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  1. Oh...mine is black vinyl but doesn't seem to state where pressed? It references Ivy League Records (IVY434) produced in 2019. Anyways on the weekend i'll have a close listen and report back. Cheers, Ticc
  2. @Guzzista i wasn't sitting down to critically listen at the time, but i recall thinking that the pressing is OK but recording SQ perhaps 'middle of the road'. Personally i find Josh T's voice or delivery gets a bit too plaintiff/strident on a couple of tracks but overall i enjoy the album. Cheers Ticc
  3. Bonnie Raitt - Slipstream (2012). 180gm 2-disc gatefold. Good value at the regular $40 and a bargain for a mere lobster which i picked it up for during the week. On this second listen i'm really enjoying her bluesy country rock delivery with a touch of gravel including covers of Gerry Rafferty and Bob D. Album review linky here https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-album-reviews/slipstream-199476/ Btw the store (Tokyo Underground) on Hay Street in the Perth CBD is running out its vinyl at 50% which is by now pretty well picked over but they still had 4 more copies of this al
  4. Sadly this good thing has come to an end 🥃. (Almost) gone but not forgotten
  5. Soz for lowering the tone Smirnoff Double Black - not usually a premix drinker but spying this in the fridge i thinks why not. I like the appearance of the can, but disappointed by the taste. For me it's too close to lemonade with the alcohol (6.5%) failing to cut through and despite the look not refreshing.
  6. Whoo-ee my air guitar is running hot 😎
  7. Johnny Diesel and the Injectors 😎 reissue with 2LPs running at 45rpm lazy link added for Since I Fell for You, sounds outstanding 👍
  8. The Presets - This Boy's in Love
  9. and a classic movie to boot 😆
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