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  1. I cant remember if it was on this forum or on ASr, but March conducted a blind test between his Ncore and Purifi amps and all participants could pick a difference. Be interesting to see what @Ittaku finds.
  2. The next amg c63 equivalent will be awd with a 4 cylinder turbo. Like an Evo or Sti of old
  3. I have the Sound Professionals in ear microphones. Not sure if that is what is recommended, but had them for another application. I used the HAF x-talk filters with my PSE-144 horn based system. I have those speakers basically in the corners, so as wide as they will fit in my room. Reminds me, I should get some filters for my Lx521 system as well. They are over a meter away from all boundaries as a requirement.
  4. Indeed I did, they provided filters from both in-ear and external mic measurements I took to compare. The funny thing is the in-ear was better at x-talk reduction, but subjectively I thought the external mic measurements smoothed out bass issues better. They offered to do some more measurements and work on it more but I never got around to it. You guys really need to try Room Shaper as well. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/home-audio-fidelity-room-shaper-review-r855/ I thought I was pretty good with using Acourate, but HAF produced much better filters based
  5. Have been using cross talk reduction filters (plus room correction) for over 3 years now. Hard to listen without them, whatever strategy you use. There are some nice video/headphone demos on the HAF site on how it works and sample tracks.
  6. Yeah, I realise that. Still think that accoustic measurement for cross talk cancellation is going to be significantly better than tape. And room/bass correction is going to have much more impact than cross talk reduction. In fact just correcting timing and freq response will create better "imaging".
  7. Ok, thats pretty expensive. Surely accoustic measurements are going to be significantly better than tape measurements . Still need room correction, and to account for that with cross talk cancellation. Then there is room shaper as well. What do you do for bass modes/nulls?
  8. Thanks for sharing. So what was the final cost of the software/hardware? Presumably every source needs to be routed through the software? A few years ago I tried a different solution for cross talk cancellation via convolution filters which were plugged into Roon or HQPlayer from HomeAudioFidelity. Had similar reactions to you when I first tried them. They were also better filters for correcting room issues than I could generate myself with Acourate or REW. A no brainer price wise if using computer audio as a source. https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/
  9. Has all the features and a better awd torque vectoring system. Like the exterior, but the interior is still typical VW bland. If its priced under $60k should be a cracker.
  10. And sold! Found the Artnovian floor stands in the garage which I threw in.
  11. Had these for about 12 months. God condition, but not perfect. Work well at first reflection points. Pick up only, I dont have boxes. 6 panels in total.
  12. Wonderful gift idea. Have you considered a disney plus streaming subscription instead?
  13. If your after a pure track car, an old mx5 with cage and turbo conversion is a lot of fun
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