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  1. ^^ I'll be interested to see what you come up with, and will do the same myself if I get some time on the weekend. A passive 6.5 box could also make an attractive surround or Atmos speaker for some people. WES also discount for quantity, so if you get enough interest a group buy might save some money. I'm not interested in organising it, but I don't live far from them and would happily disperse to others involved.
  2. WES are local too, and they stock, or at least can get the potentially decent SB Acoustics coaxes. They are more expensive than the Jaycar and Altronics units, but why would anyone want to go to the effort of designing a speaker and xover, and finishing it well, only to place a 1970's car speaker reject as the central component? Have you actually looked at the limited specs for them (J and A drivers), if they're actually published? SB 4" SB 5" SB 6.5"
  3. You should avoid the big pitfall of buying one.
  4. Too many preciouses around here who run to mummy and complain.
  5. Not with HE speakers. I had one, and now have 4x10HDs.
  6. Same processor as the original MD.
  7. Definitely NOT the enclosures in this case. Horrible, resonant, unbraced boxes. Put them in a decent enclosure and they can be quite nice.
  8. I've had lots of coaxes, predominantly Tannoys, but with some PAudio 15's as well. They all sounded batter with a dedicated LF driver to handle the bottom end and keep the cone movement to a minimum on the coax. Next coax build will be the surrounds; AE TD15X with a Faital 8HX200.
  9. A coax is at least a 2 way, so I don't see how it fits into the single WR driver category.
  10. Based upon my own experience, better. As for the "lack of coherence" in a multiway, ask the many here who've heard TJ's 5 way system if it lacks coherence.
  11. But mine can do all of that plus large orchestral, rock, metal etc. No limits in what I want to listen to.
  12. Not in the same way you're referring to wrt WR drivers.
  13. Benn there, done that. Still has a horrible top end. My Unity based mains do not lack coherence. And they're low distortion and can supply all the SPL and dynamics I could wish for.
  14. Been told that many times and have been disappointed every time, especially with complex materials when I want some SPL. I can do without the IMD and FMD thanks. I'll stay with 3-4 ways with DSP.
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