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  1. aechmea

    CD rip or playback issue

    I have the Windows paid version of dBPoweramp CD Ripper (so I can do HDCD expansion). I have had a look at the Options. There is nothing there that would cause a resample. However, the encoder settings box has the option to add DSP to the encoder, one of which is "Resample". No idea about Kodi or any of the audio layers/drivers.
  2. aechmea

    Hi all,

    Welcome Willem. We hope that you enjoy the site. Plenty of interesting topics to get involved with.
  3. dBs are a ratio expressed as logarithmic not linear. For power units dB = 10 log(p1/p0) so 3dB = approx double 10dB = 10 times 15dB = approx 31.6 times 20dB = 100 times 30dB = 1000 times The ear is non linear too. 10dB sounds about double loudness but needs 10 times the power.
  4. aechmea

    currently drinking

    Speaking of Mt Pleasant In addition to the current vintage Elizabeth, Mount Pleasant release a "Cellar Aged" Elizabeth from time to time (currently 2010 I think). Dan has a "Blue Label" Elizabeth of similar age, so maybe even the same wines. In addition, I like "8 Acre Semillon" which is a selection from Lovedale vineyard. Cheaper too?? The Lovedale is about $60, the others about $30. Need to buy "Cellar Aged" and "8 acre" and some of the other bibs and bobs from the cellar or online. Check prices though; often Dan is cheaper for the main lines even if you are a member at Mt Pleasant.
  5. 768k has been mentioned. It is too much for the DEQX digital inputs and won't work. 192k is max input, which would then be resampled to 96k anyway. That's why any M-scaling and DAC would seem (to me) to be best positioned after the DEQX.
  6. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    I don't think that there will ever be a graph. I read once that Magnepan won't let a review proceed if the reviewer wants to post measurements. It was on the internet so must be right. Never been any graphs/measurements of the 20.7 that I know of. A German magazine published that the 20.7s were 77dB/W/m. Hmmmmm. No wonder you need a monster amp, if that is true. My 3.6R had a review in Stereophile in 2000? and if I remember correctly there was plenty of discussion re the measurements as a result. That may have been the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak. Addicted to music has found an impedance plot of his 1.7s That's about it as far as I know.
  7. Thanks S, Bugger. Never tried No2 configuration. Analogue inputs on the DEQX; who would have thought. That means if I wanted to experiment, I will need re-configuring of cabling to put my PSAudio DAC (yes, its not a Chord, but one never knows) in front of the DEQX, which means different source selection on remotes. (the family will be thrilled to bits. Haha) And then there is my MSB transport that also does re-sampling (the same as Ittaku's DAC). Resampling and/or un-harshness filter on or off? Another variable. And here was me thinking things were as good as they could be. Well, recabling is not that bad really, and FOMO is kicking in.
  8. I am all ears. [Already have a deconstructed breakfast of MSB, DEQX and PS-Audio bits so the inclusion of another box could be of interest, particularly the placement of the scaler+DAC before the DEQX rather than after.]
  9. Hi Mike, We live on the edge of humanity; 1, 2 or 3 acre blocks in a long string so only 2 neighbours and they are over 100m away. The only real source of external sound is the 110kph freeway (Pacific Highway, or whatever it is called now). We can be thought of as country despite only being 3 minutes from Dan Murphys (every town's centre point). The house itself is double brick which probably accounts for the "proofing" from the external highway noise. There is no special construction other than normal thermal insulation in the roof. The internal fibreglass treatment provides that extra eeriness when one walks into the room. The room is at one end of the house well away from the living areas so not much interference from that. Pretty happy with what I ended up with even if its not pretty.
  10. My music room where my measurements were taken is like a storage warehouse for a fibreglass factory. It is not a "normal" room by any means. You can hear the difference to other rooms even as you walk in. That it measures so low is not surprising to me by any means. My meter is a cheapo ($20) A-weighted from Jaycar used primarily to check the loud bits. It is slow to react and slow to decay so the numbers are very much an average. I have a DEQX used to make measurements before generating filters, but am scared to use that to measure baseline SPL in case of feedback (yeah I know I could switch the power amps off). Too lazy ... so unweighted SPL across the freq range remains a mystery. Whatever, my room is very very quiet pretty much all the time.
  11. aechmea

    How quiet is your background?

    Just now (10 am), no local traffic, some slightly more distant freeway traffic 15.3dB (A) in the music room with doors and windows closed. 16.4dB (A) - 20.4 with air con on depending on closeness to ducts. 17.6dB (A) with door open to rest of house 48.7dB (A) at open window pointed at freeway, normal cars 61.4dB(A) at open window pointed at freeway with a noisy truck doing ~110k Fortunately one neighbour is 180m away and the other 130m. Occasionally FA18 Hornet jets (and the new one) from Williamtown RAAF fly over on their NW flight path. Everything stops for that 10seconds. Never quick enough to get the meter out and measure that.
  12. aechmea

    The wonderful NBN.

    They did the rest of the town in 2016 - early 2017 except for our place and some of the other small acreages along our street. Places early in the street are done (with something?) and the ones past us can get fixed wireless. The as yet vacant blocks of a new subdivision along our back fence can supposedly get wireless. Interestingly our pool, the green houses and the bottom of the block can get wireless according to NBN coverage maps, but not the house area, (which is the high point). NBN have never sent us anything and have not replied to a request for information. Maybe they are just waiting until we subdivide or leave. I am taking the approach now that I want to have the last blinking DSLAM in Aus - bugger them; even if our 2Mb DSL only has 6dB SNR and is attenuated by 63.5dB. Yes, that wiring isn't even suitable for DSL, but why no wireless either. I am coming to hate the whole thing. Edit PS. there is little or no mobile phone reception either, so G4 or G5 data would appear to be out of the question as well. Apparently phone reception is OK in the middle of the street - not that I have a mobile. You would think that we live beyond the black stump except the council rates say "no" to that.
  13. 2 tracks on Bandcamp for $1US each https://thehuband.bandcamp.com/track/wolf-totem The FLAC version of "Yuve Yuve Yu" is 24/48k. "Wolf Totem" is 16/44.1k
  14. aechmea

    currently drinking

    I don't normally post wine travels, so just to advise that there is some serious drinking going on here in the Hunter, not that any of these are Hunter wines. Today's lunch with friends .... NV Chateau du Bligny Grande Reserve Brut (Champagne). Found by Mrs A in the rummage barrel at Dans for $20. Lighter style. Could be older than the current vintages on the main shelves. 2012 Bay of Fires Chardonnay (Tasmania). One of my favorite makers. Took a while for the "chardonnay" to come through in the glass. I will be drinking the rest in the next 12 months or so. 1975 Penfolds Grange. Very dark dense colour, not showing as much age as I thought that it might. Still an old wine though. Cost $12.50 in 1981 1981 Chateau Coutet (Barsac). Golden with trace of brownness showing as one would expect from a 37 year old in a pint bottle. Fruit and sweetness almost gone but interesting old wine when understood. Cost $6.00, yes, $6 in 1984.
  15. aechmea


    Yeah, I do spikes through carpet onto the concrete floor which is set into mother earth. Rock solid, so to speak. Subs are just like real estate ... position position, position.