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  1. Sorry to hear you have trouble finding a Tech that shows respect and care for these vintage rarities. I thought Melb was the vintage capital for caring Tech's. Thanks for the thread and the heads-up... Finding a tech you can trust in SYD is impossible...to get my SX sorted!
  2. I had problems with my unit a few years ago as it would charge. After contacting RS, I was distraught about the cost to replace the battery. I can't remember the exact figure, but it was much more than US$80. More like US$250... I just happened to try another charger and all was fixed. Battery still holds days of listening power after 8 years.
  3. Or is this better value... https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/campbelltown/stereo-systems/vintage-sansui-au-9900-integrated-stereo-amplifier-1975-77-/1148422742
  4. Really like this but is it too much, Pioneer SX https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-view-details.html?adId=1162424303
  5. I run a Melody SP9 with B&W's and it sounds spectacular. Saw an SP9 on gumtree a few weeks back for 800 bucks. Underated tube amp IMHO
  6. Hi, Looking for opinions from the honest SNA community if they have experience with the AU-7700 model. I'm thinking of adding to my vintage experiences
  7. Hi John, the Akai 2950 looks really nice. I heard it briefly and it was bass heavy but really crisp. Paired with some similar era speakers would probably better suit its sound. Its all original and never had a service check. Price is premium but hopefully won't need much work. limited info to be found on web. I'm trying to get a chance to connect it with my gear before I decide. He also has an SX-1010 sitting around that I'm keen to hear also. sorry getting ahead of myself here?
  8. Thanks Dammers. yer not sure why the eBay thing came into my post. There is a lot of other sources to obtain gear without paying what someone else would who probably has more cash to throw around than me. As for the SX, I could probably spend my coin better on something else performance wise but I like the vintage pioneer and marantz intergrated classics. I haven't seen the SX yet but hoping it's in good cosmetic condition. It will be interesting to see how it drives the Celestions ?
  9. Hi Happy, I've never taken much notice of eBay prices and didn't base my query on this at all. I dabble in a few different private forums and the A$1K mark seems common for any of the top-end models from the 70's. I agree that this price is high but my question is more to whether it's worth this price. Would you not pay this amount? If you know of something for less, I'm all ears?
  10. Thanks Tasebass. Over the 1K is the market price for these models. There hard to find in the International market for less than US600. Modest investment that shouldn't depreciate... Anything less would be a steal but you never know. My friend also has an Akai AM-2950. Fairly good nic. 20Kg mother. Looks like a rebadged Marantz. Apparently was the Top of range in 79 and sounds very nice. It's a little cheaper. Do you know anything about these ?
  11. Hi All, I have the opportunity to get my hands on a fully serviced vintage Pioneer SX-950 in great condition. These units today are fairly sort after and achieve hefty prices. I love the vintage units with a view to listening in a separate system I run in my garage. I've never listened to the higher end Pioneers from the mid-70's. What are they like and would anyone recommend? Also, how much would you pay...? Cheers
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