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  1. You may not be alone on this island, Mr. Crusoe. I inhabit a space between Celtic, Prog, Folk rock and New Age. [Yeah, OT, sorry]
  2. I had 2 of these made by the local "Men's Shed". Made from real wood, stained and 'Estapol-ed' Too cheap so gave them a donation as well. [They are not trapezoidal; that's just my camera skills.]
  3. I did some research. The Lindemans vineyards and winery (Ben Ean) have been sold to a consortium of other Hunter entities. Peterson and Mcguigan are 2 of the new owners. Peterson is better known for using their wine outlets as entertainment venues for conventions, weddings, restaurants etc. Ben Ean seems to be going the same way. Almost all of Peterson wine is from Mudgee despite their Hunter presence. The new Ben Ean seems to be selling a handful of labels from around the place. Amongst the brands they are selling is Penfolds?? Hunter Linde
  4. Yes. To cut a very long story very short ... Long-standing but very marginal ADSL1 completely failed one day; something at the DSLAM end; unresolved. No fibre of any flavour, or fixed wireless available from NBNCo; only satellite. Looked to mobile phone network. No 3G reception. No 5G reception. Weak 4G reception. External antenna with "booster" ineffective. Optus 4G network works best here but had to use Telnet to force 4G modem to use the most stable band(s). Been working at 20 - 30 Mbps download for 3 weeks now. Fingers crossed.
  5. I don't know what has happened with the 4 figure bin numbers from the Hunter. I don't think that any have been released since about 2014. I bought some 2014 Bin 1410 Shiraz Special Reserve in Feb 2019 but haven't seen anything since.
  6. Yes, of course. I have been temporarily diverted. ATM I am tweaking new 4G home internet and managing the fall-out of a disconnected landline/ADSL/email address and other associated undocumented features / collateral damage of a major change. Just getting "contacts" from the land line phone onto a new mobile via Google was a pain. In retrospect it would have been easier just to re-type the phone numbers directly into the new phone(s). Now considering what the house computer systems should/could look like from now on. Have always had multiple Macs since the SE30 days
  7. I should end this thread with the final? solution that we have arrived at... Originally, Slow ADSL (2Mbps) died unexpectedly one day. Telstra restored it but even slower (1.5Mbps). No NBN cable or fibre or fixed wireless available. NBN satellite not suitable for 3 adults working from home. Investigated 4G home internet. 5G not available. Trialed Nighthawk M2 modem on loan, with Tesltra and Optus data sims. Widely varying results. Band usage changing by the second. Used Telnet to inspect band and CA usage. Installed antenna and "extender" (Cel-fi) which made d
  8. I have "always" thought that. Glad someone else thinks so too.
  9. Some friends for lunch. Seppelt Premium Cuvee NV - slightly aged character Winstead Block 16 Pinot Noir 2017 - medium-full bodied pinot from Tas Lindemans St Georges Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 1980 - from the museum part of my cellar - fantastic old wine. Chateau Coutet 2008 - had it several times before - showing no signs of age The St Georges was exceptional. Only the slightest tawny edge, otherwise a black-red colour. Still fruit, esters and complex nose. Full rich palate which is often missing from ancient wines. On closer inspection of the label
  10. OK, thanks, I have read a fair proportion of that and I think that I understand. 1. obtain the OS installer 2. create a bootable disk with the installer on it 3. boot from newly created instal disk 4. format original disk (can you install over the top or is it best to format) 5. cross fingers that I'm not creating an expensive door-stop 6. run installer ie. same concepts as booting from a floppy disk back in the (g)olden days. -------------------- some more Qs 0. There is talk of USB sticks to do the i
  11. I have a house full of old Macs. A few are still on 10.6.8 because I still have old applications that need it. Another (7 years old) is on 10.8.5 and needs to be upgraded to 10.somethingnewer, since now a lot of web sites don't render properly with Firefox and Chrome and whatever of that age. Gmail complains about the Mail client too. I looked at app store but there is no upgrade listed there. I seem to remember one a while ago. Have I missed the boat on OSX upgrades. [Haven't done it before since we have been on ADSL1 at speeds in the 1 - 2Mbps range i
  12. A bad day today. Starting to think that felling hundreds of trees is the only solution.
  13. Thanks Prof. Yeah they still do. We disregarded it the first time around because of no ethernet. Didn't know of the cradle so worth a re-think.
  14. Via the WebUI. Yes, know that I am only seeing the primary freq. That some scenarios have much increased throughput show that aggregation is going on. I take your point on using the "terminal". However, it is nearly 45 years since I last did that sort of programming and delved that deep. Prefer to use something "out of the box" at the moment. [In the last 5 - 10 seconds, it has flicked from B3, to B28, to B1, to B3 to B1 to B3. B1 seemed to have the best SNR dB but it didn't stick??? Geez, now a quick flick to B28 and now to B3, and B1, now 3G, B3, B1. Seems to be
  15. Yeah, that sounds just like us. My (adult) son is attempting to run video tutorials (uni maths) from home. Fortunately they have ended at the moment, so we are spending time trying to get 4g working to our satisfaction. Earlier this year he was able to get by by using a FTTN connection at his grandmother's house. The Nighthawk is Telstra branded (even if you buy one direct from Netgear) but seems to accept an Optus data sim and connect just fine. If we decided on Optus we would buy their modem which is supposedly locked to Optus. It would appear that the Nighthawk, whilst bran
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