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  1. Nigel

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Trevor just completed the upgrades on my ME24 and 550-II and I can vouch for the improvement. I didn't realise my system had lost some lustre over the years. I think my ESLs need current for HFs, so does the bass driver, and I think current is what the upgrades help with, so everywhere is better. Enough difference to make me adjust the Lpad and xo between the panels and the bass driver. Gunna be suh-weet. Thanks Trev.
  2. Nigel

    Roadbike Choice

    Jpete, are you against test riding ? While I expect the Y1300 to be good, I think the other Jap manufacturers compete. Personally I like Suzukis, since the early days 70s they had a better rep amongst the Jap bikes, for handling. Nowadays all the bkes are sooo similar. I test rode the GSXR1000 and the R1 back in 2005 and the extra grunt of the Suzi made it clear winner for roadbike vs the Yam which needed an extra 1000rpm to do the same thing, and was deemed the better track bike. Freeway with no fairing ....no thanks. It's a case of whether you want the full comfort / wind resistance (touring), some comfort/ little wind resistance (sports) or the many that are halfway between.... I rode a Kwak 1200 a few years back, (I used to own a hotted up Z1) and their ability in the torque and hp areas, has not wained. Test ride some - the answer will be clear...
  3. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    https://motomatters.com/analysis/2018/08/11/yamaha_s_worst_qualifying_in_years_how.html seems to be Rossi also. Funny how rapidly things can change after the above article.
  4. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    Poor Valentino, very unusual for him to get pressured into a mistake. Shame, we missed what looked like some last lap fairing-bashing. The fall seems to indicate that he thinks Marquez is clearly quicker. Time to hang up the helmet....
  5. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    Well, you're still alive aren't you ?
  6. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    I don't get why Vinales qualifies so badly.
  7. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    The commentators were suggesting 250 kph and 275kph, but the top speeds were around 320-330 kph and must be at about the time/place they are sitting up for turn1, or rubbing tyres in some instances. I don't think I've seen anyone come off at those speeds. I wonder who decided to leave that strip of grass when the pebble pit was installed ? Perhaps he should be on Zarco's xmas card list...... Excellent racing, all day - wish they had shown the supporting races....apparently excellent also.
  8. It's a mental illness....
  9. I think the instantaneous load on the motor, especially if someone has a heavy turntable is considerable (as in worth considering). While you could say "use components that can handle that impact 100,000 times" - in general any softening /smearing of that impact would be another way of extending the motor's life (theoretically). Of course using a rubber belt helps, with or without slippage, but not as much as with a little additional slippage. Gluing the pulley to the spindle ? that sounds odd. If they were supposed to be joined then they should have been designed that way, with a key, say. Squealing belts....get a new or smaller/tighter belt. or learn to love what it does for the motor.
  10. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    What's got into you Dazz ? Writing as though there's no tomorrow...are you well ? A nice stroll down memory lane.... a couple of cents worth...at one time Mick Doogan's domination almost made the 500s boring. Rosso at one stage had similar domination when he had the 1st of the 4stroke Hondas. If the current Honda had the urge of the Ducatis, I suspect MM might be dominating by even more. The halcyon days of the late 80s where any of Lawson, Gardner, Schwantz, Rainey, could win. (I'd like to add Magoo and Sarron as they were always in that pack, yet almost never gor the flag) was like watching this year's Assen pretty much every race.
  11. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    He was stoned at the time. Now there is one of the greatest waste of talent ever. Man he could ride.... but didn't know how to behave. Sacked from at least 2 teams......
  12. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    Without Heehaw Lorenzo, it looks like a Dovi Marquez Show again. Give Troy Herfoss a rip on Heehaw's bike !!
  13. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    Valentini Rosso, some say the GOAT, although soon that honour will surely be reassigned, won 2 races in 2016. He won 1 race in 2017 and this year has scored 1 x 2nd place. The bike is not as good as the others, even non-factory teams....but I don't think he is riding as hard as he once did. Not sure what Yamaha have up their sleeve for 2019, but if I took over Jarvis' job, I'd look at Cal Lowcrutch. He rides hard..... I'd put Vali out to stud.....
  14. Nigel

    Today's Ride

    Hi Juicester, it wasn't a serious question, but I just checked the progetto x2 and although my rides are usually under 3 hours, these look too good to not purchase. So thanks for the advice, I'm pretty much sold on it.
  15. Nigel

    Today's Ride

    Hoping you can advise on nicks. I need some and wonder the pro's/cons of different colours. Majority wear black, but other colours seem to be cooler or sexier..... for example.. or these red ones... preferences ?