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  1. Hi Hugh Thanks ... no finish as thought a new buyer could then do that to their own taste/requirements.
  2. Item: ANS 2015 Dipole Aperiodic Line Array Project [DIY] Location: Chuwar, QLD Price: $500 - collection only Item Condition: Raw diy speaker project Reason for selling: Stay still and die Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: This project would suite another DIY who’d like to take this and tweak it to their own requirements. Rather than write a huge explanation here, I’ve written a thread under the DIY forum please read this for further details. Home Theatre use … although you may not want a line array, for the DIY HT person you have 10 speakers here – just think what combo you could put these to??? For local collection only, there is NO WAY I will post these [unless you arrange someone like pack-n-go to pick them up/pack them and deliver to you – expensive]. At $500 the lot I’m selling these for the price I paid for the drivers and the cost of ply, building the cabinets and wire/fittings are free to you. NOTE: Pics - subwoofers not included in sale
  3. Welcome to the ANS 2015 Dipole Aperiodic Line Array Project. ANS stands for “Absolutely No Science†so before you ask – I cannot provide you with calculations and measurements – because there aren’t any I think I bought these drivers about 2 years ago from another SNAer over in Perth. I have 34 No - HP5-M116 - Focal 5.25" OEM Midrange Speakers and I have use 16 per side in this line array [so 2 spare], the tweeter is Vifa D26TG-05 6 ohm and a simple first order crossover at 3,000 Htz. There has been some degree of thought put into this project, these are car speakers expected to sit in small volume, leaky car doors – hence small volume boxes with leaky aperiodic ports. Why dipole – because if I used them all in the front baffle the box would have been too high for most rooms – hey, let’s throw one around the back. Each side comprises of 4 boxes each with 3 forward firing and 1 rear firing 5.25†driver with a small box housing the tweeter in the middle [2 below/2 above]. Within each box the 4 drivers are wired in series to give a 16 ohm load, each pair of boxes [2 below/2 above] are also wired in series giving a 32 ohms load. With the 6 ohm tweeter the 3 combinations are wired in parallel to give a final load of 4.4 ohm - 1/((1/6) + (1/32) + (1/32)) – okay some calculations . There’s a couple of reasons I’ve built many boxes rather than one single tall cabinet. IF, you make an external frame then you could produce a “curved†front baffle to make a more directional source facing the sat listener! Smaller speaker combos … 4 Box system - 2 [4 driver] boxes + tweeter + 1 [4 driver] boxes 3 Box system - 2 [4 driver] boxes + tweeter 2 Box system - 1 [4 driver] boxes + tweeter Plus spare units? hummmm Break down array into 10 speakers??? – HOME THEATRE – you work out your own combo J. As one side of each box can be removed, then the 4 drivers could be rewired to 4 ohms [2 drivers each in series, each pair in parallel] That’s all very well you may say but what do they sound like. Well BIG is the word – a wall of sound may be another [three words]. Are they high end audio – hey, they’re car speakers, they are a bit “plumpâ€, rounded, easy listening but crank them up and hell they are fun. I played them on a very lowly NAD amp the other day and they were easily driven to HIGH volumes. A pair of subwoofers just adds the final word in the lower regions to the line arrays – the ones in the pictures were sold a while ago. I was never going to keep this project even if it’d turn out to be the best speaker in the world and I need the room in the shed for other projects/commissions. So the ulterior motive to all this is I’ll put them up in the “for Sale†forum and link back to this to provide a little background for any prospective buyer .
  4. I built a pair of Frugal Horns a few years back for a friend with a similar amp they sound great and are efficient. The Mark 3 version is a lot easier to build - http://www.frugal-horn.com/FH3.html and you can use various drivers - FE126En, CHR-70, EL70, and Alpair7
  5. Have you read Sandy's Setup Tips - http://www.goldenear.com/support/setup-tips
  6. Hi BigKid - yep owned the T1's for a few weeks now and are now run in and sounding stunnin'. I was worried about sound stage as my previous "Poor Mans Strads" had a great stereo image. I basically placed the T1's where my old PMS stood which turns out to be 2.9m apart and I sit at the top of the old equilateral triangle position. And the angle of the speaker probably fires a tad to the outside of my ears/head. With the extra height of the T1's I'm getting a huge sound stage , currently I have them the min' distance from the front wall about 35cm. I did try them twice this distance out from the front and got a slightly more relaxed image but this is not really a convenient position for me to live with. I'm "stoked" with these speakers
  7. Hi - Yes ithey are Peerless 830844's - http://www.tymphany.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Tymphany-Peerless-discontinued-transducer-model-830844.pdf
  8. Item: Peerless XXLS 12†subwoofers [stereo pair] Location: Chuwar [ipswich/Brisbane] Price: $750/pair or $400 each COLLECTION ONLY Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: New speaker have 1,600 watt sub units Payment Method: Bank transfer or cash on pickup Extra Info: Each unit has its own 300 watt digital plate amp with a certain degree of DSP control. Cabinet built to act as side tables with nice cedar pine recycled timber tops. Internal volume would be way too big for this driver so is “randomly†blocked down to the correct internal volume – this is a sealed subwoofer. Plate amps and drivers would cost circa $1,000 excluding cabinets. Cabinet built from 25mm Plywood. Do not ask me to post - collection only [sorry about orientation but you get the picture?]
  9. Item: Grant Fidelity SPT-100 Super Tweeter Location: Chuwar [ipswich/Brisbane] Price: $400 + postage Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: New speakers use a folded ribbon twitter -> 38kHz Payment Method: Bank transfer Extra Info: here’s a review; however within the last month+ these have been upgraded with a set of Apogee ribbons by Graz. Now Graz want it to be know that everything else is still origin i.e. he hasn’t waved his magic over the electronics but just the ribbon upgrade was a dramatic improvement. I think Grant Fidelity simply rebadge these units and they don’t carry them anymore, however I have seen them for sale at a Brisbane outlet at around $1,000.
  10. From the August Honk Kong Audio Show ....
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