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  1. AudioGeek

    FS: Artwork

    Wow, you have talent!
  2. AudioGeek

    Marantz AV8805. Worth waiting for?

    Hey, great to see you back here! Hope you are keeping well For anyone biamping their fronts with a Marantz pre, can you control the levels for each speaker channel (ie all 4) independently?
  3. AudioGeek

    JB Hi-Fi 20% Off Tomorrow

    20% off Sony tvs
  4. AudioGeek

    Help Me - Blacktown, Sydney

    If the shop is local, better of taking it there. Does the Tidal App see and recognise the CD player?
  5. AudioGeek

    $15k floorStanders?

    Very nice speakers. What did you replace them with? At that price point you are in the range of the D&D 8c, can also ditch your current amps.
  6. AudioGeek


    Bit late with this one, but there are still 2 concerts to come in QLD. Went to the Sydney show last night with the kids. First time to the ICC theatre - its actually a great venue. Clearly tuned for the night for a rock type sound. Was a fun concert which we all enjoyed. Oh, and the drummer was sensational and clearly enjoyed himself. Anyone else see them play?
  7. AudioGeek

    DAC Recommendation Needed

    Damn Steve. Maybe one day I will be old and wise like you
  8. Agree. Whatmough signature - doesnt get better than this. And the finish on those speakers looks fabulous
  9. AudioGeek

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I think he builds his own cabinets
  10. AudioGeek

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    Paul Spencer (redspade audio) can source Rhythmik hardware - amps and drivers, if u want to diy cabinet wise
  11. AudioGeek

    Holo Spring Dac (level2) review.

    Same also goes with positive opinions....
  12. AudioGeek

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    I mentioned servo controlled as I preferred Rythmik to svs - particularly for orchestral music. I also had a good result overlapping my subs upto 60Hz with my mains which are also pretty flat to 30Hz. I know what you mean about classical music and deep bass. Your speakers sound special, good luck with your search. You might find some less well known DIY subwoofer gems out there.
  13. AudioGeek

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    Not familiar with your speakers, but you seem to be looking at the absolute top end of subwoofers in terms of price. I would have thought your svs 16 is a pretty decent sub, are you expecting a big step up?. Dual subs can sometimes work better in stereo applications. Seems a lot of money for only <30Hz performance, which is not present in a lot of recorded music anyway. Any thoughts on servo controlled subs for music?
  14. AudioGeek

    Magico Q-Sub anyone?

    Would open baffle subs work for you? Dont need a big sealed box if space is tight
  15. AudioGeek

    Comprehensive image retention over 24wks

    Interesting. That test was run by Samsung though... Also, why does the oled screen seem to have a blue tinge to it?