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  1. Tom, Do you know how many people here on SNA have the best system in the world ?.... nor me... but I have witnessed some excellent systems that approach the same goal ("my god, the band is here in the room"), all with differing ways of getting there, all measured/tuned for the room, but as systems get betterer and betterer, it almost seems they lose their noticeable artefacts (aka distortions of the truth). Their delivery of freqs 20-20k is so correct that after a while, they seem to be almost "ordinary". I think your system is the best in the world. I have made it my goal to travel the corners of the globe to prove it....and test the local wines of course...
  2. No, Tom, the treble section is full range, the side sections have some top end removed. I can'tr imagine how you mght get those graphs and not object to the sound, I am about toe reconfigure my big panels into their final config (yeah right) and brought out the minipanels again. I am disturbed by how good these little panels are. The big panels will go louder cleaner, but at normal levels and in every other regard the minis are better. I can't believe I'm saying that. after all the hours customising the very good ESL3s.
  3. To sub or not to sub

    "Mains need a HP filter" -oh no ! everything goes through 1 more cap, at least !! well that all depends on the overlap with the subs. My mains start rolling off from around 100Hz which is quite high and they sum nicely with a 12dB slope LP on the sub, F3 around 45Hz, so no need for a HP filter on my mains. But if your mains were flat down to 50Hz and you added a sub, then the LP on the sub would have to be one of those "brickwall" 98dB/oct slopes or there would be a big hump around 50Hz - too much bass. Instead you may want to remove some of the bass from the mains with a HP filter up around 70Hz (?) as has been suggested by several here.
  4. To sub or not to sub

    I gotta say that I've heard subs destroy the sound quality of music and the reason is that those subs were not subs. They played freqs way higher than they should, and competed with the soundstage created by the mains. Even in the graphs posted by Paul, having subs playing up over 100Hz (and only a few dB down at 160Hz) means you need to have 2 and place them next to the mains. To me that is totally wrong. One sub doing almost nothing above 70Hz, hidden in a corner of the room, a little variable phase adjust....perfect.
  5. MOTOGP 2017

    No doubt Dags, Dovi was my sentimental fav too. Comes across as damn fine fellow also, but unfortunately Valencia has one short straight so the Duc's were unable to use their hp advantage. At various stages Dovi was struggling to keep up with Lorenzo. Even if WhoreHey had let him through I think that would have been as far as we would have got. Nice to see Dani roll up his sleeves at the end - nice ride by him, and Zarco. IMO - the reason Marquez hit turn 1 so hard, was because he thought Zarco was gonna bomb up the inside, if he could. We know that he wasn't close enough, but that slide into the gravel and out onto the track will be hard to forget.... there is only one guy in memory who might have had such a frontend lose and got away with it, and he was further back struggling with his Yamaha. 2017 in review , IMO - great work - Marquez, Dovi, Zarco, ... fair season - Valentini, Lorenzo, PEspargaro, Rins, Miller, Italian guy on a Duc, disappointing - Crutchlow, Vignales (!!!), Pedrosa (5th yr in a row)
  6. MOTOGP 2017

    Marc Marquez - GOAT, corners with elbow and knee sliders on the ground, when he lost the front wheel, he pushed down with his arm to lift the bike a bit and it gripped again and stood up !! Easy really........ I suspect that the great majority of his many offs, are low-side front wheel washouts. Amazing stuff....
  7. Audio myths and misconceptions

    DBTs - I thought we were banned from mentioning them, due to arguments that follow. Personally, I think a DBT is like telling someone to put their money where their mouth is. People swear they can hear a difference in say, as cryo'd valve but will refuse to be subjected to proving it. The exception being the Bybee Quantum Purifier which opens up a hifi system and gives the sound a vast and clear soundstage. I don't know how it does it for $300 but I have some spares here, if anyone would like to buy one.
  8. Audio myths and misconceptions

    also the frequency in question must have half wavelength of a few inches, but yes moving at all, changes things, which is why most people who measure response in room deal with <500Hz, some say <300Hz. Above those freqs, moving the mic just a couple of inches will show that Winer (in this case) speaks truth.
  9. Random cars of interest

    Amazing how fast it's going before it shifts into top gear!!
  10. Audio myths and misconceptions

    Ah hahahahaaa , good one !! A prime example of the BS that people seriously post(I know you are only joking, Valkyre). Even using words like "proven fact" when it has never been proven. Yep, you've got the marketing down pat. I like the idea of -200o, and there are people claiming they have capability to reach those temps, (of course they don't ) but sell normal valves under the banner of "cryo'd valves" and idiots believe them. Forget proof that cryo does something beneficial, what about proof that the valves were actually frozen at all !! Mugs game.
  11. Random cars of interest

    A project for my son to learn about cars. He was 15 when we started and he has done about 80% of the spanner work. He was allowed to drive it when he was on his L's, now he has a 3yr sabbatical before he can drive it legally.
  12. Show your motorcycle ride

    Done found this in my garage, if you ask her nicely, she'll let you get on top.
  13. Show your motorcycle ride

    They go good !! Which one are you, MC ?
  14. Gong Ride 2017

    Well we done good - took 90 mins off 2016 time (which shows how slow we really are), but finished strongly as opposed to limping home.
  15. Speaker Measurements

    All hi-fi systems aim at/hope for the same point - a realistic recreation of a performance as created by the recording engineer. The closer you get, the smaller the differences (Analog/digital, valve/ss, speaker types, cable differences, etc) . It's not boring, it's clear and lovely.....