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  1. Dont buy anything yet - speakers or amps. Try to get to the hifi show in Melbourne in a couple of weeks and listen to as many rooms as you can. Always been a fan of Hulgich, the Dutch and Dutch active speakers are also getting lots of positive feedback.
  2. AudioGeek

    Subwoofer Integration

    Thanks Andy. So how much delay would you expect under 80Hz? Never really heard of timing being an issue with these subs
  3. AudioGeek

    Subwoofer Integration

    How much delay do rhythmik sub amps Introduce?
  4. AudioGeek

    Satori 2018

    Wow, your builds are always of amazing quality. Look forward to seeing some measurements and what you think of the sound.
  5. AudioGeek

    Is BMW i8 Cheating With a Loudspeaker?

    Definitely recommend a minimum of dual ported 18" subs for this purpose...
  6. @davewantsmoore - you were talking about small form factor for your active speakers. Have you seen this: http://www.audioxpress.com/news/pascal-sets-new-bar-for-power-density-in-pro-audio-class-d-with-l-pro-series-amplifier-modules A good friend pointed it out to me just today
  7. Are the Rhythmik subs servo controlled? This is a bit out there, but if you changed the standard rhythmik drivers to the GR Research paper cone version (still servo controlled), they can run significantly higher to your 250/300Hz crossover point with your panels. Easy to set with a 2x4 minidsp and use your current rythmik amps/enclosures. No need for another box/driver. If you like the rythmiks for sub bass you know how well they can blend in with panels.
  8. Hang on, about to move house - so goes out and buys new speakers and spends the day testing them.... Love it! What amp are you using currently - seems to be working well.
  9. Ok, trying to interpret some of the specs on that board. Current output is only 18A, significantly less than ncore or icepower, and doesnt your ME amp put out 100A?
  10. @davewantsmoore - ah, found the reference lol Interesting that the new Merrill Audio top of the line amplifier is also using GAN transistors in a custom class D board. They are claiming significant improvement over the previous ncore1200 based amps.... at a significantly higher price.... Maybe they have been following George's comments.
  11. In fairness to George - although he has repeatedly stated what he thinks is the major flaw with current class D amplifiers - at least here he has tried to point people in the direction of what he considers to be a solution. Would be interested to see if we can hear a difference with a reasonably priced class D amp with a higher switching frequency.
  12. Check these reviews out - I really enjoy Mitcho's reviews, the 8c one has just come out https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/kii-three-loudspeaker-review-r735/ https://www.computeraudiophile.com/ca/reviews/dutch-dutch-8c-loudspeaker-review-r739/
  13. Wow, nice offer! I have always enjoyed listening to your systems, sadly beyond my means... However, maybe you are going about it the wrong way - maybe Trevor should bring his sub $1k front end to your room at some point and then lots of people can compare and hear the ?differences.