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  1. AT PRESENT: I don't tend to have any vinyl on frequent rotation, but these have had more than one spin in recent months. 1. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Pack up the Plantation Live. We've never tired of this one. Live album with a good mix and a genuine sense of engagement. 2. Style Council - Café Bleu Gives the towers a good workout. Eclectic mix of funk, soul and pop sounds. 3. Housemartins - London 0, Hull 4 A bit of everything here. Upbeat and down tempo, thought provoking and fun lyrics, some great hooks and gorgeous harmonies. ALL-TIME: This is a tougher one for someone my age! There could be about a dozen or more on this list, but I think these are probably my top 3 most listened to LPs. 1. The Blue Nile - A walk across the rooftops. Early proof that electronica could be done really well. 2. Jackson Browne - Lives in the balance. Browne at his most passionate surrounded by amazing personnel and great production. 3. Steely Dan - Gaucho Great backstop to get started with when I'm not sure what I want to listen to.
  2. Ideally it would be nice to see that part shielded too, but it probably isn't necessary, so I wouldn't hesitate to use that filter if I had the need. Ethernet & telephone connections are balanced signals, so shielding is certainly not as important as it is on an antenna connection, which is an unbalanced signal. The vast majority of Ethernet (UTP) cables are not shielded. UTP = Unshielded Twisted Pair. In balanced signals, noise reduction is achieved by common-mode rejection rather than shielding.
  3. Installed 3 units on the weekend. A B8F at the Computer desk. A B8F on an AV system that has an Audiolab 8000A amp into PSB bookshelf speakers. An E1/45U on an audio system that has a Pioneer A-447 amp into the Silcron transmission line speakers that I recently acquired. No sonic differences detected on either of the audio systems. From the pics posted earlier in the thread, all the circuitry in these power boards is passive. The 17 AWG hookup wire is the same gauge used in 10A power cords, so will be the same (or heavier) as that used in the power cords provided with your equipment. From my experience, the wider current-carrying PCB tracks certainly look fit for purpose. At the end of the day they're designed to still deliver up to 10A @ 240V, 50Hz AC from any of the outlets. The surge protection components (MOVs & PTCs), under normal conditions, are all high impedance and virtually invisible. The effects of the filter components all only kick in at frequencies way, way, way above 50Hz so should have no bearing on the mains power delivered to the equipment. Bear in mind that a 100W/ch Class A/B amplifier pushed to within a bees **** of clipping will still only draw less than 2A from the 240V source - only 20% of what the outlet is designed to deliver. I don't see any reason not to use them on integrateds or power amps. On another note, considering the RRP of these products, I would have expected to see shielding around the antenna filter board. So not sure if I'll use that feature, but not complaining at the price I got it for!
  4. Very good tuner for getting great sound in fringe reception areas. I have the previous T-4700 model with very similar specs and it does a great job of extracting the best from weak signals. And Onkyo was one of only a few manufacturers who managed to maintain excellent RF specs after adding the RDS feature to their tuners. GLWTS
  5. I assume you mean that the 2nd set of speakers are positioned similar to rear or surround speakers? If so, running 2 pairs of stereo speakers like that in the same room is going to cause all sorts of summing and cancellation effects. The only time I've run 2 sets of speakers in the same room was many years ago when sharing a flat and we both had speakers and nowhere to store the 2nd pair. So we placed them upside down on top of the first pair and it worked OK because it was sort of just like having one very tall pair of speakers.
  6. Finished tidying up the Silcron TL300s over the long weekend. Replaced the push-in input terminals with gold-plated 5-way binding posts from Selby Acoustics and while doing that, also replaced the 20AWG (14/0.20) wire from the terminals to the crossover with 16AWG (24/0.30). Inspected the crossovers, measured the component values and drew up the schematic for future reference. Re-flowed some solder joints and re-did some gluing where the original glue had gone brittle, but overall the crossovers were still in very good condition. The woofer and mid crossover networks have some complex elements, so given that all the caps are poly and still measuring spot-on, I haven't touched any crossover components yet. Carefully cleaned up the brass frame of the tweeters, and since the veneer on the cabinets is real wood, I gave the cabinets a clean and polish with Marveer (The original liquid, not the current aerosol) and they came up really nice. Replaced the furniture foam in the TL Port with filter-foam, then finally put a couple of extra velcro squares on the baffle and fitted the new filter-foam grilles. Thanks to Pop looking after them so well over the years and the quality of the original drivers & Xover components, this was an easy and inexpensive resto. Had a listen to some Neville Brothers & some ABC-Classic FM in a near-field configuration and they're sounding lovely over most of the range, but the bungalow has some issues with bass reproduction, so i do need to do some listening in a better environment.
  7. Just came across this thread and looks like I'll need to take a look at a few of the suggestions. In addition to a few already mentioned, here's a couple that I go back to now and again: Wings - Rockshow The Cure - Trilogy Cohen, Leonard - Live in London Cranberries - Beneath the skin. Live in Paris Spandau Ballet - Live at the O2. 2009. The Reformation Tour Young, Neil & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps And something local: Geoff Achison and the Souldiggers - 20th Anniversary Concert
  8. I've jumped on board. A couple each of the 8 way, 4 way and single units. Impossible to resist at those prices. We live in an area where we get frequent outages and they can be intermittent where power flicks off then back on a few times before going off completely, so the more of my systems & appliances that I can protect, the better. I've been happy with the Belkin 6-way ones, but only have 2 as they were pretty expensive.
  9. e.g. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Yamaha-AX-596-Integrated-Stereo-Amplifier/293275184044?hash=item4448902bac:g:b6wAAOSwS85doecv&frcectupt=true https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pioneer-A-77X-vintage-integrated-amplifier-dual-mono-high-current-rare/333358254826?hash=item4d9db34aea:g:SncAAOSwvSVdc4aQ
  10. Not surprised the Fisher struggles. Tube amp and inefficient TL speakers are not an ideal match. $400 should get you a nice SS amp of around 80WPC with plenty of headroom.
  11. Item: Mix of 44 CDs (some doubles), a CD/DVD set plus a DVD. Location: Knoxfield or Gembrook, VIC. Price: $65 + postage at cost. Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: General cull to make space plus a few that I had multiple copies of, or own in other formats. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Prefer to sell as a single lot at this stage. Happy to post without jewel cases if required, with disks in paper sleeves. Delivery to Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne might be possible. (Send me a PM if required) Ani DiFranco Living In Clip (Live) Bob Dylan Love And Theft Bob Marley Stop That Train British India Thieves Chemical Brothers Come With Us Chemical Brothers Singles 93-03. 2xCD, 1xDVD Christine Anu Come My Way Dawes North Hills Direct Influence Herbal Ninja EP Doves Lost Souls Falling Joys Aerial Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand Funeral For A Friend DVD. Spilling Blood in 8mm Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl Inspiral Carpets Revenge Of The Goldfish John Crosbie My Sanctuary Kelis Kaleidoscope Ladysmith Black Mambazo Shaka Zulu Lane Chaser 23 Lyle Lovett The Road To Ensenada M.I.A. Arular Magazine Real Life / Secondhand Daylight Marshall Crenshaw Life's Too Short Matthew Sweet Inside Mick Lowery Kryponite Oasis (What's the story) Morning Glory? Oleta Adams Cirlce Of One P J Harvey To Bring You My Love Peter Blakely The Pale Horse Portishead Portishead Prajna Sleeping Wolves EP Propellerheads Decksanddrumsandrockandroll Radiohead OK Computer Sass Jordan Rats Soul Cupcake Now The Calling Camino Palmero The Darkness Permission To Land The Mark Of Cain (R) Retaliate (3-track single) The Vasco Era The Vasco Era The Vines Melodia Three Days Grace Transit Of Venus Timbre Terrorists First Impressions Judged On Face Value Urban Cookie Collective Tales From The Magic Fountain 3MDR-FM A Mountain Of Sound 2014 3MDR-FM More Women In Song 3PBS-FM Sounds of Studio 5 Live Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved .
  12. Item: Passive 12" PA Speakers. Custom design with Etone & Motorola drivers. Location: Gembrook or Knoxfield, VIC Price: $150 Item Condition: Good used condition. Reason for selling: Updated to something smaller & lighter. Youngest member of the band (me) is 57! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Drivers are Etone 1225 12” 8 Ohm 300W RMS Bass drivers ($95 each when new) and Motorola/CTS Rectangular and Round Piezo Horn Tweeters. There is a switch on the front baffle to allow the round horn tweeter to be switched in and out depending on application. e.g. For larger rooms or outdoors. The cabinets were professionally made and constructed from heavy duty plywood and covered in automotive carpet with corner protectors. They also have steel side handles and a stand-mount adapter fitted. Input connectors include Speakon, XLR and Phone sockets. The Ports are tuned specifically for the Etone drivers providing clean, extended bass response. The custom crossover provides very smooth transition from woofer to tweeters. These speakers have not had a great deal of use and never been driven really hard. (We play folk, country, bluegrass, etc.) I am happy to demo. Pickup is from Gembrook or Knoxfield (Knoxfield is business hours on weekdays only). May also be able to deliver locally or to outer Eastern suburbs for a small fee. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  13. Unless the T/S specs are almost identical, the diameter/length of the existing port/s would not be right for the new woofers either.
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