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  1. Why measurements are helpful, totally impartial.
  2. Excellent and fast racing. Will be interesting to see if racing a 2nd time at the same track will see any progress for some bikes' set-ups. Can't remember if the soft option fronts proved success or failure on such a hot day?
  3. Can you check Missy's voice again and see if both speakers are providing the annoying distortion equally ? If one, it could be that one driver is "ringing" or there is a bad connection or component in the crossover. Fixable. If both, then more likely to be as Google showed, other people have the same problem and the BA CR8s are not good. I worked on a friend's Dali floorstanders recently, there was a harshness off the tweeters that has probably always been there . All I could do was LPAD that driver down a bit and it became more tolerable, but not fixed. Sh*t speakers.
  4. Thanks Peter, a good point to keep components separate. Unless someone like Alpine does a touchscreen version, probably won't need to upgrade that. Hi Blybo, I think the owner before me might have had one of those pillar columns as there are some holes there, but I'm not a fan either way.
  5. Hi, My son and I have been fixing up a 1990 old Toyota MR2 and soon to put a modern computer in to improve the stock fuel and ignition timing map(s). I am not a fan of gauges obstructing vision (which is not great to begin with) and my son is keen to put a modern touchscreen that flicks between audio, comfort settings and engine mgt metrics. Alternatively we could just occasionally plug in a laptop to check things, and not need to display them on the dash. Thoughts ? Experience ?
  6. @migasson Cannot stress highly enough the benefit of doing a ride day at Phillip Island. By end of day, your riding will be smooth and you will no longer be intimidated by the machine. As you make little errors, you don't fall off, you just run a little wide, then go through that scenario again 2 mins later and fix it. Learn more in 1 day than a year of road riding. Won't be your last visit to P.I either.
  7. G'day, I just Googled "turntable earth hum" and there are some Youtubes and text files that will help you work through it. Very common problem. Good luck.
  8. I persisted with a transformer volume control for years. Nice clean treble but a little light in bass, which I presume requires a little bit more current. I was convinced to compare an active preamp and the easy power was impressive. Will not go passive again. I should add that the Zout of the source and Zin of the power amp, as far as I understand it, play a major role in whether the passive pre will give a good result or not. Chances are my dac's output and my amp's input were not particularly well suited. Otherwise I would say passive pre's are not good, but I can't., and I only tried one.
  9. Bass is a bastard. Very difficult to get a perfect flattish response. Room treatments struggle due to the long wave lengths they are trying to tame, but they will reduce both peaks and troughs somewhat. A good sub with a steep LP filter is a very good solution. A lot can be done using its phase function to blend in with the mains, can even help to reduce a peak a bit. That and its volume knob gives you what an EQ device would do without driving to boost the shyte out of a null (= heat). Lastly your listening position... if you are sitting in a group of room modes (ie middle of the 3 dimensions) those cancellations are not far apart and together cause a big hole from 50-75Hz, IIRC. Walk around the room and notice the bass changes. You may want to rearrange your room. As the phantom agents said "EQ is a last resort".
  10. Mate, you should have posted that in Joke of the Day - very good. I hope everyone realises you were tongue in cheek.
  11. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Certainly Nick is fitter than he has ever been, but still his body is not up to a 2week campaign. He lasted 8 days this time, only a slight niggle at the top of his hamstring. My assessment through the tv screen is that he is possibly in the best shape he has ever been (and still couldn't go deep with Rafa). Like Raonic, who undoubtedly works 50% on his body to avoid injury and 50% on tennis, that is what Nick needs, maybe 33% body protection, 33% fitness, really does he need to work on his tennis ? maybe 50% gym and stretching, 50% stamina and he is in a good place right now to put in this really hard work and become a top 3 player.
  12. I suspect there were several moments that stretched his comfort zone. Excellent skills and didn't deserve to have his boat stolen.
  13. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Good point, Keith - I guess the guys who have been caught are fairly low in the world rankings. $140M is just disgusting ! Personally I quite like Novak, I read that many don't. At the same time after watching him bounce back from consecutive "marathon" 5 setters in the past, he would be my 1st pick if I was a WADA investigator. Still hoping to get up to see you. My son lives up on the Gold Coast so sounds like a road trip.
  14. Nigel

    Tennis Talk

    Hey Keith, not being a gambling man, but a card-carrying member of the sceptics society, I would have to say Novak's performance in the 3rd set against Struff (3 double faults in 1 game and a failed trick shot) reeks of throwing that set. My question is Can you bet on a 3-1 result ?? Something smells pretty bad.
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