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  1. @andyr So it looks like B&W spkrs need huge amounts of power for them to sound their best. Yes, I can vouch for this with my PMC'S, 100 into 8 ohms just wasn'y controlling the lower end, once the Newprime class 'D' and 200 watts into 8 ohms was put in place, problem solved, a revelation across mid to lower frequencies, real punch and power. You could fiddle around with cross over on the REL, but I don't believe it would help with the kind of music you listen to. *Firstly, I would seriously look at audiotioning something with huge drivers 10-12 inches, s
  2. Welcome back Dingbat, I know that sounds disparaging buy please don't take it out of context. Nice setup you have there, and as a former owner of their PD-70A CD player, I can definitely vouch for their quality performance. Frank.
  3. Must admit, I love listening to great recordings on my CD player, either SACD, ECM or Japanese/Asian recordings, not that I'm a great fan of the artist, but the sheer dynamics and realism these recordings have to offer, having a very good front end is the icing on the cake. That said,I still listen to average recordings, probably 20-30 % of the time.
  4. I've recently acquired a Marantz KI Ruby SACD player, and after hundreds of hours running in, I've come to the conclusion that well recorded CD is just as good as SACD, problem is, most CD'S are not well recorded, so in general SACD sounds better. I've a couple of CD'S sourced from Asia, the height, depth, and sense of realism from these recordings is one of those glorious musical moments. It's a tough situation for many these days when you consider that CD players sound so much better than they used to and streaming is so good done right. I'll probably use the DAC in the Mara
  5. Glad you're enjoying them Chris, I've never heard the Devialet's with any PMC , but judging by feedback from many forums, they're a great match, I'm very tempted on the new "i" series, too damn expensive at the moment, down the track definately, the new tweeter is from the 'Fact' series, should be a treat to listen to. Anyhow, enjoy the new system Chris and best wishes for the new year. Frank
  6. This Yaris is terriffic, they should've called it a Toyota GT 1000 making it sound a little esoteric. I own a Renault Megane RS Cup and I love it, I've left many a 'so called' German and Italian sports car in my wake especially around the back roads of Wonga Park and Warrandyte, in saying that, my favorite is still a Porsche RS GT3. Why all the negativity about the Yaris, some people should get on Youtube and check out all the videos. I don't think it looks as polished as a Golf or Megane but it's strength lies elsewhere as has been discussed. People get more conservat
  7. I found it uninspiring, couldn't get involved, for obvious reasons.
  8. I vividly remember auditioning 6 or 7 different pairs of speakers at the price range, it was clearly evident the 25.26's set new standards, not going into it but the other pairs sounded uneven. These are terrific speakers, GLWTS @ikhuong
  9. Glad your'e enjoying them @initforthemusic. Heard the Saxo's at RIO in Preston a while back, they're as good as some of the more well known brands around, no doubt. Over the years the Ranger Master has been a stalwart for SA, it's really what put them on the map, the Pandions, well, that's another level again, they're such handsome piece, good luck, I'm sure you'll spend hours and hours of pure joy with them. cheers, Frank.
  10. @FlynnyfalconFrank!! Looks like I've followed your lead once again. I've missed all this....congrats Chris, the 24's are a great all rounder, probably a bit more revealing than your Harbeths, should work superbly with the Linn/devlialet combo......hope it works for you mate. Keen to hear your thoughts on the Linn as I've never heard a vinyl setup with the twenty5 series. Cheers Frank
  11. Sorry, have mentioned a number of dollar amounts. Total oversight on my behalf. Could you edit or Will I? ***** Have removed price references. Could add be posted when possible. cheers Frank
  12. Further information: Bought these from Len Wallis only 3-4 weeks ago. They have a warmish full bodied sound with wide soundstage. Truly amazing value when you compare to rivals. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  13. As we get older, the most important thing in life is your HEALTH, not HI FI or anything else for that matter, we don't need the burden of trying to offload it when an unfortunate situation might arise. There's some serious $$$ vested into your media, so my advice is to get rid of it all and the TT, make it simple and buy yourself a used or near new DCS Bartok and smell the roses. cheers Frank.
  14. A very special little floor stander......ridiculously cheap, when you consider what they're still selling for in retail stores.
  15. You'll forget about the budget once you see and hear them, hope all is good for pickup in the near future, like to hear your thoughts on the Gross/Cambridge/PMC trio. cheers Frank.
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