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  1. You guys must all have the patience of saints, and have the wisdom of Solomon (well a 21st century Solomon) to put up with all this fannying around. These manufacturers are all selling this gear as user friendly to the general public when it simply is not. So much IT knowledge required and even then often problems. I've often thought about buying a streamer but somehow just know i'd end up chucking it under a bus, why should anyone need to be IT savvy to listen to music...crackers.
  2. Got it, love it. The amazing Mr Bang contributes his astounding electronics and soundscaping to a host of great music from Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. A real original though some of his work can get a little impenetrable.
  3. Low Art you call it @keyse1. I 'spose I can see the candour in that but I wonder whether the 'high art' of the Mona Lisa etc has necessarily given more lasting, genuine pleasure around the world than good old country or the folk music of each nation over the years. I know there are plenty of people who will scoff at the notion but aside from the superiority complex of such folk do they really think the labels attributed mean one form is more worthy in this world. I enjoyed the Dublin Blues from Guy, - again not something I'd probably purchase but good honest entertainment nontheles
  4. This is undoubtedly true. I find some of the best MUSIC is in crossover, fusion genre bending tracks and artists. They take the best from anything and everything then add their own character to make it unique. That Cinematic Orchestra, 'All Things To All Men' track is a great case in point.
  5. @RoHo Jazz is indeed a strange one, some American old school jazz can be (IMO) incredibly boring and indulgent. That's why I wrote Euro-Jazz above, I find that side of the Atlantic to be more to my taste, try Marc Moulin or Skalpel for easier access, Tord GustavsenTrio or Lars Danielsson 'Libretto' for classical leaning or the fabbo Bugge Wesseltoft or EST for more adventurous listening. Thanks @emesbee but the Keiran, Kevin and Fats was a bit ordinary. I bet it sounds good production-wise on the good systen (listening on crappy computer speakers.)
  6. Well no @cheekyboy nnevr relly got into rap, the only exception being Roots Manuva, a Pommie/Jamaican/cockney rapper and exceptional in that there's no gangsterism or braggadocio like American rap. Please try his partnership with Cinematic Orchestra, 'All Things To All Men', if you don't like that there's no hope for you 😉 Otherwise my tastes are generally "electronic and IDM, rock, alternative to world fusion and euro-jazz. Artists of the female persuasion are relatively few but start with the incomparable Joni Mitchell with five albums then the one's from Fionna Apple to Amy
  7. @thethrowback I think that should be Little Feat unless there is a band that caters to people with small tootsies. Having owned that album for 46 years you'd think I'd know that, - Bought at the time of the Country Rock explosion I did think it was TOO country and not enough rock so it never got the plat-time others did but a good album nevertheless.
  8. Nooooooooo...... Get thee behind me Satan! Got 40 seconds into that one and cringed my way to the eject button. So sorry @keyse1 but that epitomises what has kept me away from Country, C&W or Western music, can't handle that. The Wilco one is just too ordinary too. Thanks anyway, I appreciate the effort to save my soul.
  9. Daymit! what have I done. I absolutely loved all three video on here, just super music and not AT ALL what I would have expected. The first one though is surely as much Irish jiggery pokery as Country music. Rhiannon Giddens, - now there's a voice to break your heart and fortify your soul at the same time if ever there was one. Beautiful.
  10. I've heard the butcher hollerin' at the Wangara food market. I think I prefer him to her!
  11. @ray4410 @Telecine - I know I recommended to OTHERS that they should shell-out for Shelby but now I have to take my own advice? Well I may just do that, looks like a good one. If I do buy another of her albums will that make me a fan? If you saw my usual playlist of albums, from electronic and IDM, rock and alternative to world fusion and euro-jazz, artists of the female persuasion are relatively few but start with the incomparable Joni Mitchell with five albums then the one's from Fionna Apple to Amy Winehouse. Shelby will start her own genre, just no Loretta please..
  12. Very much agree with this, Harvest was my introduction to Neil back when it first came out and love every track, me and the misses have a deep attachment to that album. That said EKTIN and After the Gold Rush are jointly his best albums (IMO of course) Rust... would be well down the list, never got into it. Got six of his albums, maybe a couple more are in order.
  13. Always hated it! - well except Country Rock like Them Eagles boys, oh! and Neil Young 'cept he can't be country 'cos he's Canadian. then there's Little Feet, but I'll deny ever liking them too. Then along came Shelby Lynne and her album Suit Yourself (well OK it was released in 2005 but new to me). Not sure where this one came from, can't remember buying it, and I'm sure I would never consciously fork out good money for a Country album, it's aggin' mah religion. Maybe I found it in the cheap bin and remembered a recommendation on SNA, - who knows. Then today there it was in my CD c
  14. Further information: Lightly used in the lab of my sons mobile optical business van, since sold. Photos: Other FREE bits not pictured. (somewhere in my shed or my sons) fuse-link, system status gauge, system wiring diagram. (Free because I'm not sure if we'll find them. The other gear is well worth the asking price alone)
  15. Agree, very cool. Wonder what the model is, can't make it out.
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