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  1. Aw - that's a tad unkind. Granted nobody would be likely to steal it for a joyride, but the old truck has given years of faithful service and is considered a family member. Probably.
  2. Not too sure about my mate's anti-theft precautions. It would probably wake him up I guess.....
  3. The large baffle-board is an integral part of these older Tannoy designs & is an important component in the sound reproduction mechanism. If a narrower board is used, they will sound quite different.
  4. I had EL8 Regas at one stage - very similar - only small but a big sound. Also, the most 'disappearing' speakers I ever owned. Bargain.
  5. After 15 years stuffing about with all sorts of speakers (over 100 different pairs in my living room - up to ~ $12k in price), I've ended up back where I started - with my original Tannoy Cheviots. [Easy to drive, not too big for a domestic room, & I actually prefer then to Monitor Golds - far better LF.] Excellent all-rounders, sound good even at low volume. Cheviots have recently been re-released as part of Tannoy's 'Legacy' range - new price is $9k+. These advertised here are a raging bargain - far better physical condition than mine - if I was closer I'd pick them up just in case.... You Vics dunno what you're missing!
  6. I remember seeing these IMF (or a model very similar) in Challenge HiFi, Adelaide (Grenfell St??), way back in the day. Gorgeous, eye-watering speakers, but were well beyond my buying capacity.
  7. The old armchair - a recliner in fact - was a freebie. I'd figured she could be warm and comfortable rather than scrunched up on our shoe-putting-on-small-cold-vinyl-kitchen-chair. After her first attack, which included dragging it half the length of the verandah, I taped it up and sprayed with anti-chew solution. Ha! Armchair has now gone to heaven..
  8. Don't think this vehicle has been used recently....
  9. Item: ME25 Preamp $900 and ME200 Poweramp $750 Location: Hobart Price: $900 & $750 Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these units separately a few years ago (I think through StereoNet but can’t recall sellers’ IDs) to experience the ME sound – and it is indeed excellent. However I subsequently moved on to Naim Uniti for the convenience of streaming and so these units have had virtually no use since purchased. I kept them just in case I decided to revert to my halcyon student-days-stereo-LP-purism, but that won’t happen now. So for 95%+ of their tenure here, they’ve been stowed away in my hifi wardrobe. Pet-free and smoke-free home. Obviously, they are not a cosmetic match. But they do have the same width & general styling, and in my dimly-lit rack the difference from the front is not glaringly obvious. External condition is quite good as per pics. As far as I can tell, both units appear to be original internally and both work perfectly. The preamp (which has it’s own PSU and a MM phono input) was purchased first and the poweramp bought when it turned up some time later. Whilst I hardly used them at all, to my (unqualified) ear, the combination shares a certain tonality with the Naim in that they have a similar ‘toe-tapping’ (PRaT??) quality and immediacy which I like. I have a manual for the 200, but not for the 25. No original boxes, but can be securely packed for interstate shipping. Can audition by appointment. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Nets never crossed my mind :- we've lived here for nearly 30 years, aren't near the water, and as mentioned, have never seen a heron anywhere other than on the Derwent shore. This blighter must have been blown off-course & got lucky! He did look a bit out of place balancing on the power-line. Anyway, for the grandkids, we thought we might try to raise a few tadpoles next time around. No feeding required. I doubt a Heron could spot those from cruising altitude.... Anyway - back to the photos. There are indeed some talented photographers here & I greatly enjoy checking out their skills.
  11. Hello; I have a comment and a query. Few years back I had a pair of s/hand P3esr (purchased via sna but I can't recall from whom...) and loved them to bits. Probably the 'happiest' speakers I have known; but floorstanders is really my thing so they have long gone. Would buy another pair tomorrow if I got shunted into the small room. Bass a bit weak as expected but probably semi-treatable by judicious placement - and the mids is where it's all at. They almost never show up on the used market. Can't comment on the bookshelf aspect, but probably not be optimal. They're not cheap and might be a tad overkill for true second-system bookshelf usage? The Query..... I also had some s/hand minty SHL5 (35th Anniversary) and disliked them within minutes. Not unpleasant, but frankly I found them thick, slow. It was only later I winkled out a handful of other owners who shared my views. 'Veiled' was one description, which I thought apt. Still haven't resolved in my own mind why my experience should be so contrary to 99% of hifi humanity. But:- I'm told the SHL5 Plus is a different beast entirely - can you offer any thoughts on the Plus version perhaps? Robin
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