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  1. They are effective in keeping a consistent edge, as long as you do it regularly. I wouldn't recommend them for any of the fancy knives (anything over $1000), but for standard steel, they work pretty well. Of course, we get most of them sharpened every year or two, and for the first few months, simply keeping the blades really clean (i.e. the strop is one way, sharpening steel is another) also keeps them sharp. After that, the fine ceramic wheel works effectively again for another few months, as long as you use water. Buying a single decent Japanese water stone is lovely - IF you know how
  2. We use a set of Globals as our 'basics' kit. Then a 17cm Baccarat Santoku for delicate stuff (think gravalax or tataki), a Baccarat CuisinePro boning knife, a long Mundial bread knife for those big loaves (the Global is only about 15cm) and an 18cm Chef's Toolbox Fusion for when bones need to be broken. Keeping them all sharp with a MinoSharp 3 (wet, wheel-based thingy).
  3. Here in Victoria, Mrs CE would have to pay an extra $750 a year to use the car each year - just to travel to work and back. Bit of a dis-incentive right there. Maybe we could register the car in NSW or SA to avoid the green-tax? Plus, many of our trips would have previously required recharging half-way through (and, as far as I know, there's not many charging stations in country Vic) unless you had a Tesla. The newer models due for this year would mean that they'd make most of the trips, but would need to be able to be recharged where we stayed the night.
  4. A Porsche I saw on the Monash one day just after the new Vic number plates came out - 1BJ4ME
  5. Beautiful, dual-mono, integrated amp from the late 80's. While these were well designed, there were issues with dust/rust due to the front panel knobs and buttons not being well sealed. From another forum, there was this: There are a couple of trouble spots in this amplifier 1. the Speaker relay in the back of the amplifier (near the speaker outputs...go figure) can oxidize and cause intermittent operation 2. the front panel buttons and switches aren't sealed, and are a natural for oxidation On the plus side, 100w/Ch of fairly clean power, reasonable quality Phono pre-a
  6. Maybe not, but there are no real English equivalent. But "a feeling of deep sadness at the inadequacies of the world" is a bit long-winded, so I'll stick with apathy as a general translation for my understanding. And I didn't say 'A' moral philosophy, but I guess 'the vibe' (as used in "the Castle") might have been a better choice.
  7. in English: the pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune Acoustics you must move to your disadvantage Loudspeakers feeling ashamed about something someone else has done Hi-Fi face that should be slapped Consumer Electronics
  8. Digital Daggers - Where The Lonely Ones Roam
  9. A few German companies: SchadenFreude Akustik Zugzwang Lautsprecher Fremdschämen Hi-Fi Backpfeifengesicht Unterhaltungselektronik
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