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  1. Where are you in Melbourne? You can come to my place (Bonbeach) to hear how OB sounds. Just PM me and bring some music 😎 Or see my youtube videos ha..ha..
  2. I went to BMW GS Experience last week and now could not get this vision out of my head having a GS to do all the roads and beyond! I imagine going to EJ then taking the dirt road to Reefton. It's almost I'm being made aware there are places I'm missing out!!! The GS was awesome. My first time on a dirt bike and was sliding etc. due to the electronics. Or maybe I'm just old now
  3. It's been too cold for rides. Nearly fell off on slippery road around cape schank and just caught it If you look closely, a quick Ninja ended up a bit of gardening on the right hand side of the road at 4:27
  4. A wet run last Sunday on the old geeperz.... *not* looking forward for winter
  5. I did Barry Sheen ride in 2005 and found quickly that a sportsbike is not designed for freeway convoys :D. Huge turnout and was fun as we went from Bairndsdale to PI and had 2 laps on the track. Kids and spectators waving on the side of the road through towns. I still have a photo in fact which was taken on a "disposable camera". Showing my age there!
  6. It's a moped. Hugely popular in Asia in fact they make millions of them. It's the reason honda put "Satu Hati" and Yamaha "Semakin di Depan" on motoGP bikes. Cash cows for motorcycle companies!! They also race them. here's one I like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KbsZgVhWAs
  7. Love these old school leathers and gloves. That would go well with my GPZs
  8. How we've come a long way..... I like progress I think BMW had stolen your motorcycle design!
  9. Wow how did you mount the 'camcoder' ???!
  10. The grip was pretty good actually. I have normal grooved tyres. While most sportsbike these days run on almost-slick supercorsas. Add 200hp on the throttle plus $20k price tag and you'll start to understand the tiptoeing
  11. There are tiny stone chips which I had sanded off lightly with 800 grit paper. I still could feel it with my finger/nails. Might just give superglue a try if it doesn't hold.
  12. Finally fixed the leaking left fork oil seal to give me some confidence to have a real blast on the 750 gpz. While the bike doesn't have the long legs of the GPZ900 it's great on tight roads! In fact no problems at all playing with sportsbikes on damp roads... Plus it's really comfy. Went home after the ride and the right fork seal leaks... go figure!
  13. They're so empty 90% of the time I can see how something like that would be utterly unpleasant at best!!!!! I'm eye-ing for a good weather before winter to do another day-trip to the alpines. We went there just a few months ago in January. I want to see the road between Falls Creek and Omeo as it's sealed now since the last time I passed it!
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