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  1. found out the SVS SB-2000 doesn’t have speaker level input
  2. I’m sure you can 😉 @Luc You don’t happen to have a SR-838 by chance?
  3. you are correct, it has a modified sine wave so not good for Audio applications. There is another model, 40V and 300 watts that claims pure sine wave however I can’t see it on the website at the moment
  4. I’ve bought a few products from Audiotrends over the years and have always been happy with their service. Knowledgeable and helpful team.
  5. would there be any performance benefit using a battery powered inverter rather than 240V Mains with source components such as a DAC, Streamer, CDP or turntable? I see these are relatively cheap although only US voltage. https://www.ryobitools.com/products/details/150-watt-battery-power-inverter
  6. I’m struggling for space already so limited to just 1 Sub unfortunately
  7. yes, was thinking the DSP will give greater flexibility and might be easier to integrate even though it’s the larger, more powerful Sub. Thanks
  8. I just measured again, the room is actually 3m wide x 4m long. Not sure that makes much difference. Will check out JL Audio. Thanks
  9. thanks for your suggestions Frank. I have heard that REL Subs are best with music. Will investigate further.
  10. Hi all, Looking for advice selecting a subwoofer for a small room and have shortlisted the SVS SB-1000 or SVS SB-2000 Pro as they seem like good value for performance. The system consists of Bluesound Node 2i, RME ADI2 FS DAC, DIVA Bass Control (an Analog Bass equaliser), Weston Acoustics Topaz KT120 into WLM Diva Mk2 Monitors. The Divas go down to 32Hz and for the most part that is low enough for a lot of the music I listen to, however I think even in this small room a Subwoofer would be beneficial. The room is 3m wide x 4m long, double brick with acoustic brick internal walls, carpeted floor, front corner bass traps, rear ceiling corner foam traps and rear wall covered in 150mm Polymax. Single window has a thick floor to ceiling curtain covering. While absolutely no science has gone into treating this room, it sounds pretty good to me however I’m sure there’s plenty more potential with it. My question is, would the SVS SB-2000 Pro be too much subwoofer for the room?, it’s a few hundred dollars more than the SB-1000 however has a lot more power, goes down to 19Hz and has some level of adjustment through PEQ/ DSP. The only benefit of the SB-1000 is (1) it’s a bit smaller so would be better suited to small room (2) it’s cheaper I will be connecting Sub via speaker level inputs. All comments, advice and suggestions are appreciated.
  11. Thanks @NamesAllTaken however I do need to stick with a sealed sub due to my room and purely music duties.
  12. Item: SVS SB-1000 or SB-2000 Pro Price Range: $700 - $1200 Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Black Ash finish Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
  13. Loving this album at the moment, great lineup of Artists and songs with high quality production values that really capture the ambience of this concert.
  14. you do need to format the external hard drive for the Node2i to read it and then you will have no issues whatsoever. I have a 4 Terabyte Portable Hard Drive connected to my Node 2i and it reads all 2,500 uncompressed albums no problem. The BlueOS App loads albums and cover art fast and is very responsive. I also have patchy wifi and rarely have any issues with mine, and it’s located at the far end of our house furthest away from the modem.
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