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  1. Sub location will also be important and if you are afflicted with WAF this restricts your choices somewhat. One method is sit the sub in the listening chair and determine the ideal location by wandering around the room until it sounds good. Try with monitors off and on-or get deqx [emoji3]
  2. Nice one Adam. We’d like a pic once you’re set up too!
  3. waricle


    Item:HD 600 or 650 lead Price Range:$10-50? Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: used standard lead OK
  4. Fabulous midrange speaker, as a well respected audio guru told me once “we live in the midrange” They’re great for vocals, not just broadcast but most types of song. Add a quality sub if that’s your thing too, JR made a cylindrical one to match that sadly I don’t have.
  5. Got the winter setup going, valves and vinyl- what could be warmer?
  6. What is your fav Christmas album? here is mine
  7. The National Fraudband Network....choked down to protect Foxtel, slower than 4g, around 50 fastest and paid for twice, the original contractors fully paid out without having to do the job. If you don't believe me do some research!!
  8. All this stuff has to go by tomorrow night, I don't have anywhere to store it till I buy another house so make me an offer or it goes to the tip
  9. Item: DIY speakers, L, C, R. + 3 surrounds , Jaycar Response drivers 8" and 10" Jaycar 350 W sub twin 10" two cinema chairs, perforated vinyl cinema screen 5.5m x 2.8m also small 2.6 x 2m perf vinyl screen Location: Ningi - Brisbane north Price:speakers, sub $ 200 Ono, chairs $20 ea. large screen $200, small $20 Item Condition: used but working well. Reason for selling: sold up the property and downsizing Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Pick up only Extra Info:this system was used in 6m x 9 m shed system. screen has zero gain. This is a good system for a genuine big screen experience, the screen can be cut down to suit if necessary. A reall bargain for a very large room or shed Pictures:
  10. Looking serious, more details please!
  11. Great rant PETA I feel you pain I agree with Betty Boop that you can build a good system that will do both in the constraints and compromises of a single room however digital media is so changeable and confusing that when I finally got something to actually work( iTunes/audivana) I left it the hell alone and watch my mates struggle with all the latest and greatest. As for ht processors the same applies, in my effort to simplify I decided to stay stuck in 5.2 courtesy of my oppos processor and separate amps in a dedicated cinema and a separate oppo for CDs in a dedicated listening room. That way I can fiddle and fart with the two channel stuff and not compromise the ht and vice versa Which is a compromise on its own I guess. Apart from the pj and oppos and computer & dac everything else, amps, TT, speakers, are over twenty years old so Im also obviously (fortunately) constrained financially. We are selling and moving house so what I'll end up with God only knows.... Maybe an atmos system?????just kidding
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