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  1. I wonder what Karel Abrahams' budget is for leathers each year ?
  2. Great race - Rins' Suzuki was faster than the Honda except on the straights. He suckered MM on the 2nd last lap going around the outside of MM out of Woodcot (spelling?) - shades of KR and Barry. Then on the last lap Rins lined him up to do the same, MM went wide to block him but Rins had cutback on the inside and had better edge grip to cross the line by a wheel. Fantastic finish.
  3. Chances are your head is in one of the many room modes that kill bass. Doesn't matter what equipment you are using. At very least walk around the room and notice the differences. Better is to use a mic and REW to identify where best to place the speakers and listening position. Of course many living situations limit your choice.
  4. Remy showed a lack of patience, trying to overtake at every half opportunity. Perhaps his inexperience of racing at the front. He was clearly faster than Binder but made some bad decisions. He didn't overshoot the last corner by a little bit. Nice move by Dovi in between the last 2 corners, didn't seem enough time/space but he done did it.
  5. Rossi ?? - hmm this must surely be his last season, not getting (m)any podiums (podia?) Marquez's domination, like Doohan's, is killing my interest. Watching people race for 2nd place is a little lame, which is an odd word to use for such an exciting sport. His brother in Moto2 appears to be a "class above" the rest also and should be elevated for 2020. I wonder if he would go to Honda or a rival ? Thank God for Moto3.
  6. I see people taking photos on the Old Highway from time to time and can't help but slow down in case they are somehow linked to the cops. That trumpy has the smallest fairing I've ever seen, Nice looking bikes.
  7. I do use discrete resistors not variable. Just about to finalise the values when I decided to focus on some harshness in my dac. I will have the answer to my question soon, just wondering if anyone else had been there already.
  8. I can understand a manufacturer increasing treble to increase the "dynamics" and bring the soundstage forward, but I'm not sure that necessarily fatigues the listener. I think listener fatigue is correlated to distortion and that clean treble can be tolerated at quite high SPLs for a longer time. How or if that relates to perceived loudness of the treble I'm not sure....
  9. I am wondering if treble distortion determines how loud the treble seems? Say you building some 3way speakers and adjusting the relative volume levels of Tweeter, Mid and Woofer via lpads. Then you improve/replace a source device that now provides a cleaner treble. I suspect that now the treble (and soundstage) might benefit by adding a dB or 2 to the tweeter. This could be completely wrong if perhaps the distortion is caused by poor current delivery ?? or some other loss… then maybe a cleaner treble will be slightly louder?? Just wondering if anyone has a theory or experience in this area?
  10. Haha - I remember that ! I think other music shops copied that. Actually before them, I think it was "please don't play House of the Rising Sun". There is...….a house......
  11. The stock Z1 A&B had tankslapping galore, despite the dampener. I had the Hannans do their rake and trail conversion which they did to Croz's race bike and no more wobbles. The grey Z1R came out next with those same mods. A bit of a dliemma having an original old bike with bad behaviour and simple mod to fix. I guess it depends on whether you want to ride it or look at it. In general Australia tyre testing and 6Hr prod racing fed lots of info back to the factories. Hey Dazz, what is that section on the back of the helmet for? does it presume your leathers have that hunchback thing for aero ?
  12. Have you tried Gumtree and Trading Post ? To me, the price is right for some young guy in a band looking to move up from his first guitar to something of quality. Good luck with it.
  13. @Marc - been nearly 2 months since you last posted and nerve progress is slow (months). Anything yet ? more operations planned ?
  14. Not that I am one of those deplorable vinyl people 😀, but Anthony's response made me wonder where best to filter out the subsonic rumble. I'm thinking probably not in the phono stage where the signal is so small ???
  15. Nigel

    Tennis - US OPEN

    In my biased opinion, I think the "generation gap" is the cultural shift in Australia from British to American, due to TV content. The first time I experienced a crowd heckling young players/kids was when I went to the local oval to kick a footy and there was a game of baseball being played. Then the tennis champs went from being humble and gracious (Rod, Kenny, Newk, Roy) to Connors and McEnroe and their tantrums. Sorry I know I'm painting with a broad brush but I preferrd it when we were more British. I also attribute the downturn in Australian cricket team behaviour to those nasty South Australian brothers/brats who also played baseball. Maybe it was there before them, I was too young to know.
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