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  1. Yes, I know, all kinds of transducers can pass parasitic signals and noise, including optical ones. I was just referring to the “100% galvanic isolation” feature you put forward.
  2. My TV speakers (Wharfedale Diamond floor standers) have a separate cavity for sand filling, with bungs even. I filled them with sand-blasting garnet grit, which is twice as heavy as sand, and added over 20kg each that way
  3. Yes, I suppose after 20 years or so many of those 991s would likely benefit from a recap. The specced THD and IMD figures have remained unchanged, as far as I can tell.
  4. If you think that a Rotel RB-1582 would do a good job then give the RB-991 or RB-1080 a try. They can be had rather cheaply 2nd hand and are virtually identical to the 1582. Rotel really stuck to that amp’s topology over the years.
  5. Many electronic components have properties that depend on mechanical parameters. Capacitors or inductors for example are very much defined by their geometry. If they end up undergoing mechanical oscillations because they are mounted such that vibrations caught from the surrounding air or the PCB they sit on go right through them, then their electrical properties can change to the rhythm of the vibration. That’s after all how microphones work. Other components affected in that way are tubes, piezo sensors (on purpose), cables and poor electrical contacts. The case panels
  6. Thank goodness for dark mode! Is there perhaps a way of switching automatically between light and dark mode, depending on the current OS setting?
  7. Cool! Will there be an iPad app, too?
  8. Wasn’t that purpose of this thread? In a nutshell, if you spend hundreds or thousands on audio power cords (rather than on better speakers, amps or listening environment) you’re wagging the dog.
  9. Sure, but will the tea taste the same? And how much better would it taste if you used an audiophile power amp cord? That’s the sort of question an audio forum should be concerned with... (the amp calling the kettle black?)
  10. I wonder where you’re going to place them? 🤣
  11. Same here. They told me that they’re going to cut me back from 100/40 to 100/20, or charge an extra $10 per month.
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