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  1. In my biased opinion, I think the "generation gap" is the cultural shift in Australia from British to American, due to TV content. The first time I experienced a crowd heckling young players/kids was when I went to the local oval to kick a footy and there was a game of baseball being played. Then the tennis champs went from being humble and gracious (Rod, Kenny, Newk, Roy) to Connors and McEnroe and their tantrums. Sorry I know I'm painting with a broad brush but I preferrd it when we were more British. I also attribute the downturn in Australian cricket team behaviour to those nasty South Australian brothers/brats who also played baseball. Maybe it was there before them, I was too young to know.
  2. Tyre wear/endurance is massively affected by the steering/suspension geometry, to the point where a soft tyre may last longer than a harder tyre. Don't know why I'm saying that, except I'm dealing with a scrub radius issue at the moment. Do you really think there is a big difference between the tyres you have restricted choice to ? This shiraz is nice...
  3. I just saw this thread and wondered how long it would take for someone to recommend their tyres, not on the list of eligibility. Post #2 it was. Then I saw the list of attributes desired , could have been 1 word "Everything" , oh and cheap. oh well.....
  4. Re the most Opens for the GOAT title which Novak is hoping to achieve (and why not), these next 2 years are important for him to stay injury free and watching him looks like torn ankle tendons waiting to happen. In 2 or 3 years, the young guns will rise to the top level. Did someone suggest Rafa was boring/robotic ? Huh? he is a 1/lifetime player, no-one does what he does and most of the best players in the world cannot cope. Also the fact that Novak makes tennis look easy or boring, is deceptive of how good he really is. Ball comes out of the centre nearly 100%. Roger mishit tons yesterday, amazing so many went in.
  5. Deja Vu, as i was watching Roger stumble at the end of the 5th trying to serve out the match, I remembered that about 6 or 7 years ago I came to the opinion that Roger is mentally frail. Perhaps the finest shotmaker ever but when the pressure comes on, his error rate goes up. The match seemed to depend on Roger's 1st serve, which is an absolute weapon when it's on, and got him out of some bad situations but failed him also. Also he retracted in the last 2 sets from his new aggressive return-style, which beat Rafa 2 days ago, back to his previous submissive chipping/slicing returns. Even so, he almost got there, but Novak's game appeared to be low risk shots waiting for Roger to error and when Roger's 1st serve let him down in the tie break all over....... mentally, you could see Novak step up at certain moments and showed why he is so hard to beat. Shame Roger doesn't quite have that. I expect that Roger's biography will mention incredible nerves before the big matches..... Ash Barty would have beaten Novak....
  6. I think that means he has a commercial interest in not discouraging potential (aka "gullible") customers. Despite this forum being quite technical and informative on how everything works, we have sponsors and other 'hidden' businessmen trying to stimulate the snake-oil market... such as power cables
  7. I am glad Ittaku saved the rest of us from posting "It's bullslip!". Not sure why you would want to stop such precautionary advice being given, Scumbag. Myabe you have history with Ittaku...
  8. Indeed. I was also wondering if a larger hitter might blast Barty off the court. I only caught the last set but Riske's finding of the corners was pretty impressive. Can she keep it up ??
  9. It's just the distance from different parts of the panel are different = time difference = phase difference. There are some people here who are almost always correct - A9X is one of those. I have been integrating a woofer with my stats, in the same basic structure as the earlier photos. If you imagine the woofer emitting say 80Hz, that siniusoidal wave runs up the panel, there is no avoiding it. In fact the diaphragms are hit by every pressure wave bouncing around the room. Stats always measure badly, what a shame their holographic capability is so addictive.
  10. Basics 101. I) Best cable is no cable -ie 0 impedance, 0 inductance, 0 capacitance, 0 length. 2) All the properties in 1) increase with length. If your leads will be a couple of metres only...it doesn't matter. $5/m or $200/m ...no difference. When the lengths get longer then those properties can start to filter frequencies, which may improve some systems' "problems" but generally not a great strategy for hi-fi. Long leads need more consideration and possibly $$. Lamp flex, "figure 8" which used to be provided $0 when you purchased speakers, is inadequate over any distance. How long will your leads be ?
  11. Bugs, how prophetic you are...spot on with your comments. Pretty good race, mainly watching everybody deal with tyres going off. Really nice scene after the Moto2 race with Alex Marquez accepting the apology of Baldassari(?) who was good enough to walk straight into the enemy garage.
  12. The hardest part is recording an orchestra. How many mics? how close to what sections?. How much does the hall contribute ? The fact that the instruments are acoustic means there is some high treble but almost no low bass, so easy on a hifi system, relatively. It is really difficult to find the pieces of classical music you might like, performed by an excellent orchestra, in a good venue (acoustically),and recorded well. You can have some of those things but rarely all.
  13. I would have thought the City could then be sued for installing traffic lights which were deceptive by appearing to assign "right of way",. A "reasonable assumption" which according to this verdict is not true. A class action against the City or the Motor Transport Dept........ Pedestrians crossing the road should take 100% of responsibility for their actions.
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