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  1. I suggest you get uninterested quickly 🙃
  2. love mine and only paid a couple hundred more buying and supporting an authorised Australian retailer.
  3. as well as the external mounted headphone jack the GX90 also has internal cabinet light which is a cool feature and shows off your vintage Sansui. This would be an easy resto to strip the vinyl veneer and apply new or use American Walnut Timber veneer to make it a little more classy but still keeping it close to original.
  4. Thanks @Luc however I already have a GX90 and a few others. I would be happy to collect, disassemble and pack for you if you’re keen on it though?
  5. would like this very much please.
  6. absolute bargain for someone to experience true high end sound. With Tweeter attenuation and Diva Bass Control unit provides plenty of room tuning adjustability.
  7. My first valve Amp was a Ming Da MC34B and it was a terrific sounding Amp. About 20 watts with EL34’s. I paid $350 for it new, which even back then was an incredible bargain. Point to Point wiring and build quality was excellent. Should never have sold that Amp.
  8. Thanks to all for your suggestions. After much research and reading of reviews I purchased a REL T9i. Followed all the recommendations in setting it up and after about 40 minutes of tweaking crossover and gain it’s completely disappeared in the room but elevated the sound of my system to another level. My WLM Diva Monitors have never sounded better, with every aspect of reproduction top to bottom improved. I was just looking to add a bit more bottom end or fullness to my sound and the REL has done that but also significantly improved mid range and highs which seems weird an
  9. Absolutely no experience with either of your choices other than I recently added a REL T9i to my 2 channel system and it has exceeded all expectations. Integrated seamlessly and disappears, taking my system to another level. Running a KT120 valve amp and large Monitors, have never sounded better. My room size just 3m x 4m and the T9i possibly overkill as I could have gone with twin T5i or T7i.
  10. haha.. just remembered a Party Boys gig in the 80’s at Falls Creek when Angry Anderson was the lead singer. Outrageous night, we were all on tables dancing and singing along with the band.
  11. in my yoof, back in the 80’s we would be out every weekend in Ye olde Adelaide town and with enough beer I think they were all awesome. Saw many Australian classic pub bands - Lime Spiders Ed Kuepper The Divinyls Hunters & Collectors Beasts of Bourbon Painters & Dockers Mental As Anything The Clouds Spy V Spy Cruel Sea And I’m sure many more that I can’t remember ... they must have been great though. More recently - Nick Cave at the Regent (Melbourne) incredible show, amazing performer. Ben Folds Five at t
  12. just been through this process myself having owned Richter Thor and a Subsonic. A few on SNA recommended REL and I bought a T9i about a week ago. The REL is significantly better and has elevated my system to another level. Incredibly musical, fast and no boom. Integration with my large Monitors was easy and this is the only subwoofer I have been able to integrate so that it disappears.
  13. I’ve decided to go with REL and likely a T9i ... or spend more and go for the S/510. The T9i seems universally loved by those that have them or reviewed them. The S/510 the entry level in REL’s higher end series but also nearly twice the price. hmmm...
  14. Yet another reason to hang onto my Node 2i Controlling Tidal directly from the App will be even better than using the already excellent BlueOS
  15. Item: REL T9i Price Range: up to $1500 if as new and unmarked Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for Black only. Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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