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  1. I would suggest just using an older android phone with a data sim card, rather than a dap. Much more versatile device and probably cheaper too.
  2. That peak current output is insane. @ghost4man - surely this will satisfy your Maggies
  3. Ah, i see now. Yes a minidsp or deqx would fit the bill. What speaker though?
  4. I maybe missing something here but dont virtually all AV processors do this? As in they all have 2.1 or 2.2 stereo modes? May not have absolute control over crossover type, but then they all have some form of room/bass correction eg. Audyssey, dirac etc. You can set different crossover points for sub and mains - particularly if your mains also have good low output ie. more bass sources
  5. I will add another thought. If your using a usb dac you potentially have the option of doing some room correction/DSP to fix common room related issues. This can make a bigger difference than swapping dacs. With small monitors like that a decent subwoofer can also make a big difference.
  6. Sounds like one of the events in worlds strongest man comp should be 18inch sub rolling up stairs lol
  7. If your considering you should go to Melbourne and have a listen. Looks like something truly special!
  8. I picked up a hisense oled and the LG SL8YG for my parents in the boxing day sales - soundbar for simplicity for elderly parents. I must say, I am quite dissapointed. Apart from the bass from the subwoofer, and greater volume headroom - your almost better off with the in-built speakers from the modern panels. An entry level AVR and 2.1 or 3.1 system would be much better, or at least a significant step up from the in-built speakers.
  9. Can you move your listening position further back? Can you hear a difference with the bar stool?
  10. Take your time, listen to as many speakers as you can. If you like loud - look for something with easily available replacement drivers/parts. A current model still under warranty would be ideal.
  11. Got the message. Forgot that I had ordered these. I suspect there willbe further delay....
  12. Gulp, ok this may be sacrilege, but... I have been listening to Qobuz new releases playlist, which each week samples 20 plus new release albums. Much more eclectic (all music styles) than tidal or spotify, and great sound quality. My find of the year! Got to hear/try most of the stuff listed on this thread.
  13. Why? He wants to sell it. Sell as is and let the new owner "refresh" it if they feel the need. Trevor would probably buy it from you at a fair price, fix it up and sell it on. Maybe a simple option for a quick no hassle sale.
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