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  1. Further information: We bought a new McIntosh MA9000 from Lifestyle Store so this is not used. I thought id finished with Hifi and this was a revelation to me. The McIntosh does not grip the bass like this does but it's more natural to my ears, it is a 25k amp to be fair. it went to France to have a new screen installed under warranty so it's fresh back from the Devialet factory. They were kind enought to put in a fresh remote. all boxed and ready to go. Will consider part exchanges! Photos: PLEASE READ
  2. Nucleus is connect to a mesh endpoint. SHD connect to the same network via a switch. SHD connected to amp via optical I believe.
  3. Hi all. I'd be really grateful if someone can help me with some advice. I have a Roon Nucleus and this goes to a Minidsp shd studio end point. I control the music with an Android or an ipad. I understand that the high res tracks like Masters on Tidal will play in full res but the stream info says Airplay if on iPad or the android. Is this correct? I'm just trying to understand and get the best out of the kit. Thanks😊
  4. Sorry I'm not familiar with this term. This is an Aussie plug but I did not ask about heat resistance. The below is pasted from the net. IsoTek offers a range of class leading power cables to accompany its range of advanced power conditioners and sine wave generators. Borne from an ethos of only using the finest grade components and materials the new EVO3 power cables offer unrivalled performance and every level. All cables feature high purity copper which is then silver plated. Insulation or dielectric is of the highest grade FEP Teflon. Each cable, from the now multi-aw
  5. That is great to know, thank you. It would be great if you have a link to this? That is great to know, thank you. It would be great if you have a link to this?
  6. Boxed as new. Further information: All in One Streaming processor with Dirac Live® Digital Room Correction, Volumio Network streamer, All Digital interface (AES-EBU/SPDIF/TOSLINK/USB), 450MHz Sharc DSP processor, Headphone amplifier, DSP toolbox for subwoofer or multiway speaker miniDSP is proud to introduce the SHD Studio (“Streaming High Definition”) digital audio processor incorporating Dirac Live®, the world’s premier room correction solution. While physically the SHD Studio is the “baby brother” of the full-featured SHD — accomplish
  7. Further information: SOLD PENDING PAYMENT 3 X Isotek Evo 3 Initium 1 X Isotek Sirius power conditioner All boxes used for 3 hours only. Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  8. Further information: I've played this for about 30 minutes. Another item has come along and I want to sell this to fund the purchase So this is essentially brand new. The dealer is happy for warranty to stay as long as it goes through me and I am not going anywhere😊 priced for a quick sale. I love a good deal and often negotiate heavily but this is not open to low offers. thanks Photos:
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