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  1. Hi Dazz, yes I can believe that, but generally speaking the difference between riding on the edge and a safe margin is a couple of tenths. (Not for you or me, but he is multiple world champ). And besides...remember last year when he was at the back of the field for the first half of the year then magically started winning, when new contract season approached. If he had a chance in the championship, then maybe you could argue to get him out there to pick up some points, but he is not sorting the bike out, not scoring points, why Honda isn't resting him and getting someone else - a test rider ? out there to develop the bike. 1 sec per lap seems ridiculous from many angles.
  2. Yannakout, you left out an important item, the listening position. Just as the diagram above shows one particular freq or wavelength cancelling by the reflection from the wall behind the speaker, the same happens for many more freqs, especially the 3 wavelengths corresponding to the room W,L & Height. Various places in the room have primary and secondary cancellation points ("room modes") coinciding in clusters and you don't want to have your head there else you will be judging the overall sound falsely.
  3. Heehaw came last, over a minute behind the winner on the same bike. Is he taking the piss ? Why has Honda not replaced him ? I remember thinking (pre-Marquez) that he was the best rider out there.
  4. What eman said. Recap the crossover. Also, your ears ? depending on age and if there are any squatters in residence. BUt also the caps in your amp / preamp can age equally. Having them redone can return some life.
  5. I'd like to read your thoughts Tony, perhaps only once, but you shouldn't let that appreciation well up inside you like DSB.
  6. I think Heehaw should go car racing. I think injuries have taken their toll and he just won't risk riding hard. He should have been on some incentive payment scheme. Quatararo is proving to be the real deal too. It's funny how Ducatis look so cumbersome in the braking areas and cornering, compared to all the other bikes, because for decades Ducati had a reputation of being much better handling than Japanese road bikes. It looks like they have a degree too much rake, or something.
  7. I wouldn't start comparing components such as dacs until I've sorted out speakers and positioning. What might sound better with the current speakers may sound totally different with different speakers. The golden rule in hi-fi about what is most important.... Speakers Room {Daylight } Everything else
  8. HAHA - you've already had the best advice. Wait !! Often guys on SNA will have GTG's, get togethers, go along and check out what people have, how it is set up, and they're all different. Take your time, or if you're wealthy, just buy and sell stuff... As already pointed out, you won't see too many set-ups with a speaker jammed in the corner of a room, but many residences don't provide the option to bring the speakers out from the walls. Actually you could try that with your current gear, move the speakers out and see what that does.... good luck
  9. @Marc - some good news for you. Yes 1mm per day sounds right (it was an inch per month in my day), but the muscles that work your hand are up in your forearm, much less than 400mm away. One day/week your hand will start working. Can't speak about the pain, I never had much, just hypersensitivity on the sole of my foot. Anyway sounds like your nerve will recover, it's not a given.
  10. I wonder what Karel Abrahams' budget is for leathers each year ?
  11. Great race - Rins' Suzuki was faster than the Honda except on the straights. He suckered MM on the 2nd last lap going around the outside of MM out of Woodcot (spelling?) - shades of KR and Barry. Then on the last lap Rins lined him up to do the same, MM went wide to block him but Rins had cutback on the inside and had better edge grip to cross the line by a wheel. Fantastic finish.
  12. Chances are your head is in one of the many room modes that kill bass. Doesn't matter what equipment you are using. At very least walk around the room and notice the differences. Better is to use a mic and REW to identify where best to place the speakers and listening position. Of course many living situations limit your choice.
  13. Remy showed a lack of patience, trying to overtake at every half opportunity. Perhaps his inexperience of racing at the front. He was clearly faster than Binder but made some bad decisions. He didn't overshoot the last corner by a little bit. Nice move by Dovi in between the last 2 corners, didn't seem enough time/space but he done did it.
  14. Rossi ?? - hmm this must surely be his last season, not getting (m)any podiums (podia?) Marquez's domination, like Doohan's, is killing my interest. Watching people race for 2nd place is a little lame, which is an odd word to use for such an exciting sport. His brother in Moto2 appears to be a "class above" the rest also and should be elevated for 2020. I wonder if he would go to Honda or a rival ? Thank God for Moto3.
  15. I see people taking photos on the Old Highway from time to time and can't help but slow down in case they are somehow linked to the cops. That trumpy has the smallest fairing I've ever seen, Nice looking bikes.
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