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  1. Thanks @RankStranger can you please remove the quote too.
  2. The vibe on this is definitely Mezzanine-ish. Not a bad thing I think. Thanks again.
  3. Thanks @mrbuzzardstubble do either have the dreaded gangster rap? I don't seem to mind some older UK rap (I have Tricky, Roots Manouvre, Massive Attack etc.) but almost all from that side of the pond is a huge turn-off.
  4. I have his Stepping Stones double CD. Luckily for me he has separated the bloody awful American rap he includes on so many tracks from the instrumental ones. I play that disc exclusively and consider that to be worth the cost of the album.
  5. Further information: Some more albums I no longer listen to, you may enjoy. Photos:
  6. Sorry to be so slow, just got back from a few days away. (Not best timing I know) PM-ing now.
  7. Last week or so's listening. 2 Unkle boxed albums, Not as good as their first two but still great. The Beatles for the grandkids, Tom for a rollocking rough ride and Anouar to calm down. New fave Get the Blessing is heavy fusion jazz while Bugge is always amazing. Thom Yorke's Erazer is Radiohead's missing album and Mid Gen a bit of fun dance music. Finally Prog rock album unlistenable due to dreadful recording. Oh well, can't win 'em all. Almost missed Jamie XX with Gil Scott-Heron, which I couldn't stand at first but now love the pathos and melancholy, regret and defiance in the old man's voice.
  8. Further information: I love the jazz that I love but maybe in quite a narrow range. These fall outside of that so if you are more adventurous than I here's some cool stuff for a challenge. Photos:
  9. Was that one of your's @Peter_F Looks fantastic, as usual.
  10. I had one of these and tried for years to get it running properly. I even paid a not inconsiderable amount to a local 'expert' who only succeeded in making it worse. Gave it away in the end and was mightily relieved after it went out the door. My advice, buy something new (or at least S/H modern) that will not be an ongoing PITA as this most likely will. The money you'd need to spend on renovating the Lenco should be put to something that won't have your hair being ripped out in frustration.
  11. Finally free of his record label restrictions Roberto Concina released his third, and most radical album, Organik. Took me a long time to 'get it' and to get into it, but once I did realised this is a great album. A real fusion album and a far cry from his most famous hit Children.
  12. Hi @tuyen, how will you know what changes to make to the crossover? is this something you have the knowledge to work out for yourself, or will you contact T.G.
  13. If you stick with KEF's when upgrading then you could later use the Q150's as rear speakers in your surround.
  14. @davidSun I'm also using a Vincent pho-701 and rate it highly but I use the stock tube and have the PSU sitting next to the phono. As they are both metal enclosures and designed to stand adjacent, what would be the reasons for: I placed the power supply box about 2 meters away from the phono box. and have you experimented with the siting of the PSU and found it to be advantageous.
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