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  1. I've practiced heaps and I'm continually distressed at how poor my soldering skills are. My only tips, neither of which I've followed, are: - get a good quality soldering iron - get a soldering station. I've cocked up a bunch of RCA ends, globs of solder everywhere, melted the plastic etc etc etc. Keep watching the youtubes and just keep practicing. Once you've gotten good, let me know and I'll get you to do a few for me.
  2. "ultra flexible". The third most desired property of a speaker enclosure.
  3. I'll take it mate! I'm in Thornbury as well.
  4. Pretty easy to test it. Take the painting down, hang the panels. Listen. Get someone else to replace the painting over the top, keep listening. Rinse. Repeat until you can't hear a difference.
  5. That's a big room. What are you trying to achieve? Could you post a pic or a drawing of the dimensions of the room?
  6. We'll take it! Let me know when you'd like it picked up and I'll get it sorted. Thank you! Matt
  7. I've recently put together a similar (ish) system. Focal 807 floorstanders (given to me as a present from a friend who upgraded) Vincent SV237 Mk1 - $1250 2nd hand. Has DAC. SMS 200 - $650 (new) Rega P1 - $450 (new) Plinius Jarrah phono stage $475 (2nd hand) Speaker cables: RG213 cable from Jaycar - $70. RCAs - $50 from Bill on the forum Roon - $129 Exisiting equipment: Old Technics CDJ-500S CD player DIY sub with a JBL W15GTI and OAudio plate amp Still to buy: 3 Panels of Polymax XHD to make bass traps out of ($300) MiniDSP 2x4HD to muck around with the bass. ($250) So far I'm most impressed by the SMS-200 and the Vincent amp. The above would leave you about $1000 to spend on speakers, which if bought carefully from the forums should get you something great. It all works, not much ducking about with equipment, and the majority of the time I stream Tidal through roon, which I'm perfectly happy with. The only thing I'd change would be to look for an amp with DAC and phono (like the PS Audio Sprout). I've got a mate with the original Sprout for sale for $500, but the power output is possibly a little low depending on your needs. Good luck!
  8. I'm not sure they make microphones of that sort of vintage any more. 31 band graphic eq? Is it 6 volt? I kid, I kid. I have a UMIK you're welcome to borrow, happy to help with tuning as well. I'm in Thornbury.
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