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  1. Staggeringly amazeballs @DQ828 Hard for me to imagine building such a machine. Hard to imagine me imagining it!
  2. There you go @THOMO 'Good things come to those who wait' Sensationally good things in this case. If you ever get around to having a gtg sometime I'd love to hear them. (Was that a hint?)
  3. Ah! thanks @evil c I didn't see that, though Jethro Tull playing at the moment has delayed any change.
  4. Been listening to this for an hour or two since I read Woolies post. I've often listened to the radio and thought I'd love to start my own station and play all the good stuff from my life. (I do go back quite a way) I'd throw in prog, intelligent pop, blues, soul, rock, non-corny country (-oh yes there is) all the way from the sixties to present. Hey they're all there already on Radio Paradise great stuff. Only thing, they're not adventurous or diverse enough for me. No Electronic or dance that I heard in my sample, nothing real heavy or Mezzanine. Still, a good effort, more power to them, not sure I'm motivated enough to contribute yet though. We'll see.
  5. Currency Converter says: 1,092,588.16 Australian Dollars I may just wait for Ausy $ to rise a little more before pulling the trigger, I do like a bargain.
  6. Well Ray, it's either an unmitigated disaster too dreadful to report on, or else you have other stuff to do. Ged
  7. Love this label. Ninja Tune have been behind so much of the best modern music for the last 30 years and this 6-LP collection has a fantastic array of their best from 1990 to 2000. I bought this for a song at a record fair in the now defunct Flying Scotsman pub many moons ago and is undoubtedly my 'best ever' vinyl buy. In mostly NM condition I count myself very lucky to own this. It's my album of the week every now and then, and this week is honoured to have it.
  8. Well, to be honest............ Back when I first bought these Stuart himself came over from Mexico to set them up and host a GTG. Unfortunately he never quite got the time to optimise the system to the room and I must confess to not having the nous to DIY. Nevertheless I am very happy with what I've dialled in, - the doubts as to whether it is at it's best remain though.
  9. Gosh this brings back memories of listening to my dad's stereo as a lad to 1812 and loved it. Back then a threpenny bit did the tracking solving. Ravel's Bolero was the other fave, before Torville and Dean hijacked it. Don't know why I never got further into classical music after that. Incredible photo's fellers.
  10. Love this ^^ After long and fraught selection and decision making process I have a reasonable rig that I am happy(ish) with. I don't have the cash or tame missus so that I can afford to experiment with the vast array of gear mentioned above nor the access via like-minded pals to swap in and out equipment, so for me (maybe) ignorance is bliss. From my relatively inexperienced viewpoint and applying a little commonsense I would say the cart MUST be responsible for the largest slice of influence (not brave enough to put a percentage on it), followed by the phono but very close to the deck and arm. Surely though all of the aforementioned must also rely on these units all matching and 'gelling' to perform at their optimum, indeed to not hinder and obstruct each other in the whole process. Who the hell has the time, knowledge, experience and objectivity to assess all of this huge multiplicity of combinations to give a definitive verdict, especially when you add cabling, racking, isolation, pre-amping, - hell what a Rubix Cube of a puzzle. With the incredible complexity of vinyl reproduction you'd have to be headstrong or a bullshyte artist or opinionated or Solomon himself to declare the judgement. But then- isn't that what the internet is for? Previous: (70's) Garrard SP25 + Shure? cart, (90's)Ariston Q deck + ?, (00's)Lenco GL75/Jelco SA750D + Shure V15IV - Gra Slee Communicator GS2, (10's) Notts Analogue Hyperspace / Spaceace + Ortophon 2M Black to Vincent Pho-701. Would love to hear others opinions as to the symmetry in this combo.
  11. This does seem like common sense, and I can't see as there should be any skin off anyone's nose. If the seller has been bargained down and feels he has been fleeced, that won't be shown as only the asking price would remain.
  12. Bent Jack, - Any relation to Weird Al Yankovich?
  13. Stunning photo's @Hergest and although I do have a great local area to cycle around in the north of Perth - Lake Joondalup / Yellagonga Regional Park / Lake Goolelal, it's nothing like that beautiful countryside. 105 K's?!!!!! crap, I'm knackered after 30. Good on ya though.
  14. I much appreciate your input @twofires I seem to be at the stage where it only happens quite rarely and I have the second of my two free services (in the first year) in a few months. I'll see how it goes in the meantime and give the mechanic a heads-up as to these views when I take it in. Always a chance he'll tell me to go jump but I guess that depends on how convincing I sound. Thanks again.
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