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  1. A9X

    Twin 15" subwoofer

    And you will be very welcome. You know when it's on...
  2. A9X

    Twin 15" subwoofer

    You should have been here this week to see just how untrue that is.
  3. A9X

    Power cord discussions

    Because they're the gold standard in sensory testing. This has been discussed dozens of times, so maybe you could search and find out for yourself. If you're not interested in DBTs, why not show me the audibly significant differences at the output of the audio device by including the new power cable or conditioner? It's very easy to measure far better than any human can hear, so where are the results from the manufacturers, especially independently corroborated? They don't exist, because neither do the differences due to fancy power cords, and doing said tech tests would only hurt the bottom line of the manufacturers. I'm prepared to be swayed by the data. Not anecdotes.
  4. A9X

    Power cord discussions

    ^^ Even easier would be to simply swap out the cables without th listener knowing which is in. Tried to do so many times, but those that claim there are differences tend to find excuses not to attend. Your text problem is you have used the strike out, S with a horizontal line in the options, next to underline.
  5. A9X

    Bathurst 2018

    ^^ That might make him perfect company. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Ooh, err....
  6. A9X

    Power cord discussions

    It came across to me as an advertorial, with no useful information, from someone well invested in selling power products.
  7. A9X

    Power cable query

    ^^ What he said.
  8. A9X

    Blown Klipsch Horns...

    It's typically voltage, not current. It does nothing of the sort. Flat topped periodic waveforms are still periodic waveforms, NOT DC. Please read up on Fourier. This myth needs to die.
  9. A9X

    Going overboard in small room?

    Not even remotely.
  10. A9X

    Bathurst 2018

    As far as I'm aware, the one in post #1 is accurate. Something may have changed I'm unaware of though. If anyone is not coming, or there are extras or day trippers planning on coming up, please either post here or PM me through SNA as I'm not monitoring direct emails much. PS Joe, tell Mal to get his butt up here. Good to hear. I'm currently sitting in the kitchen at Jones Manor trying to decide what I want to cook for breakfast.
  11. Best to learn from everyone else's as much as possible. It's not like they're directly related...
  12. Exactly, and it's best to do it before you buy some more parts 'cos O'Toole's Law says they'll be wrong and not returnable. No one, least of all me wants your project to be anything but a smashing success. Utilise the brains trust.
  13. A9X

    End Game?

    Nah, my house is pretty solid. However, my next door neighbour's fine crockery cabinet was just the right distance away that I could rattle the contents onto the floor. Apparently.
  14. A9X

    End Game?

    Ha. I thought I was the only one mad enough to put something like that in their house. Mine had about the same mouth area, but a slightly longer axial length, hypex flare and used a JBL 15. It was J shaped with the driver at about standing eye level. Knowing what I do now, I'd resign it slightly to incorporate a Unity-esqe point source like your PSE. But I'd still have the 4 LABhorns for bass. Apart from that very little would likely have changed from that design today; I had to move and couldn't physically fit it into the current abode, but I'll be back in the same house in a few years... When the current system is rebuilt (aesthetics only changed) I can't see it changing much. So to answer the OP's question, yes, this will likely be endgame for quite a while.