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  1. Wow...incredible options at Ascension and Osborn too...spoiled for choice!! 😵
  2. Reckon SW could be the way to go, you could end up with something straight out of Vogue magazine! But either way, keen to see where you end up 🙂
  3. Ah... shame about the i66's...that sounded like a bargain! Now i'm wondering whether they still do the Soundwall modules with the i91 coaxial drivers. I remember being uber impressed by those years ago. Having those mounted on the wall with hidden cabling (part of reno) and plain or custom fabric covers could be an option? Then should have no issues with speaker vibes affecting your gear sitting on or in the sideboard.
  4. Back to silver discs tonight. N.O.W. - Smokers Delight
  5. @F.Ciombola your Denon PRA-S10 pre-amp looks pretty nice...i reckon "a keeper". So either a) keep your Denon POA T2 2-channel power amp (120W into 8 Ohm?) and go with the VAF i91......or i25 if budget can accommodate. Maybe VAF can do a white finish on request if that's a deal clincher. b) move the POA T2 on (might be harder as a standalone item) and carefully demo powered speakers. Personally i reckon the i90 or i25 would outgun powered speakers at that price point. Cheers 2B
  6. and https://www.vinylengine.com/library/jelco/sa-750d.shtml
  7. I've also been eyeing off the MA Recordings inner sleeves https://www.discrepancy-records.com.au/50-x-ma-recordings-japanese-vinyl-lp-12-anti-stati
  8. Hi Alex, welcome! Don't be sorry for a long intro, it's fab!! There should be some peeps here who can weigh in on the 'ground loop' issue (LOL...Rock Puppy beat me!) Not right now (enjoy what you have) but for the future you might investigate high efficiency/sensitivity speakers that will play louder with lower watts (and keep the amp well within its comfort zone). Klipsch comes to mind although i've never demo-ed/used them myself. Cheers 2B
  9. Wings - Venus and Mars. Bought a couple of days ago and eagerly awaiting its arrival...i have an Aussie pressing already, but a rather "well worn" hand me down. So this is a replacement as it were, not a start down the slippery multiple-pressings-of-every-album thing...it's not...honest 😳
  10. And if it's "your bag" a relative bargain at $33 for a double LP 😎 Fave tracks "EaseJimi" and "Survival"
  11. Nightmares on Wax - Carboot Soul. 'ready have this and a number of other NOW albums on CD but this is the first i have on LP...and...lovin' it. Perfect chilled trip hop mood as the day falls into dusk and a bevvie to hand. Album review up if any peeps interested https://ambientmusicguide.com/a-z-essential-albums/nightmares-on-wax/
  12. really nice!!! And nudged you up to 1000 likes 😁
  13. Yep sorry i meant "channel level"...where you can manually set the individual channels anywhere from -12 dB to +12 dB (on the 3312 at least) relative to the "master volume". e.g. i usually set my rear channels -3 dB relative the master level as they are fairly close to my seating position. Cheers..2B
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