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  1. I used to have a swag of those RIFA caps. Could probably power a small city for a short period. Nice build - GLWTS.
  2. Oooh! Hellyers Road just around the corner. Now I am jealous...
  3. Amazing price! Someone has a bargain - and you can even daisy-chain them. I really shouldn't look in this forum - too much envy!
  4. How long is the speaker connecting cable, please?
  5. That veneer is to die for! And you can listen to them as well? They've got to be the prettiest MBLs I've ever seen... GLWTS
  6. Damn! Why did the dog have to do a cruciate ($4000!!!)? I'm a bit partial to Trio/Kenwood and this is a bargain! The Vintage Knob think this one's a good'un and I'll just have to hope for a small lotto win before someone else snaps it up. GLWTS 😢
  7. I like these ones - they allow 'daisy-chaining' if you want to bi-amp, something which is not always available on power amps. GLWTS
  8. Highly unusual. What sort of impedance to they run to? And the drivers and how old? Certainly looks like the drivers are intended to interlock together in this fashion - any chance of a picture with the back removed? Hm. Sydney. Might be a bit of a stretch to get them down here to Melbourne...
  9. Oooooh!!! Aaaaah!!! I wish, but I cannot. GLWTS!
  10. Oh man! A 4.2! I think I have to go change... GLWTS, that preamp is also a beauty to behold!
  11. If ONLY I hadn't bought that NXT crossover for my Christmas present - I might be allowed... GLWTS (even though I'm jealous)
  12. Bargain. I have the similar sounding (but more traditional looking) 510's. But it was a pair of these that sold me on the JET. Good luck!
  13. My apologies, I appear to have salivated all over your advertisement... GLWTS!
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