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  1. Hi @erasamus we're all hoping that you are a millionaire and we can all live our wildest hi-end hi-fi fantasies through advice to empty your massive bank balance in an amazingly quick and easy fashion, but I'm guessing this ain't the case. So, give the knowledgeable peeps on here a bit more info on your budget, room size and listening conditions, (shared area, dedicated room, large hall or box room) and of course music preferences. Previous equipment and experience of other gear would also give clues as to your best options. All the best with it, take your time and as one famous /
  2. Holy cow, it actually works Solid and stable The Vincent PHO701only has one input so dug out the Graham Slee Communicator Gram Amp 2 with separate linear power supply behind Venerable old Shure V15 MkIII with Jico SAS stylus Re-arranged the I.C. cabling away from power wires to eliminate a slight hum. I have two analogue inputs on my AMR DP777 pre/DAC so can toggle between inputs 6 & 7 to compare; Jico SAS & ShureV15III / JelcoSA750D / GS Communicator / AMR Pre 6. - Aurealis phono IC. + no-name but quality IC to pre Ortofon 2M Black / Ace-Spa
  3. Following the inglorious demise of my Goldring GL75 (previously chronicled) I removed and saved the arm that I bought for it and it's been cupboard-bound for several years with a when-I-get-around-to-it intention to mount it as a second arm on my Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace deck. The existing arm being a Ace Space with Ortofon 2M Black. If you know of the Hyperspace deck it is incredibly tall due to it's 150mm high platter so any arm servicing it needs to be mounted on a suitably tall plinth or pedestal. Back in May I duly sent off to Notts and they gave me a quote
  4. Gotta tell you though, it's even better when someone else does the heavy lifting.
  5. I have been reading the DIY ultrasonic record cleaner thread for some time with the vague intention of actually making myself one whilst actually knowing I probably never will. You know one of those round to it things. Then I read of @Hydrology's service which promises not only to ultrasonically clean the vinyl but also wash and vacuum too using some very expensive and efficient machinery. He did tell me the names of the machines but I have a sieve in place of a memory, details are here if you're interested. https://www.perthvinyl.com/ The results are barely short of miraculous. F
  6. Couple of albums today Flying Lotus 'Until the Quiet Comes' & Illum Sphere 'Ghosts of Then and Now' The former took quite a bit of getting into, still have to be in just the mood. The latter is a great album no effort required.
  7. I have seen, though unfortunately not heard (didn't have time that day) @Hydrology's Wharfdale E4 and I was astonished at how incredibly good-looking they were. Wharfedales have the reputation of being an everyday sort of speaker, a relic from a previous generation, indeed I owned Wharfedale Dovedales for many years and loved them dearly. No, these look like serious high-end fabulous transducers, anything but ordinary, pic's I've seen don't do them justice. I have to call back in to Franks to pick up some LP's he's cleaning for me, I must trouble him to fire them up for me this time. If I wasn
  8. Insane as it sounds I have no Tool!! (High voice - yes, but no Tool.) So you started with Aenima, if I wanted to rectify my Tool-less state would you reckon this one would be the best way in? I have got A Perfect Circle (I'm taking medication for that) 'Mer de Noms'.) So do know a little of what having Tool may be like.
  9. Lazy bugger that i am here's the easy way to list the last couple of weeks listening. Skalpel: (ST) Skalpel: Konfusion Skalpel: Transit Skalpel: Highlight (vinyl) Bugge Wesseltoft: Playing Bugge Wesseltoft & HenningKraggerud: Last Spring Aki Rissanen: Art in Motion Ryuchi Sakamoto: Heartbeat Fionna Apple When the Pawn..... Blue Note comp: Jazz Remixed Lars Moller: Kaleidoscope David Bridie: Act of Free Choice - (Wonderful Album) Paul van Dyke: Seven Ways Alan Parsons Project: Best Of (vinyl)
  10. You're not a David Bowie fan are you. I do apologise for the bad joke, We Could be Heroes (Heros) Just for one day? No? Oh well. If the link to his performance at live aid in '85 had attached as hoped maybe you'd have got it . As it was I guess it came across as a put-down. Well, clearly it did. I actually do like the idea's put forward for isolation and seriously do intend to give them a go including the Chiropody Sponges. Thinking outside the box personified. I hope that sucking up has had us making up, 'cos Making Up Is Hard To Do. - Oh no! not again.
  11. I think we could try the Heroes, - just for one day. 🤪
  12. I have a feeling I know the sample you mean @mrbuzzardstubble, must play it again and find it. I have Mahavishnu album and still enjoy it despite how frenetic it is. You'd enjoy Konfusion I'm sure, not quite as raw and quirky as the first but more than as good all the same.
  13. Thanks Ian, Some of that Alpha mist and label colleagues reminded me more of Acid Jazz or lounge Soul Jazz which I could never get into. There's certainly some great stuff there though. I've been trying to sample as much of that London / UK scene stuff as much as I can but seem to only get as far as Gogo Penguin and Mammal Hands. Maybe I just need to buy Yussuf Kamaal 'Black Focus' and progress from there. It seemed to take-off after that album.
  14. Hi Ian, Great to hear I'm not alone in the Skalpel Fan Club, seems to be a pretty exclusive group. Shame really as they do show imagination and creativity in their approach to jazz though I guess die-hard jazzophiles would refuse to accept sampling and electronics as the real deal as a matter of principle. After a couple more listens to 'Highlight' I think it is growing on me, familiarity does do that. Still miss the upright bass on most tracks and the sheer jazz exuberance of the early Ninja releases along with that label's eccentricity. You gotta love the intro and outro to last track f
  15. Last week I was perusing the overstuffed shelves of Dada Records in Pier St Perth and found my usual trove of albums to investigate, CD's by Gogo Penguin and Ari Rissanen and then, amongst the new-album racks a quick intake of breath at seeing 'Highlight' the new album from Skalpel. I already have their first three albums on CD and couldn't resist buying it despite the vinyl being double the cost of either of the other albums. If you've never heard of Skalpel here's a potted personal and artist history. The mid-nineties was the time I re-entered the music scene, having been turned
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