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  1. Nigel

    Winter clothing

    Thanks Blybo, knee warmers it is.
  2. Nigel

    Winter clothing

    Thanks Blbo, JohnA, different approaches. I checked the Santini gear and since I am not sure how much riding nor how cold, I will spend frugally. So I will probably look at the arm warmers, and just bought a cycling Has-beanie from NZ. Leg warmers later, I think.
  3. Just after some recommendations - all my nicks and tops are short. I can either buy leg and arm warmers which provide flexibility if the day warms up, or buy longleg & long arm top and bottom. I have no experience in either, and should add that I am not talking about bitterly cold weather, like Jindabyne in August, probably won't ride if very cold. TIA, cheers.
  4. G'day Blues, while I agree with your comments, I don't think we're talking about the same thing. Similar to disliking say, Michael Jackson's music because of his "off track" behaviour. Personally I can separate those things. I'm only talking about MM's riding. While his antics post-win are a bit OTT, and not very gracious, the kid is only young. He speaks well about his rivals, etc. I think we will all learn to like him alot, as he matures. Also Rossi is no angel but an amazing rider. His speed to offs ratio must be the greatest ever.
  5. I think MM is the best I've ever seen. In terms of domination, Ago, Doohan and for some seasons Rossi, all had significant advantage in machinery. I don't think the current Honda is miles ahead of other bikes, on the weekend MM was followed in by 3 ducatis, the domination is purely him - the greatest I have ever seen. (Rossi 2nd). Just sayin'
  6. I think we all know not to trust a car's indicator, yesterday as I wanted to pull out onto the highway from my sidestreet, a car on my right indicated to turn into my sidestreet, slowed and began to turn. I pushed off, presumably just as the passenger said "this isn't it" and she straightened up to stay on the highway, saw me and swerved. She was probably only doing 30kph but it was very close thing "inches" and could have been much worse, at least a broken bike. And I'm sure their version of the story would have left me no compensation.
  7. Huh ? was sprechen Sie, Nordener ?
  8. I think if the contact with the floor is just a point or 3 or 4, (say into concrete, or a metal pad on the floor) then the vibrations cannot pass. IF the spike goes into a timber floor say 1mm, then perhaps some small buzzy vibration is conducted, pretty hard to imagine how the vibrating tip could convince the floor to vibrate with some long wave length. Re 4 spikes not being installed on the same level, I think it is the floor that is usually not flat and 3 spikes sorts that out. Agree that if the speaker moves, not good, but doubt tweeter mass and size would cause any rocking, certainly compared to the bigger drivers pushing against the air. Worse, panel speakers it is important to hold the frame/chassis from moving, a lot of air resistance against a "sail". hmm maybe my post is more serious than this thread is intended for ….. sorry about that..
  9. Always been curious as to whether spiking speakers actually does much. Has anyone ever taken measurements or a properly conducted DBT to prove it ? I understand the vibration elimination principle and presume a room downstairs would get less bass .....
  10. It was only a few months ago that he was beating everyone. If he gets another contract it should be structured around result bonuses. Base + variable bonus.... or something. Unless there is something we don't know that explains his current laptimes.
  11. Heehaw may be injured...otherwise it appears last year's late successes were purely due to 'expiring contract'. Unless he doesn't want to go head to head with his teammate, and lose....
  12. Good on em indeed. I think you can acclimatise to touring on a sports bike. I have not. I once tried to ride from Sydney to Bawley Point, I guess about 4hrs(?)leaving one Friday peakhour. Spent a schooner standing in the pub at Berry about 2/3s of the way there, because I had to get off the bike. Figure if I ever want to go round PI on it, then I would need at least 2, maybe 3 breaks in the trip from Syd. I remember riding my Z1 from Melb to Syd in 1 go, a couple of times, late 70s, no big deal, but a GSXR - and a frail old body - no thanks.
  13. I hadn't realised how small Alvaro is, until he was standing besides Rae and another giant. Increases the power/weight advantage that the duc has already, and he can ride. Wonder how many races he won't win this year.....
  14. If you had all the practice sessions on one of these 250Hp lightweight vehicles, I'm sure you'd be able to keep up on the warmup lap. Nothing to dislike- I wonder what Pol is thinking... As for "Kwack comin' back" I think people should prepare for KTMs arrival. Not sure when , but I expect them to be competitive within a few races. As for Hehaw, seems he was only fast 2H 2018, when his contract was ending at Ducati. Or is he riding with injuries ?
  15. just watched the recordings.. one of those tracks where riders can "get away" compared to P.I, for example where it is difficult to get away. Moto3 had a peloton, Moto2 bigger gaps, MotoGP spread even more. Besides that, there are some horrendous bumps....maybe look for another track ??? Glad MM has an uncharacteristic....nice leaderboard ...
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