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  1. I'm obviously a little biased but I selected these speakers years ago and whilst I've bought and auditioned a lot since, none have taken their place in my main system. These will make someone very happy - glwts
  2. My dream speakers for many, many years. Going to stay that way sadly. Hopefully someone picks these beauties up.
  3. I'm interested - do you have dimensions? I need to know if my equipment will fit Thanks
  4. Hi mate, I might grab that of it's still available. I'm in Melbourne (north). Thanks
  5. I personally love my existing M6i with my Dyns so much, the combination just works, hence why I didnt hesitate to express my intent to buy here
  6. I agree entirely. I simply commented with the wording suggested by the 'guidelines' (after my last reply was hidden).
  7. My feedback, and merely a suggestion, would be remove all the review text and replace with a hyperlink (even that's prob not needed), it's simply overwhelming and hard to navigate in its current form. Oh and I'd like to offer 5 brass razoos for the 66th item from the top of thread Amazing collection of equipment, glwts.
  8. I love this amp, you really cant go wrong. I really have no desire to update it to anything else as it works so well with my setup. GLWTS.
  9. Hi Guys, Seeking advice about simplifying my system and reducing the clutter in my open plan room. I want to retire/consolidate the existing setup of M50>M51>M6i and was considering the Powernode 2 as an option. I am just concerned about its ability to properly drive the Dyns. Does anyone have any experience with this unit, or views on it? I am quite familiar with the Blusound interface and particularly like the solution as it doesn't use DLNA but I'd be open to other recommendations also. Much appreciated :)
  10. Item: Audiolab M-DAC - DAC and Headphone AmpLocation: MelbournePrice: $600Item Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Replaced with new DACPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank DepositExtra Info: I purchased this late last year. from an SNA member. It was a short term solution whilst my new DAC was on backorder and was used for about 3 weeks then I listed it for sale. I never saw it through and have been AWOL from the community for some time, so its been boxed in the wardrobe ever since. When I put this into my system I used it in DAC mode only, via USB from the PC. It performed extremely well and from all reports the headphone amp is also excellent. This is a very highly regarded unit, check the reviews. For me it was a big step up from my previous DAC and it is also quite versatile in terms of connectivity and functionality. It's running the latest optimised firmware. Includes the external power supply, remote control and original box/packaging and manual. http://www.whathifi.com/audiolab/m-dac/review
  11. Just a user testimonial for this unit - I have been thoroughly happy with this amplifier driving my Dyns with so much headroom for several years. Power and control, very strong bottom end, it's a great amp and seems to have quelled my endless upgrades! GLWTS
  12. I have it and I absolutely love it. Get on it people, this is a fantastic bit of German kit. Sent from my SM-A300Y using Tapatalk
  13. @Amadeus I have the Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC now. @blandest I would if I had some spare but I only have the one set I'm using currently so would be without cables then
  14. Item: Audiolab M-DAC - DAC and Headphone AmpLocation: MelbournePrice: $700 firmItem Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Replaced with new DACPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank DepositExtra Info: I purchased this a month or so ago from a fellow forum member as part of a package deal with some Sennheiser HD800's. It was a short term solution whilst my new DAC was on backorder. Well, it has arrived and now I no longer require this unit. When I put this into my system I used it in DAC mode only, via USB from the PC. I never used the Headphone amp section as I ran it balanced to my existing HP amp. This is a very highly regarded unit, check the reviews. For me it was a big step up from my previous DAC and it is also quite versatile in terms of connectivity and functionality. Includes the external power supply, remote control and original box. http://www.whathifi.com/audiolab/m-dac/review Pictures:
  15. My Holo Audio Spring (known hereafter as the Holo) arrived today. Purchase was from Wildism Audio HK, with Jensen Caps and Pure Silver transformer upgrades, in keeping with the Level 3 "Kitsune-tuned" version, though with only 1 year warranty whereas Kitsune have chosen to extend it to 3 years. I'm not one for writing reviews but I'll try to write one as I know first-hand info is thin on the ground on this unit...and interest is proportionally high. Please note - this is a headphone specific review. Bit of background - I haven't owned CD's for over 10 years, nor DVD's or Blurays, I've always been firmly in the Computer Audio camp and I have to concede this might have made it harder to achieve true satisfaction in my HiFi systems. Not that I don't believe PC audio can't be superior - I do - just that it hasn't been for a long time. I think its changing now though. I have ~750GB of flac files, about 350 of those are High Res. I tend to avoid vinyl rips and try where possible to get digital masters, HD-Tracks releases and so on. I also have a stack of SACD isos and some stuff from NativeDSD.com, so DSD was a big factor for me in choosing my *cough* end-game DAC. I don't claim to know DSD is superior or otherwise but I want all the options on the table. I've recently built my desktop rig from the ground up. I purchased a fanless, NUC based mini-PC from Aleutia, a UK company. It's machined out of aluminium and brass, a gorgeous little machine (if such things turn you on anyway). It runs an M.2 SSD, so no moving parts whatsoever. I've added a linear PSU to it. It runs Roon on Win 10. I have run through a bunch of optimisations for the underlying OS based on Audiophile Optimizer. The machine itself runs headless, so no video card driver, no peripherals, WiFi disabled, Bluetooth disabled etc. Its just the Roon core/player. It's connected to the Holo, currently by a Blue Jeans Cable USB 3 cable. Soon it will also have a M2Tech HiFace Evo which I was lucky enough to snaffle on the forums here today . Then I will have SPDIF and I guess I2S if I want to do my own head in further with more variables. From there the DAC is connected to my Violectric V281 using Blue Jeans Balanced XLR cables. Then it's onto the LCD-3s using Balanced, or on rare occasions the HD800s unbalanced. A word on cables - I have both moderately expensive cables from the likes of Audioquest, QED, Prism etc and reasonably priced ones from Blue Jeans which I tend to prefer. Also, word from the manufacturer is that this unit needs 300-400hrs to burn in. Also it should not be turned off, rather placed in standby, or if turned off needs to be on for an hour or so before any serious playback is done. I have always been sceptical on burn-in (cables particularly ) but I will admit that since my old Marantz PM84 Quarter A amplifier I genuinely understand certain components need to warm up. Sure enough, as soon as I connected the Holo and hurriedly put a track on for the first time I had to take the headphones off, it was terrible. I left it running for an hour or so and it had completely cleaned up. Anyway, I unboxed the Holo earlier. The first thing I noticed was the weight - its laughably heavy, like an amplifier. It's also way bigger than I thought, I bought this for my head-fi/desktop setup and it's a bit silly on my desk. Installation was a breeze. I downloaded the latest driver which was released on the 7th October. Installed and connected and it was detected without any issue. I now have a new ASIO driver specific to the Holo, whereas I was using ASIO4ALL previously with the Audiolab M-DAC. There is a small Holo configuration utility that resides in the Systray and allows access to some settings for USB buffers and default formats etc. I tweaked my settings in Roon to ensure Native DSD playback, all extremely smooth sailing. I also configured Foobar because I don't know if I will pay for Roon much longer. In all cases DSD was picked up, as was the appropriate PCM sample rate. No clicking or popping of any kind between tracks. Onto the sound. It is obviously very early to tell (edit: it was early when I started this but its now 4.5hours later!!!) but I can tell you this - the Audiolab M-DAC is over on the chair behind me and the next place its going is into the classifieds. I was only using the DAC stage not the headphone amp (I did try it but it didn't come close to the V281). I immediately noticed massive changes in the overall presentation of the music with the Holo. For me the biggest difference between the Holo and the M-51, the M-DAC as well as the MusicStreamer II I was using prior, is that it has changed the soundstage and added a kind of balance that was missing before. I have found Head-Fi a new experience - it's hard to get past the fact the headphones really are on the left and right side of the head, the separation is hard to get past. I haven't myself experiencing moments where I am transported to the performance. I have had moments where my skin has crawled and shiver down the spine at the sheer intimacy of them but never felt like I was 'there'. However, this is the biggest change - I suddenly feel like the sound has somehow shifted forward of me and in doing so a balance achieved. I have read about DAC/Headphone amps that have a Cross-Phase function to try to minimise the separation between left and right and while I have never tried one, that is exactly what has happened with this DAC. The sound is so much more credible and as a result the headphones disappear. Even these heavy, bulky LCD-3s! I've listened to the easy stuff - the big tracks from Clapton, Norah Jones, Dire Straits...this stuff always sounds good but I do think that it is good music to reveal subtle nuances. Its not like a stress test for a system but a way for me to discern what are often extremely minor differences between equipment. Also listened to Ray La Montagne; Pantera; Sabbath, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Coldplay, Slayer. Nothing has been anything less than an absolute treat. Background is black as black but it already was with my existing setup. The V281 made the most difference in achieving this. Instrument separation is as good as I have heard. Well, it's better. For example, the distinction between the main vocalists from backup singers is amazing, I have to concede that's been something I've been more aware of since getting into head-fi in general but it is more acute now. I haven't taken the headphones off since I got this setup at ~6pm and I'm spewing I have to go to bed. Anyway, sorry for the long-winded rant but I've seen a lot of people asking for info so hopefully at least some of this is useful for you. I'll post an update once its fully 'burned in'
  16. My unit arrived two nights ago. I started listening to it and writing a review, and then I just got lost in the music and never posted the review. So, I will post it here shortly, some two days later. Therefore the tense might seem a bit out of wack. I will just add that I've spent two nights since listening and it's completely redefined my appreciation for my system and I am over the moon. It might just be the difference between $1000 DACs and $3000 DACs but whatever it is I am so happy.
  17. Checked my PM - it definitely appears to have been sent successfully. No response as yet.
  18. That's definitely possible, I have some issues with my main listening room (ie it's desperate need of room treatment), but should still be able to discern the differences between the two. It's a bit painful seeing Rocky500's DAC for sale in the classified for almost 1K less than I've just paid to get mine.
  19. Watching with interest here... I think my Spring DAC is about a week away from being shipped. The delay on the Jensen caps has put it back a little way. I will post my impressions in this thread once its arrived. I intend to use it for my Headphone rig, though may swap out the M51 in my main system if it suits better there. Cheers
  20. Damn, I ordered one about 2 weeks ago. I would have liked to read more of your impressions of this unit. GLWTS!
  21. Haha I tend to view that in reverse Sent from my SM-A300Y using Tapatalk
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