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  1. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    Yeah, about that solder stuff .... I had no idea about it apart from the basic lead/tin varieties until I read about the stuff used in instruments and for space - jeez, another language About the Curious Interconnects, just phone Mike Lenehan up your corner of the world as he's assembling them now - I think they're in the first production run after a pretty long development so there hasn't been any promotion yet. (maybe they'll be available next months at the SNA Audio Show here in Melb, not sure.) Another reminder to get my A into gear about the fuses - Bilbo mentioned the same thing - I'll get some - I wonder if it'll change up the performance of my P/L X2.5 preamp that I've shelved for Uriah Daley's Clone Note volume control + B1 buffer? A good one about the $5 eBay fuses - wouldn't have expected that. I did think about makes some up diy using some thin silver wire, but sanity prevailed!
  2. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    As a side note regarding the Deulund #20 tinned copper stranded wire - I made up a couple of 1 metre ICs as per Jeff's Blog (1 conductor signal, 2 // for the return) and wasn't particularly enthused by the result for nearly 2 days of continuous signal - it seemed to settle down a lot - a somewhat polite sound in my setup, but quite 'listenable' - I then transferred the same 3 wires to a balanced configuration and it seemed a far better & detailed result - no doubt, this result will be a effected by the the associated equipment too, not just the conductors themselves - a rather laid back sound in comparison to the new (unbalanced) Curious Interconnects, for example (my ears/hearing here, mind you)
  3. Dueland tinned cable - input requested

    There are always the 'nay-sayers' to annoy some honest speculations and discussions = please continue to write them as I'm quite interested There are quite a few theories about electron and current transfer in various conductors/insulators and most discussions of them is so often stunted by dogma, particularly by quite knowledgeable people, that discussions inevitably end up in confrontation Plus, how we select the particular interconnect is just like any other component in the system and will reflect our personal taste as the ICs themselves are indeed 'mini-filter', or that's my view - but this disagrees with the ideas of transient voltage response, using mathematical analysis anyway and then the physicists understanding of current flow/electron behaviour is somewhat different again Sending an audio signal thru a simple piece of wire (or also a pcb track, for that matter) has quite a number of considerations - Curiously, there's little discussion about the type of solder used to connect the conductors anymore either - another variable, eh!
  4. Damn, I didn't see that - ah well ...
  5. If you're not into organizing your own power supplies, those Gieseler units are pretty good and about the mid $300s - The price for you to assemble good quality parts/modules like the China version of the Sigma 11 that a few have used goes something like this - assembled/tested board about A$60, transformer about $40+ for a 80va unit, maybe $30 for a China case, add in another $25 for a good line filter/power inlet and a few hours work - one of the recommended output cables is a 4 conductor Belden, but not expensive - total is approx $160 plus some hours work. The fully built, tested and guaranteed ones from Qld aren't all that much more expensive in comparison. The fully built and tested Sigma 11 ones from China cost about the mid 300's too, I think - buy local, eh!
  6. Kodi v Jriver

    I had snoopy over last week and got the jRiver to interact better with the sms-200 and now can send the music files via MPD/DNLA and controlled by the jRiver - I was really pleasantly surprised that the quality didn't suffer the rather circuitous route ar all I'm a novice at these computer 'things' but have become accustomed to the way jRiver functions, well some of the simpler bits!
  7. I had a great deal of trouble trying to get the usb input to work at all in my LM-502 dac and just shelved the unit until I could get a 'better handle' on the problem - then I found the Lorien BlueWave usb -> spdif converter board (same guy that builds the Wave IO usb -> I2S boards) and had it installed by a tech (little knowledge myself in this) and it functions perfectly, both on the usb output of the Laptop with jRiver 23 program (with Wasabi on) and also via the SOtM sms-200 server using the MPD/DNLA connection - plays everything up to 24/192 but no DSD, unfortunately The unit has aftermarket valves and upgraded ICs on the output (not Bursens), a good rectifier and that's about it - I might ask about doing some other changes later but it sounds rather nice indeed as it is - I was quite surprised that there wasn't a big difference in sound to the Ayre Acoustic QB-9, more analogue, maybe not quite the detail or control, but quite relaxing - the transistor output is the more accurate It's just been running for a few hours - be interesting how the next few days effect it.
  8. I have now the option of using the jRiver as the source of the music (Toshiba Laptop, Win 10 + Chrome) into the sms-200 via the MSD/DNLA od just using the jRiver as the control when using the sms-200 in Squeezelight - many thanks Snoop for getting this to work There is a slight difference in the sound, mainly in the slightly heavier bass via the DNLA which is a bit puzzling as the music data is transferred to the router via the Wifi (another extra interface) but not a major concern - the newer version of jRiver (23) does produce some hiccups when organizing the playlist There seems to be 2 areas that the little sms is 'touchy' about - the usb cable and the power supply - I've progressed to the Curious usb Cables and a china version of the AMB Sigma 11 power supply (similar to the ones made in Qld) for the external 2TB HDD and the TeddyReg for the sms-200 (not much difference in using either or both of these) I do have the HDD on a separate 'base board' to the sms - again, not a big difference, if any at all - easy to fool yourself with some of these arrangements The one big feature of this liitle gadget is that a bad recording becomes immediately obvious and a good recording is marvelous, particularly if you like lots of small detail and dynamics- headphones are pretty revealing in this regard I hope this is of some help ....
  9. I've got quite a few of the Nippon Chem 10,000uF/63 volt ones here - they're the KMH 105 - 35mm dia x 50mm high with 10mm thru hole pins - are these any good for you?
  10. Could try Elna (plenty available) or better use Epcos (RS stocks them) - some reputable eBay stockist have the Nichicons - you could even ring Anthony Holton to see if he's got the ones you're looking for Why on earth would you 'wrap' caps to look the same size - get the 'best quality' that'll actually do the job and will fit into the space. What' wrong with the "less than ideal Kemet capacitors"?
  11. The Prodigy tracks are great for accelerated cable break-in, if you choose to go that way - not as quick as the electronic device (but also not a $1500 price tag!) and I've never seen a kit or circuit for one of these either
  12. Hearing test

    Yeah Al.M, whatever works for each of us I know guys whose measured freq response is below 7kHz but can instantly tell the difference in weighted cymbals even at low level of recording What's a 10k signal in musical terms? As far as I know, there's no such thing as a sine wave in actual music - the Fourier approach is a mathematical construct for reasons of analysis of test signals but these don't actually occur in music Just testing the freq response of hearing (especially just using h/phones) is a pretty limited evaluation, IMO
  13. I would love to take these 10" AN drivers off your hands for the A$200 despite the 'paper additions' - if you could pack them so the drivers and especially the magnets, don't get bumped and get a total price including freight to Melb, let me know. ... James ([email protected])