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  1. Phideaux "Lysogenic Burnt Offerings" Name your price from Bandcamp, released yesterday-ish. A collection of new bits and pieces, rough mixes, demos, works in progress etc. which one presumes will eventually be the genesis of a new album. Mainly Phideaux by himself (being a multi-instrumentalist?) with some female vocals on the later tracks.
  2. When you have been collecting since 1970ish, one accumulates all sorts of curiosities. Here is a Lindemans VP from 40 years ago. Bought for $3.50 (yes $3.50) in 1987 from Farmer Bros (Canberra- now defunct). Interesting because there is no indication of grape varieties nor region. I had never seen them before nor since. But if Lindemans give something a 4 figure bin number, then they consider it one of their better wines. I suspect that it was a clear out never to be repeated. Maybe one of their winemakers ran an experimental line for a few years. My vintages range from 1977 to 1982. Anyway, this particular bottle had started to leak badly, and likely for some time, as the ullage was down past the shoulder. Notice the heavy crust. The cork had just about disintegrated, so it was destined for the sink. But wait, I here you say; I filtered it and let the swampy smell dissipate and lo and behold - bloody marvelous. And I've only got 15 left, all of which have no ullage at all.
  3. Another example of why CD sounds better than CD. Extract of CD on left is from the CD layer of an SACD disk (2005). DRstatistic 8 On right is the same extract of the original 1985 CD. DRstatistic 16 What were they thinking. It is not the delivery medium that determines "goodness", rather the person with their fingers on the knobs.
  4. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/audio-technica-lp120xusb-fully-manual-direct-drive-turntable-black Hmmmm. This one looks remarkably similar (same?) to the Technics SL120 / SL1200 TTs from the 70s. Well, the deck part anyway. Same platter with same strobe markings? Same strobe light? Same dust cover and hinge? Same little puck thing at top left? Same metal plate for tonearm mount? Same model number (120)? I think that the 1200 had the same slider mechanism, whatever it did back then. Could be wrong, but rather a lot of similarities to be by pure chance.
  5. New to me iamthemorning (yes all one word in lower case) "The Bell" is the latest. Russians. Classical pianist with a wispy Kate Bush type singer with occasional cello, drum etc. I actually prefer the first album "~" which is a free download at Bandcamp. I am sufficiently interested to buy another 2 albums between these 2.
  6. Tubular Bells for Two is touring again. http://www.tubularbellsfortwo.com/ A great spectacle, extraordinary musicianship (multiple instruments played in real time) and great music of course. I saw it a couple of years ago and am going again this year. That's saying something since the last concert I went to was Simple Minds in the early '80s.
  7. Good choice. Even if you bridge amps and manage not to let the smoke out, the benefits just aren't there. [I have experience with Parasound A21 amps into 4ohms and with bridged Magtechs into 4ohm (ie 2ohms)]
  8. I can add some data for that Of my 970 non-classical CDs (pop,folk,rock,prog,metal.....) 859 have a peak value within 1dB of 0dBFS (89%) Another 87 have peak value between -2dB and -1dB ie 98% are within 2dB of 0dBFS 209 of the 970 have flat topped peaks ie clipped (22%) It is fair to say that a CD will be peaked at or near maximum, and stands a good chance of having a clipped piece. [I haven't bothered to do the sums on my 219 classical CDs except to say that every one I looked at just now had tracks within 2dB of 0dBFS. However other tracks on the same CD were lower as one would expect, ie -3 or -4dB] ------------------- Anyway, back to the original question ... Time to measure some voltages.
  9. My Velodyne subs came with Behringer ECM8000 mics as did my DEQX. They require "phantom power" and a standard XLR terminated mic cable. I used an Edirol/Cakewalk/Roland UA-25EX mic pre-amp/ADC to connect to my Mac (for REW). Only used REW for waterfall graphs; used the DEQX software for everything else. Never used mini-DSP or Dirac or .... so can't comment on anything else.
  10. I can't see anything wrong with your calcs Starting at the cart = .4V, OK 1:10 is 10 times, yes. Since we are talking voltages, 45dB is ~178 times, so that is right. Gives ~711V, yes. 711V vs 2300V as dB is 20 log 2300/711 = 10dB 10dB should be definitely noticeable as an SPL difference = subjectively twice as loud. Maybe the .4V (MC output) and 10x (SUT) and 45dB (phono) and 2.3V (CD) are notional rather than accurate values. The CD player at 2.3VRMS is quite "hot". Because this is an RMS voltage the peaks are actually higher than that. Wondering if your pre-amp box attenuates that "CD" input somehow; unlikely. Is one input balanced and the other not? Often balanced is twice the voltage of unbalanced. 6dB difference. Gets the volumes a lot closer to each other if so. The peak amplitude on most CDs is within a dB of 0dBFS with the RMS (ie average amplitude) value being variable aroundabout -9dB for modern rock CDs (ie. loud and lacking dynamic range) and about -16dB for old CDs. And about -25dB for classical CDs. So like Con says, a modern rock CD should blow the phono out of the water volume-wise.
  11. I seem to recall a power board device that switches boxes on and conversely off in a pre-determined sequence. Brand may be "thoroughbred" or something like that. [Not sure why switching a DEQX off first should send an amp into protection mode. Should you investigate further? Max output voltages can be set with internal jumpers on the DEQX motherboard if that is the issue.]
  12. I do CDs almost exclusively and have done since they first arrived on the scene. However rather than have a "player" I have a "transport" where all it does is suck the data from the drive, reassembles this in memory and then clocks it out down the chain. This way you are not stuck with a proprietary DAC and a proprietary transport inside a CD player box. In addition the drive mechanism can easily be swapped out and replaced with any computer DVDdrive (SATA?). Transports, as distinct from players, tend to be more expensive though. As far as HDCDs are concerned I use the paid version of DBpoweramp on PC (the Mac version can't do it) to extract and expand the encoded HDCD to a 24 bit file. This can be played like any file via a computer (or due to a feature of my transport, it can be burnt as .WAV to a DVD Data disk and played on the "transport"). So avoids the need for a player with the HDCD chip set. Not so easy extracting hi-rez data from SACD, so I don't bother playing them any more. Besides the stuff that comes on SACD is generally not my cup of tea anyway. Programs exist to rip DVD-Audio and DVD-Video (and BlueRay?) disks. All in all, if you want to, you can do away with the HDCD, DVD CD players ------------------------ HDCD can be a bit of a can of worms. Without writing an essay, salient points are the "blue light" switches on because it was mastered on a Pacific Microsonics machine. The actual data may not have been HDCDed ie. it's just a normal CD not all the features of HDCD may have been used on a particular album. Fairly common undecoded HDCD's (ie played on a non HDCD equipped player) are compressed more than a normal CD (if there actually is a normal one of the same mastering) So maybe not all that they seem. Not to say that some/most HDCDs are excellent sounding; mainly because the masterer has taken more care and has worked on one of the most famous and revered ADC/DAC machine of its time. I thought about buying a Pacific Micro about a decade ago for vintage-iconic reasons but backed off when I saw the prices that they were asking!
  13. I don't know the features of Mini-DSP, but this is how I configure my system with a DEQX and an external DAC (arguably no improvement and unnecessary overkill). May help visualizing what you might do. I keep everything in the digital domain for as long as possible to avoid any A - D - A conversions, then DA at the last step. If you have analogue sources then you will need at least one ADA conversion. Don't know how transparent they are since I have never done it myself. Lots of people have DSP in otherwise analogue systems, so it can't be too bad. However the "final" DAC is the one that you hear; another one before that is a moot point. Like Snoopy says you have to put some work into DSP and sub integration but the outcome is worth it.
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