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  1. @perthpete ...well worth considering a pre like this, unless you've already locked in a plan for the second system (dedicated 2 channel) you were contemplating Cheers Ticc
  2. @Stump and others thanks for sharing. Possibly against better judgement but earlier this week i ordered a LP from Germany and CD from UK. Both from Discogs sellers with a good number of sales and 100% positive feedback so fingers crossed just a patient wait required. Both purchased via PayPal at very modest cost (under $30 ea). Until i see how that goes i think i will limit any further purchases to sellers within Oz. Cautious i am πŸ™‚ Cheers Ticc
  3. Gotta love the title of that last album 🀠
  4. @MangledLeg strictly speaking my post said consider a MC cart if your phonostage is compatible πŸ™‚....but hey, if it works out really well then i'll take the credit 😁 I'm a vinyl n00bie and I wasn't aware of the potential issue mentioned by @Mr Thorens
  5. Hey @djmt no i wasn't familiar with his stuff. Just quickly cruised through a few tracks from his Soul Purpose album....i like! Book marked for some listening later. Cheers, Ticc
  6. Nice one, looks like a lot of additional songs, out takes and mixes included in that release πŸ‘
  7. Ok peeps...apologies if relevant, pull me up real quick if this is duplicating an existing thread. I did search before posting.. I really enjoy reading, learning, being inspired...or is that being led astrayπŸ˜†...and very occasionally contributing to the What in Analogue thread...and seemingly not finding the same for Digital i thought why not start one. Let's share the love y'all, and no debate here πŸ™‚ So if this is not a duplicate, post away!! Meagre, middling or outrageous...tell us what CD/SACD/DVD player, transport, streamer, DAC, NAS, cryogenically treated single crystal USB cable, obscure DVD box set and digital download you've put your hard earned towards today. Alright...Ladies and Gentlemen, on CD, Chuck Brown We're About the Business (2007). Thanks @djmt for making me aware of this legend. A quick wiki read indicates Chuck must have been about 70 when this album was recorded/released...bruhh!! 😲 outstanding! Cheers Ticc
  8. Ordered used but (hopefully) NM. Can hardly wait πŸ™‚
  9. I love a good thunderstruck cover. Here's one of my faves. (bear with it...it builds πŸ˜‰ )
  10. there might have been a Daryl's House post recently, but hey here's another They're having a blast with this 😎
  11. Rickie Lee Jones - The Magazine (1984)
  12. Hey i'm not disagreeing. I'm just a sucker for his smooth jazz stuff 😎
  13. Not bad but i prefer his smooth jazz work, like the Grand Piano Canyon album, and also within the Fourplay albums. An example from GPC
  14. Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside (2003) Just finished spinning this and reflecting on how i enjoyed the huge range of styles it contains. To me it seems influences including Peter Tosh (Track 1), John Butler (Track 2), Bob Dylan (Track 3), Sheryl Crow (Track 6), Prince (Track 7), Lenny Kravitz (Track 10), Led Zeppelin (Track 11) etc
  15. day-yam that sounds, so fine...even on my crappy laptop speakers
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