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  1. If you want to really learn something about room setups, try Jim Smith's "Get Better Sound" book - it's a direct 'on-line' purchase from "getbettersound.com" - it's still US$38 + postage - also available as a series of DVDs for those people who prefer this way It also has some 'no-nonsense' introductions to "acoustics 101" (beginner acoustics) plus it has a list of specific music and how to listen well (excellent directions on what to listen for, etc) Knowledge is the cheapest upgrade & the benefits last your lifetime. It's great to see the acoustical control panels in use
  2. Yeah, I knew that one quite well when I used to pop into town - I think they've done some more work on it since then(about 5 years ago) at the city end and particularly around the river-side where it's very commercial. The main aim is to just plod around the local area and for some shopping and such (Chadstone, Mt Waverley, Oakleigh, Malvern, etc) - it'll save starting up the car for short trips, but I know I'll get more adventurous after awhile in the better weather. I'm also looking to go S/East from here (Chadstone side of Mt Waverley) out to the Monash Uni area, maybe out to the Wantirna and Bayswater area too - I'm told that with some pedaling, these battery bikes can go maybe 50km or more - seems a lot from a single charge There's not many good cheap ones available out there so far - the aged batteries replacements cost up to $500 but the sellers still ask for over 80% of new prices - probably better to talk direct to the retailers, I'm thinking. I thought about getting a small/medium engine motor bike again but the "push" bikes just are more of a challenge and so much better for the health as you age (slowly, gracefully?!) … later
  3. Thanks for your reply and info - will get myself outfitted and 'lit-up' well. I noticed that we do have a number of bike/walk tracks down the side of a number of the higher speed main roads but they disappear as you get further into the residential Waverley area so tracking thru the side streets needs a bit of planning and a 'bike tracks' map
  4. I'm considering going back onto the bike after suffering the afternoon congestion that starts somewhere around 4pm for simple trips and am thinking about getting one of those electric bikes (getting lazy, too!) and searching thru the various options and also need to get a high visibility outfit - any hints, or suggestions? Curiously, I find I'm more conscious of riders on the roads in the evenings and after dark, except on wet days and towards dusk when the sun gets in your eyes - unlike with cars, I do think the use of the bike's high intensity headlights during the day is a good thing and the flashing rear red lights are a godsend. I like those pedal reflectors as they really do grab your attention Reading thru this thread, it's a timely reminder to me that after driving for quite some years, I've just realized that I often DON'T look for bikes, etc when opening the driver's door on kerbside parking - I just glance around, quite casually and could easily miss a low visibility rider, especially those crazy fast messenger guys in the city - scooters and motor bikes seem to nearly all have headlights on in the daylight. I've been lucky to not cause anyone any damage and it's a timely reminder that a lot of drivers like me that have ingrained habits could do with
  5. If there's no problem about the slight squeezing of the Polymax pads by 5mm and any chance of bending the plaster sheet (check with plasterer), any actually minor change in absorption will be undetectable (slight air cavity compression). Good effort with the MLV - a lot of work
  6. Over the last few years, the accelerated development in speaker technology has been phenomenal, and our own Lorantz guys are definitely in the forefront in this - in fact, they're one of the best speaker driver manufacturers in the world (no exaggeration here either) but they don't manufacture to any 'high fi' market, unfortunately. However, there's nothing wrong with using a 'pro-audio' driver, particularly a bass or bass/mid driver of recent manufacture in your hifi speakers - in general, they'll be higher efficiency, far lower distortion, better linearity, extended freq response, etc, etc than any of the 'marketed' hifi speaker drivers from any of the well known brands, although this is slowly changing. The big difficulty is actually getting your hands on one!
  7. So, next suggestion would be to add a query in the MAC newsletter, and/or drop a line to Doug Tipping or perhaps Ian McFarlan (?).
  8. Pretty sure that if you direct your enquiry to Michael at Lorantz, he can fill you in on all the details.
  9. Yeah Matty, There is still this misconception that pro-audio amps and equipment are just about high power and sound 'rough', noisy, unreliable, etc and that it's only the much advertised high profile 'hifi' equipment that sounds good - those days are well and truly gone. However, much of the equipment we use is about recognizable names and attitudes - perfectly reasonable, too - we're much more comfortable using something that seems familiar to us and the changing world of digital amplifiers is definitely unfamiliar territory for many of us The Putzey 'Hypex' class D amplifiers are often regarded as the epitome of class D (ie the Kaluga from Mola Mola, etc ) but there's a whole lot of other class D amps out there and the association with high performance dsp (ie Pascal, etc) allows performances unknown to purely analogue systems. Interesting times ...
  10. There are a lot more Aus built 'pro-audio' amps available and the rapid development of the Class D amps with/without dsp is a 'game-changer' too.
  11. I'm a bit puzzled - what's the point of this "speaker competition" ? Is it a speaker expo with no amplifiers or sound, or something? What is this "friendly rivalry amongst the contestants "? What are you thinking about contesting?
  12. The 'car-audio' fraternity does do something called a loudness competition that I think is operating about the 150dB, if that's what you mean? What is it in regards to a 'hifi' reproduction?
  13. I'm looking for something like this and wondered if it could be packed into an old Peugeot 505 sedan without too much trouble? Also, what suburb are you from
  14. Oh, this is a bargain!! There's a couple of upgrades for this little gem too (a lineap power supply and a PCC88, etc or a 6c8g tube + a socket) but no internal changes.
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