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  1. “It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out.” ― Carl Sagan
  2. ^^ It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain
  3. ^^ If you have time to sort through them all. Been there, done that.
  4. Surely you can find something better than that.
  5. Experience. Very few tube designs ever, were designed with audio in mind. A large commercial stockpile would need to deal with the market reality, and that is, the tube market for audio is very small.
  6. On average, very few will be useful for audio.
  7. And in my approach, you'd simply add a second order Q=2 HPF at 33Hz. Automatically protects from overexcursion below tune. It still is to some people, but they won't be all that large anyway.
  8. They're JBL clones and the original EWave flare. The polars are so good a certain famous designer got the irrits when they were published some years back. Cough *EG* cough. Looks like a nice unit and at $A229 ea locally, can't really ask for more. If you're going active, these would make a great 6th order ported, getting you a much smaller box and about a 33Hz F3.
  9. After I fling them in the air and take aim with the shottie? Not long. Seriously, Ittakus numbers on the previous page are reasonable averages, but it depends on operating point, cabinet temperature etc.
  10. OK, I was dubious until I looked at the JBL spec sheet. The P.A.'s are pretty exact clones, at least my 2380s were. The performance though is going to be extremely dependent on the driver. Pity you're not in Sydney or I'd have loaned you some 2445. No, just no. Go with the Dayton H6512. With the little Celestion screw on. This is a truly excellent flare and will be easier to integrate with the P.A. as there'll be much more overlap. Will cost maybe $US10 more. What are you contemplating for the 15's?
  11. No, high Le almost always equates with high Le(x). So as the driver's excursion increases the Le will change, usually differently on opposite half cycles causing a form or modulation distortion. I have a great paper on it at home I'll post if I remember.
  12. The 4355 was really a big boombox.However, if you the equivalent 2020's SOTA sound, you can do better, but you'll have to define the characteristics you want in the design. Today there are better drivers (DR and CD) WGs, horns, modelling software and speaker topologies (for want of a better word) that make it fairly easy to eclipse a nearly 40yo design. If you just want to impress your friends...
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