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  1. I don’t use playlists, I normally play albums. My “liked” albums are easily listed and transferred, the question is, will all that I’m listening to now still be available when I switch to an AU Qobuz account?
  2. You can tell that whoever took this shot was quite experienced in these matters, even the obligatory foot is included
  3. Hm, I think I will keep things as they are for now, the overseas account hasn’t been an issue so far.
  4. I think it may be a special order item at Bunnings. Have you looked in the bathroom vanities section?
  5. Ah, ME not MC, thanks! That truly looks like a beast, 83kg! Am I seeing this right, ~$15,000 back in 1995?
  6. I’d buy this just off the pictures I couldn’t find any information about a Victor MC-1000, though.
  7. Has anyone tried playing The Doors with those door stops resting on their equipment?
  8. I think it reflects the fact that the so called information age hasn’t delivered on its promise. It is now easier than ever to buy opinion (studies, calculations, estimates) than ever, and disseminate them widely, in order push some economic/political objective or another. How is it even conceivable that we, decades on, still haven’t got any trustworthy publicly available breakdowns of life-cycle carbon emission, NOX emission or any other environmental or societal footprint comparisons between the competing motoring technologies (ICE, batteries, H fuel cells, etc)? It is because an
  9. Have any of the maverick VPN account holders had a chance to check whether there are catalogue differences between Qobuz AU and Qobuz somewhere else? I’m still using my account that I created using a US proxy server and a European credit card, and I’d love to go local, provided I won’t miss out on anything. I’ve really grown fond of Qobuz over the past year or so, and I don’t want to ruin that experience. I’m not using the Qobuz app, BTW, but either Roon or Audirvana.
  10. Can’t tell without seeing the left wall, but I hope this cured your asymmetry problem? I love the (visual) transparency of the speakers. I reckon this an underused opportunity for the marketing of electrostats But gosh, I hope that’s not a high-rise going up in front of your window?
  11. According to Qobuz, this is the cover for Live (2003). The Live (2006) cover is a lot darker. But of course, the choice isn’t 2003 or 2006, but both!
  12. If the refoaming is all that needs to be done, this is a veritable bargain.
  13. Where from? Our local Bunnings doesn’t have these Syneco ones, only Adoored which look the same but cost twice as much.
  14. Indeed. On that note, I wonder whether applying DampRid would introduce unwanted resonant vibrations?
  15. Damn, there is always a catch, isn’t there. We should send one of those door stops to iFixit, for a proper tear-down. Unless somebody here has a bandsaw and can cut one in half? The besser blocks are going to be better, after all, “besser” is German for better
  16. To be fair, according to the dictionary “to dampen” has both meanings.
  17. Wow. You kind of expect there to be a hatch somewhere, that opens and offers a selection of fine whiskies and cognacs 🙂
  18. That’s the ticket. There is no point in fretting over money spent (wisely or unwisely). Just enjoy what you’ve got, and be more careful the next time you buy something. I’ve wasted some good money on crap equipment over the years, you can’t let that make you lose sleep. Not everybody can be so chill, apparently, some people feel the need to double down and fight tooth and nail in defense of their bad purchasing decisions. Even going as far as questioning science and engineering itself.
  19. Here’s another dampening device, also from Bunnings, $1.55:
  20. Casey Connor made a 5-part series of Youtube clips, demonstrating 42 psychoacoustic effects. They range from interesting and perplexing to mind-blowing. I cannot recommend this series highly enough (despite the constant ad interruptions):
  21. No, it’s a fact that you cannot trust your judgement to make an objective decision with your eyes open. It would be ridiculous to state the opposite. The crux is in the meaning of “objective”. It is far from state of the art, but it is also far more “precision reference level” than your ear/eye/brain, when it comes to objective differences in sound.
  22. Sure thing, but don’t you agree that there is a gradient, a slope towards what’s best, the endpoint being the original? Comparing a playback system to the original (which is what fidelity means) does not imply anything less than perfect should be rejected. It just means the original is the measuring stick all reproductions should be judged against.
  23. Sometimes the best things hide in plain sight forever. For example, this recording has been my goto for these unique and unrivalled works, for over 30 years: Now, I’m finding that this been out for much of this time, and nobody cared to inform me 😜 It’ll take me the better part of a decade to get used to this and make up my mind which I prefer. So far, so good.
  24. I do like a lot of electronic music, not all. But then, who likes the entire output of a genre? I did like this Boards of Canada album, though. While playing it I thought I heard faint echoes of Akira, but just listening to Akira again, there aren’t many similarities, really. Perhaps it’s the vibe or overall spirit. It’s part of my library now. Gotta love these Currently Spinning threads
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