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  1. Fantastic speakers. Those accuton drivers are superb. True hi end at a bargain price.
  2. Thanks for the feedback George. Chanh your system is looking amazing. No glow in the dark cables. Just shine up with the camera flash. 😀 They sounds good.
  3. Item: Magico S5 Mk1 in Pewter colour Location: Perth, WA Price: $17,250 with free freight Australia wide Item Condition: Excellent. Bought them new in 2014 from Australian distributor. Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Very highly regarded speaker worldwide. Only the 2nd pair to come up for sale on SNA and given there are a few of these out there, says a lot about the quality of this particular model. I have owned them since late 2014 and driven them with different amplifiers (Vitus, Bakoon, Gryphon, ASR Emitter, Audia Flight), they represent a fairly easy load but do like good current. For me, I would say they are a neutral speaker. The top end is refined and delicate, transparent midrange and a tight fast bass. Lots of reviews of the S5 MK1 on the internet as they were reviewed by most publications and at the time, praised as one of the best speakers in its price range. These are the longest item I have held onto in my system as I do have a tendency to upgrade or change things up for something different. Have not had any inclination to do so since buying these speakers, until now that is:) I have the original shipping crates and accessories. Currently driving them with Audia Flight Strumento NO. 1 MK2 preamplifier and Audia Flight NO. 4 MK2 amplifier with the front end being an Esoteric K-01. Since my last post, the room has been changed to hardwood floors (apologies for the dust, one of the drawbacks for wooden floors!), so looks very different plus I have some new HiFi racks. Those HiDiamond speaker cables give off a neon effect:) My pricing is the cheapest anywhere in the world so if they dont sell this time, will hold onto them and focus on other areas in my system like room treatments. If they do sell, donation will be made to SNA.
  4. $1150 for anyone interested. Bargain for the price offered.
  5. Item: HiDiamond 8 Speaker Cables 3 metre (Banana plug) Location: Perth Price: $1300 ono Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many cables Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: These cables were bought brand new from the Australian distributor. They have a fantastic build quality and the sound is very detail, extended top end with a hint of warmth in the mids and superb bass. The best speaker cables I have heard anywhere near this price. Comes with original box, certificate and are in excellent condition, aside from some swirl marks on the black casing that you could easily clean off but has not bothered me. Lots of good reviews online. (Sorry Cyberkank, pinched these from your ad when you sold your cables to a lucky buyer) Carbon fibre banana plugs and heavy at around 5kg's! http://www.hidiamond.eu/eng/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=282:review-mono-and-stereo-magazine&catid=8&Itemid=101?=en http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1413806696 http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1349884892 http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?fcabl&1371337783&read&keyw&zzhidiamond http://www.hidiamond.eu/eng/images/test/2013/D8_speaker_adiopuls_en.pd Pictures:
  6. Item: 2 x Super Chunky Bass Traps Location: Perth Price: Free Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: NA Extra Info: I am doing a room makeover so no longer require these bass traps. They are free to the first person that replies on the basis they are picked up today. I am NOR. Pictures:
  7. Hi All Will let these go for $18K shipped this weekend if anyone is interested. Cheers
  8. Still for sale. Will sell for $19k including shipping Australia wide.
  9. Item: Gigawatt PC-4 Evo+ Power Line Conditioner with LS-2 HC MK3 Power Cable Location: Perth Price: $6000 (Will ship Australia wide) Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Selling on behalf of a friend Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Transfer, COD Only Extra Info: Selling this magnificent reference power line conditioner on behalf of a friend. I currently have it in my system so available for audition to local serious buyers. As far as I am aware there has never been one of these for sale on SNA. True reference piece that is designed to accept 12 AU plugs in the form of digital, analog and high current. Unit is 9 months old and was bought direct from the Australian distributor. The supplied power cable is the LS-2 HC MK3 model, which is the top of the line. The outlet side is a Neutrik connection and the plug is a US Gigawatt design. Local RRP is $15.2K Original packaging and can be shipped interstate. Link to site: http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/reference-power-line-conditioner-gigawatt-pc-4-evo/ Link to reviews: http://www.gigawatt.eu/produkt/reference-power-line-conditioner-gigawatt-pc-4-evo/ Pictures:
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