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  1. These are an interesting prospect as I've seen them for as little as $3700, that's remarkable value when you consider they are a "PMC" and have received very positive reviews world wide, plus being active eliminating the need for an amp. I'm gonna audition these in the near future with an accomplished pre, say Audio Research, just to see what they're capable of.
  2. Item: 2 Mains Power cables with Furutech Australian Heads 1.5/2meter and 2meter Quad RCA Location: Melbourne Price: $220/$240 each for RK cable ; $190 for Quad RCA'S Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: All cables have worked extremely well together and in very good condition, even though material has come away from one of the Quad RCA'S, haven't attempted a proper fix, just covering up with electrical tape, albeit seems to perform as per normal. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Something from Aurender or Lumin would be ideal, plus both have received very good reviews as well as being of good quality.
  4. I can't differentiate how the quality of CD's sounded through the early 80's to present, there has always been inconsistencies in my collection, regardless of what era. The only thing that's a given is my SACD and ECM CD collection, both sound good to excellent. I'm now very keen to try some of the high quality Esoteric Jazz formats recorded by sound engineers using Esoteric equipment.
  5. I'm with Irek on this one. Very simple to research Valve pre with Bryston power amp via Audiogon discussion forums. I would personally hunt down a pre from Supratek Cortese, not unlike Ittaku's or a Conrad Johnson or even one of the better pre's from Weston Acoustics. No disrespect to Consonance, but each of the above are on another level. You've a good power amp, so I'm suggesting waiting for a high quality pre comes up on SNA or go to WTB section, otherwise a Musical Fidelity Nu vista is a good alternative. cheers Frank.
  6. Gee, buggered that one up. You just save me a hefty taxi fair Irek..
  7. I actually had a discussion with Len, but did't pick up on his name. It was about the whereabouts of my M/F Nu vista amp amongst other things all hi fi. Such a likeable and easy natured chap. Definitely paying a visit when I'm in Sydney next. Frank.
  8. Wow!....what an amazing setup, too bad I live in Melbourne. I think the flight up would be well worth it.
  9. If you can find a used Audio Research VSi75. I heard this amp through a pair of Monitor Audio Pl300's. OMG....now this would suit your Dali's. They've been around a while now so 5k might get you a 4-5 year old one.
  10. @furtherpaleAs much as you like the Dali sound, and the Rubicon's are fine speakers, it appears to me that a speaker change might be a better option. You've a damn good amp, and for up to 5k used there are some wonderful sounding speakers....the whole gamut. Anything from Open Baffle to Maggies and everything in between will give you extreme differences compared to a change of amp.
  11. Don't worry about the Magico 'M' series, the Kharma's at the Hi Fi show did all the above plus a lot, lot more.
  12. Go for the MF M6 500i if your budget says so, if not try and audition a supernait 2 if possible, it truly is an engaging listen with the vocals and was voiced with them in mind.
  13. Absolutely extraordinary setup the Enigma's, must have been a mind boggling experience, and on looks alone they almost have a gothic presence about them, so daunting, definate extension to house the lot. I heard the Elegance series, not sure of model at CAV a couple of years back and I thought they were end game.....
  14. No perfect speaker, but is there any that comes close, I'm thinking Magico "'M" series. I've heard the Q3's on a number of occasions, mainly Vitus Class A/AB on board, sublime combo. Not in you face or too recessed, holographic and totally non fatiguing. Not sure how many Q or M's in circulation, but you don't see many coming up for sale, must be saying something.
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