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  1. I always like Jewe from the Mickey Hart Planet Drum album. Basically the thud of hands on bodies provides an interesting indication of how good your midbass is. And it ain't midrange I'm talking about - turn it up and you can fee l the pressure on your own chest as well.
  2. Having used a Marantz SR5004 for the surrounds, I'd have to disagree with 'before'. Maybe on par? It won't distribute anything better than a 1080p (so I direct connect 3D and 4K) picture, but the sound is excellent for the 5 channels I use. And, as they're often advertised for $350, I'd say they are a bargain. And a lot of control for 90 W/ch.
  3. Ceiling of one of the places we stayed in Bali a couple of years ago...
  4. I find it difficult to understand where you can say "few I know of" and "normal" in the same sentence WRT this. Either you can easily buy off-the-shelf current amps for a project like this, or you can't. As far as I'm aware, you can't - so at this point, off-the-shelf voltage drive is the only option.
  5. For me, this is beauty, sonically and visually.
  6. acg, I now officially hate you!!! I looked for one of these for about 6 years (while I was running an AU-X1 as my main amp) and never found one. Found about 3 'just sold' ones, but none still for sale. Beautiful!!!
  7. Lucky I had a towel handy! Newcastle. A bit far to just drop over for a brew and a listen. My foray was mostly with integrateds - an AU-222 to an AU-417 and then to an early AU-X1. And a couple of tuners along the way. But this is a turntable thread...so I'd better get back in my box.
  8. The perfect portable guitar amp!!! (from Fury Road, of course) Goldmund designers be sitting at the next table to David Wilson (R.I.P.) in the restaurant and be saying "I'll have what he's having!"
  9. LOL. I must have missed those when I was there!
  10. Having heard these, I'd be quite willing to swap the wife for them...
  11. Turntables? You have turntables? I couldn't take my eyes off the CA2000 and the pair of BA2000's. (I apologise for drooling)中中中中中
  12. I guess we're not fussy enuff. Our Telstra give us unlimited @45+/10+Mbps all day and night. And we're happy to not take it on holidays with us... We're not quite in the 5G area yet (North, South and East it's there, and West is sea), but our 4G is cheap and uses Telstra network for broad coverage when we're not in town (in Aus).
  13. Or a bit of one? It's not really sport, but they call it "the sport of kings".
  14. I think you'd find that it needs to be pressed while at the 54 degrees (for a couple of hours) rather than just being pressed flat after it had reached the correct temperature. But I like your thinking. Except, I don't think any of my vac bags are wide enough - nor my sealer. If it wasn't for the label, I'd say "why bother with the bag at all?"
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