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  1. I rarely post here but thought this one was worth a mention given that I had never heard of the artist before. The track 'Solitary Daughter' by Bedouine was played on our local community station 3MDR yesterday so I got searching as soon as I got home. Found her on Bandcamp, so after a listen to quite a few tracks on the P3s, I purchased the 2017 self-titled debut album. Quite a talented singer-songwriter with an interesting background. Working with Gus Seyffert provided access to some excellent personnel and the recording and mastering sounds superb. https://bedoui
  2. Agreed when we're talking about current reputable brands. I'm sure there are many good examples. Folks do need to be prepared to accommodate a larger speaker and pay a little more if they want that level of performance. However, I do still see specs with higher woofer-mid crossover points from current brands that i would expect better from, but maybe I'm also showing my age and my impressions are coloured by so many spec sheets I've read in the past!
  3. Bought that CD from the man himself. He has toured here with a band (which didn't include Tim O'Brien of course!) Had the pleasure of seeing him twice. Once at one of the Bluegrass festivals and while he was here for that, he was happy to trek out to Upwey and play at the monthly Mountain Pickers Club night. Puts on a great show.
  4. I love 3-ways. Done properly! Having built, modified and looked inside quite a few speakers over the years, the main problem as I see it, is that 3-way commercial designs at price points accessible to the majority of hifi enthusiasts simply require more compromises. Mainly in the areas of; The choice of Woofer-Midrange crossover frequency, woofer size, quality of crossover components, cabinet size and the bracing & resonance treatments for the lower frequencies attained by having a dedicated woofer. Most 3-way designs have the woofer-mid crossover point at around 7
  5. When I was researching my first universal DVD player purchase back in 2002, this was a $2k player, probably only bettered by the Marantz DV-8300. Well out of my reach at the time, but luckily I picked up a used one for the 2nd system about 7 years ago. This is a genuine bargain.
  6. Thanks, you're welcome. Looking at the other advice you're getting on the impedance selector switch, it might be best to just leave it at 8 ohms. As long as you're not inclined to listen at really high levels, it should be fine. I can't offer much advice on choosing a specific sub. I've always had very large front main speakers driven by a dedicated integrated amp and found a sub unnecessary. (Except in our caravan where the slim wall-mount speakers need some help, so I have a little entry-level Yamaha sub installed under the bed!) A search in the AV section sho
  7. @Ollie_H_ 6 or 4 ohm speakers are supported by selecting "6 ohm" in the settings. (see pic) You can then connect one 6 ohm or one 4 ohm speaker to each speaker output. If you wanted to connect two speakers to one speaker output, they would both have to be 8 ohms or higher, but it's unlikely you'd be doing that on an AVR. RX-V773 should be a pretty decent Receiver. I had an RX-V667 for a while and was very happy with it. The 7xx models have a little more power. The NS-B750 speakers are nice, but don't go really deep, so a powered sub would be a nice ad
  8. Similar experience here with Van's Melbourne show. Wife & I loved it. The performances were superb and getting to see Pee Wee Ellis in full flight on the reeds was great. I just accept that some artists prefer to let the songs do the talking and if they do that bit really well, then anything else is a bonus. The friend who came with us was not impressed with his lack of engagement and wanted her money back.
  9. We were up the other end being wowed by Neil Young. Prodigy were still playing on our way to the gate, so we caught the last 15 mins of their set from the back of the crowd. Didn't mind it, but by then it was another different flavour to sample at the end of a great biiiiig day!
  10. I'll throw in a couple that met both criteria in different ways. Elvis Costello & The Attractions at Melbourne Concert Hall. The performance was great. Energetic and fun. Steve Nieve in particular was having a ball. But; Stupid choice of venue. All seated and concert hall acoustics not suitable for a PA system like that. Elvis did start to get noticeably frustrated. Stevie Nicks at Festival Hall. Paul Kelly & The Dots did a great opening set. Sound was actually quite good in the barn and she had an amazing band. Percussionist as well as a d
  11. While the CD52 MkII is very highly regarded, the 32, 42 & 52 use the SAA7350 Bitstream DAC, not the TDA1541.
  12. Hi Felix, yes it is important. There are a number of seasoned forum members who will tell you that after the quality of your speakers and your source, the next most important thing is the quality of the listening room. And some put the listening room even higher up the list! We moved house in March and i noticed an improvement in soundstage because neither speaker is near a side wall now. At the old place, the right speaker was less than a metre from the wall while the left speaker had nearly 3m clearance. Cheers, Don
  13. you are so right!! The great songs seem to transcend all that, don't they. Playing them on a better system is just icing on the cake.
  14. 19-2000 - Gorillaz Rise - Public Image Limited Put The Message In The Box - World Party and the 2 New Order ones in my other post.
  15. New Order must be good for ringtones. I have the intro & first line of Shell Shock, and a few lines of Regret amongst my ringtone options. (They're both cool ringtones and they both mention telephones)
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