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  1. Does this amp have a volume pot or stepped attenuator (the picture suggests the former)? Are there different variants of the HA-160?
  2. Just FYI, Schuko does not have two leads. The term Schuko is actually the contraction of the name for the third (earth) lead: Schutzkontakt (protective terminal).
  3. I think your premise is wrong, that's why your rant is going astray. Better sound quality is not the problem that streaming is trying to solve. Streaming tries to address the issue of convenience for customers – access to (more or less) everything, a mere click away – while at the same time ensuring commercial returns for rights holders and, to a lesser extent, artists. A reasonable question is whether streamed music sounds good enough for audio enthusiasts, and what gear or what services deliver the best sound quality.
  4. I use my real (Aussie) address and credit card details with HDtracks. Using my proxy in the US lets me bypass the geofencing, and I can buy and download anything I like.
  5. I use HDtracks, Channel Classics and Presto. I don't have a VPN, but a squid proxy on a Linode in the US, that works just as well.
  6. I just watched the trailer on iTunes, it does look very interesting. It's one of those stories everybody has heard of but few know the details.
  7. Bargain. Apple's new Macintosh is $85k fully maxed out, and that's without a display
  8. Toy Story 4 for $8.80 is a good buy, no doubt. The Lego 2 movie is only $9.99 on iTunes, and for that you get 4K Dolby Vision/Atmos. Wizard of Oz is also in 4K Dolby Vision on iTunes. Like DVD stores with their bargain tables, iTunes often has specials (under $5, under $8, etc.) that are worthwhile perusing, some great bargains can be had there.
  9. I find that hard to believe, which movies were those? For $25 you get HD or 4K versions from Apple, it's the top pricing tier. Unless they're blockbusters you usually pay under $20 for HD and 4K. I've never paid more than that for a movie from iTunes, and netted a lot of 4K HDR movies for under $15, some for under $8. In my experience, disc sales can't compete anymore. Also, many HD movies I bought in the past have been "silently" upgraded to 4K (some to Dolby Vision and Atmos) for free, an upgrade path my DVD and Blu-Ray collection sadly lacks...
  10. I don't find it ugly Although it seems bizarre that they print the transformer pin-outs on the outside of the case. Those are not user-swappable parts, right?
  11. Congratulations, I'm not surprised that it makes a massive difference. How did you get around the minimum order quantities they usually impose? I've never been able to get a quote for less than $700-800 or so plus shipping, when all I needed was a single 2.4x1.2 slab.
  12. There you go. You can try to measure it yourself (not easy with hobbyist equipment, given the very low resistance), but my money would be on the brass bracket having a lower resistance than 1m+ of cable.
  13. I don't think it was meant as a joke. The resistivity of a short metal bracket across bi-wire terminals is vanishingly small, no matter the actual material. I'd be far more worried about the contact quality than the actual material of the bracket. Brass is more resistant to oxidation than pure copper, and if it is gold plated the contact will be protected from oxidation for a very long time. The tolerances of cross-over resistor values (even closely matched ones) are likely orders of magnitude larger than the total resistance of the brass bracket. Bare copper wire in the speaker terminals is never a good option IMO, unless the clamping pressure is high enough to cause cold welding. I personally never use bare copper wire in terminals, because contact quality degrades rapidly and requires frequent maintenance. Whenever practical, I used copper wire crimped in tight fitting WBT sleeves (i.e. cold-welded).
  14. Pesci... Still Singing Just released on Friday.
  15. Yes, if you select an AirPlay speaker as sound output device on the Mac it'll show up and be selectable as a DAC in Audirvana.
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