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  1. Happy to move on - but I presume that someone understands what you were saying. Otherwise it is all a bit pointless!
  2. David from Wavetrain designed and installed my HT about 5 years ago and has kept in touch with opportunities to upgrade things. He got in touch early in the New Year with some options to upgrade to 4K. I took him up on the Benq LK990 and Lumagen Pro option, which he installed and calibrated Thursday/Friday this week, replacing a SIM2 Nero 3D projector, a CAVX MkIV lens/slide and an Oppo 105AU. I have just watched my first 4K disc and am blown away with the change in my system.
  3. I agree with CWT - David looked after both of us with the Cary group buy - and I was not spending a lot of money. As the group buy was Melbourne based, David even personally delivered my pre-pro to Wollongong and helped install and set it up. I have ended up spending money with David but that evolved over time and was fostered by his passion for the industry. David has always been responsive to my calls.
  4. Although you have the same price for both options you should understand that there different capability in both systems.The first system has more capability - not necessarily quality. You have a screen, set top box, projector bracket, HDMI cables and installation that you do not have in the second package. These could easily add 10 or 20% to your budget. I am also not sure how many surround speakers you have in the first option or what the ceiling speakers are. As Eli says you really need to listen to the speakers to make a choice. Your room is also fairly tight - comfy - and this may impact on your decision on speakers. You have not specified how high your ceiling is and this may impact on the size of the screen, particularly if you have a bulkhead. A 120" 16x9 screen is likely to be about 2.7-2.8 m wide and about 1.6-1.7 high with the frame. Best of luck.
  5. In my experience, if an atmos system is well set up and calibrated in a well conditioned room, there is a significant improvement in the listening experience - a sphere of sound rather than just surround sound. This obviously works best for material in atmos format, but I have also found an improved experience with 7.1 and 5.1 material. I use my system mainly for music and live concerts and I would seriously miss the 3D sound capability in my system. However I agree that this is a personal preference and that it is difficult for a new user to appreciate. Gooner, I suggest that you take some discs to your supplier - or ask him to play some discs that he has - and listen in his demonstration setup to some material in a traditional 5.1 or 7.1 play-back and compare it to an atmos setup - or take up some of the offers to listen to the setups of other users. However, I agree with HTPC-Guru that it can be difficult for a new user trying get on top of what the various options are - as he suggests the new user is likely to make a decision based on a range of factors such as cost and advice from sales people, have the system installed and then follow the standard upgrade path that most of us have followed. This can be an expensive option - if you look at the for sale pages on this site, if you decide to sell you are going to be lucky to get 50% of what was paid, even for a recent purchase - and there are a lot of low-ball tyre-kickers that will offer significant less. If in your install you do not consider putting in 'good' cables - and here you can start a big argument on the forum on what 'good' means - particularly in a new build - then the upgrade can also involve significant installation costs in addition to the actual additional costs for new equipment in an upgrade. Regardless, I am sure that you are going to enjoy your new set-up! Best of luck.
  6. No 7.1 is an 'old' 2D surround sound format - I say old as much of the content is still in 5.1. The setup that you are looking at is a 5.1.2 atmos format - not sure where you are going to put your ceiling speakers or how your AVR will play material to them and make room corrections etc. The content available in atmos format is growing but limited - it is still on the leading edge. I would not liken it to 3D vision - I have both in my HT and could do without 3D vision but would be seriously unhappy without 3D sound.
  7. I was walking through JB-HiFi in Wollongong today and I noticed that they had Roger Waters the Wall on sale - but I also noticed that the disc did not indicate that it had Dolby Atmos. I bought my disc from Amazon in the UK as an advance order. Amazon's pages do not indicate that the disc has Dolby Atmos, but the disc that I received had a sticker indicating that it was had Atmos and the sleave also has a Dolby Atmos logo. So if you want the Atmos version I would be careful where you buy it.
  8. I have just had a chance to listen to the recently released Roger Waters the Wall Blu-Ray which is the first concert Blu-Ray that I have heard that is released in Atmos. The sound is brilliant. I was fortunate a few years ago to hear the concert live in Helsinki while on a business trip. This was early in the tour and the release on the Blu-Ray is both very good but more polished - from the sub effects when the plane hits the wall in the first track. I would not hesitate in recommending this to anyone interested in hearing a music concert in 'true' surround sound. If you look at the reviews on Amazon.co.uk you will see there are a few that were looking just for the concert tracks. I am lucky that the track loaded in my Kaleidescape system with the video bookmarks and I can just play the songs. They jump a little between songs, but you get the full concert.
  9. HTPC-Guru, this is a bit of a circular discussion. I believe that Wavetrain is supporting Aream in his development. The joinery used by Wavetrain is Becker Joinery and they do an excellent job. Unfortunately for Aream, Graham is not available to suit his timeframe so he needs explore other options.
  10. Hi Peter, Thanks for the kind comments. Glad to hear that you are building up your system. Look forward to hearing how things develop.
  11. There are many issues with planning, but I agree with Cowboyswing that there are options for getting planning approval for a home theatre that does not have windows. I had my plans approved by Wollongong City Council in NSW with a home theatre that did not have any windows - it was shown on the plan as 'Theatre'. I do not think that this was ever queried - and if it was I was never informed. If you already have you plans approved or are going with a project home then you may not have this option - my plans were prepared and submitted to council by an architect. However if you are not locked in it might be worth exploring. You will need to look at ventilation - my a/c contractor put in an CO2 sensor in the home theatre.
  12. Hi Zinzan, I do not listen in a purist "2 channel" mode - for a couple of reasons. First most of my music comes from the Kaleidescape server and the standard menu system - which is very user friendly - means that you are using the audio option selected by Kaleidscape in creating the video bookmarks. This system is so user friendly that I rarely go into disc menus. The Trinnov arrived without a manual and was very well set up and calibrated by David. I have not changed settings - in part as the menu system that Matt set up on the iPad has limited Trinnov controls. I have found that the ceiling speakers do not come in on all discs, but when they do the sound is very enveloping. On some tracks you largely only get the 2 channels on the original disc. I agree with you on the John Mayer disc - I had it on the system and had not really listened to it. David played it after he had calibrated the system and it is now a favourite disc - Gravity in particular. Other Blu-Rays are very good - Adele, Sade, etc. However I have found that some of my old DVD favorites sound so much better on the Trinnov - Bruce Springsteen & the E-Street Band live in New York, David Gilmour in Concert, Eric Clapton One More Car, One More Rider, Queen Live at Wembley, etc. The sound from the Trinnov is so clear. Glad to hear your experience with David on your build and I look forward to hearing how your systems ends up and what you play on it.
  13. Hi Ruth, The panels are digital prints on acoustically transparent material. The fabric is fitted in timber panels made by the carpenter. Two of the Triad surrounds are behind the fabric panels as are a range of room treatments - absorbers and reflectors of various types as designed and supplied by David. The front LCR speakers are behind the acoustically transparent screen in specially built baffles. The front sub sits below the screen. The seats are Jaymar Jolie seats with fabric upholstery and motorised mechanisms and they are very comfortable - we have had a few people fall asleep in them. They are D-Box enabled seats. The front seats sit on the D-Box platform which operates under the control of the D-Box controller. I have left the back seats as D-Box enabled while I work out if it is worth the investment for the actuators that would need to be installed in the seats for all the seats to have D-Box motions. As most of my viewing is music, the D-Box system does not get much use - and in fact I have let the license lapse for the update of the motion codes. Cheers, Tony
  14. I have been prompted to post details of my home theatre. I had hesitated to post to date as I spend much of my time overseas and I have limited DYI skills and little inclination to apply these limited skills to developing a HT when I am home. My approach in developing my home theatre was to seek the best available supplier to design and build the theatre. I realise that this approach is not for everyone but I think there is value in sharing my experience. I am not super-wealthy and have always had to work hard for what I have. However I love music and I am willing to invest in equipment such that I can enjoy listening to music while I am home. About 10 years ago I had moved from a stereo system to a 5.1 Rotel AVR and was really enjoying live music concerts. I was a member of DTV and keeping an eye on new developments and in 2007, largely on a whim, I bought an Elektra Theatron amp in a GB run by Prior. I then realised that I need to look at pre-amps. Not long after I bought a Cary Cinema 11a in another GB on the forum. I realise that there has been a lot of controversy about the Cary but I quickly began to appreciate the quality of the sound from the Cary, despite the clear foibles. In buying the Cary, I became acquainted with David Moseley at Wavetrain Cinemas who is the Australian distributor for Cary’s AV equipment. Over time I developed a close friendship with David and have valued his advice and assistance in trying to get reasonable sound in a room with rendered brick walls, a slate tile floor and seating against the back wall. In 2008 my wife decided that we needed a new house and found a good sized block about 800 metres from our home of 25 years in Mount Ousley in Wollongong. This started a long process to get architectural plans prepared, planning approval and a new house built. As part of this process David Moseley introduced me to Matt Doble at Home Control and Audio, one of his dealers. This evolved into an arrangement where David designed the home theatre and Matt designed the home automation system and installed the home automation and the home theatre. David sourced the carpenter for the home theatre and much of the equipment that Matt installed was distributed by David. Matt later described the whole arrangement as me designing the new house around the home theatre and although the house is very nice and has features that I now regard as essential, I can understand where he is coming from. At a key stage we had to cut back the design to make some attempt to keep to a budget, but I did not compromise on the home theatre dimensions that David had specified, so perhaps Matt was close to the truth. The build took longer than anticipated – as most do – and we moved in late in March 2013 and had the theatre up and running in late 2013. In the initial installation I largely moved to a new set of equipment – an Oppo 105au and Kaleidescape system as sources, Cary Cinema 1 and 2 power amps, an Audyessy system, a dbox platform, Triad speakers, an SMX screen and a SIM2 Nero 3d-1 projector. The installation benefited from buys on DTV – a masking system from Prior, a scope lens from Mark Techer, and a cineslide from MarkH and a second hand Kaleidescape server from Beejay76. About the only major piece of equipment that I kept was the Cary Cinema 11a. I spent many hours in the theatre enjoying a new level of AV quality. Late last year David had the offer for the Trinnov Altitude and with additional Triad speakers I moved to 3D sound. Every time I go into the room I am astounded at the quality of the sound. I realise that it has cost me, but I appreciate the value that I have received from my investment. I attach a couple of photos that show the room in the early stages of construction – note the recess in the floor for the dbox platform. I attach a photo of the utility room and a couple of photos of the final room. I will post a floor plan, reflected ceiling plan and a schematic of the equipment racks on new posts as the files are larger than the upload limit. I realise that I have invested a lot in the room - more than I had originally planned – but this is the same for the house. However, I am continually reminded of the quality of the system. Two weeks ago I received advice from Matt that the theatre had picked up 2 CEDIA Asia/Pacific awards at the Integrate expo in Melbourne – ‘Best Home Cinema over $150k’ and ‘Best Audio/Video Documentation’. I am glad that I have independent advice that my money was well spent.
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