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  1. Ando

    Dangers of cycling

    Absolutely. My only point was that a bright yellow gorilla with a flashing light on its head is generally more likely to be seen . The more times you notice there are gorillas around the more likely you are to watch out for them in future ( hopefully anyway ).
  2. Ando

    Dangers of cycling

    I think this is largely true but... Where I live we have a big increase in the number of cyclists at this time of year. There is , from many of the people who live here , a widespread dislike of cyclists on local roads however I have recently heard positive comments from some of these people complimenting the increasing number of cyclists using truly bright tail lights and wearing bright coloured clothes. Whilst some locals are simply impatient many are genuinely concerned they may hit and injure a cyclist. These people are saying anything that a cyclist does that makes them more visible , while obviously not foolproof, really helps . Cheers Mike
  3. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    Not referring to the design of the crossovers but to their construction,. I built the original crossovers as designed by JohnK in rough ! form . When Hank took over the project he rebuilt the crossovers as shown in his pics above .
  4. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    I think a refinish will help. Looking forward to pics of completed speakers.
  5. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    I didnt mean the design of the waveguide. I meant improve the quality of its build which was , putting it nicely, somewhat less than perfect.
  6. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    I would have been very surprised if you were altering the baffle shape. Given your big improvement of the crossovers I am hoping you might make a matching improvement of the tweeter waveguide .
  7. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    Hank, I am sure you know this but as Dave says John K designed the speaker with the particular baffle shape to be a true dipole over the maximum possible range taking into account the drivers different directivities , the crossovers and the exact baffle widths. John was keen not to even vary the baffle thickness . If you use a simple rectangle you will get an ordinary open baffle speaker not the special speaker the Note was designed to be. Cheers Mike
  8. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    Hard to tell when we cant see the back. I thought maybe it only showed the woofers on a baffle in a rather substantial metal frame.
  9. Ando

    Nao Note Build

    Hank, good to see this happening. Crossovers looking good. Definitely a big improvement on their previous state. Are you doing the U frame bass arrangement ? Looking forward to more updates soon. Cheers Mike
  10. OK ,thanks. Didnt realise that. I will look and see where I put the brochure and rescan if the OP indicates they would like me to. Cheers Mike
  11. If you search Stereonet there is a thread about Audio Definition. I am pretty sure I posted scans of the Enterprise brochure in that thread. Cheers Mike
  12. On Sunday Bill did mention they had taken out one fairly large low bass peak so just a little equalisation was applied.
  13. Maybe not a musical discovery that many would enjoy but I would like to thank Rick @coffeemachinist from Lucie speakers who patiently responded series of back and forth personal messages from me chasing up a demo song he used in his room. The song was Mrs Cold by Kings of Convenience . To me actions like this indicate that anyone interested in Lucie Audio could expect an outstanding level of interest and support. Cheers Mike
  14. My thoughts : SGR was the standout room. The Dutch and Dutch and Kii rooms were also very good. The Kharma speakers looked good but in each of 3 visits that Dean Martin record was playing . Impressive sound but ... The Legend speakers represent great value. The Revel speakers were very disappointing. I have heard the Salons in a number of different places and have always thought the many positive reviews were well justified. I would agree with the previous comments re this room. It was interesting to note which exhibitors seemed genuinely engaged / interested ( most of them ) and who did not ( just a couple ). Thanks to the organisers and exhibitors many of whom had obviously gone to a lot of trouble to present their equipment in the best possible light. Cheers Mike