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  1. Owen, can you provide examples of the gamma curves (eg madVR screenshots) that you are using for your calibrations? If not, how do you actually achieve your desired gamma curves? By eye, or by numbers on a meter?
  2. Would someone mind describing, or providing a direct link as to how to setup an SDR projector for HDR? The madvr doom9 thread is pretty long! I have a sony hw45 and use a jriver with madvr. Is it feasible to actually output HDR using this setup?
  3. The diameter of a lens is the primary property that determines its sharpness (resolution). For a single colour you can make a perfect lens and the only things that determine the resolution are the diameter and colour (an example is lenses used in blu-ray players)
  4. BradC


    I tried the bass module in the corner, it measured better, but vocals were bloated (crossed at 350Hz). I have the horns setup 20 degrees off axis. The response is smoother. Listening closer improved the step response (but still further than your setup). Measuring with the seat removed from the room also helped. I found time alignment difficult to get right, Best results have been using audiolense. I have recently used separate channels for the horizontal and vertical mid drivers. The equalisation is different and 2 sample different time alignment (at 48kHz). The has slightly improved the sound - less fatiguing.
  5. With a laser source (depending on the implementation) the entendue is far superior to a lamp, this does enable the optical system to acheive much greater contrast. So I would expect improvement over a lamp system.
  6. BradC


    Finally tried the klippel test, got -45dB using i66 speakers.
  7. You could try a pair of red spade bass modules with 18" acoustic elegance drivers for the region 60-300Hz
  8. I am also using a pair of subs. One front centre, one rear centre. Initially setup as a source/sink config. Ie rear out of phase and delayed. I then used MSO to improve the response, and it has successfully reduced the length room mode. This setup is much better than the stereo front or mid wall subs setup
  9. BradC


    Do you know what SPL you recorded that measurement at? It does look significantly better than my measurements. What xover are you using for the tweeter/mid?
  10. Have a look at the free software 'multi-sub optimizer' You can simulate all sorts of combinations of how your subs are configured
  11. I use jriver for upsampling to 96kHz, converting to 16 channels and convolution with filters from acourate.
  12. The amount of money people spend on dacs, cable etc. that make a small fraction of the improvement you get from acourate (or dirac or audiolense) still makes it excellent value even including the cost of another OS. Time alignment can make a big improvement to imaging. Even with a time aligned passive xover, this is only time aligned for a specific distance. I found this with the vaf speakers that correcting for my listening distance was a significant improvement.
  13. Acourate will work in a windows VM, and this is all you need. The filters it generates are used in your playback software.
  14. The builder thought the green glue would delay them too much and they didn't know what they were doing. You may have more flexibility when the room is the main project, as opposed to a whole house. As far as I'm aware, the 2 layers are both screwed to the studs. The sheets are really heavy. Green glue is not an adhesive either. I did the second layer of flooring, door bottom seal, acoustic absorbers (corner insulation at front and BAD panels at the rear) and mastic sealing when the second layer of flooring went in. I asked for the skirting to be only tacked on. So there is a fair bit you can do yourself when the builder has done their bit. btw the door bottom seal needs a hard surface. We used a piece of door frame wood. If I were to do it again, I would use aerated concrete as the external cladding; use green glue; try and do the room within a room build where the external room has the isolation treatment and the internal room has a single layer of gyprok; higher ceiling (presently 2.4m); have cross ventilation; sisalation on all surfaces. Nevertheless the isolation is acceptable. Can't play movies at reference levels without the bass being heard downstairs, but it's probably not practicable to isolate levels that shake the house!
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