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  1. Nuprime looks interesting, particularly looking at maybe a pair of STA-9....
  2. Another interesting Class D amplifier manufacturer...they have a huge range of amplifiers, both mono block, stereo and Dual monos. https://en.rougeaudiodesign.com/alauda
  3. i fully agree...........same experience here....
  4. That's great! So much was it in total including those fees/charges?
  5. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and providing advice, much appreciated... the variety of options are very interesting .....Please keep them coming... I am researching every option mentioned here and have contacted a few local builder/supplier of Class D amps. cheers
  6. Thank you...appreciate your sharing of your experiences...the challenge is actually how to try it in my system....I mean the different flavours currently available, ice power, hypex Ncore.....
  7. This is a very good point & definitely something to ponder...
  8. How do you find them in comparison to the usual class AB? Thanks
  9. I have smaller room but the JBL 4429s are singing beautifully in this space... front ported, compression drivers with one piece SonoGlass horn...3 way design...
  10. That's the Version 1 with the AK4490?
  11. That is a very g this is a very good question? Considering the amount of power we can get from Class D amps...
  12. I watched the video and it looks very easy😃👍
  13. I thought about this but I am not sure if i am technically equipped to do this and if I have the right tools too...but I will check this, thank you very much for the tip...
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