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  1. Hi, I have picked up some old teac 2way speakers and measure 7 ohm on one and about 10.5 on the other, at the speaker terminals. Not looking for great sound just something in the office running Pandora. Is this going to cause damage to amp? Do I need to worry? Haven't tested the individual drivers on the odd one, could be the crossover I suppose? Any suggestions most gratefully appreciated.
  2. I'm building a hi fi rack and considering making the shelves out of ACC panels ( after a comment by Owen many years ago) It's rigid but doesn't have the mass of stone or concrete, which some people says 'holds' energy, and ,is really heavy! Anyone have any experience with this? I've read some people like pumice blocks for equipment footers so this material may have some beneficial qualities. I'm also wondering if it might make a good baffle material for Open baffle speakers. Also, anyone know of a good supply in Auckland?
  3. At one time my favourite band of all time. Interesting take from Roy on the linked blog... he would consider my "affection for their music ...misplaced" Made me smirk and then reminded me of how great life can be.
  4. Cooks, haveyou evertried Gilberts? They wererecommended to me(many yeasrs ago)by a friend who sends fine objects includung art.
  5. Has anyone found reviews for LM AM-2 amps? Seems to be very little around about these amps other than very brief suppliers descriptions. In particular I'm interested in how the AM-2's compare to the integrated Lm 210ia. In fact there seems to be very little I can find on the 210ia , although a few positive reviews of the 219ia
  6. how about a DEQX unit .. if your up for the learning curve... ( actually crossover without driver /room correction functions shouldn't be too difficult for you?) (upto 3 way and you can dial in whatever crossover points and slopes you want - good for experimenting....)
  7. nice intro! welcome. Interesting that you so loved your previous set up that you want to have the same setup again - resisting the urge to try other things. nice.
  8. paul300b;187505 wrote: Wow! Serious and $$$ drivers .What amp do you use now? thanks, I sold the ecofan and kept my Red Wine audio Signature 30.
  9. AER MD3 drivers 106B/1w/m front horn loaded, so pretty efficient. just saying. ... starting to want the amps back again.... and yes were fed a reasonable strict diet of jazz and female vocals.
  10. aahh yes, that is true Owen. Subs driven by their own amps. I'm sure I must have tried without (notice refusal to use "sans") the subs tho and can't remember any issues. ... Although perhaps that contributed to why I chose to keep the mighty power of the RWA sig instead I honestly can't remember accurately but recall the Sig being much livelier and exciting. The 45's were 'lovelier' but perhaps as you say a bit more power may have made them truly too hard to part with. Hey... I feel bit better now...
  11. the low power was never a problem with the horns Owen. I sold the 45's for a different reason ...insanity.
  12. hhmmm...would that happen to be my (ex) amplifier? Did I buy it from you on TM (you were up north, and we had a mutual friend Keenan who delivered it to Auckland?) I did end up selling it on Trademe, to Stephen. Like you, I've yearned to have it back. Good little amp that one. (don't stress tho...i'm not going to try to race you to it! Good luck. I never met Stephen but he was a great collector of various interesting things by all accounts, and always spoken of with high regard.
  13. took my first trip to Turned On Audio today - wow! that's about all I've got to say. Okay maybe one question, does that Line Magnetic Audio gear sound half as good as it looks? Not a lot of reviews around but all seems positive. As far as looks go, I think I'm cured from Thoress 300b's, Bulter Monads and even Shindos.... that LM stuff is crazy.
  14. and... I remember my AE1's driven buy an old Naim... maybe a NAP 90.... not really that flash at all. Only the Plinus amps impresed me with the AE1's. and... know nothing about Spendors so once again, no blimmin' help wrt OP!
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