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  1. emer00

    FS: Radarlock Path

    Hi PM sent. Thanks emer00
  2. Hi I would like to take it. Please let me know the details. Regards Mike
  3. Hi I'll take it. Regards Mike
  4. emer00

    SOLD: FS Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 White

    Hi Is it a G4 model and are you in Melbourne? Regards Mike
  5. emer00

    Huge vinyl sale

    Hi Interested in 1178 15 Billion Dollar Babies Alice Cooper 1193 20 School's Out Alice Cooper 1198 8 Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits Alice Cooper 1200 8 Welcome To My Nightmare Alice Cooper 1327 8 Killer Alice Cooper 314 40 The Beatles (White Album) Beatles 1388 20 Abbey Road Beatles, The 491 8 Bob Dylans Greatest Hits vol II Bob Dylan 764 8 Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits Bob Dylan 537 5 Catch a Bull At Four Cat Stevens 574 5 Greatest Hits Cat Stevens 760 5 Foreigner Cat Stevens 964 8 Cat Stevens Cat Stevens 347 25 Alladin Sane David Bowie 1371 20 The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust David Bowie 349 10 The Man Who Sold The World David Bowie 1015 8 Troubadour J.J.Cale 1019 8 Shades J.J.Cale 1026 10 Naturally US pressing J.J.Cale 1036 8 Really J.J.Cale 1051 8 Grasshopper J.J.Cale 323 8 The Best of Joe Walsh Joe Walsh 690 8 But Seriously Folks Joe Walsh 361 8 Songs of Leonard Cohen Leonard Cohen 516 12 Songs of Love and Hate/ Death of a ladies man Leonard Cohen 1352 12 Bat Out of Hell Meatloaf 1312 30 Decade 3 lp set Neil Young Wonder wht sort of deal you can do? Regards Mike
  6. emer00

    SOLD: FS: Sonus Faber Wall Domus

    Hi Ray Sent you a pm earlier. Regards Mike
  7. emer00

    SOLD: FS: Sonus Faber Wall Domus

    Hi If they havent been sold, I'll take them. Am in Melbourne so may need postage. Cheers Mike
  8. emer00

    FS: LPs

    I'll take the Cat Stevens,Simon and Garfunkal and Woodstock. Thanks
  9. Not sure if they are still avail but could you add 3,36 and 59 to my #5 list. Regards Mike
  10. Lovely cables but still beyond my budget. Might be able to do something if price including delivery to Melb is 2K. All the best.
  11. Does it come with the cartridge? If so what type is it? Regards
  12. emer00

    SOLD: Linn LP12 Valhalla

    Hi I am interested if it doesnt work out.
  13. emer00

    FS: ProAc D38

    Just wondering if the speakers are still for sale?