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  1. AudioGeek

    FS: Lenehan ML1 Reference

    Thanks buddy
  2. Welcome back?? Agree with other comments, this is as good as it gets.....
  3. AudioGeek

    FS: Lenehan ML1 Reference

    Hmm, lots of misinformation/fake news... Been getting lots of queries for clarification, thought I should do it in the thread rather than individual pm. The best way I can clarify is to link the previous owners for sale thread @Galactic Soap - hope thats ok to borrow your pics mate See here: As far as I am aware these speakers have not been around Australia twice.......
  4. AudioGeek

    FS: Lenehan ML1 Reference

    Item: ML1 Reference Location: Hills district, Sydney Price: $2000 Item Condition: As new, unmarked Reason for selling: Picked them up as part of a trade, but not in regular use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These speakers were upgraded to reference level by a previous owner and have a spectacular custom paint job (black). I will include the toppers in the sale, but dont have stands. These speakers sound amazing, cant think of anything that would come close price wise in terms of imaging and clarity. Great for smaller listening areas or near field listening. I used them with a pair of 15inch TD woofers in my main listening area(s) and they can fill a larger space with bass support - no problem. Pictures: Can take some and add them
  5. Try using the oppo as a transport or source for the chord dac
  6. AudioGeek

    Closed back headphones

    I made the switch from closed back headphones to IEM's and have not looked back. Obviously a personal preference.
  7. AudioGeek

    Roon vs MPD which sounds better

    You can use Roon as the front end and purely use hqp for upsampling, convolution etc. But, yes Hqp is not an easy software to get going...
  8. AudioGeek

    Roon vs MPD which sounds better

    Difficult question to answer. I prefer hqp as I like the more varied filter options. Others say Roon upsampling is just as good and less CPU intensive. Upsampling sound quality depends on the optimal input sampling rate of the dac and what processing/filtering the dac does
  9. AudioGeek

    How much weight can a sub withstand?

    Wait a minute. 3 subs for 1 rear channel???
  10. AudioGeek

    Star Wars: the last Jedi (8th instalment)

    Well, credit to the creators and directors of this movie - they did something I didnt think was possible.... and made the prequels look like excellent films......
  11. AudioGeek

    FS: JLTi Oppo 105 - price drop

    Great price for a great bit of kit. As an all in one device for a combined system it does everything. The JLTI mods really take the oppo to another level. GLWS
  12. AudioGeek

    Streaming using chromecast

    I use one sometime in my car with digital input into my processor. I also think its average, but not terrible. I am looking for a device that does bluetooth/wifi and anyone can connect to and play any format from any device. Fun for parties etc.
  13. AudioGeek

    WTB: Lenehan ML1 (new version)

    Are you interested in ML1 refs?
  14. Your mate needs to put some work into a CD storage system.....😀
  15. Nice! Congrats, loves like a fantastic space to me.