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  1. In practice, USB is proving to be the cleanest input with modern DACs, as far as jitter/noise is concerned. This has been shown over and over by actual measurements. Head over to ASR for direct jitter comparisons between the digital inputs of DACs. Even if you don’t care for the attitude or conclusions of the testers, these measurements speak for themselves.
  2. I don’t think HDtracks have any influence on the mastering quality. They’re selling the same releases as everybody else. There are differences between HD music online stores though, for example, you sometimes find digital booklets missing on some stores that are available on others (for the same album), or sometimes you don’t get the full complement of sampling rates and formats that you get elsewhere. So it pays to spend some time comparing those things, not just prices.
  3. Unfortunately, both tap water and tissue paper have highly variable qualities. How does one navigate those variations? For example, if my local tap water is particularly hard, should I compensate by using extra-soft tissue paper (and vice versa)?
  4. Somebody should compile a dictionary of audio forum slang. It just keeps confusing people. “Game changer” means something like “may just be audible under the right circumstances”.
  5. If you don’t mind shipping to Sydney I’d like to take it.
  6. Yes, in the absence of expensive specialised test equipment, this would seem to be the best way for regular end users to determine whether they have a problem whatever fix they applied actually worked
  7. I’m curious too. This is not a straight-forward thing to measure, due to the huge potential difference. Being DC, it also cannot be characterised/measured easily as distortion. The closest I’ve got so far was using the Average function of my oscilloscope, but likely without any semblance of precision. Given that the DC component is supposedly around a couple hundred millivolts, this goes hard up against the dynamic range of a typical 8-bit sampling oscilloscope.
  8. It’s bizarre, the promo pics show some all-in-one turntable/CD/USB/Bluetooth thingie, but the actual photo shows a regular turntable and two speakers...
  9. I’m not sure whether this quest has surfaced on SNA before, or how many of you have heard about it. However, my brother, who is very interested in this, asked me to post the question here... The search is for a rock song that was taped from German radio station NDR some time in the early 1980s. With this recording in hand, nobody has been able to identify artist or song name, after a multi-year effort, including attempts to contact then-staff of the radio programme, etc. The song is this: Related discussions can be found here: Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TheMysteriousSong/ Discord: https://discord.com/invite/zZnGvCe With most of the search presumably being carried out on the Northern hemisphere, perhaps the decisive clue comes from down-under?
  10. Very nice! I see he focussed on the asteroid belt
  11. Interesting. I wonder whether you could emulate the lossy tube rectifier by bridging the diodes with a suitably sized resistor.
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