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  1. Farewell to one of the greatest EDM acts of all time
  2. I'll grab it but wont be able to pick up until the following weekend (6th/7th March) If you need it gone sooner, let me know and ill see if i can have someone else pick it up for me. Cheers
  3. I know a guy who has a number of macrotech amps if you're still chasing
  4. What's the fan noise like? Thats something that concerns me as the current Crown Macrotechs im using are "a little noisy".
  5. Hey guys, Looking at options for a standalone monoaural or bridgable stereo amp that has built in lpf crossovers (or full DSP) much the same as a plate amplifier would have and something that either can have auto sensing or 12v trigger. Power output around 2x250w @ 4 ohms or 1x500 @ 2 or 8 ohms
  6. Same to you mate. I swear I must be one of the original members who joined stereonet but have barely posted anything... unlike CAA or MEA where I was regular. I've noticed there are a few of us original CAA members who have moved on from car audio and now have a little extra disposable income to dabble in the depths of hifi and theatre. That's where i'm at now: building my first proper hifi/theatre setup. Keep up the high quality work mate
  7. Thanks mate. So are you saying to use the minidsp to run the 18" sub amp with no subsonic and a LPF of say around 40 and the dyn MW180s from 40 to 80 with the inbuilt 80hz filter in my receiver to power the dyn bookshelf speakers? When i have it ran fully active and I buy a decent multi-channel amplifier I can have all crossovers handled by a bigger, better DSP.
  8. Hey guys, I’ve bought this and was curious as to the condition of the caps so I removed the cover for a couple of photos. Looks like it might need a re-cap and decent clean.
  9. looking fantastic Winno! I'm hardly surprised considering how detailed your car audio builds have always been over the years.
  10. Thanks Andy, I also have a dedicated 18” 3000w RMS cinema subwoofer which is built into the wall with its own amp. The amp running the 18” subwoofer would only turn on when using a surround receiver and the amp running the Dyn MW180s would run whenever the 841a is running. What are your thoughts on the best way I could have it set up so I don’t kill the fragile Dyn MW180s on movies
  11. Thanks for the response, I've opted to go with two pairs of bookshelf speakers for this application however instead of running a soundbar for the master bedroom I am now doing a pair of in-ceiling speakers so this may still be relevant
  12. Hi Andy, thanks for you reply. I have a set of custom 3 way passives which use the same xover points and slopes as factory however gives the ability to bi/tri-wire them. I've used the bookshelfs for a couple years and have been quite happy with the performance however I just wanted a bit more output in the bottom end so I added the MW180 woofers. I'd only need to work out a 2 way passive crossover that is a HPF around the 60-100hz region for the bookshelfs and a matching (or underlapping) LPF for the woofer enclosures. Your suggestion of a mini DSP is exactly what I'd need to do the
  13. Thanks guys! They sound good but I need to do something about the crossover between woofer and midwoofer. I’ll be looking into a DSP that I can work with xover points, slopes, phase etc to work out what it needs to be to have custom passives made between the lower cabinet and the bookshelfs that sit on top. I just haven’t had the time or money at the moment as I’m building a house and completely wiring it for automation and audio throughout. With the crude xover I currently have there is much room for improvement. Sounds good but not truely great just yet. As for the garage, that’s actual
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