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  1. Those are not 12s..... What about a coffee table subwoofer?
  2. Have a look at Krix. They make in wall speakers and are HT experts. I think sydney hifi in castle hill has a krix demo room, but havnt been there for a while. @Krix Loudspeakers
  3. Dont limit yourself to one brand. Have a look around at speakers in your price range. I also dislike control 4. A neighbour has it and has to call the shop to come in to make programming changes.
  4. Easy guys. Take the top third off and use them as surrounds....or use them in the study/bedroom system....
  5. Not an answer to your question, but I notice the Big Reds have pretty impressive bass output. Why not run them full range with your 2 subs like a swarm/dba setup. 4 bass sources under 80Hz with the 2 subs positioned around the room would correct a lot of bass issues. Would be easy to setup as well. I say this as I have experimented and done similar with an lx521 system, but I only have 1 sub.
  6. That speaker looks very nice! Your not the first to think the Focals sound too bright, particularly if coming from Revel. Probably comes down to personal preferences. I actually like both.
  7. All I can add is Iam very jealous. Big fan of the Revel sound. I do find the slightly brighter Focal speakers to perhaps be bettervalue for money.
  8. I was going to suggest rationalising your speakers, getting rid of some of the floor standers and using more appropriate speakers for surround channels. But, if you have the space and the inclination - go for it!
  9. Have a chat to Mick, he will guide you what to do next. As fat as I can remember he uses fairly standard remotes and receivers. If you got the codes/frequency you could usd any universal remote.
  10. You can add a second inner layer of curtain anytime - when funds allow. Few more coats and ceiling will be fine.
  11. They were so popular, I could not even get into the room it was always full!
  12. Nice gear and setup, looks like a fun build. Iam a big fan of Krix MX series. So easy to set up and great value as well. You have a lovely view out of those bay windows, hope you can preserve it with the build.
  13. Maybe I should join the party.... Classic speaker at a great price. GLWS.
  14. Yeah, I allready have 1 big horn system, could not get away with another. The horns here are braced, should eliminate any ringing which they were known for.
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