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  1. Item: VPI JMW TONEARM BASE Price Range: negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: It's a long shot, I have 2 spare 12 inch JMW tonearms (JMW 12.7 and a 12" 3D) leftover from a TNT turntable I recently sold. I would like to use them on a garrard 301 and lenco l78 project I'm currently working on. Does anyone have a VPI JMW tonearm base to suit they want to part with.?
  2. If you do find one I have a matching leben phono amp if you are interested into getting into turntables. I sold my cs600 last year (muchly regretting it now) and held onto this phono amp hoping to also come across another cs600. But like you I haven't seen any come up for sale lately. Good luck with your search.
  3. Your inbox must be full. I'd like to take this if still available
  4. It's just courtesy to follow it this way unless there is an alternative that is easier for the seller and buyer from a locations point of view. Either way..... still waiting for the seller to reply back to my msgs 🤞
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