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  1. means you can't pull/knock it out. At least, not without effort.
  2. LOL. I just look at them from the POV of an ex motorcycle rider. They all accelerate OK and brake OK and they have certain benefits in corners and bigger luggage space. But we don't use our cars on the track, we just like to be able to avoid, or get out of, trouble when it happens. But Mrs CE doesn't like stick shift, so we'll wait for the Corolla with a sequential gearbox (or so we hear) or we might just go the Megane. They don't quite have the note of the Alfa, but you can't have everything!
  3. Which one? The Yaris? The Alfa takes a full sized human - but I'd not want to go more than 100km. The RS265 was the same (maybe better now?) The OPC Astra (which I did get) would take me comfortably in the back.
  4. Much of a muchness in the performance stakes. Around the same sort of torque and weight - and I'm guessing they're both good on corners. The RS265 was like that when I test drove it last also (a little heavier, but more torque). The price is roughly the same for all of them...and the up-coming Corolla is mooted to be cheaper than all of them.
  5. I feel for you. Just having fun this morning with an upgrade to security for work...needless to say, it's VERY secure!
  6. Hi @Marc, Any issues we should know about (feel free to delete this thread!)?
  7. Think we'll wait for the Corolla version later this year. Aside from stick shift and no sequential gearbox option, the price is basically Megane RS265 (or whatever number they're up to) for a first release car vs a long-term development. Mrs CE needs a replacement for her Alfa Quadrifoglio when the lease runs out...
  8. We always worked on the principle that after about 50ml, we may as well be drinking JWR. So we had the special bottle for when that occurred - the Chalie Richards (not available any more, unfortunately). Better than JWR, and at under $30 (admittedly this was the 90's) the cheapest single we could find. Saved many a better bottle.
  9. (horror!) You are saying they typo-ed AND lied? OMG, I'll never 'look' at audio again! 😇😇😇
  10. I remember being the same with The Macallan, preferring the 15, 16 and 18YO to the 25 (at considerable saving as well) in blind tasting. Incidentally, we used to be able to blind taste by: - have one person label the tasting glasses (on the bottom) and do the pour; - have the other (or another) person collect the glasses and deliver them to the tasting 'room'.
  11. And it all depends on how rare and desirable things are. I mean, for limited edition cars, you have an immediate demand for the items at up to 4 times the original price. So much so that some manufacturers will permanently ban you from buying any more of their hi-end products if you sell it within a specified time-frame (I think Aston Martin were the most recent of those). But I suspect that there are almost no pieces of hi-fi, no matter how rare, than make it into the same category. I've see Apogee stuff selling for the same dollar value it originally sold for (someone mentioned M
  12. Any clues as to what they looked like? Floor-standing or bookshelf? Slim or wide? Number and colour of the woofers? Tweeter and/or midrange? Horn or not (for both)? Throwing out a number, when even Klipsch doesn't seem to keep a track of all their models, makes any answer to your question a 'fresh air' guess.
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