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  1. Like audiophiles aren't going to do that.
  2. A9X

    Thorens td150 MkII restoration/Mod

    Lovely grain on the redgum. It should look very nice when finished.
  3. ^^ Thanks. I'll be watching it tonight along with Isle of Dogs.
  4. A9X

    Ideal Cabinet Construction?

    It be here. I'm about to leave for work, but I'll add my tuppence ha'penny later.
  5. A9X

    Bathurst 2018

    Colonectomy. Stupid autocorrect. Hmm... maybe it's more intelligent than I thought.
  6. A9X

    Bathurst 2018

    Some may ask for a colonoscopy later.....
  7. A9X

    Bathurst 2018

    Let him know I will be bringing some Carolina Reapers with me.
  8. Nope, all the possible "improvements" you mentioned will express themselves in the final output signal. That is, if they are in fact audible.
  9. Are there independent measurements to back this up? That is, that there is an audibly significant difference.
  10. I LOL'd. But I've been saying exactly this for years.
  11. A9X

    US Power cord query

    Use an onshipper.
  12. A9X

    Building My DreamTheatre

    Hi, welcome. More people would show interest if you could detail what you're trying to achieve, what gear you're interested in and what you're idea of 'dream' HT is. This is close to my idea of dream, and I won't be far off it when finished, though I have a much smaller room..
  13. A9X

    Canare 4S11 Cable

    Nope. The capacitive loading will have an effect on the dominant pole in the feedback loop and potentially cause oscillation.
  14. I also have a couple of integrated Yamaha units, both with phono stages I'd happily give to a Northener. One is an A500 and the other is an AX something or another. Both old and original but still work fine. The A500 is my office amp and only used for radio. I got to know Nick back at Riverina in the day and used to shop at his store in Lismore in the early 00's.