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  1. Just as if I don't enough to do with my basshorn for my Trio, coffee making, photo shooting, baking cookies..., I want to look into trying the Coral Beta drivers, after talking to Young Skywalker about his experience at Warwick's. My experience with full range driver is very limited. The closest would be the Tannoy's and the PHY with my new Oceillia. I am really amazed by the speed and openness of Oceillia and is curious to know if Coral drivers are better or not. I have access to a pair of 8 or 10 in, which one is better to have? I have also seen some Coral tweeters in the market, are they
  2. I have been using M7 and R8 for many years until I got my digital cameras 5 years ago. Since then I have stopped using Leicas until last year when I got the Digilux 3 using adaptor ring with all my R lenses. Not too sure if I should get the M8 but having a few lenses like the Noctilux and the very old Summicron F2 3.5 and etc got me thinking again. I know Kiat has the M8 and a few lenses too, please share your experience and photos taken. Taken from another website, very natural and nice colour
  3. Hi guys, Been away a couple weeks and had a bad flu and cough for a week, now I am back to normal. I have a Nespresso machine for a few years and find it easy to use and the coffee is good. However, up till now, I still have not found one bean that I really like from the capsules. Now I have found one bean, from a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, and they can get me the beans. I am ready to invest on a good machine that is not too hard to use. Please, all experts here, help me to find the right machine.
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