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  1. Hi Scuzzi,

    With the two great guitars you have now I would suggest going for something Strat like to get a different sound and feel, The epiphones in your links are very similar to your existing guitars in terms of style and sound.

    Also for the dollars i would look at secondhand Japanese strats, either Fender from the mid 80's or some of the great lawsuit strats such as from Greco or Burny from the 70's.

    More importantly go and have a play on the guitars before buying and see how they feel in your hands. One of them will 'talk' to you.



  2. Just a quick update to let you know what has panned out and to say thanks for your advice.


    After taking on board all the above I procrastinated for a while on the DAC purchase decision (information overload). About a week ago i got an audio-gd 2.32 DAC and must say that it is a little ripper compared to the straight out of the mac mini.  I have been enjoying with new interest my itunes lossless library.  


    I was looking for something that would sound nearly as good as my Rega Apollo CD player with redbook cds and while i have note been bothered to do and A-B comparison i think it is very close if not at times better through the mac mini-dac route.


    Buying one more box though did mean i had to reorganise the equipment furniture but i solved that easily by taking the tuner out and now using the interweb to listen to the one and only FM station i bother with on the main system.


    I did momentarily wonder if i still need a cd player but have parked that thought for a while to see what happens.


    cheers and beers,



  3. Following the enthusiastic response from chaps at the 2 recent demo days at Hahndorf and Unley we are pleased to announce that the sensational BR1 is available for audition in SA after hours or weekends. I intend to arrange another open night in March (details yet to be hammered out) but for anyone interested feel free to get in touch and arrange your own session with these beauties with their gorgeous satin finish blackbutt veneer!


    In addition you can check out the Graham Slee Reflex/Elevator phono combo, the Benz Glider SL cartridge and the little wonder CH1 speaker while you are there.


    I had a little play with placement last night and think I may have a nice spot for them in my bass killing room.


    Nice one guys.


    Yes please Bear, I'd like to see....hmmm day I say it....these blackbutt beauties some time.  :D

  4. Thanks all.

    Yes I am still reading and googling (using duckduckgo in my case).

    I've had heaps of nice offers to consider for purchase, loan or a listen so I might be a few days working the options.

    The best purchase options, as is often the case, are interstate, but if any Radelaidian SNAers have a DAC to sell feel free to add it to the mix!



  5. Hi, I have a Resonessence Concero HD dac available within your budget.




    cool. there's another DAC that i have never heard of and will now google.

    I'm sure it's well known, I'm just new to all this. each new DAC name sounds like a foreign word. or perhaps i've stumbled into a foreign land...

  6. I've got an Audio GD 17.32 I'm not using that I have been meaning to list. Let me know if you are interested and I can take some pics and work out a price. Definitely be in your budget though


    pm sent

  7. Item: DAC
    Price Range: $300- $500
    Item Condition:Used but in good working and physical condition
    Extra Info:


    I'm looking for a DAC to use in conjunction with a mac mini and possibly a macbook air.

    USB connection would be nice.

    I have not had a separate DAC before but have been recommended to look for a Schiit Bifrost or Audio-gd something or other.

    I would also consider the basic offering from cambridge audio, arcam and if i can stretch the budget, a Rega DAC.

    Basically I will consider anything in my price range.

    I am located in Adelaide and happy to pay for shipping in Aus.

    What ya got?


  8. nice one Bear.

    i don't need any but like you don't like to see good material go to waste.

    did you know that when they make up big stages/sets at the entertainment centre they use new sheets of ply each time.

    we lined my mates shed with slightly used ply with foo fighters sweat!

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