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  1. Not often Mick and Keef get called bland 😃 See youse later - I’m off to the “I Hate Jazz” thread.
  2. Dumb question but can Dirac tell the difference between minimum phase and non-minimum phase dips in room response? And can you select a maximum boost level? So that it will never try to apply, say, 20 dB of boost to a 25Hz non-minimum phase null? If would assume yes and yes but that's just a guess.
  3. My system has 2-way passive sealed enclosure main speakers with an a single subwoofer, all fed by MiniDSP. Recently I have been experiment with extending the bass response of the main speakers with DSP, exactly as Dave is describing above. A smart (understatement) guy called Linkwitz invented a transform that you can use to calculate all the needed parameters. It only works with sealed speakers, mind. Doing this gives three rather than one source for lower bass which has got to be good. The big "buts" are clearly outlined above by Dave. I'm only using a "touch" of LT due to lack of
  4. I guess it's like me and jazz. I've tried all the classics and It just doesn't move me at all. Why some music brings us to tears and some is just plain boring is an intriguing question.
  5. They look just like the ones I use, bought from Jaycar. Probably OEM and sold under a number of brand names.
  6. Ok, we need a baseline. If you don't like this one then I'll admit defeat https://youtu.be/RS_yyRk_dj8
  7. Why not get a similar one from Jaycar? I use a multimeter and LCR meter from Jaycar and haven't had any problems with them.
  8. OK, if you're still not convinced then this is the answer (WARNING: this may offend almost everyone) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7M3EEHYkJ0
  9. And then go and investigate Townes Van Zandt who wrote Pancho and Lefty. There's some deep, heavy stuff down there. And on the way check out Lucinda Williams and Patty Griffin: less polish, more grit than Emmylou but just as good.
  10. So, Dave, to use a stupid example to illustrate a serious point, an alien with a metre wide head would be able to localise sound to a lower frequency than us simple humans? Given that he has similar hearing instruments to us humans and not a thousand sucker-like nodules oozing green slime?
  11. Sounds like there is a short somewhere in the left channel that caused excess current that eventually blew the 1k3 resistor. Meanwhile, the Right channel worked fine until that resistor blew and disconnected the PS. Check for solder bridges between PCB tracks.
  12. Looks like the 1k3 has acted like a fuse and been blown by excess current. So you need to find out why before you replace it or it will just happen again. And if you replace it with a higher wattage type then something else will probably take over the role of a fuse and blow. Are you SURE the power transistor is OK? In my experience as a tube DIYer these silly semiconductor things destroy themselves at the slightest chance. Not like tubes which are much more robust. Are you SURE there isn't a short from the power supply rail to ground somewhere? Check and re-check all the wiring.
  13. I don't see the relative price difference between certain brands compared with their prices overseas as a rip-off. It's a different market and so distributors will have different pricing strategies. Certainly that makes some brands better value here if you think that UK or US pricing is the Reference Standard. (Which it isn't ?) You pays your money and you takes your choice!
  14. Nah, the lead designer from Dynaudio is an Orthodontist. As any parent of a child with braces can tell you it costs an awful lot to remove those components.
  15. I'm no guru but my 2 cents worth is that the more difficult an output valve is to drive, WRT peak drive volts and Miller capacitance, the more likely an IT will be better. An EL84 is real easy to drive, the amps are usually quite cheap and so using an IT will blow the budget for no improvement. EL34 and KT88 need more drive volts but still significantly less than a 300B. The price of the valve comes into it as well. With 300B's being much more exxy the cost of an IT is less as a % of total amp cost. So you never see IT used with EL84 and I can't remember seeing an EL34 or KT88 amp
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