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  1. I like the look of this baby. Different yes, but I suspect it might be a good one based on a few other flatties which have performed pretty well over the years. 10-inch arm off the EAR E-Flat turntable. Cheers 2sheds
  2. As others have suggested, stick with what you have on your new Polks for the time being and enjoy the music. The flat bits of metal are commonly referred to as 'jumpers' or sometimes 'links'. Polk Audio jumpers (and many other brands) are gold plated brass. I have some speakers which are highly regarded - Harbeth SuperHL5 speakers. Against the recommendation of the designer (Alan Shaw), I decided to biwire them (one length of wire to each pair of terminals)with some rather good Black Cat (by Chris Sommovigo)speaker cable. And guess what? He was right. They were no better than the single wire with the jumpers (Gold plated brass plates). Not ALL speakers are better when biwired, and the bits of cable you replace your 'jumpers' with may not be noticeably better to your ears. Cheers 2sheds
  3. Yes, Mondie, I am enjoying it over here. Sydney was good, but Perth has it's own style and character and I am enjoying it very much. Mind you I didn't miss Sydney yesterday when the temperature hit 47c ! I don't know which part of South Wales they named NSW after, but I am sure they never see temps like that, Boyo. Cheers 2sheds
  4. Welcome to SNA. You will learn lots here. That is a great system you have there for listening to jazz. Have you ever considered adding a turntable ? There I a link on SNA which might whet your appetite (modesty forbids).....Tantalising Turntables. And if that doesn't get you, try Titillating Tonearms (seriously!). It's one of my personal favourites.... Cheers 2sheds
  5. Welcome to Stereo Nuts Anonymous, Ewok209. Sydney, you say? I went there once..... Cheers 2sheds
  6. Hello. My name is 2sheds and I am an alc.....oops, wait, wrong forums....yes, that's it - I am a Perthite too Welcome K9999. Cheers 2sheds
  7. Welcome to SNA, leroyp. Glad to have another Freo member here Oh, and don't worry about the comments on this site too much; no reason to reconsider your move interstate! Hey, I've met some of these guys and they're really not that bad...... Cheers 2sheds
  8. Hey Benje. No Pacemaker for me just yet, nor S2000 although I did have an 88 Prelude VTEC for best part of 20 years which refused to breakdown. Wine however, is something I have a particular weakness for....! Cheers 2sheds
  9. G'day Grizzly. Looks like business is good at the GrizzlyWorks. Some nice designs and vintage eye candy on your Facebook page. Hope you and the family are doing well. Cheers 2sheds
  10. Hey Mondie. Seems you've moved even further away than I have! Wales...? Hope its working out for you. All the best. cheers 2sheds
  11. Doing well, Andy. And glad to hear all the Thiings are doing well. Can't believe little Thiing #1 is in Year 12. Crikey, that time has gone fast. Decided it was time for a seachange, so Mrs Sheds and I found a nice little strip of beach about 4000km away. Didn't like all the others - too much sand. Figured the remoteness would stop the relo's from turning up unannounced too often Passed through Adelaide Hills a few weeks ago on my way to our new digs in Fremantle. Even stayed overnight at Hahndorf, but can't recall seeing a single S2000. Ah well, maybe next time I will get to see whether the S2000 plays havoc with my pacemaker !!! On the way over, I did find my way into a little wine centre in Adelaide. Drank quite a bit before they found me.... Cheers 2sheds
  12. Not me, that's for sure!!! Cheers 2sheds
  13. Struth! Nice car Andy. Had a ride in one shortly after they were released. Loved it - a real driver's sports car in the vein of the MX5 but with more oomph. And you have done wonder with your house by the looks of it. You have been busy over the last few years; it looks a million dollars (or 2 or 3). Hope Mrs Thiing and the (not so..?)little Thiings are all doing well. Cheers 2sheds
  14. Yes, I must say that the first few weeks in WA were a little alarming - I like to see what I am breathing but you do get used to it. And Freo, in particular, has no shortage of excellent cafes and restaurants. Can't say I have ever heard anything to match that black liquorice on a good system. Hoping to have time to overhaul a Lenco and see what it is capable of. Then if I can get my hands on an EMT 930, that should keep me out of mischief for some time. Cheers 2sheds
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