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  1. My Symfonia Opus 10 takes at least an hour to come up to song. Sounds great with tube preamp as well.
  2. I changed the belt on my CEC TL5100z player myself not difficult to do. Here's how.
  3. If those monsters ever fell on you whilst lying down in front of them you would most certainly have squashed balls.
  4. Thats all i listen to these days.
  5. Short answer is try it if you like the results thats good if not no harm done. Cheers.
  6. The CP's were no oil painting but damn they sounded sweet. Hope these give you much joy as well.
  7. Thats exactly how i transported the CP's and Sovs.
  8. I had ME1400 mono's running the Sovereigns at my place while the lucky owner was overseas for 3 months apart from room issues they were a match made in heaven.
  9. All i can see a weight would do is give you a flywheel effect....inertia etc which may or may not work depending on your particular turntable, where as the clamp would be more beneficial for any turntable due to helping with warped records etc.
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