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  1. Sure - my first Mcintosh CD player, the MCD 201, had a model wide fault = tracks skipping and a strange clicking noise from the transport. Then upgraded to a MCD301, which was only slightly better. Then upgraded to the $10K MCD500, which was reliable, but sonically uninspiring. My current CD player, the Ayre CX-7eMP CD player, leaves it for dead. Very familiar CDs, newly played on the Ayre, have astonished me by the revelation of previously unheard of detail. I mean really astonished. Now for the second problem child - the all tube Mcintosh MC2102 power amp. It looked b
  2. Well, this degenerated quite quickly. It certainly looks like the MT10 McIntosh turntable, at which point, I have lost interest. After a previous disastrous experience with Mcintosh gear ( MCD301, MCD500, C2600, MC2102, MR87, I wouldn't let any in the house now.
  3. It may be... What brand & model is this?
  4. Hi - I'm intrigued to find out what turntable is shown in the current SBS TV advert for the Dianna Krall album. The turntable looks brilliant - shows a blue-glowing record platter...
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