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  1. Hello Kanakiani, and welcome to SNA. Many PMC owners would gladly share their experiences with you all PMC. I heard the Bryston 4B3 cubed amp with the 25.26's recently, fine combo indeed. The Cubed series Brystons so much better than the older models, which sounded flatter, not as inviiting I believe.
  2. Signed sealed but not delivered til next week. I'm nervous thinking about it, they look a treat in walnut, so went with it.
  3. Geez, I envy you MB2 SE owners. Heard them just recently, mind boggling, had to settle with the 25.26. @Stereophilus Aren't the Magico M3's circa 100k?
  4. Forget about the Luxman, not enough juice for PB1's. What is it that you don't like about the Gryphon? I've heard the M/F Nu Visitor model 10 years ago at CAV. Worked incredibly well with the the PB1'S. Also consider these 3 : Leema Tucana Anniversary, Naim DR 300 or Bryston 4b3 cubed(power amps). All 3 will have enough power and finesse that the PB1's require. Even an old ME or those Holton amps should be just fine. I've heard these on a number of occasions, at CAV with all different types of amps, it was always the high current models that shone through. BTW. The PB1's are my favourite all time not insanely priced speakers. l
  5. @seadogBe wary about buying unheard speakers. By all accounts the Neats sound like they might fit the bill, but it could become costly if they’re not for you as well. I’d have to audition at that price.
  6. There might be a lot of Chord DACS for sale, but I'll bet there's more in circulation at the price. I've heard the Hugo 2 going through a Densen/PMC combo at CAV and it sounded superb. There's so much choice these days, everyone's chopping and changing. I've also noticed a large number of Vitus R100 integrated amps for sale as well.
  7. @075CongoI Feel your frustration. Just recently aquiring a very good SACD player, I have now a pultry total of 16 titles, but everyone of them sound very good to excellent. I'm a Rock/Pop/Soul person but the SACD medium almost forces me to investigate and appreciate the premium sound quality of genres having a more robust prescence of it. There are only several thousand titles available world wide, this is why the pricing reaches those lofty heights that makes us all cringe.
  8. I heard this player at CAV into some Legends a couple of years back. Very enjoyable and involving listen. The Gizmo alone is over $400 dollars, so yes this is a great buy. GLWS.
  9. @hugo_wilcoI know CAV had some B stock prior to Christmas. I would ring the distributor, Busisoft AV for further info.
  10. What about a moon i7 or 700i. Beautifully made with loads of control. Otherwise Plinius Hiato, Leema Tucana anniversary.
  11. @crisis Some of the older cars look magic in 2 pac. Shame it wasn’t around in my day.
  12. You can use the Cerato grocery shopping. Just be aware of those lovely wheels and gutters...from experience.
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