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  1. Bush fire smoke haze over Hobart's Northern Suburbs.
  2. The 201s were very well regarded speakers - I had a pair and remember them fondly. One of my all-time favourites. The lead-lined ones are especially rare & highly sought after. Bit of work required, but surely these would be worth somebody's time & effort?
  3. iPic taken from Claremont Golf Course yesterday 13-1-2019. Cracking weather!
  4. Pic received today from my daughter - staying at future in-laws' beach shack. Good luck to them. Says it all.
  5. Not every day we can see reflections in the Derwent..
  6. Very nice. I guessed it wasn't the Southern Hemisphere - we don't have a Pole star....
  7. Some info is covered here in this Smith / Jones / Atkinson classic - and that wasn't yesterday.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXDK3x5lAYI
  8. Suspiciously cheap eBay ads disappear. [Excuse if double post] Occasionally I receive emails from my eBay searches which contain suspiciously low starting bids for quality gear. See attached screenshot - only the first 2 items are 'real'. If I click on the cheapies, I get a message to the effect that they can't be found anywhere on the eBay system. Now... I know it's a scam - but not sure how it works. My working hypothesis is that someone is putting up cheap tickler ads trying to catch a fish, the search emails are sent out, and then later on the eBay self-checking algos delete them. Yes/no? Anyone else getting this sort of traffic?
  9. Nice Sky over Wellington - Sept 21st, 2018
  10. I've owned a pair of these. IMO, an unsung, understated but very, very good vintage speaker. Plenty of info online - well worth considering.
  11. I had a pair of black Matadors. To my ear, vocals especially were stunningly good - uncannily natural and open. Neil Young - hate him of loathe him - his voice is quite unusual & on the Matadors, it sounded just exactly 'right'. IMO, they are a very good speaker.
  12. Misty morning muttwalk - about 7 deg C....
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