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  1. Big thanks to t_mike for doing the pickup and preserving these records. I'm sure if anyone else is interested in some of them he will be willing to share!
  2. Hi and thanks people. t_mike you have first dibs (excuse the pun) on them... Not too far up and off the M5 if you choose the right time of day. Will send you the contact details for myself and the scout hall.
  3. Item: Old Records Location: Panania (Bankstown-Sydney) Price: Free to a good home Item Condition: Old - been in a scout hall back room for 20+ years Reason for selling: Cleaning up the Hall Payment Method: Pickup Only - collector can donate to SNA (and scout group if they wish!) Extra Info: These are old records in paper sleeves and are thick/heavy. There are 15 cartons of them and each is roughly 15kg. They were collected by a former scout leader, but he has moved on and has no room to keep them in his new home. He said that there was a mini flood that affected some of the cartons a decade ago. But rather than toss them in a skip bin, I thought that someone here may have a use for them. I pulled out a few of them and even saw one that was a King George V speech at Westminster in the late 1930's. Don't really want a penny packet collection but prefer a bulk pick up, which can be done pretty much anytime bh/ah by arrangement as have to open up the hall and gates. If you need any more info ask away. I've been given a week or so, or sadly to landfill they will go... Pictures:
  4. Went in and picked up a few bargains today. Great service - thanks to Garry.
  5. I'll take it - pick up - please. Nice and close...
  6. Someone, somewhere many years ago posted in a thread about the best viewing order of the (then) double trilogy: IV - V - II - III - VI And yes, that is correct one and only one should be omitted and nothing is lost... In fact something is gained - two hours of your life!
  7. Yes, IV and V are it. Disney should rename Episode IV to something more exciting than A New Hope. How utterly boring and nondescript. George Lucas had lost it by Episode VI - too interested in milking it - and by Episode I, should have been committed...
  8. I'll take the Bosch incline meter digital $80, please. Pick Up
  9. Hi - I'll take: THE MONKEES: The Collection THE WHO: Tommy (Remixed and digitally remastered) Soundtrack: Return to the Forbidden Planet WILD AT HEART: Original Soundtrack
  10. Wondering if anyone knows of any Blu-ray titles that have been released overseas but not in Australia? I know of a few, and of course there are a lot of Criterion (US) ones that we can't get. For example ones that know are available in the US and I still don't think are available here: * Enemy at the Gates * The Last Starfighter * Resident Evil (original) With the A$ the way it is, and likely to be heading only one way for the foreseeable future, what Blu-rays are we still missing out on?
  11. Item: Isotek EVO3 Premier power cable x 2 I'll take both please
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