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  1. I have been caught out by this before. Basically swapped the promise of an amp for the promise of a refund. Keep on it, accept no excuses. It should not take longer than 48hrs
  2. What speakers are you using? Something like this may surprisgly make a much bigger difference than changing dacs
  3. The Magtech is interesting. I have never seen any measurements, its not rated at <4 ohms, and the current output is not specified. However, guys I have much respect for swear by this amp for maggies and stats.
  4. Broadly speaking - whats the price difference between hypex and purifi modules? Would be interested to know how they do this "Load-invariant frequency response and negligible output impedance"
  5. Alan, given the published specs on the purifi - would you expect it to sound different to a similar nc500 implementation? Does it sound "different"?
  6. Sorry to hear of this drama. Hope you can get it resolved quickly.
  7. There is a new cheaper GAN based class D amp from orchard audio that looks interesting at a bargain price point. I have used hypex nc500 and Icepower 1200AS2 amps with my 15 inch AE bass drivers. They are 4 ohm nominal, but with passive network present a 2ohm load and drop well below this near the crossover point. I also apply EQ - so put any amp under quite a strain. Have had no issue driving them with the class D amps, and actually they perform much better than the class A/B amp I had. Depending on the speakers, I found that vibration control with isoacoustic Gaia footers or similar really improves the central image/focus and provides more "air"'. There are videos from demonstrations that show this and can be appreciated even with the limitations of youtube playback.
  8. How well do passive radiators perform? How does itcwork in this speaker design? The best waveguide in a smaller speaker i have heard is the Krix Altum - amazing little speaker
  9. Yeah, I have been listening to the classical channel for a while - its one of the only classical internet radio channels that has album art as well.
  10. Sorry, I was using a Najda unit - not minidsp. Bass/room coupling may mean the subs present diffetent responses at the listening position when summed and timing/phase may need separate adjustment. Measurement may also let you dial in the bass curve you prefer - there will still be peaks/dips.
  11. Yeah, i am not good at explaining things. I imagine all the bass (left and right channel summed) from 2 sources is truly multi-sub -compared to some bass from each sub (left channel only from 1 and right channel only from 1). I say this as I recently went through this process. With some measurement and tuning in your minidsp it could make a worthwhile improvement.
  12. I think summing to 2 subs effectively gives you a multi-sub system. More bass sources (under 80Hz) does even out in room bass response. It should be easy to set up in your minidsp - maybe worth a try??
  13. I get that some of you guys find his over enthusiasm for certain aspects of audio irritating. But there will alwsys be every kind of enthusiast on a forum. But your acting like a bunch of bullies over a wounded prey. Surely we are better than this......
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