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  1. i declare an interest in coffee beans. I do some roasting at Cirelli Coffee Roasting on Saturdays and the roastery is open to the public so if any SNAers, particularly Adelaide based ones are interested drop in between 10-2 on a saturday or drop me a line. Great beans from around the world including some Aussie grown Pacamara.
  2. oh my. i have enjoyed the show for years, yes the only good cooking reality show on but have a different opinion on a couple of celebs but probably should keep those to myself.
  3. nice geetar by the looks but have to wonder how Gibson call a 2009 version a 'signature model' given Robert Johnson passed away (or did he) nearly 70 years before the guitar was made. dont let facts get in the way of good marketing hey! GWLS
  4. yep. i had a pair of these once upon a time. really nice. bargain....
  5. finally!, someone is selling some quality music on here!!!!! i like your taste or at least the music that you had a look at and decided to pass on. so often it is the same old drizzle offered up on here but not this time - classy tunes all the way. go you sydneysiders, go get em....
  6. Just a quick update to let you know what has panned out and to say thanks for your advice. After taking on board all the above I procrastinated for a while on the DAC purchase decision (information overload). About a week ago i got an audio-gd 2.32 DAC and must say that it is a little ripper compared to the straight out of the mac mini. I have been enjoying with new interest my itunes lossless library. I was looking for something that would sound nearly as good as my Rega Apollo CD player with redbook cds and while i have note been bothered to do and A-B comparison i think it is very close if not at times better through the mac mini-dac route. Buying one more box though did mean i had to reorganise the equipment furniture but i solved that easily by taking the tuner out and now using the interweb to listen to the one and only FM station i bother with on the main system. I did momentarily wonder if i still need a cd player but have parked that thought for a while to see what happens. cheers and beers, Rod.
  7. wow to the first post. this afternoon i walked 2 minutes down my street to pick up a new DAC. mind you i had to wait about 6 weeks for the seller to move over from Sydney.
  8. nah, they salvage the used stuff and sell it off reasonably cheap and get in new for the next show.
  9. nice one Bear. i don't need any but like you don't like to see good material go to waste. did you know that when they make up big stages/sets at the entertainment centre they use new sheets of ply each time. we lined my mates shed with slightly used ply with foo fighters sweat!
  10. That's a very nice offer Tony. Might take you up on the DAC trial some time. Alas I am unable to make up to yours for the 2016 WA Woodstock - have to work on Saturdays these days. I don't think I will play with Sonos or other streamers just yet (one change at a time) cos I have worked out I can already access my digital music at each computer and thru my phone with home sharing for macs.
  11. Well I think I am firstly wondering how good are the dacs in built in a mac mini and mac book air. That's what I have and they actually sound pretty good so far just using the line out direct from the computers to my amps. Then I am wondering would there be a noticeable jump in quality if I were to get a DAC of mid range quality - happy to look secondhand but the budget for new or used would be about $500 i suppose.
  12. I discovered today that I can share my itunes library across my home computers. You probably all knew that. So my mac mini is the ripping and storage place but I can access all the tunes from my mac book and i can connect that to either of my other systems. So I"m thinking I don't really need a streaming device. But I do need a couple of decent dacs to lift the digital sound quality - although I have read that the output of mac stuff isn't that bad and maybe i won't notice much improvement unless get a pretty decent dac. Anyone like to comment on that from experience?
  13. thanks Andy but I looking for a DAC first. Sonus later tho maybe.
  14. very nice and great price. go grab em you lucky victorians
  15. Well it might be a long time until I am finished but I have started to do a few things including: ripping my favourite cds to my itunes library on my mac mini connected to my best system (lunge room) I'm using the Apple lossless format with error correction learning how to change the metadata so the library order makes sense to me. downloaded the remote app so as to use my iphone as a remote and not have to have the screen on or use the keyboard or mouse. researching DACs looking for a few gaps in diary so as to catch up with some local gurus/old SNA mates thanks everyone and feel free to bang on about stuff that is way over my head. Rod.
  16. Thanks folks. Information overload now but you have all helped me in one way or another. I'm leaning towards utilising my Apple/Mac products that I have better getting a DAC (no my amps are old and don't have DACs built in) - hook that up to my mac mini in my main system sorting out my cd's whether it is to rip them or just get them in alphabetical order listening to some good tunes catching up with some helpful old mates Might leave streaming until later.
  17. Hey Grumps, thanks, you won't be surprised to hear that I found your reply to be the only one I understood completely.
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