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  1. I'm obviously a little biased but I selected these speakers years ago and whilst I've bought and auditioned a lot since, none have taken their place in my main system. These will make someone very happy - glwts
  2. My dream speakers for many, many years. Going to stay that way sadly. Hopefully someone picks these beauties up.
  3. I'm interested - do you have dimensions? I need to know if my equipment will fit Thanks
  4. Hi mate, I might grab that of it's still available. I'm in Melbourne (north). Thanks
  5. I personally love my existing M6i with my Dyns so much, the combination just works, hence why I didnt hesitate to express my intent to buy here
  6. I agree entirely. I simply commented with the wording suggested by the 'guidelines' (after my last reply was hidden).
  7. My feedback, and merely a suggestion, would be remove all the review text and replace with a hyperlink (even that's prob not needed), it's simply overwhelming and hard to navigate in its current form. Oh and I'd like to offer 5 brass razoos for the 66th item from the top of thread Amazing collection of equipment, glwts.
  8. I love this amp, you really cant go wrong. I really have no desire to update it to anything else as it works so well with my setup. GLWTS.
  9. Hi Guys, Seeking advice about simplifying my system and reducing the clutter in my open plan room. I want to retire/consolidate the existing setup of M50>M51>M6i and was considering the Powernode 2 as an option. I am just concerned about its ability to properly drive the Dyns. Does anyone have any experience with this unit, or views on it? I am quite familiar with the Blusound interface and particularly like the solution as it doesn't use DLNA but I'd be open to other recommendations also. Much appreciated :)
  10. Item: Audiolab M-DAC - DAC and Headphone AmpLocation: MelbournePrice: $600Item Condition: ExcellentReason for selling: Replaced with new DACPayment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, Bank DepositExtra Info: I purchased this late last year. from an SNA member. It was a short term solution whilst my new DAC was on backorder and was used for about 3 weeks then I listed it for sale. I never saw it through and have been AWOL from the community for some time, so its been boxed in the wardrobe ever since. When I put this into my system I used it in DAC mode only, via USB from the PC. It performed extremely well and from all reports the headphone amp is also excellent. This is a very highly regarded unit, check the reviews. For me it was a big step up from my previous DAC and it is also quite versatile in terms of connectivity and functionality. It's running the latest optimised firmware. Includes the external power supply, remote control and original box/packaging and manual. http://www.whathifi.com/audiolab/m-dac/review
  11. Just a user testimonial for this unit - I have been thoroughly happy with this amplifier driving my Dyns with so much headroom for several years. Power and control, very strong bottom end, it's a great amp and seems to have quelled my endless upgrades! GLWTS
  12. I have it and I absolutely love it. Get on it people, this is a fantastic bit of German kit. Sent from my SM-A300Y using Tapatalk
  13. @Amadeus I have the Holo Audio Spring R2R DAC now. @blandest I would if I had some spare but I only have the one set I'm using currently so would be without cables then
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