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  1. No, the official brochure says "Power consumption (L/R cannel 100W driven) .......... 400W", but makes no mention of the full power consumption. Considering (found elsewhere) that the transformer is 1000kVA, you're look at 100W/ch even when all 5 channels are driven. And Marantz are generally fairly pessimistic about their specifications (like Sansui in the 70's and 80's), so I wouldn't be surprised if it were more. And the figures I could find were for 120v power (150W/ch) and 100v (140W/ch), whereas the unit in question is 240v (and the manual says 170W/ch).
  2. cnet? Guesswork at best. They got the other figures wrong and power usage isn't specified anywhere in the documentation. The one thing mentioned by Marantz power consumption is 400W when L/R are putting out 100W/channel. And THX might be a joke now, but in the early 00's they took it very seriously. Judging from the size of the trafo I'd be guessing 1000kVA - at least 100W/channel all around.
  3. Where did you find the max power consumption? THX certification requires being able to produce 100W in all channels. The only thing I could find was the silly specification in the manuals...The manuals indicate efficiency of 50% in the same place (L/R at 100W = 400W).
  4. The one currently on Ebay? Should be a good one if it doesn't get too expensive and is in good condition. They were made in the early 2000's, so it's possible the THX volume pots might be scratchy (but them them all the way up and they should be fine). Reviews here are generally positive: http://www.audioreview.com/product/amplification/amplifiers/marantz/mm-9000.html#reviews I guess it depends on what you're going to use it for. It has 5 amplifiers, and the specifications don't mention that it will drive all 5 to 170W at the same time. It actually says it will draw 400W to drive L/R to 100W - so you could expect to draw 1700W if you were needing all 850W!!! I doubt it can handle this, as the transformer doesn't look large enough - possibly it's 1000kVA - in which case you could expect 100W/channel with all driven, and 170W/channel if you're only using left and right. So, it is for home theatre? Or are you planning on bi-amping your current speakers? Oh, btw, it's good, reliable, and powerful. Not hi-end, by any stretch, but would give you years of good service, driving good speakers. If you bought the one on Ebay, I'd get someone to just check that everything is still working fine. Costs a bit more - but that's why new amps are more expensive.
  5. Holy moly - I wish visiting was allowed. I could walk to your place. Unfortunately not for me...😭 GLWTS
  6. An early example of the 105/2 with the newer tweeter - link to the KEF museum page (Reference Series Model 105.2). I'm glad you are so far away and with a closed border between us! GLWTS!
  7. OK. The reason you're having trouble removing the drivers is that the speakers probably have a thin layer of sealant around the edges. And over time, it's probably got hard and now refuses to let go. Simplest way I've found to loosen that is to get a few ramset m4 x 8-13mm hollow wall anchors like this from Bunnings. Insert it into the hole and gently tighten until it's quite a tight fit (with the points near the bottom of the bolt hole). Do this on all 6 bolt holes (I'm only thinking of the woofer here, as I know the faceplate is about 6mm thick). Then, using a suitable piece of scrap wood to protect the nice finish you've got there, set up a lever and gently try around all 6 holes to see if you can get some movement. Do it like you would an old paint tin - a little pressure all the way around until it looks like you're getting nowhere, or it's coming loose. One of these weeding tools is a very useful thing for old speakers: P.S. the PVC pipe used as the port is generally a giveaway that it's a home built. But that looks like the only bit that's not really good workmanship. I don't have a pair - but if I did, I believe the expression I would use would contain the words 'cold', 'dead' and 'fingers'!
  8. Hmmm. Counting how much I've got - that's a good idea! Aside from the 29 dozen for the nieces and nephews (about half are 11 bottles after the first tasting) I think there's 38 cases worth (some are full cases!) of various wines. Beers - at least 4 of 5 different beers going back to 2016 (the Red Hill Weizenbock is superb after 6-8 years). The aging chili sauce... First bottles of most of the Chief's Son whiskies And then there's Mrs CE's dads' collection of spirits, taking up valuable wine space under the stairs (his new place is too small). And 9 gallons of his 1979 vino cotto in gallon jars. Can someone remind me Mrs CE and I are doing a dry September?
  9. I lucked in on the principle of buying enough cheap stuff so that I can drink that and save some of the good stuff for later. And my second secret is having 8 nieces and nephews - which means I can buy good wines by the dozen and still have 4 bottles of each to 'check on their progress' before I give them on their 21st birthdays. Yes, I have a rigid tasting plan Yes, the parents also get to taste (what is Christmas for otherwise?).
  10. I can't argue with that. But it's not much good for a home theatre... Very pretty! There might be vibration issues unless the woofers were mounted opposing each other at the ends of the unit. "WOW! The whole room seemed to vibrate when the T-Rex put his foot down!" 😁
  11. For the size of the room (well over 200 m3) it would have to a pretty big OB to provide any sort of bass response in the room. Four to six large drivers, maybe in 'H' or 'S' enclosures might work. But I think it might blow the budget.
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