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  1. FS: Aurender W20 Black 12TB

    I want this machine so bad it hurts. Not as much as being chopped in the head with a meat cleaver though, - hello dear..... I've heard this play through Jones' fabulous system, and it is a sensational device, being sold by a top bloke too. GLWTS.
  2. advice about tube phono preamp

    Hmmm.... not too sure of motivations and one-upmanship here, after all, the right phono stage for the OP is the one that sounds best to him and that he can afford. I've heard it said that an expensive tube phono can be a disaster from the noise level and tube ringing point of views and I have had some experience of that from my own phono hunting days. I do believe that to get really good valve sound costs a deal of money, but if you have it then of course you can buy sensational stuff (snobbery aside doesn't that apply to SS too?). I ended up 'settling' for a Vincent Pho 701 simply because I realised I wasn't prepared to climb that exponential curve of cost against the minimal improvements I was hearing in so many stages I tried. I had intended to spend a couple of grand or more but decided to be practical. So glad I did, the 701 is a little beaut, whether the tubes doing plenty or bugger all, I don't really care. One thing though, the Pho 8 is reputed to be pretty special too (I didn't get to hear it) and considerably less than the 750 I paid for mine. Perhaps it's exactly the same if not as pretty, and the tube in mine IS superfluous. WHO KNOWS?
  3. Do Rooms Break in?

    Clearly your house suffers from separation anxiety. If you leave it, pining in such a way ever again, I will report you to the RSPOH's. - Cruel beast!
  4. FS: AMR DP777 SE DAC

    Many on here will know of my problems with my 777 (ordinary version) most of those were of my own making. At the end of the day with this in my system I love my sound, it is a fabulous sounding DAC, endless connection capability and terrific pre-amp for my vinyl playback too. I do love mine and would definitely recommend. GLWTS
  5. Currently Spinning

    Went way back today, this is an absolutely fantastic album. Zappa made dozens of albums but this and 'Chunga's Revenge' are the only two I got into. Maybe some of 'Ship Arriving too Late to Save the Drowning Witch'
  6. FS: Redgum 6 channel power amp

    "Payment Method: Pickup Only" It always annoys me when people say things like "jeez, I wish this was in Perth". Well whadya' know I'm now one of them, and just as annoyed. Hopefully you won't mind the bump nevertheless Mr Geek.
  7. Electronic currently spinning

    Here's a real special album from 1997 yet absolutely timeless despite the scratching. The founders of Ninja Tunes and real electronic / sampling pioneers, Coldcut are true legends of modern underground music. https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=14&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwiOg9-Tq6LWAhUMOrwKHUFWABYQFghiMA0&url=https%3A%2F%2Fcoldcut.bandcamp.com%2Falbum%2Flet-us-play&usg=AFQjCNFjCCOQ2euuvJo37C74P2NTqQQajA My copy is in pretty good condition, not scratched, but a little noisy. I'd love to give it a go in a US cleaner to see how much of an improvement it'd make.
  8. P.S. Where the hell are the pickies, it's all a lie without photo's !!!!!!!
  9. Hmmm........ "very much like the mighty MT3.2 flagship that haunted my dreams after every visit to Aaron’s place" I am indeed an owner of said night-stalkers, I wonder if the new current drive is available for them too......... Great write up Warren, SGR's really do get under your skin don't they. I got to meet Aaron many a moon ago when he was over at Harry's place. A passionate audiophile and nice character, was every bit as convinced that SGR had a real future producing amazing Hi-Fi in Australia. He's obviously just as dedicated to the cause now and living his dedication. All the best with your new(er) babies.
  10. Plenty of ways to go for an incremental improvement then. Might give time for the warranty to run out before I nullify it with internal component changes but will have to find how to book-mark this page and in future the worlds my oyster. Won't be needing the Ascention, Sutherland or Whest after all.
  11. Not to say of course that I'm not open to more increments of improvement, what Valves are we taking @okitoki and what sort of dollars. Over time I might stave off the urge to upgrade again, having left a doubting worm in my brain that I short-changed myself, by ding a little tube rolling.
  12. I am in doubt if I buy to use more on MC PHO-8 or the Trichord DINO MK1. Sorry Reg, no experience of a Tricord but I do have a Vincent PHO 700 and am extremely happy with it. I find the sound produced a significant change from the entry level (but still good quality) Graham Slee Communicator 2 I've been using for ages. Don't know if it's the fact a tube is used, I'm not a valve adherent as such, but I find it has a more relaxed yet immediate presentation, definitely easier to be drawn in to the music. It wasn't that I couldn't afford "better", indeed I had budgeted around two and a half thousand for my phono, I just came to realise that my vinyl collection and my craving for playing records were not of sufficient importance to me to warrant that kind of cash. I loaned the Vincent from Surround Sounds in Malaga (pronounced Malaaaarga here in WA) and was delighted to hear such musicality and agreeableness, so bought it for $790:00 which I thought was peanuts (and this ain't no monkey) for the two box, solid built, stylish and above all enjoyable unit. No doubt you can spend my 21/2 on far more exotic machines or sourced from countries with better reputations than China, but don't expect a huge margin of improvement in sound quality. Equipment used with the Vincent, Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace TT with Space-Ace arm and Ortofon 2M Black, AMR DP777 pre-amp, and SGR MT 3.2 speakers.
  13. Aurum Cantus V7F..... Opinions?

    Just posted a whole great post that I started last night and there you've gone and pulled the trigger. - So deleted it. Well done with the purchase, here's hoping they tick all your boxes now, and well into the future.
  14. Hi @bestbettinc2 and welcome to the forum. I have a Hyperspace that I dearly love, bought second hand off here. My arm is the Notts A Space Ace and a 2M Black. No doubt the VPI would be pretty good too (never heard one) but I can say you'll be unlikely to regret buying the Notts.
  15. Amazed to see only commercial stations ratings up there. I know RTR FM is hugely popular here in Perth and their equivalent community stations in other cities ignored too. Would love to see how their numbers stack-up.