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  1. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Nice, should try and buy a copy.
  2. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    One of my favourite ECM releases on vinyl. Beautifully recorded.
  3. PM sent with intent to purchase.
  4. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    I played this album just yesterday, a very different Towner recording with an 80's fusion bent. A great recording!
  5. If you are happy to ship to Sydney then I will take this. PM Chris
  6. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Another purchase from the recently departed Terje Rypdal-Waves.
  7. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Recent purchase from an overseas trip. The new album from Mathias Eick-Ravensburg. Wonderful music and a superb recording from ECM.
  8. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    And died so young! A great musician, may he RIP.
  9. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Thanks Martin, and I'm sure you also have a wonderful collection judging by your posts.
  10. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Another great album that was never released on CD. Steve Eliovson and Collin Walcott - Dawn Dance. This is the only album that Eliovson released on ECM after an accident that left him incapable of playing again.
  11. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    Another wonderful album and never released on CD! HajoWeber and Ulrich Ingenbold - Winterreise.
  12. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    John Abercrombie - Characters, this is one of the greatest Abercrombie albums in my humble opinion. A great pressing also.
  13. balk2117

    ECM currently spinning

    One of my favourite Charles Lloyd albums.
  14. Item: VPI-16.5 RECORD CLEANER Location: SYDNEY 2050 Price: $600 Item Condition: EXCELLENT Reason for selling: Not required any longer. Payment Method: Pickup only - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: VPI-16.5 RECORD CLEANER in excellent condition. I have owned this since new and includes a brand new cleaning tube and arm holder that has not been used. The VPI is a very robust machine that has been very well looked after and has had an easy life. Will also include the cover and all accessories shown . Please note that this is pickup only as I don't have the original box. Pictures:
  15. I own the Ensemble Elysia speakers with Landmark stands and would be very reluctant to sell mine. These are one of the most accurate monitor speakers that I have heard. The asking price is an absolute bargain for such an incredible speaker and highly sort after in Japan and Taiwan. Good Luck with the sale!