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  1. Nigel

    Crossover upgrade, when?

    Thanks Trev, nice to hear polys last a long time, usually. I dressed up some ARs and JB4410s with some polys on the tweeter and mids. One side at a time, for comparison. Ze chalk and ze cheese. Not so sure for woofers what type of cap, so long as they are doing their job correctly (within spec)
  2. Nigel

    Crossover upgrade, when?

    Does anyone know how long polyprop's stay within specs ? Anecdotally, electro's are said to last only 7 or 8 years. Electros are much cheaper for large values uF that polys, and I suspect sound the same when both are new. (could be wrong) I use polys on tweeter and mid, electros on woofer and sub, based on cost (and nearby Jaycar have them).
  3. Nigel

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    Exactly Mu'on, my bike has much more power than I used, usually I take off at say 50% and job is done - I am on a piece of open road until the traffic ahead. Yes he wanted to race, I was in "commute mode" and had no idea what he was thinking. No indication - very family looking car. Next time I see Hway Patrol, I'll pull over and ask him/her.
  4. Nigel

    Recent close calls !!!!!!!

    I was almost killed a few weeks ago in a scenario that I had not considered previously. On busy Pennant Hills Rd Sydney, 3 lanes, trucks etc...I rode my motorbike between the cars up to the front to await the green light. Having done this many times, I wasn't thinking anything of it. The lights changed, I took off with enough power to clear the cars and the intersection. As I hit the other side of the intersection, the car on my right came passed me, full noise and literally 6" from my leg and fast. Luckily I was still pointing down the lane lines, but SO EASILY could have assumed the right lane and there is no way he would have been able to avoid slamming into the back of me and then stop before running over me. I had never met a young traffic light warrior in a hotted up Liberty in peak hour traffic. Pointless and stupid. Witnesses would have undoubtedly said he drove like a maniac, but technically or legally, I don't know if he was in the wrong. The only law I know about lane splitting (or is it filtering?) is that the traffic must be <30kph, which it was. Since 3 vehicles into 2 lanes doesn't fit when the lights change to green, what is the law ? I learned a valuable lesson, in future I will get away quicker or stay clear of young heroes.
  5. Nigel

    Room set up advice

    Bruno, big topic - but specifically the drapes behind the speakers are most probably only thick enough to absorb some high freqs only, which would be the treble bouncing off the wall behind the camera, which is probably the more important wall for treble absorption. Nothing I see except maybe the padded chair will do much for midrange or bass, which are harder to deal with. Is that carpet on the floor ? looks like it could be lino or something.....
  6. Nigel

    Speaker/crossover set up

    and good practice for when you build some nice speakers - better drivers, better box, better xover. Not difficult.
  7. Nigel


    Krakatoa, I have fairly even bass in the listening chair, (which is out from the walls for flattest overall response). As soon as I get out of the chair, there is too much bass, if I go into a corner, even more. Nevertheless, in the listening chair, it is very nice. That is normal. Oh and because I can aurally locate my sub, because the Lowpass isn't steep enough, I have it directly behind the chair, against the wall, so the bass isn't pulled left or right. Tried 2 subs in various locations and the measurements were never as good as when I went back to 1.
  8. Lifetime warranty is fantastic - not sure it would cover the slow deterioration of the electro sol'n, bit like fan belt in a car...a wear and tear item. Read the whitepaper by Roger Sanders ...hmm, 5/10. There are many better around.
  9. i just read a unflattering Steroephile refiew from 1990. While I am somewhat dubious of the review, I suspect that if yours have not been touched in 25 years (?) then there is a lot of potential improvement by servicing them. The electrolytic coating on the diaphragm for one..... Actually I suspect it must have been refreshed sometime in those years otherwise would be quite inefficient. New electrolytic solutions are often being evaluated by diaphragm developers.
  10. where to start.. ? firstly, being a large diaphragm means that they are impacted by every wave that goes through the room, even a door being opened can move the diaphragms, the woofer underneath will move the diaphragms, a sub in the room will also. Then there are the reflections from the panels. Smaller rooms as always are harder to deal with,, and lower freqs will be problematic, if you are watching / hearing diaphragm hitting stator type noises. Large rooms, well that is just lucky, so many accoustical problems are minimised. Usually (non-panels) when the room is measured and room (cancellation) modes are found, the aim is to ensure the listening position isn't in one. , well i've often wondered if putting the panels in some bass modes might be a good thing to minimise the interfernce on the diaphragms, but I've never tested the hypothesis. Not sure I'd be able to hear, or measure a difference, except the occasional diaphragm stator interference at loud volume and sub activity. Hope this rambling makes sense... P.S. which ones have you got ?
  11. Nigel

    Room acoustics

    I would have speaker drivers set up in cupboards or whatever aimed at the seating area inside. I would have 2 speaker boxes on leads which could be put outside when socialising and the sub would emanate from the caravan, anyway it needs to. Done properly -(measured and adjusted) can get excellent result for way less than $4k.
  12. That's Trev, driving the Southern Highlands with his shirt off. (I agree Trev, a beautiful car).
  13. Nigel

    ME pre-amp upgrade completed

    Trevor just completed the upgrades on my ME24 and 550-II and I can vouch for the improvement. I didn't realise my system had lost some lustre over the years. I think my ESLs need current for HFs, so does the bass driver, and I think current is what the upgrades help with, so everywhere is better. Enough difference to make me adjust the Lpad and xo between the panels and the bass driver. Gunna be suh-weet. Thanks Trev.
  14. Nigel

    Roadbike Choice

    Jpete, are you against test riding ? While I expect the Y1300 to be good, I think the other Jap manufacturers compete. Personally I like Suzukis, since the early days 70s they had a better rep amongst the Jap bikes, for handling. Nowadays all the bkes are sooo similar. I test rode the GSXR1000 and the R1 back in 2005 and the extra grunt of the Suzi made it clear winner for roadbike vs the Yam which needed an extra 1000rpm to do the same thing, and was deemed the better track bike. Freeway with no fairing ....no thanks. It's a case of whether you want the full comfort / wind resistance (touring), some comfort/ little wind resistance (sports) or the many that are halfway between.... I rode a Kwak 1200 a few years back, (I used to own a hotted up Z1) and their ability in the torque and hp areas, has not wained. Test ride some - the answer will be clear...
  15. Nigel

    MOTOGP 2018

    https://motomatters.com/analysis/2018/08/11/yamaha_s_worst_qualifying_in_years_how.html seems to be Rossi also. Funny how rapidly things can change after the above article.