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  1. garm1520

    LPs, CDs signed by the artist

    Hendrix style blues, you got me there. You might as well throw in KD Lang also. Cheers.
  2. Yes please, plus postage to 2153.
  3. garm1520

    SOLD: FS: Luxman Line Selector AS-4 III

    If it falls through, I'm happy to go back up.
  4. The Jezabels and Smashing Pumkins please.
  5. Do you have to get it to like it? I like a lot of Tom Waits output over the years but I sure as hell don't get it.🤔
  6. garm1520

    SOLD: FS: Assorted Vinyl Records for sale

    Sure,will be some time but if unhappy will contact you. Cheers.
  7. garm1520

    SOLD: FS: Assorted Vinyl Records for sale

    Could I please have Waits, Bloomfield and Lucas please. Postage to 2153. Cheers.
  8. Could I have Green Day : American Idiot, please.
  9. garm1520

    Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Sorry zxe, if you ever consider selling. Mine needs service but not sure who in Sydney Can do the job properly. Cheers.
  10. garm1520

    Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    Alain, do you still have the ZXL 700?
  11. garm1520

    Hello from Sweden

    Yes Wen,that is what I said, specially nude one's.
  12. garm1520

    Hello from Sweden

    Hej och välkommen till SNA. Om du har lite bilder på ditt system så är det alltid populärt, speciellt under huven. Anders.
  13. garm1520

    FS: Vinyl - Lower Prices Part 2

    Could I please have Led Zep 1 and Peter Gabriel 4. Cheers.
  14. garm1520

    New SME Synergy intergrated turntable

    From september this year, uk retail £14.950, inc VAT.
  15. garm1520

    Kia Stinger

    Need more space, have anyone heard if there will be a Stinger wagon? Have seen photos of one a couple of years back.