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  1. Mate, you should have posted that in Joke of the Day - very good. I hope everyone realises you were tongue in cheek.
  2. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Certainly Nick is fitter than he has ever been, but still his body is not up to a 2week campaign. He lasted 8 days this time, only a slight niggle at the top of his hamstring. My assessment through the tv screen is that he is possibly in the best shape he has ever been (and still couldn't go deep with Rafa). Like Raonic, who undoubtedly works 50% on his body to avoid injury and 50% on tennis, that is what Nick needs, maybe 33% body protection, 33% fitness, really does he need to work on his tennis ? maybe 50% gym and stretching, 50% stamina and he is in a good place right now to put in this really hard work and become a top 3 player.
  3. I suspect there were several moments that stretched his comfort zone. Excellent skills and didn't deserve to have his boat stolen.
  4. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Good point, Keith - I guess the guys who have been caught are fairly low in the world rankings. $140M is just disgusting ! Personally I quite like Novak, I read that many don't. At the same time after watching him bounce back from consecutive "marathon" 5 setters in the past, he would be my 1st pick if I was a WADA investigator. Still hoping to get up to see you. My son lives up on the Gold Coast so sounds like a road trip.
  5. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Hey Keith, not being a gambling man, but a card-carrying member of the sceptics society, I would have to say Novak's performance in the 3rd set against Struff (3 double faults in 1 game and a failed trick shot) reeks of throwing that set. My question is Can you bet on a 3-1 result ?? Something smells pretty bad.
  6. Open her up ! You can bypass the crossover with wire to the woofers from the input terminals. Just temporarily to see if the crossover / connections is the problem. Don't do that to the tweeters, unless turned right down (tweeters can blow if fed low freq at normal listening levels), but the woofers are safe. That may give you enough info to troubleshoot.
  7. People resuming motorcycle riding after serious injury is very common for riders of long standing. Motorcycling is a therapy, which non-riders do not realise. Not the same as adrenalin production which many activities may do (less frequently or conveniently), but if life is a bit bad at the moment then a 30minute ride will generally make life good again, doesn't have to be at high speed even. Something about bugs in the teeth....
  8. First thoughts were the same as Andy's, hot treble (presumably you can lpad the tweeters down to 75dB or below) and a room mode which can never be fixed if you sit in it. My system and others are aligned diagonally across the room, somewhat, with the listening position determined via REW, then the speakers placed isosceles from there. You get more bass against the walls and in corners, but REW then tends to look like a rollercoaster.
  9. Hi Dazz, yes I can believe that, but generally speaking the difference between riding on the edge and a safe margin is a couple of tenths. (Not for you or me, but he is multiple world champ). And besides...remember last year when he was at the back of the field for the first half of the year then magically started winning, when new contract season approached. If he had a chance in the championship, then maybe you could argue to get him out there to pick up some points, but he is not sorting the bike out, not scoring points, why Honda isn't resting him and getting someone else - a test rider ? out there to develop the bike. 1 sec per lap seems ridiculous from many angles.
  10. Yannakout, you left out an important item, the listening position. Just as the diagram above shows one particular freq or wavelength cancelling by the reflection from the wall behind the speaker, the same happens for many more freqs, especially the 3 wavelengths corresponding to the room W,L & Height. Various places in the room have primary and secondary cancellation points ("room modes") coinciding in clusters and you don't want to have your head there else you will be judging the overall sound falsely.
  11. Heehaw came last, over a minute behind the winner on the same bike. Is he taking the piss ? Why has Honda not replaced him ? I remember thinking (pre-Marquez) that he was the best rider out there.
  12. What eman said. Recap the crossover. Also, your ears ? depending on age and if there are any squatters in residence. BUt also the caps in your amp / preamp can age equally. Having them redone can return some life.
  13. I'd like to read your thoughts Tony, perhaps only once, but you shouldn't let that appreciation well up inside you like DSB.
  14. I think Heehaw should go car racing. I think injuries have taken their toll and he just won't risk riding hard. He should have been on some incentive payment scheme. Quatararo is proving to be the real deal too. It's funny how Ducatis look so cumbersome in the braking areas and cornering, compared to all the other bikes, because for decades Ducati had a reputation of being much better handling than Japanese road bikes. It looks like they have a degree too much rake, or something.
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