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  1. Well, if we are talking value for money that is an amazing move. What if we looked under $10k? I think the Wyndham range or the Hulgich Ella would be hard to pass up - and potentially compete with mega dollar speakers.
  2. Time to embrace ACTIVE SPEAKERS?!

    Ashamed to say I have never heard the SGR speakers. Active ATC and the Kii three sound superb to me. If you have limited space, hate lots of cables/wires etc, dont like lots of components, then active is a very nice option. Both active and passive can sound great.
  3. Tecnicalities... Ill have a foot in both camps then.
  4. "Class D has made progress but not there yet. Good Speakers." Was this you George? They are superb speakers, thanks to Nick and the organisets for having the opportunity to hear them. Time to save some money....
  5. I forgot to mention Wyndham and SGR in my previous post. There ate probably others that iam forgetting. Is my point source horn and AE bass driver considered a 2 way or 3 way?
  6. I still have some modded Orpheus stand mounts. Keeps up with the latest and greatest....
  7. When you have Lenehan, Hulgich, Vaf, Osborn, Legend, Kyron, Lenard, War, RedSpade etc. Why would you need mega dollar speakers from overseas??
  8. Wasnt Brad the brains behind the original Orpheus range of speakers?
  9. Lol, its a discussion about audio gear - not life and death. Dont waste your emotional energy on comments from a stranger-ala me. Sorry i seem to have got you riled up. Lost in there was the fact that I disagreed with Thommo that 2 way speakers dont work, and I disagreed with you that 2 way is the only way a speaker can work. If I use a subwoofer it always seems to imply doof doof and an aversion for true music reproduction of natural sound. Oh well... Got to heat the Hulgich speakers today. Not that I didn't believe the Melbourne and Adelaide crews , but had to hear for myself. Damn, they are seriously awesome and dare I say it natural sounding!
  10. Dave, they talk about correcting the reverberated sound arriving at the listening position. Is this a way of "cheating" using dsp for speaker and room issues related to dispersion and and unbalanced reflections?
  11. Hmmm, managed to get way off topic. So, anyone have ML5's in Sydney?
  12. Lol, you know what I meant. Pliars = crimping tool
  13. I actually use Roon as a front end. Its very easy to set up HQP as an endpoint from roon particularly if they are on the same computer. However, it can be fiddly to set up HQP with your dac. I have all dsp disabled in Roon and do it all in HQP. You need different filters to work in HQP.
  14. This is not populating a board with caps and resistors, its connecting wires from a driver to banana plugs. Very easy to do.- even for a complete novice. You can even just get banana plugs which crimp onto the wires.
  15. Just to add, the HAF filters can be configured to work in any software with a convolution engine. I find HQPlayer sounds better than Roon.