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  1. That's not disinterested, it's the tough rocker face. 😃 They were putting their bubblegum pop image behind them! Given the year and their target market, I reckon the graphic designer (if there was one) actually nailed it!
  2. Yes, I don't think I'll be changing anything in that system any time soon. Had hoped to find an A-400, but got the A-447 for waaaaay less! I've looked over the service manuals and they really are identical except for the tone controls on the A-447 which also incorporates a 'Direct' (tone bypass) switch anyway!
  3. Thanks. Yes, I'm really happy with it. It's a 2nd system, but does get a decent amount of use. The Merlins were from the SNA Classifieds. The rest from ebay. Total outlay was just over $800. The DV-S733A got picked up because at the time I was looking for a gold CD player to match with a Marantz PM-510DC and ST-64 and hadn't had any luck finding a Marantz. (see link below) Owing to my background in radio communications, I always keep an eye out for interesting high-end tuners, so when the F-91 turned up on ebay at a fair price I had to grab it. Which then meant being on the lookout for a matching amp. If I'm after something fairly specific like that player or the amp, I set up my ebay/gumtree search options, bookmark/save it and just wait patiently! And check the SNA classifieds regularly. Have also had success in the past with SNA WTB listings.
  4. https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/aluminium-capacitors/8526294/
  5. Note that after removing/disconnecting the cap it must be discharged before measuring it.
  6. Welcome back yardley. Agree with wen, there are so many choices. Pioneer is certainly a good option, they're styling didn't vary too radically over time which is good if aesthetics matters. About 5 years ago I got hold of a DV-S733A Universal Player from 2001 ('Elite' DV-47A if purchased in the USA). Then 2 years ago I picked up an F-91 'Reference' Tuner (1987), so I figured I should keep an eye out for an amp. An A-447 (A-400 with tone controls) was added last year. A lovely pair of Richter Merlins about the same vintage as the Tuner completes the system.
  7. They're not scaring me off! Please add me to the list Clive. The XYL (anyone remember CB lingo?) doesn't have her roster for that far ahead yet, but as soon as we have it I'll let you know if there's a +1. What's the cutoff date for final numbers?
  8. +1 for the Radio suggestion. I listen to a lot of public radio (PBS, RRR and our local 3MDR). Often as background, but also some serious listening. The majority of presenters on these stations are so enthusiastic and passionate about what they do and are playing great material that you won't normally hear, along with interesting background information. There's a real connection that you just get caught up in.
  9. Sad News, but he certainly left a great legacy. Aside from all the great Cars albums and his solo works it should also be remembered that he made a significant contribution as a producer. Weezer, Bad Religion, Jonathan Richman, Romeo Void, The Cribs, Alan Vega, Suicide and many others are amongst his credits. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Albums_produced_by_Ric_Ocasek
  10. Regardless of how much I might agree or disagree with the choices &/or rankings, I really like that they provide the commentary on each album and provide some insight into their choices. I found it an interesting read and as a result, added a few to my list of albums to keep an eye out for. I do own a dozen that are on the list, and there would be another dozen or so artists on the list that are represented in my collection by one or more of their other albums. So I guess I'm not too far out of touch!!
  11. I try and set aside a day (or two) between Christmas and New Year. I set up the Kiwi machine and other paraphernalia on the kitchen table and do as many as I can starting with any 2nd hand purchases.
  12. That's hard to know for certain without doing more sophisticated testing, but I'm fairly confident there's nothing significant.
  13. Thanks Ben. I spent many months planning the project before I started the build. The bass driver is Peerless SLS 830669 which has an Fs of only 28Hz & 91dB Sensitivity. (It is used in some subwoofer designs) The 130 Litre box and the port tuning gives me -3dB point of 32Hz. (-10dB @22Hz) Bass-Mid crossover is 350Hz, so the bass driver is not pushed to its frequency limits. To maintain a high damping factor, I used the Jansen C-Coil toroidal choke for its extremely low DC Resistance . (Most expensive crossover component I've ever purchased!) And finally, the shape of the box, the bracing and the sound-deadener material all combine to eliminate resonances.
  14. Thanks Ben, My drivers are not quite as exotic as yours, but i’m really happy with how the overall combination of box, drivers & crossover worked out. full details are in this thread: https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/127246-new-3-way-speaker-build-has-finally-started/
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