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  1. I'm obviously a little biased but I selected these speakers years ago and whilst I've bought and auditioned a lot since, none have taken their place in my main system. These will make someone very happy - glwts
  2. My dream speakers for many, many years. Going to stay that way sadly. Hopefully someone picks these beauties up.
  3. I'm interested - do you have dimensions? I need to know if my equipment will fit Thanks
  4. Hi mate, I might grab that of it's still available. I'm in Melbourne (north). Thanks
  5. I personally love my existing M6i with my Dyns so much, the combination just works, hence why I didnt hesitate to express my intent to buy here
  6. I agree entirely. I simply commented with the wording suggested by the 'guidelines' (after my last reply was hidden).
  7. My feedback, and merely a suggestion, would be remove all the review text and replace with a hyperlink (even that's prob not needed), it's simply overwhelming and hard to navigate in its current form. Oh and I'd like to offer 5 brass razoos for the 66th item from the top of thread Amazing collection of equipment, glwts.
  8. I love this amp, you really cant go wrong. I really have no desire to update it to anything else as it works so well with my setup. GLWTS.
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