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  1. I’ll continue to enjoy CD quality Radio Paradise in the car and at home even with a streamer that can decode MQA. I’ve discovered so many new and old artists through RP.
  2. I think the T9i goes a bit deeper with the larger drivers, cabinet and more power. I’m using just 1 and thinking of adding another. What is it you feel can be improved over dual T7 ?
  3. only thing holding me back from adding a 2nd Subwoofer is the room size and I barely have much gain set on the REL, maybe 6 - 7 clicks from 0. I’m mindful of not overloading the room at 3.5m x 4m and fully sealed. It’s double brick and I’ve used my own unscientific approach to room treatment with the rear wall covered in Polymax, 2 large foam 150mm corner Bass traps behind the speakers, wall/ceiling corner Bass traps, Carpeted floor and heavy ceiling to floor curtains about 50% of right wall. Might see if my local REL dealer has a loaner I could try.
  4. The T series are active front firing with passive down firing. Not sure about other models. Despite the modest power outputs compared to similar Subs the 2 woofers work well in combination. Must admit I was tempted by 900 watts and 12” front firing driver but glad I settled for 300 watts with 10” active and 10” passive.
  5. @fidelity4u how did you find the ifi Power supply for improvement?
  6. @Zed Zed I was one of those 2 channel purists for many years, resisting adding a Sub as I thought my large WLM Diva Monitors with 10” Coax Drivers were fine in my small room. I run them semi active with a Bass Control unit and on paper they go down to 28 Hz. A few months ago I added a REL T9i and it’s made a huge improvement to my system, more than DAC and Amp changes over the past 5 years. I have tried cheaper and larger more powerful Subs but could never get them to integrate perfectly with my main speakers. With the REL it is essentially invisible in my system, I can’t localise it
  7. Enjoying some LRB. Excellent production values on this album 👍🏻
  8. I’m continually discovering new artists and music (to me) through Radio Paradise and currently digging this album.
  9. thought I’d never say this but ... ‘really wish I lived in Adelaide now’
  10. Not sure if a Bluesound Node 2i would tick all your boxes but I run mine into an RME ADI2 FS and it sounds mighty fine to me.
  11. I only recently discovered REL subwoofers after trying various other Subs and never being able to integrate them into my 2 channel system. Well it’s absolutely true about REL, and my T9i has taken my Hi-Fi to another level. Completely disappears but adds so much more musical detail and nuance. Can imagine the S-510 being even more incredible.
  12. I suggest you get uninterested quickly 🙃
  13. love mine and only paid a couple hundred more buying and supporting an authorised Australian retailer.
  14. as well as the external mounted headphone jack the GX90 also has internal cabinet light which is a cool feature and shows off your vintage Sansui. This would be an easy resto to strip the vinyl veneer and apply new or use American Walnut Timber veneer to make it a little more classy but still keeping it close to original.
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