Yes I am one of the few people never to have had a mobile]. So... No need to stream just because you can. Press "open", insert CD, press "play" is hard to beat. Old school and very happy in my little rut.
  13. I don't think that this "project" has been mentioned before. It's our old mate Ajen (he left out the "r") Anthony Lucassen in another of his works. He is well known for the Ayreon set. This is another concept double album based on the diary of a Dutch seafarer sailing from Holland to India, runs into a storm etc. CD1 is "Gentle". CD2 is "Storm". The songs are the same on both CDs but produced/performed/recorded in 2 different styles. Very lyrical songs with a female singer front and centre on all? tracks. Plenty of orchestral instruments - rich, melodious ... I have had it for quite a while but it didn't do much for me then, but at the moment can't stop playing it. PS. I made it sound soft and sickly. Not so, plenty of bite and structure when required.
  14. Big transformer in a box which effectively increases the impedance depending upon the terminals used. Maggies are pretty low impedance (4ohms (at best)) so some amps will have trouble driving that at reasonable volumes levels, since my (most) Maggies are 83dB/W/M (at best). Bill actually uses them in his home system, saying that they add a sort of roundness and completion to notes that he didn't have before. I have tried them but they did nothing much for me with my old ears. Probably depends on the style of music played too. By increasing the impedance by say 3dB (or whatever you choose) you correspondingly decrease the power and therefore SPL at the chair. I had to turn the volume up by that amount to get the same SPL at the chair. This was an issue for me since I already run my system at near full volume due to the max output voltages of my DAC/Pre and and low input sensitivity of the power amp. They may be useful if one has an "8ohm preferred" amp and/or one with limited power. Some people will get a benefit.
  15. I agree with aussievintage (and now snoopy8). I too doubt that a new DAC is a solution. Room and placement of speakers and chair(s) are fundamental to good sound. And it's free to experiment with alternative placements. Audio spectrum analysers for a phone are cheap/free. They should give a good enough indication of what is happening at your seat. Play some white noise and see. As a general statement, it's better with speakers and ears away from walls, but of course that may or may not be possible in your situation.
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