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  1. Kenwood kp-9010 tonearm lift

    Interesting write up and very good pics.
  2. Sponsor Classifieds?

    Well there you go, thought it was me. Looking at an item from Len Wallis and after doing some research was going to return and the whole section is missing.
  3. Got home 45 minutes to late, missed this for $180. Thanks aasza, for trying. Cheers.
  4. David Gilmour at Pompeii

    Saw it in Castle Hill with my wife, she is not a great fan but she was also awestruck. DG still got it despite his age, voice not reaching the highs It used to but his guitarr playing is still fantastic. Evening made better by picking up a meat tray and a $50 voucher at the local hotel.
  5. FS: CD's for sale

    Hi,could I please have : Alice in Chains : Dirt Blur:13 Flume: Flume Muse: The Resistance Placebo: Once More With Feeling Queens of the Stone Age: Like Clockwork Reef: Glow. Cheers.
  6. @alain Hi, interested in the DR8. Were in Sydney are you? Cheers Anders.
  7. Currently Spinning

    Hi,Greg. Just came home from the cinema, had to stop at the pub. Great stuff even if the sound was below par, almost totally lacking bass. Agree with you about DG's voice, surprisingly good for his age. Thank you for the heads up about the lp's, had missed that somehow. Cheers.
  8. Same for me, link not working.
  9. Hi, if mailing, will take the Supra Sword isl rca 1.5, please.
  10. Just got home from work, back up, please. Love the colors.
  11. Anyone seen Earle Weston?

    Jeez, think I just licked my iPad. Bacon.
  12. Tour De France 2017-1st July-23rd July

    Can't wait. Agree with you about Porte, in brilliant form but where is the team. Hopefully Orica can take some stages, without Gerrans and with Chaves underdone, that will be it. Also missing Caleb Ewan, are they saving him for the Vuelta?
  13. Luxman 5m21 dc offset problem

    Good looking stuff, good luck with the repairs. Cheers garm
  14. Bummer, back up if falls through. GLWTS