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  1. @GodotWhat did you find in the Denon that you found preferably. I've always been intrigued by their current high end offerings, probably because of their build and price. I've never known anyone with one.
  2. For the time being you might have to take @initforthemusics advice and try the Vincents, who knows they might suit. Ultimately, I believe the speakers might need to go. The Proac D40-R's at 6.5k Class A Audio are selling, is a great place to start.
  3. Further information: Fine sounding player with smooth presentation, in great condition. Welcome to audition, but as we all know, we're unable to. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  4. The E-800 into a 1 ohm load outputting 360watts, damping factor 1000, will drive all but the most hungry of speakers, and you get the beloved Accuphase sound. Sounds so called "END Game" to me, even at 23k. Yes of course its silly money, but you only have to look at "Entry" Level Vitus, Gryphon and Pass for instance, all circa 20k or more.
  5. @blakey72The Topping D90 is supposedly a giant slayer. I'd go the D90(MQA dac) and subscribe to Tidal. I know MQA is a moot point for many, but I know a number of SNA'ers who love it, swear by it. Where else would you get this kind of sound quality for approx $1,200-$1,300. cheers Frank
  6. @Mungbean66 I'd be curious to know what you need to spend for a modern amp to sound as good. Me too. Do these amps have the musicality and rythym of say Naim, LFD or Densen. I just hope they're not just all retro and 'ol school' nostalgia, because I too am sick of paying megabucks for some of the offerings of today to drive my PMC's to party levels. I do know of an acquaintance who will never part with his Sansei AU-900 series for anything, he says he's heard them all, being from Hong Kong as well.
  7. Agreed, kind of understated and handsome. Not a fan of the GLA, looks like a glorified Korean car.
  8. I heard one driving some higher end JBL's at PMG, ditto superb. People almost pay this kind of money for entry/mid pre/power setups that sound very ordinary.
  9. I still have vivid memories at the Laverton Drive inn in the mid 70'S watching the "Exorcist", and the empty Canteen at Intermission. Big brawny Aussies on their bikes, hot Fords and Holdens, remained seated, speechless, stunned at what they've just viewed. I'll admit it. I had to sleep with the light on, or the bedroom door open for many months after.
  10. Wasn't he in the Exorcist? He looked about 60-65 then, surprised he was only 90. I thought he passed years ago, as I do remember him in many European, English/American movies from way back, and yes a fine actor, very convincing.
  11. I've owned the Pioneer and heard it up against the Marantz SA-10 side by side. To my ears there was little in it, the Pioneer slightly cooler, neutral, bolder bigger bass, Marantz, touch more refined, delicate, musical, still hard to justify the extra 7k. As @muon*said, it might end up being system dependant. There is also a positive review @Famodid for Stereonet some 12-18 months ago that might help, but before you shell out thousands, you must listen to the Esoteric K-05XS, its brilliant. Krispy's got them if you're in NSW.
  12. Yes, I can vouch for the Thoroughbred as I have one myself, works a treat, never faulted, not expensive and handsome to boot.
  13. I saw one in the flesh when I picked up my new Renault Sport Cup at Brighton Definitely Boxter or the Alpine my next car....there's so much talent around these days. Back on topic, Porsche getting back to their roots, probably because they've become profitable selling all those SUV's over the years.....thank you VW.
  14. I heard the Viginti's through an Esoteric K-07XS and DCS Puccini/ Esoteric Grandiose Class A amp at AV Gallery in Ringwood. The moment exemplified the importance of a superb front end via tremendous sounding speakers, most notably the sound stage that through us to the back wall.....it was one of those moments..
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