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  1. Verona is the pattern style, they come in different patterns and colours. I would have to try and dig it up, but i did some before and after frequency sweeps years ago when I first got a set, and they do make an objective as well as subjective improvement. Cover then with tight fabric of any colour you want.
  2. How much do you want to spend? There are some nice looking ncore class D amps and 300B monoblocks among others in the classifieds at the moment.
  3. Well there is the opportunity to fill in the missing bass!
  4. @joz are you running those subs with the MLs?
  5. So reading that thread, soneone picked it up really cheap second hand. I wonder, as has been alluded to, if it allready had a problem producing bad results and finally gave up under test conditions. Can testing old gear with unknown history like this really be used to judge a brand? Never owned any devialet pieces, too expensive to me.....
  6. When the dust settles, perhaps work from home is something our communities should take more of an advantage of. As an "essential" worker the commute to and from work is much more pleasant at the moment.
  7. Can I ask what you guys do, that can be easily switched to working fom home?
  8. @Big Dog RJ - add this to the collection?
  9. Is this a standmount or floor standing speaker?
  10. Are you sure you can attach the GAIA to those speakers? They need to screw in to be effective.
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