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  1. London Grammar recording quality

    Sorry, a bit OT, but it somewhat explains what the Seb is hearing. Some empirical data... 21% of my CDs have evidence of clipping during mastering ie. flat amplitude hard up against 0dBFS. Probably a lot of these occurrences are inaudible, but it could be so easily avoided. re dynamic compression of my CDs... Using the DR database criteria, only 9% are regarded as "good", 78% as "transition" and 13% as "bad". Too many "transition"s for my liking. Could have been easily avoided. Then add to that the recordings that are clipped during recording and mixing which I'm not sure how to identify. There just aren't that many, shall we say hifi, recordings out there. It's lucky we actually like the music. I shake my head every time I play something favourite that could have been so much better.
  2. London Grammar recording quality

    http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=london&album=truth All of these versions, both CD and to a slightly lesser extent LP, have been compressed to within an inch of their life. They will all sound awful.
  3. "Valve watts"

    From a purely mathematical point of view ... watts = volts x amps you can get the same wattage from high volts with low current or from low volts with high current or any combination between. The analogy that I like to think of is a high waterfall (voltage) with weak water flow (current) will produce 1 watt. A low waterfall with lots of water will also produce the same 1 watt. What that means in terms of amplifier design I will leave to others.
  4. It could be dirty, but more likely to be a failing laser. I had the same symptoms with my DVD3930. Fortunately it was early on and still in the warranty period, so was repaired by the distributor. Has been working well now for a further 8-ish years. At the age that yours is, it may be a bit difficult to find the part. A quick search on eBay only finds one; in the US at about $100. The real cost comes from a knowledgeable person to do the fitting and aligning? and whatever? Its not something that I would ever attempt; but that's just my general ineptitude with such things. It may in fact be quite easy for someone with the skills. Almost certainly easier/cost effective to buy a new'un if you are going to get a tech to repair it. Even the part alone makes repair a bit iffy.
  5. https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT202665 a superdrive won't work if the Mac already has an internal optical drive or if it is older than 2008.
  6. New Theme / Template

    Depends what OSX and Safari. I have found that Firefox 48.0.2 works well with OSX 10.6.8 whereas the Safari that came with 10.6.8 (Safari 5.1.10) has trouble rendering some layouts/structures. I use Firefox on all of my old Macs. [I see that Firefox is working. I must type faster.]
  7. "autoformer" is what they are called. Somewhat popular with people with planar and electrostatic speakers that have low impedance. No such thing as a free lunch though, so there will be side effects. I haven't used one. Google "autoformer change impedance" and there is heaps of info. Here is an old thread from here. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/3461-paul-speltz-autoformer/ I should try one since I run my planars with bridged amps which see about 1 - 2 ohms.
  8. The DEQX measures each item individually, so the peaks and troughs are not due to L sub interacting with R sub. The traces for L sub and R sub are essentially identical, so both subs are suffering the same 'problem' for the same reason. My strong suspicion is that 2 bass sources at one end of the room are creating one large reflection off the rear wall (behind the head) which when combined with the direct sound is causing the reinforcements and cancellations = SBIR As Pie suggested earlier, I think that you are going to have to move one sub, and that would be to move it to the other end of the room such that the path differences from walls to 'chair' are quite different for each. Effectively one sub fills in the gaps in the other's response. That's what I had to do.
  9. He was the producer (or something) of a couple (one?) of Steeleye Span albums in the early 80s. About "Rocket Cottage" time. [I could look it up if desired] I have "Tarot Suite" on CD (first release or close too). The 1979 vinyl of "Tarot" and 1980 "Waves" are up in the garage. Yeah, I don't do vinyl at all.
  10. Commonwealth 12

    Welcome Steve. Please join in the conversations too. May also be an idea not to publish your email address so publicly. Once you are a real member people can send and receive "personal messages" which are hidden.
  11. Panels vs Dynamic (cone) Speakers

    From p38 snip ... significant addition to the work of Schroeder and Ando on the importance of minimizing inter-aural ... snip Hey, @Ando, an acknowledgement of your excellent work.
  12. I see Mike Oldfield is taken so I will submit another of my desert island disks. 1. Faces: A nods as good as a wink 2. Radiohead : Kid A 3. Jodi James :Things I leave behind 4. Dire Straits: Brothers in Arms 5. Depeche Mode - Exciter 6. 801 - 801 Live ( album ) 7. Gorillaz: Humanz 8. Tangerine Dream - LOGOS 9. Robert Fripp - Exposure 10. Midnight Oil - Bird Noises 11. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky 12. Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue 13. Beck - Sea Change 14. Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run 15. Van Morrison: Astral Weeks 16. Queensryche: Silent Lucidity 17. Roger Waters: Amused to death 18. Robag Wruhme - Thora Vukk 19.Eagles - Hotel California 20. Mike Oldfield-Ommadawn 21. Malia & Boris Blank - Convergence 22. Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream 23. Justin Bieber - My World 24. Nitin Sawhney - Beyond Skin 25. Queen - Innuendo (LP) 26. Phideaux - Doomsday Afternoon
  13. I didn't built a box/frame at all. I just got Mrs. A to make covers from a linen/hessian material for the full (2400 x 1200 x 100) and half sheets of 32kg and 64kg fibreglass. They are rigid enough to be self supporting (propped up against something) and I can place them wherever I want. One covers a doorway! and at one time I had 2 in a teepee formation out in the room. No walls were drilled/damaged and the lot can be thrown away at any time with no lasting effect. I have a lot of fibreglass. 5 full sheets and 2 half sheet plus 10 DIY tube traps made from sectional pipe insulation (= pre-formed round tubes). This is effective down to about 80Hz or maybe a bit less, but doesn't help much below that. Positioning is the best solution at those freqs. The number 1 thing that fixed my initial problem with the world's largest suck-out from 30 - 50Hz, was to move a sub from the front of the room to the back wall where it did not suffer from SBIR at those particular frequencies. You have to be a bit adventurous with sub positioning to get the desired result; neat, tidy and out-of-the-way is unlikely to work.
  14. $7.7k or whatever is not the sort of money that I would consider spending on power. A few hundred bucks on a dedicated circuit with a surge thingo in the fuse box would be about right. Then you have $7k left to spend on a better room, better speakers or better source material. $7k is a lot of CDs or LPs or downloads or ... room correction or ... TT or ... [Yes I do have a power device simply because in the olden days the voltage here used to fluctuate wildly from 230 to 213. These days it sits at 253 so I still prefer that to be cut back somewhat. I do not however get any audible improvement. The power amps are plugged into the wall as recommended by the designer, so there is no 'throttling'.]
  15. I haven't given up hope for you yet Bill. Forget the 150 and 180 for the time being; lets look at the big suck at 70Hz Time to get the subs out of the far corners and trial them along the side and back walls. Behind the chair worked for me as did one sub out in the room away from walls, but that proved to be an annoyance for walking. This little gem can give some ideas. http://www.hunecke.de/en/calculators/loudspeakers.html It won't work for planars due to the reverse polarity backwave but will for the subs. So just use it to trial some possible sub positions. I have this ATM, which has doorways, furniture etc. taken into account. Not really to scale, but close enough. [Remarkably similar rooms, by the way.] Yes, the left sub is in the back right of the room. ------------------------------- When I measure close to and with my (leather) chair in situ then I get all sorts of funnies, mainly in the mid range. Might be worth trying without the chairs to see whether some lumps and bumps disappear. I doubt it, but one never knows. ------------------------------- Hmmmmm. A speaker (sub) 1.2m away from a wall will have a null at 70Hz when the direct wave and primary reflection combine. Since both subs are the same distance from the front wall and about 1m-ish away, both are producing a 70Hz null. The Maggies look to be 2m-ish from the front wall. The backwave has to travel an extra 5m-ish, a wavelength which is equivalent to a freq of 70Hz. Because the backwave and directwave are reversed polarity, when they combine, this gives another null. So all 4 speakers (2 maggies and 2 subs) are producing a null at about 70ishHz. Worth investigating. Time to get the subs on the move.