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  1. Welcome Deena. I'm from Western Sydney, too, and like you have been distracted by HT in the past several years. With recent changes in space requirements around the house I have now received the go-ahead for separate HT and music setups. I'm looking forward to that
  2. Interesting, I would have expected the SLA to perform best. It is, in some regards, an ideal power source - no noise, no ripple, very low ESR. A 20Ah battery or larger will deliver peak currents of several hundred amps. In fact, those batteries can deliver currents that would make the wiring inside power bricks melt. The only problem with a battery is that you have to charge it, and while you're charging it you can't use it. Also, you need a good charger to maximise the battery lifetime.
  3. Yes, everything else plays gapless just fine over UPnP. I think it's the software, or the amount of buffering or processing that's involved. I might actually search the Audirvana forum, that question must have come up. DSD playback is also limiting other functions, like fast forward/reverse.
  4. So do I, but DSD playback into the two UPnP devices I've tried isn't gapless.
  5. Excellent little piece of kit, solidly made and quite versatile. What the manual doesn't tell you is that it is a UPnP/DLNA media renderer all on its own, without help from MusicCast. I stream my DSDs from Audirvana+ directly to the WXC-50. GLWTS
  6. I was about to have a crack at it, but I'm unable to figure out this forum software and quote your questions and answer inline. Anyway some comments in no particular order: We use Plex (Plex server on a Synology NAS, Plex app on the ATV4k) for streaming movies from the NAS. It works well, Plex is quite good with identifying movies and tagging them with metadata, poster images, etc., even though it sometimes needs a bit of assistance (esp. with foreign titles). We don't use Plex for music, I use AirPlay for playing from Mac or iPhone, and Apple Music for streaming from the cloud. We also use Netflix, Stan, SBS OnDemand, ABC iView and a few other TV/movie streaming apps on the ATV4k. The ATV4k will output at the resolution that you tell it your TV is capable of (typically 4k). I haven't tested yet whether the TV's built-in upscaling is better or not. The ATV4k can adapt to the source material in terms of color depth (SDR, HDR, Dolby Vision) and frame rate (from 24Hz to 60Hz). Sound output is in Dolby Digital 5.1 for 3rd-party apps (like Plex) and up to Dolby Atmos for movies from iTunes. Not sure whether the Netflix app can output Atmos (are there Atmos titles on Netflix?) The remote uses BlueTooth, but also has an infrared transmitter for controlling other devices like a TV or AVR. We wouldn't be without the ATV4k in my house, it is the goto device for all things TV. Our NAS is a DS415+, it transcodes fine for 1080p AVIs or MKVs, but struggles a bit with stupidly large HD files like Topfield recordings (10GB+ MPEG-TS). I try to rip all DVDs to MP4/H.264, that works best as no transcode is required, but about a third of my 1200 movie library is AVI/MKV.
  7. Wow, nice scope. And less than $30,000!
  8. I suppose they could be beefed up with a more meaty cable 😂
  9. Whenever I get a bout of vinyl nostalgia I just run the dishwasher while listening to a CD. It's a good enough surrogate 😆
  10. Oh, do they now? That's good to know, last time we used Aldi Mobile they only supported 3G on the Telstra network.
  11. I think a plan works out roughly the same, depending on what you choose. For example, if you get a brand spanking new iPhone XS 256GB (retail $1879) with a 30GB plan you pay $30 per month for the phone ($720 total over the 24 month contract) plus $99 per month for the plan. The heavily discounted price of the phone saves you about $48 per month, about the same amount you pay extra compared to the BYO plan. Sure, you don't get a JB HiFi gift card, but you get 30GB of data instead of 20. And, after two years you own an iPhone XS with a presumably high residual value.
  12. Withdrawn? Oops. If the player is region-free modded I might be interested.
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