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  1. If you can pick them up walkingpig, go nuts! Not something I needed anyway
  2. Are you willing to post these, by any chance?
  3. PM sent to joblodorifto! Krappo, you're next in case it falls through :nana Thanks for looking!
  4. You and I both! Tis cheap for SNA; if it doesn't sell here, it's going elsewhere with the price jacked up :nana
  5. Item: Cambridge Audio 540A v2, as per the title. Location: 3219; Geelong, VIC. Item Condition: Very good. The amplifier has a couple of small scratches on the top from other components being there, and the remote control is in 'used' condition - a few scratches, a small dent on the side, but still works perfectly. Nothing major. Reason for selling: Upgraded to a multi-channel receiver - need to sell this to recoup costs. Not an amplifier I want to sell, but it's going to have to be. Price: Reserve of $250 plus postage/shipping costs, if applicable. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Extra Info: The above pretty much covers it. I've still got the original box, receipt, manual and packaging. I'll throw in a 1m Cambridge Audio 'Arctic' interconnect cable. Again, a reluctant sale; I love the character of this amp. Apparently quite typical of British amps, it's got a fairly mellow sound to it. Cambridge site is here. Pictures:
  6. Pleased with your decision, I take it?
  7. If you can get around the vocals (just somewhat of an acquired taste) I recommend Det Som Engang Var, by Burzum. Just one of the many quintessential black metal albums to listen to. Hell, I may just put it on myself shortly!
  8. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium. Gets better with every listen, it does!
  9. Nice tidy setup! (Good idea with the spare speakers, too. Anyone tried to use your TT as a scratch pad, yet? )
  10. I wonder why they felt compelled to use a theater.
  11. There are plugins for Nero that'll do it. http://the-stygian.com/random/nxMyFLA.dll (Just thought I'd save you a bit of effort looking for it :eek: Chuck this into C:\Program Files\Common Files\Ahead\AudioPlugins and you'll be able to. Alternatively, you can do it via EAC if you've got a CUE file, and there are many other apps out there, but no names come to mind.
  12. First would have to be Crime of the Century - Supertramp. Followed closely by Fragile - Yes, and Stadium Arcadium - Red Hot Chili Peppers (surprisingly - the CD release of StadArcad was apparently shocking.)
  13. If a change in cables produces a change in audio quality through actual improvements or just a placebo effect - does it really matter? Both bring greater satisfaction, really.
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