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  1. Nice first episode, I liked the way its setting things up. Iam expecting epic for the next 5, because I cant see how it took 2 years to film the first episode....
  2. That is a lovely space you have there. I am thinking you are gong about this the wrong way. Forget all the rest and get a system that was made to work in a typical multipurpose compromised home listening space like you have. Look at the Kii three or similar where you can place the speakers right against the back wall. You can get rid of amps etc and reduce the box count while getting better sound quality. Room treatments, DSP etc are fantastic tools, but can be hit and miss unless you really know what you are doing and prepared to spend time measuring and testing. For a space like that they can also present aesthetic challenges.
  3. Dont know if you guys have seen this: https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/review-and-measurements-of-marantz-av8805-av-processor.6926/ As an AV processor, there is not much that comes close to matching it. But for ultimate stereo performance it may not be the best choice, I dont think you can completely bypass the internal dacs.
  4. I use an i7 because my dac only accepts dsd256. I also use convolution to address room related bass issues. This is where hqp shines even more as nothing else I have tried can match it for convolution with dsd upsampling. I am sure the mscaler is a wonderful product particularly if you have a chord dac, but you can do so much more with hqp. Everyone used to rave about the PS Audio ds dac whenever a software/firmware upgrade came out - essentially changing the modulator/filter. You have many more options in hqp and can easily change between playlists or even tracks. I like adjusting filters based on source material, genre and sometimes just mood.
  5. I use an intel nuc with windows running roon hqp, netflix etc. A capable computer makes it all very stable. Then you can also add room/speaker correction in hqp.
  6. Here you go..... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2046278705664806&id=1438716116421071&__tn__=*s*s-R
  7. Was it a challenge to get the piano into an apartment of that size? I like the previous suggestion of switching the piano and listening positions. But I think your space is too small for room treatments and subwoofers, in the sense the space may feel cluttered and it can be hit and miss without being based on measurement etc. I would suggest considering simplifying your system with some compact active speakers. I have heard Kii three set up in a small apartment and sounding wonderful - they have lots of flexibility with set up and tuning the bass is very easy, they go low. There are cheaper solutions from genelec as well. I have also seen second hand Adam speakers quite cheap on this forum. Anyway, just another thought to consider a system that would integrate better in the space you have.
  8. I remember @Keith_W had a crack at this and got it working with hqp and merging nadac. Roon can now do most of the software side, convolution, crossovers, filters , upsampling etc. with much lower computer hardware requirement. There is a new merging player 8 channel unit with Raveena input, althoigh I am scared to look up the price.....
  9. Wow, congrats man - that does look very nice. Are you going to put a finish on?
  10. LPG - please share here, I am sure others would be interested in your thoughts
  11. Nicely played. Maybe you started this thread too soon. I was eyeing your speakers for sale, ...but now I need to look for the stormtrooper helmets....😁
  12. If only I was local....would jump on this straight away. Have the larger version of this, beautiful well made cabinets.
  13. We have had an xc90 for the last 4 years. Fantastic vehicle. A big change for you from your SS, but you wont be disappointed. Have you heard the Volvo B&W system? The magic is in the dirac tuning.
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