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  1. Hey @McCvinyl I'm by no means a golden-eared listener, but i reckon the recording is 'decent'. I find the soundstage is only moderately wide, depth is OK, sound balance tends to warm (which i like) but the details are still clear....particularly on Side 1...and nicely captures the feeling of the album as i remember it. I like that it is only one disc (not 2) so it retains the flow of the original. I guess the 2-disc 45rpm MFSL version at roughly 4 times the price? probably sounds amazeballs...but this single disc LP at $33 is good value in my book. p.s. Great avatar
  2. Maceo Parker - Life on Planet Groove (1992) Live album recorded at a restaurant/cabaret show with 9 tracks spread across two LPs. I reckon a must have for the funk fans out there 😎
  3. Apologies for the shabby photo. Bought today, should get to spin by the weekend.
  4. I was going to add, the demo i partook in was also a Store DJ outlet!! (in Perth) 😎
  5. I've not heard any Genelecs but IMO the ADAM A7X have a very natural non-fatiguing presentation and decent bass weight and texture. This was obvious even in the non-favourable "wall of monitors" environment and borne out when a good mate purchased as his 'main rig' speakers.
  6. on a Judith Hill binge right now
  7. hey @Godot Thanks for posting that mate! Just quickly checked it out, and this is a great album...fans of other 'Stralyan talent like Presets, Rufus (du Sol) and Safia would rate this too...i reckon 😎
  8. Actually ordered a couple of weeks ago, and not too many sleeps before it arrives 🤓
  9. the fabulous funky Fred Wesley
  10. @phil.spr ...if within your budget, consider these 😎 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Krix-Equinox-V2-0-Bookshelf-Speakers-Blackwood/233768213431?hash=item366dabdbb7:g:UvgAAOSwFf1foeV0 Cheers Ticc.
  11. cheers Steve Not to everyone's taste but IMO a fantastic album. All strong songs, hard to pick a fave but if I had to then "Sweet Bird of Truth". An album I enjoyed back in the day and sounds as fresh as I remember. Ticc.
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