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  1. Some of my favourites: Marantz RC-583 Universal Learning Remote. Looks a bit clunky by todays standards, but at the time it was pretty impressive. Buttons are sensibly grouped, are different sizes & shapes & pretty well labelled. For each device, five multi-purpose buttons can be assigned to functions not covered by the standard keys. We used it for about a dozen years in the main system, but retired it from there when we updated from HiFi VCR & Pro-Logic Surround to DVD & DD/dts. It was then used for quite a while with a Marantz SR-50 & va
  2. Good to see Cambridge Audio have had a re-think on their remotes.
  3. I will preface by saying that a lot of my remotes remain in a drawer largely unused because a Harmony One rules in the loungeroom, a Harmony 1100 in the bungalow and a Harmony 525 in the caravan. Half a dozen product remotes do still get used regularly in these & other systems. I'll start with the most disappointing. First prize for form over function in my collection goes to the Cambridge Audio 751BD remote. Looks nice, BUT; except for the nav keys, all the buttons are the same shape & size & are in just 2 large groups. It has small labelling, no backli
  4. If you don't find originals, an option might be to have someone like this make some for you. Premium Name Badges & Tags | Custom | Personalised | Magnetic – ANB (australiannamebadge.com.au) I've used this company to have badges made for my DUAL 1214 Turntable and a pair of Silcron Transmission line speakers. You might not get an exact copy, as you have to choose one of their 7 badge sizes, but I was very happy with how mine came out. Order options allow you to choose the fixing, finish, etc. I ordered mine with no fixing. I sent them an email explaining
  5. Thanks Kevin. Yes, the FiiO or A&K ones that cover all the bases are a lot more than what I wanted to spend. I've had a better look into DAPs and the FiiO M6 might be OK, along with others from Sony & iBasso, etc. but I think I would be best to try them out in-store before making any decision. I might just settle for a decent portable headphone amp and use it with my phone or tablet. I don't think I could part with the HP1s, but I could consider adding a pair of closed, over-ear cans to the collection!
  6. I'm struggling to find a product with a built-in re-chargeable battery, that combines the features I would like in a Streamer/Headphone amp. I have a NAS with loads of FLAC & MP3 files. I just want a unit that I can put on the coffee table, office desk or take out onto the back deck, that will stream from the NAS & Internet (Internet Radio) via Wifi and has a decent headphone amp that will drive any type of 'phones. Happy for control to be via an iOS &/or Android app, so the unit doesn't need any display or front panel controls. My iPhone & my
  7. Granted! I've got the grand piano, double bassoon & 5-string bass covered, but the organ wants almost another octave below those. I do enjoy a pipe organ. Before Mum & Dad went into care, I got to hear the one at the Uniting Church in Stawell pretty regularly. Scott Harrison has family there and I got to hear it in his hands on a couple of occasions. I should try some good organ recordings. The system is in a decent sized room, so LF response might actually be a little better than the figure derived from WinISD that I quoted. It would be an interesting test.
  8. I'm a bass player; I get it! My DIY 3-way enclosures are about 130L and give me -3dB @ 31Hz and I'm happy enough with that.
  9. Melbourne Live Music Venues Quick List This list is from a quick scan of my browser 'favorites' and themusic.com.au A lot of these venues are still listing regular gigs albeit with capacity restrictions, etc. The top section are CBD/inner suburban. The bottom section are outer suburban with an obvious heavy emphasis on my outer eastern stomping ground. Given my location, the list is by no means exhaustive!! Brunswick Ballroom Croxton Park Hotel The Palms at Crown 170 Russell The Forum Palais Theatre Max Watts Stay Gold Corner Hotel
  10. I was only responding to the OP based on his musical tastes. That criteria wasn't mentioned at that point. If he feels that -3dB @20Hz is essential, then I expect he'll ignore my suggestion.
  11. Yeah. Fair enough. Didn't consider the amp limitations. But big 3-ways with a 12" woofer can be very efficient!
  12. My previous rant aside, I'm with you guys on that.
  13. Yes. Covid has hit the live music scene really hard. I don't know which gig guides you guys were using pre-covid, but the Melbourne music scene, while initially impacted by the introduction of pokies many years ago, not only survived that change, but was actually thriving. And I'm talking about real bands playing original material as well as the tribute bands and the party acts. I will acknowledge that the middle suburbs are still a bit dull generally speaking, but if you were prepared to trek into the inner suburbs or some of the outer 'burbs, there was heaps of great live m
  14. Have you considered upgrading the speakers to a pair of big 3-ways with 12" or 2 x 8" woofers? You wouldn't need separate subs then, and I think the better integration from mids to bass in a reputable 3-way speaker would benefit your musical tastes.
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