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  1. Cabinet and waveguide looks very similar to upcomming new HDi series. Driver configuation is different Hdi3800 is around US$ 5000 so you expect much better drivers, more sophisticed x over , better finish etc with them. Cheers Mike
  2. I think Jerry Harrison,s solo albims should have got a mention at the end.
  3. Better but its hard to see how any speaker with very limited overall output combined with significantly rolled off bass can reproduce the correct balance for recordings made with the expectation they will be replayed at more normal but levels.
  4. Mach13, I will be very interested to see how you go with these speakers . I hope you post future updates . I owned F83s ( not 81s ) a longtime ago. For me they werent a great success. They had little ( no) bass and wouldnt play at any reasonable volume ( mid 80 db C weighted at listening position ). I tried for a while to add ( not sub ) woofers but in those days we didnt have the tools to facilitate this that are so readily available now. I believe RELs are designed to add to a main system without high passing the main speakers. Its hard to imagine this working with these speakers which dont appear to have the displacement necessary to allow bass reproduction. To me they need stereo woofers not a mono sub woofer (s.) Hopefully things will work out better for you. Cheers Mike
  5. Good job. Beautiful day outdoors on the surf coast yesterday !
  6. Here is the calibration file for the mic I use. You can see that for in room type measurements the calibration makes little difference at least to my sample of that particular mic. Cheers Mike
  7. Snoopy, All your suggestions are appreciated. I have considered DSpeaker products . The x4 is more than I want to spend . I am trying to find a bit more information about the AntiMode2 but the owners manual link is down and has been for a while. Actually I suspect any attempt to reach DSpeaker website are blocked with the expectation that people in Australia will go through DeepHertz.. Not too sure of DA converter quality in this model either. SSZ, Doest seem much point waiting as it is pretty clear Dirac with never work with Roon without something like Audiohijack in between.
  8. I have been corresponding direct with Dirac. Here is their initial reply Hello, thanks for your interest in Dirac Live. We are working on the new standalone version for PC and Mac that will use AU or VST plugins but it's not ready yet: https://www.facebook.com/DiracResearch/photos/a.611847825532517/2098832546834030/?type=3&__tn__=-R Until then we can send you a download for testing the latest Dirac Live 2.2 calibration tool (that is complete) together with the 0.9.11/0.9.12 DiracLiveProcessor that is required for standalone use (it acts as a AU/VST host) The latter is an alpha version though that is limited to stereo playback and should be used at 48 KHz only so that downsampling by the player is required, the user interface might change as well. Please note that you'll need a player that supports standard AU or VST plugins like for example JRiver, Audirvana (now for Windows as well), etc. Also take into account that no support is available for this very early build, if interested please let us know, best regards Roon doesnt support AU or VST plug ins but in a later email Dirac explained how Dirac and Roon can be used together via Audiohijack . There are also posts on the Roon website about doing this. I am not currently using Roon but would like to . I could use Audrvana or JRiver with the Dirac Live Processor alpha version but I would like to use Roon and stay away from prototype software if possible. I was aware of the step by step REW guide but still fancy Dirac process if I can get it to work. Cheers Mike
  9. @Snoopy8 @Sir Sanders Zingmore . Thanks for the replies. S8 : I dont own Dirac Live but I would like to use Dirac Live 2 which is now available. I believe I know enough about DSP to set something up on Roon but I would prefer not to go there . Acourate and Audiolense are Windows and using them would be rather ugly and I suspect beyond my patience levels. I could set something up using REW which I am pretty familiar with but really the apparent simplicity of Dirac was appealing. I have used Mini DSP components before ( I have a Mini DSP 2.4 HD ) and would rather not go there either although I agree that is a simple route. You are correct though there really are limited alternatives and I will have to go with one of them if I want to do this. I am just hoping to find someone localish who has done it successfully or who is computer knowledgeable / relaxed enough to work though the set up. SSZ : What you say is how I thought things would work. I am unclear as to how things originally worked with Roon / Dirac but Dirac2 unfortunately does not work with Roon this way. Cheers Mike
  10. It seems Roon and Dirac Live are essentially incompatible in any straight forward way. Dirac say that Roon can work with Dirac using Audiohijack on a Mac computer. This seems sort of straight forward but when computer talk starts my brain quickly wants to disengage. I wonder if anyone here has done this successfully or has any other relevant advice. Cheers Mike
  11. I wonder if someone who owns Yamaha NS1000 or 1000M or could measure distances between front cover plug holes centre to centre in both directions please. I am trying to see if the front covers from any other 1000 variants will fit NS1000X Cheers Mike
  12. Apparently there is now a cafe of the same name above where the old shop was.
  13. If you scroll back through this thread you find a few mentions of the Recorded Music Salon which was Melbournes most idiosyncratic HiFi / music shop.
  14. Absolutely. My only point was that a bright yellow gorilla with a flashing light on its head is generally more likely to be seen . The more times you notice there are gorillas around the more likely you are to watch out for them in future ( hopefully anyway ).
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