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  1. Also have a look at the Cambridge Audio Universal BluRay Players. They share some pedigree with the Oppos. I've been really happy with my 751BD that does everything you list above and it does have a dedicated 2-channel analogue output.
  2. Great little speakers and a classic bit of Tannoy design here, but not sure that the 'dual concentric drivers' statement is correct. I'll happily remove my post if I'm wrong.
  3. That's how I thought I might use it after the move, but the big shed at the new place was a cabinet makers workshop for a while and was fitted out with a heaps of cabinetry and shelving already!
  4. Further information: I thought I would offer this here as the Hifi unit has a roll-out turntable shelf, there's loads of equipment and media storage space, and a couple of shelves have cable ducts, so it might interest an SNA'er for a family room, mancave or garage, etc. The location of the shelves in the bottom cabinets is currently set for LPs to be stored on the bottom shelves. It's a 3-piece 1970s or early 80s Chiswell Wall Unit Suite with Entertainment Units and Buffet. In good condition with a few small scratches and marks from general usage. Photos show examp
  5. Agree with you on all those points for those of us seeking better sound or maybe a more fulfilling experience, but I do see the mass-market moving more to streamers and active speakers. It will be interesting to see how things pan out.
  6. I think that aiming to have the tweeter as close as possible to ear level and not too far from the other drivers is much more important than whether its sits above or between them. If your box design is such that locating the tweeter above the other 2 drivers brings it closer to ear level, then that may have some benefit, but just to position it there so that it won't get "drowned out" is not a consideration I've come across before. I don't see how that change would effect the relative SPLs.
  7. Nice. The Concertos have a lot of fans. In my 2nd system I have a pair of vintage Silcron Transmission Line speakers designed along similar lines that use a KEF woofer and enjoy them a lot. So with the KEFs and TDLs you'd probably want to stick with something that has a soft dome tweeter. The Aperion in the classifieds might be a good match. Or have look at the DALI Oberon Vokal or Zensor Vokal.
  8. With a piece of flywire mesh secured to the rear of the port, some extra bars across the backs of the grilles and a suitable training regime, small children and speakers like these can co-exist. 😄 GLWTS and hope you don't regret it!
  9. What make & model are the front mains and what types of drivers do they have in them? Are they also Jensen?
  10. I've got an Audiolab 8000A & 8000T combination that have sat idle since we moved house last year. We had them in the family room driving a pair of PSB Imagine XB speakers. Magic little system. We only have 1 living area now and with the other 'spares' I have sitting around as well, I can't see them being deployed again any time soon. Send me a PM if that interests you.
  11. This is a DAB+ & FM Tuner done the way it should be done. With SEPARATE RF Front Ends! You'd be surprised how many respectable brands just use the FM front end in the DAB module.
  12. Watched the Mary Chapin Carpenter, Live at Wolf Trap DVD last night. Highly recommended. A singer-songwriter Shawn Colvin, makes an appearance. Anyone familiar with her & could recommend which album/s to track down?
  13. Fair enough. I'm happy to admit my ignorance on the finer points of products at that end of the market. 😄 It was just the first example that came to mind.
  14. Yes, I should have said "passive speakers and amplification". Quality Class D amplification & DSP are changing the scene. Already well established in the Pro Audio market. I imagine it won't be too long before the majority of new hifi purchases will be a streamer and a pair of active speakers with bluetooth or wifi as the interface.
  15. I think Snapper's comment summarises it nicely. There's not too many Hifi manufacturers that produce both speakers and amplification. With the exception of Yamaha and maybe one or two others, they tend to be at the high-end of the market. Given the general rule of thumb that putting a significant percentage of your budget into your speakers gives the best bang for buck, I wouldn't think it's unusual for punters to put a bit of extra dosh into acquiring a pair of TADs, MBLs, etc. but not see the value in forking out for an amplifier from the same brand when there is so muc
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