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  1. Thanks Chanh. Out of my league but what a great amp. Will make someone very happy 😃
  2. Totally agree with some of the comments above. Nothing is perfect no matter the cost, comes down to personal taste once you get to a certain level of performance. Great thread btw. Like fine wine, sometimes I struggle to put words to why I like something. It’s just tastes good or sounds right can sometimes be enough.
  3. Further information: This was purchased from Audio Connection a few months ago. I had a long customer relationship with the late and great Joe R and those that knew him would know he only dealt in fine audio. My unit was traded in by original owner on a top of the line D 'Agostino and was barely used. I received it with 550 hours and its now got just over 700 hours. This is an Australian delivered unit. Was planning to build an AR system but unexpected opportunity to change my speakers has meant this is no longer an option. Immaculate condition and a late build date (
  4. Hi Mike Thanks so much for the detailed response. Your instructions make sense though still slightly confused. Didnt even know about resetting tone controls. I did make contact with Alan as per Sakabatou recommendations but he’s not available this week. I’ll send you a PM and see if we can hook up as you suggest. Cheers Dave
  5. Thanks for your help again. I will have another look tomorrow and see if I can find the button you mention. Paying by the hour might be the smart play👍
  6. Also, as I have multiple analogue sources, I am running my preamp into the DEQX analogue inputs, and output analogue to my power amp from the DEQX unit. Know it’s best to use the DEQX as a preamp but I want to keep using my preamp.
  7. Hi All So I’ve been trying the DEQX out. When you are slightly technically challenged, man this thing can do your head in. The process of connection and measuring speaker response plus room eq measurements went pretty smooth. As I don’t want to calibrate my speakers using DEQX, just want to use the room eq fun edition, I cannot figure out how to upload the room eq adjustment settings to the actual DEQX unit. When I did do a speaker calibrate, I could save those settings into the DEQX unit. if I try to just do the room eq, there is nothing coming up for me to download the s
  8. Finally got around to trying out the DEQX. Ive borrowed it from a good friend but can’t find the CD that has the software. I went to the DEQX website, support, and found the software I need to download onto my PC. Problem is I am being asked for a username and password which I don’t have. Is this generic or something I have to ask DEQX for? Thanks
  9. Have also been told by a few others that Karan amplifiers are very good.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Regarding driver technology, I’ll leave that to people better qualified then me. Personally I couldn’t care less, it’s what the end result sounds like that is most important to me. I owned B&W 800D3 and thought they were a nice speaker too. Not really in the market to buy anything as very happy with my current setup but like most of us here, always thinking of what might be better:) Ayre was one I had looked at previously and respect that brand as have heard it with B&W’s and thought it was excellent. Lavardin and
  11. Wondering what experience SNA members have had with the best matching amplifiers for the Reference Series Sonus Faber speaker range? Referring to models such as IL Cremonese (I own these), Lilium and Aida. Also be interesting experiences with the new Tradition range Amati or the older Amati models. My view is the modern Sonus Faber sound, with the right matching electronics, are a far cry from the older SF sound that I personally was never a big fan of although I respect and understand why others would like it. So far I’ve tried McIntosh 611, Bakoon, Audia
  12. Hi All Trying to wrap my head around the DEQX unit. Have access to a HDP4 and plan to try it out in my system. Room has been treated with the help of Paul S at Red Spade Audio. Electronics and speakers wise overall very happy, just want to take a bit of a mid bass peak out that is smearing the mids. I plan to run preamp-DEQX-amp. Sources would run into the preamp. Looking at the connections, I run the preamp into the analogue inputs. Is that correct? From the DEQX to amplifier, I see the analogue outputs has Low, Mid/Full and High. Do I run the Mid/Full an
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