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  1. Item: Curious Cables - Curious or Curious Evolved USB A cable 0.8m or 1m Price Range: Nego Item Condition: Very good condition Extra Info: Perth area pick up or posted
  2. Hi Bill, Do you have any pictures of cable and plugs to share. Dean
  3. Smooth, fast and detailed sounding cables in as new condition. This stunning interconnect features a proprietary blend of the purest precious metals including Ultra Pure solid core conductors of Silver, 24k Gold, and Copper. Teflon and air are used as dielectrics. The result is a interconnect capable of producing fast, transparent, and fully extended upper octave. A rich, natural, textured, and palpable life-like midrange. The bass/lower octaves are fast, robust, and well defined. A holographic wide/deep soundstage is offered in spades. The XLR version is a true triple balanced des
  4. For sale 1m pair of Cardas Clear Reflection XLR interconnects. In excellent condition. Original box has been misplaced in recent house move. RRP is $1999 Also have Cardas Clear Reflection & Cardas Clear Cygnus 2.5m speaker cables advertised.
  5. For sale Cardas Clear Cygnus speaker cables 2.5m with spade connectors In excellent condition with the plastic still on the insulation collars. Were used with my Jamo R909 speakers. Have been reduced in price
  6. For Sale as new Cardas Clear Reflection Speaker cables 2.5m with banana plugs. Were used with my Jamo R909 speakers. Cables still have plastic on insulation collars and as new at half the RRP of $4799
  7. Sorry sold locally as couldn't transport as heavy rain and only had a ute.
  8. Issue is freight as I have no boxes and its Darwin with no many freight companies open on Saturday.
  9. Quality HiFi from a bygone era. Acoustic research AR92 3 way speaker with dual side firing woofers. Proton Pre Amp and 50W dual mono power amp. Power amp was believed to be the worlds most powerful 50W amp when released due to inherent power supply and capacitor design which allowed it to peak at 400W output and true party level volumes. This HiFi cost more than 12 times the asking price when originally released. Items all were in working condition before being stored in air tight sealable drums. Amps look better in real life than picture taken.
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