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  1. For soundstage in particular, but also for tonal response, I found that nothing beats good old fashioned elbow grease (so to speak) and persistence. If you're willing to put in the effort of shifting your speakers inch by inch, and changing the toe-in a few degrees at a time, you're very likely to find a massive improvement eventually. Using rulers and laser pointers and keeping notes along the way really helps. I don't have much experience with bipolar speakers, but from what I read they're even more responsive to this. The other elephant the room is acoustic room treatment. This can be a contentious issue in shared living rooms, but even simply treating first reflection points completely transforms the imaging of a stereo setup.
  2. From my recent, very hands-on experience I can tell you that wiring a driver the wrong polarity will cause a severe dip in frequency response around the cross-over frequency. Totally expected, and nothing magical there
  3. Does it matter which side of the card is facing up? I've heard that credit cards are directional...
  4. Oh no, a glitch in the Matrix! Do you realise now how harmful cheap power cables can be?
  5. I wasn't trying to convince you to switch from discs to streaming. I just pointed out the facts, and the trends that physical and digital sales are taking. The figures are from the MPAA report for 2018, here (page 30).
  6. Collapsing movie disc sales may have something to do with it. From 2017 to 2018 international disc sales dropped by 14%, while digital downloads/streaming grew by 34%. I think 2019 will turn out even more savage. Who's buying discs anymore when every UHD TV has Netflix, Stan, Youtube and Plex built-in?
  7. I believe diffusers have a minimum listening distance, too. Somewhere I read (can't find the reference right now) it's three times the wavelength of the lowest frequency being diffused. If you sit too close to a diffuser you could get comb filtering effects and "phasey" sound.
  8. That never struck me as a hummable song? I'm clearly not riding the lightning enough...
  9. Had to play her singing "Isoldes Liebestod" just then, with Karajan/Vienna Phil...
  10. Yes, even if we can't control the 2km to the substation we should shield at least the last 2m of the power line... That said, I found a marked improvement after wrapping all my power cables 30cm thick in mineral wool. The bass of my system got noticeably tighter and less bloated. 😉
  11. To be fair, with loads as low as 0.5 Ohms, the output impedance of the amp may start playing a role. If the damping factor of the amp is 100 into 8 Ohms, for example, the output impedance of 0.08 Ohms would see the output voltage drop to about 86% into a 0.5 Ohm load.
  12. Did you know, BTW, that those PVC conduits are directional? Sorry, I'll see myself out... 😜
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