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  1. Err, plenty of drift vids in the dry. And thats with sticky tyres as well. A very under rated car.
  2. Easy. Eastwood hifi and Instyle hifi are walking distance from each other
  3. Maybe you should bi-amp? If your open minded to class D get a hypex nc2000 for the bass drivers - 2.5kW into 4 ohms, use the pass for the mids/tweeters.
  4. The only thing I can add is the Coincident, although lightening fast, is going to be a step back in terms of bass impact compared to the bhk - having owned both. I dont think it will be a solution to your issue.
  5. Be nice to finally be able to download and use the android qobuz app. Works great through Roon. Will there be catalogue differences / limitations compared to subscriptions through other countries?
  6. I kept my XR6T, along with some other cars. Still drive it 1-2x/week, could not get rid of it as to me its so much fun and nothing else has come close. I test drove an E63S over a weekend and ended up getting a good deal on an 21' A45s, however, the XR6T (modded) is much quicker in a straight line than both and way more fun to drive, wrestling a proper H pattern manual with a heavy clutch still brings a smile. The funny thing is now, these cars that had no place - both Commodores and Falcons, are going up in price ridiculously. I have been offered more for my XR6T than what I paid for it
  7. I think the S3 has a different AWD system. The R is now the more advanced car.
  8. Hey guys, Tony was in Sydney last week and calibrated my JVC projector. Highly recommended!
  9. So,... is this an attempt at cancel culture..... *Running away to hide
  10. Those measurements look very good. Significant improvement over previos versions. To me looks like the best hd800 to date
  11. Went through the hd800 several yrs ago. It is a very good set of phones, looks like they have tweaked the bass which is good. Left field one here, but what would be a comparable IEM?
  12. Would certainly make it much easier. Mind you they were saying they were coming to Aus in 2018 when I signed up. I was in Europe at the time so no cloak and dagger.
  13. Legend and VAF both have active speakers using deqx. Both my Lx521 and PSE-144 are active systems.
  14. Hey, theres a nice article in the current issue of Motor magazine on the 25yr history of the Boxster - one for the fans
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