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  1. I have been using M7 and R8 for many years until I got my digital cameras 5 years ago. Since then I have stopped using Leicas until last year when I got the Digilux 3 using adaptor ring with all my R lenses. Not too sure if I should get the M8 but having a few lenses like the Noctilux and the very old Summicron F2 3.5 and etc got me thinking again. I know Kiat has the M8 and a few lenses too, please share your experience and photos taken. Taken from another website, very natural and nice colour
  2. Hi guys, Been away a couple weeks and had a bad flu and cough for a week, now I am back to normal. I have a Nespresso machine for a few years and find it easy to use and the coffee is good. However, up till now, I still have not found one bean that I really like from the capsules. Now I have found one bean, from a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, and they can get me the beans. I am ready to invest on a good machine that is not too hard to use. Please, all experts here, help me to find the right machine.
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