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  1. aechmea

    Learning about hifi

    Here are the books mentioned by Keith Snook on his web site. Student manual The art of electronics (Hayse & Horowitz) https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&cm_sp=SearchF-_-home-_-Results&an=horowitz&tn=the+art+of+electronics&kn=&isbn= and the text https://www.abebooks.com/products/isbn/9780521809269?cm_sp=rec-_-o_b_p_1-_-plp&reftag=o_b_p_1 and a similar (may be the same) book by (Horowitz, Hill) https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=30099412124&searchurl=tn%3Dthe%2Bart%2Bof%2Belectronics%26sortby%3D17%26an%3Dhorowitz&cm_sp=snippet-_-srp1-_-title9 Electronics a first course (Bishop) https://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?sts=t&cm_sp=SearchF-_-home-_-Results&an=bishop&tn=electronics+a+first+course&kn=&isbn= Abebooks ( https://www.abebooks.com/?cm_sp=TopNav-_-Results-_-Logo ) is a great market place provided that you know the author or title or ISBN I have successfully bought lots of "botanical" books via abebooks. Choose a reputable seller and all will be OK. [Edit: I have no idea whatsoever about electronics so no idea whether these books are useful or not. Just ones for sale that you mentioned.]
  2. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    I agree. Me too.
  3. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    When I hear the term "high volumes", then add 83dB/w/m sensitivity (at best) and 4ohm then add some dynamic range, I immediately think clipping amp. A quick approx calc shows that one needs 100w for 1 speaker for 93dB SPL (at 3m) then add at a very minimum 10dB of dynamic range and all of a sudden one needs 1000w, then throw in current delivery into 4ohms. There are precious few amps that can do this. However I would expect the in-line fuse to let go first. Which I suppose is why it's there. [A German magazine measured/quoted 77.5dB/2.8v/m for the 20.7s (=74.5dB/w/m). Hmmmm. Doesn't seem right but there you go.] I tried 3 brands of 250wpc amps that didn't do the job to my satisfaction. The Magtechs at double that do well. I play at 80 - 85 dB SPL with plenty of head-room.
  4. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    Seems like a steal to me. 13850/.7*1.10 = 21764 (Aus$ + GST) And that's not to mention international shipping, insurance, customs, local transport and stuff that's not covered by the US RRP.
  5. aechmea

    Magnapan speakers

    I think that my home-made-sand-filled-tubular-steel-triangular-buttress-stands-coupled-to-the-concrete-thru-the-carpet-with-spikes is the best improvement that I have made. The soundstage image snapped into focus and the speakers disappeared totally. You can stare at the speaker and try as you might still not realize that they are the source of the sound. Everyone with panel speakers (not just Maggies) should try "rigidifying" them.
  6. aechmea

    Schiit interview video done by Darko!

    I like the idea of a dynamic range expander. Modern pop/rock is compressed to within an inch of its life. I have even fleetingly thought about a dbx box or a software compander. We shall see whether anything comes of it. They must be a bit of the same mind otherwise they wouldn't have it on the radar.
  7. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    Thinking out aloud ... The 30s come as 2 panel units per side, right. How are they connected? If its just speaker cable (what else could it be), then what would stop the 2 panels being active bi-amped with a digital XO in place of the umbilical cord between the 2 bits? Am I missing something? I wonder what the XO freq is between the 2 pieces?
  8. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    $50k was just my guess, but it's likely to be something like that. Maybe $42k - don't know. I'm not tempted either way ... unless ....
  9. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    Haha. At my age and deaf as a post I have to press my ear up against them to check that they are working. All the coloured lights are on so that's a good start. Yeah, it's just gossamer thin open weave gauze that doesn't seem to be of much use. Might stop finger touching at best. Reckon you could easily do without it, if it became damaged. ------------------------------- If one needs to move them, there is a magnetic strip that fits over the ribbon to provide protection. Well, mine came with such a strip. -------------------------------- Not that I am in the market, but are there actually any 30.7s in captivity [other than the one doing the USA road-trip]? Hard to justify $50k for extended bass, if that is all that is being offered, when a few well positioned subs can do that. And still no active bi or tri amping [still have an ME and a spare Magtech just in case, one day...].
  10. aechmea

    Magneplanar Speaker Owner Thread

    No problems here. Haven't even blown a fuse. Depends how rough one is with them I suppose; either electrically and/or physically. Or how unlucky. I expect my ribbons to last as long as the speakers as a whole; then time to buy some new 40.9s. If a ribbon does fail, then $600 for a full replacement of an exotic driver in $20k speakers is a fair and reasonable cost. [In the 20.7, the ribbon assembly is directly accessible and removable from the rear without needing to touch the speaker cloth.]
  11. aechmea

    Magnapan speakers

    Only if they break. I have never had to replace one. Haven't even blown the fuse. [Only guessing but... when an amp clips there is lot of high frequency energy produced which may or may not be enough to damage the ribbon. Magnepans are ridiculously insensitive (83dB/watt/meter at best) so amps need to be turned up to produce a reasonable listening level. Also low impedance (<4ohm), so amps need to be capable on both counts. If a problem is experienced, it may be with the amplifier over-exerting itself rather than the flimsy ribbon. Maybe, perhaps. Until it happens I wouldn't worry about it.]
  12. aechmea

    2.1 or 2.0 for music?

    My story is ... I use 2.2 and am very happy. Whilst a lot of people are looking for lower or more bass or taking the strain off the mains. But even when you achieve that, then, well, wait, there is more. As it turns out, my main speakers go low enough and the amps are very powerful so the problem was never one of volume or low frequency capability. The problem is that the room decides to play along and the result is that with the main speakers, where they are, and the chair, where it is, for best mids and highs (image, depth, sound-stage, focus etc), the bass response is a collection of cancellations and reinforcements (commonly known as 2-note bass) caused be reflections. This would be the case in everyone's room. The only solution for me was to find the best spot for 2 subs. Those best spots turned out to be one at the back of the room and the other a the side wall. Now all bass frequencies are represented pretty much equally. ie. the subs are not there to rattle windows but to flatten the response in the bass. I do have the advantage of a device like the DEQX where one of it's many functions is to get the integration of the subs correct. A poorly set-up sub may be worse than none at all. You just need the proper tools. My story about bass is ... position position position position room treatment (even though bass treatment is not easy and often not effective) EQ (last resort, and must be used judiciously)
  13. aechmea

    I-tunes Album Cover Missing Help !

    AIFF and WAV are essentially the same format (one is Mac the other Windows). They are PCM data held in a "suitcase". ALAC and FLAC are essentially the same format (one is Mac the other 3rd party). ALAC and FLAC are just the original PCM squashed into a smaller "suitcase". ALAC and FLAC are much newer than AIFF or WAV. ALAC and FLAC have to be unsquashed by a software player before they are sent off to the computer's audio subsystem. All 4 are lossless ie. every original bit is still there. ALAC and FLAC are easier to transport because they are physically smaller. They should all sound identical. If not, then there is something wrong that could need fixing. [Dave types faster than me]
  14. aechmea

    Hifi show travelers from Newcastle

    Yep, I turn off the Buckets Way just after Craven and head into the state forest past the farms on Upper Avon Rd. The state forest there is wonderful field archery country. Archery starts early and finishes about 3pm - ish depending on the game being played. Home is Raymond Terrace just off the M1 heading north.
  15. aechmea

    Hifi show travelers from Newcastle

    I have an estranged cousin and his family that live in Stroud. My aunty and grandmother lived there too until they passed away. Don't know what the family does now but at one stage they were turkey farmers for Steggles. I drive through Stroud twice a month on a Sunday on the way to the Upper Avon River at Stratford (15k short of Gloucester) where my archery club is. If all else falls through, I can get Yammy-man's parcel from my home to Gloucester but it would have to be on some particular archery Sunday afternoon when I was near Gloucester. I spent many a weekend in the 80s crisscrossing the Barrington Tops backpack walking/camping. I never found the 1981 aeroplane wreck (no-one has) nor the 1945 one which should be straight forward considering that there is a track and hill named after it. Little Murray Creek, Junction Pools, Carey's Peak, Lagoon Pinch, Beean Beean Plain, Polblue ... ah, those were the days. I can remember once hopping from mound to mound across Polblue swamp. God knows how deep it was had I fallen in, but anyway I landed on one of the marshy footholds to find it inhabited by half a dozen tiger snakes, obviously out for a family picnic. I used the fire trail after that. And then there was the Mexican stand-off with a wild pig, who was obviously annoyed that I was using his track. Eventually it trotted off into the bush... We apologize for this delay, normal programming will be resumed as soon as possible.