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  1. Ok I dont get it. If the speakers are attatched to and part of the streamer/dac/pre/amp box how are they wireless speakers? Looks more like a soundbar type device with lots of drivers. Iam it sure it sounds nice.
  2. AudioGeek

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    I see. What is the goal of having the cabinet vibrate?
  3. AudioGeek

    Speaker coupling & isolation

    Should a well made speaker not vibrate as to cause the floor to vibrate? The speakers I have had seem to be inert and do nothing to the floor. Even at loud volumes I cant feel any vibration in the cabinet or the floating floor. I also have several subwoofers and they make the walls shake and windows rattle but there is no cabinet vibration.
  4. AudioGeek

    FS: Redspade Audio PSE-144 speakers

    Some interest, but still available. New price $3500
  5. There are multiple models in the LG OLED range. B8, C8, E8 are 2018 models. B9, C9, E9 etc are 2019 models.
  6. You are if you can laugh at yourself
  7. AudioGeek

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    @March Audio no witch hunts around here! Although occassionaly we polish our pitch forks for scammers and flippers. I am keen to hear more about your speakers - presume fully active with digital xo? What dsp engine are you using? If that pic is your own build, they look very well made. @Addicted to music dont want to go to far off topic, i have a behringer mic and rme babyface. Was opamps that came with the Nord - few dB differences 30-70Hz at listening position. Few years ago now and amp is long gone.
  8. AudioGeek

    No more riding for me

    Ouch. Wish you a quick recovery.
  9. AudioGeek

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Ok, I was not having a go at your costs of manufacturing - I actually think your products are very reasonably priced. I was responding to another comment about markups, and more generally what is consideted acceptable. Since your products were used as an example - i thought I would look them up. Actially, the engineering/measurements are extremely impressive. Anyway, perhaps it would have been more appropriate to ask @ThirdDrawerDown what $5000 product he had issue with.
  10. AudioGeek

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Curious here. So a US$420 dac with an of the shelf US$99 dac board is fine? Hypex amp modules are not expensive either. @March Audio i have done frequency sweeps (my limited measuring tools) of my system and seen differences with different opamps using a Nord hypex based amp. I guess this is more a reflection of deficiencies in the opamps.
  11. AudioGeek

    Anyone familiar with March Audio?

    Nice! I have been keen to see a local active dsp speaker - will this be full range? Also, the power supply and input buffers for the hypex modules made a difference in my subjective experience. What do you use/implement for your power amps?
  12. Sufficient noise and vibration in the lower frequencies will set off alarms.
  13. AudioGeek

    Satori 2018

    GR research paper cones with Rythmik servo amps can go to upto 500-700Hz OB. Heard them in a friends system overseas with planars, but you may need 2-4 drivers per side as they are 12inch. There may be larger versions
  14. This is an example of convolution filters in Roon (not mine).
  15. Very intetesting. Was not aware of this product before, thanks for sharing. Seeing as you have measuring gear and Roon, have you considered trying a convolution filter? From a frequency response graph perspective you would likely get a better/smoother curve at the listening position, but lose a few dB and need to increase overall volume to compensate. Would also be intetesting to see what you get in addition to the active trap. Edit: oh, and are the graphs for one speaker?