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  1. Exactly. Why go to all the effort to get excellent off axis performance, and then have to add a diffraction generator (grille)? I'd never build a speaker with a grille.
  2. Especially in Australia as many drivers must be imported, how does one define their cost? Just OS price converted, or landed including shipping and fees? Plus what about passive xovers? A simple 4-6 element passive using modest parts vs a Tony Gee stye very complex unit using all TOTL Jantzen (very overrated) parts? I could easily design a small two way either way using the same drivers and box, but end up with a very different finished product cost. Entrants would simply need to provide a receipt tally to prove validity for a given section. The idea of completed cost was so that someone else could listen to a design they like and know what it will cost to replicate. Box cost could simply be the number of sheets of MDF/ply required, leaving another builder to decide on their own finish. I think MWAF entrants also need to publish the designs post competition. I would do so happily, provided copyright remains mine and not going to say MAC.
  3. Sure. But I'd hope for an open class as the build I have in mind has quite a number of drivers, none of which are cheap. Plus a PC for xover and 10ch of amplification. Note: I own most of the parts already and would probably have to spend ~$1000 to complete.
  4. You're still not easy to now. PS: If October is on, will you be venturing down this year, or piking again?
  5. This was the sort of format I was thinking of earlier in the thread. Edit: However I think the price points should be the finished cost, ie, drivers, xovers, box. Maybe finish could be left out as veneers can be expensive and could make up a large part of an otherwise budget speaker.
  6. I'm glad to see your project coming along in the few weeks I've been absent. I've been talking about the clean SPL and lack of compression for years. Maybe others will have a go at this style as well.
  7. I'd build the Jubilee bass bin as the KHorn one isn't all that good. Plans on Klipsch forum.
  8. Meh. No T/S apart from Qts and no independent tests to confirm it's actual performance. Field coils are vastly overrated as I could still manipulate driver/box performance more with a cheaper driver and DSP. Id be interested in reading a build with them though. But I seriously doubt many are going to pony up the $A5k it would cost to get a pair here. Maybe someone in Japan or HK will.
  9. This is the only reliable way to do it. Ring Novaris and see what they recommend, and have it installed by a good electrician.
  10. I'd also be tempted to enter but I don't do passive speakers any more, so if active is OK, I'm OK. I have a design on paper that I will build when I recover from the current surgery.
  11. Why? It's never been an issue for the many, many drivers I've bought from the US or Europe.
  12. Does the xover pop at turn off/on? If no, then no. If it does then you need to fix that. I've never added a series cap or other protection to a directly connected tweeter, and never damaged one, either at home or in a PA. Good system design counts.
  13. Correct. Unfortunately would not even remotely fit in the current apartment, so when I moved it was sold off or dumped, just keeping the drivers. When I move back to the house that had the horns, I'll use my Unity >300Hz with a modified version of the long midbass and the same subs.
  14. Front Loaded Horn, as opposed to a BLH, a la 'scoop'. System ended up being 2 corner loaded LABHorns/side, a 2220 2m long J shaped hypex, a 150Hz EVM12L driven trax, them Arai A290 with BMS4590. I owned KHorns, factory LS, home made LS (incl djk ported LS) and Heresys.
  15. Then I'd posit you don't know how to correctly set it up. I've never heard an analog even go close to what a good DSP can do. Unless of course, you're simply using the DSP to do textbook electronic generic filters. I've posted many times before that after getting my KHorns, I enjoyed them for a while in the flush of new love. Then I began to notice the faults, and by the time I'd engineered them out, they were sitting in the garage and I had designed a 5 way FLH system that absolutely slaughtered them.
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