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  1. Great speakers that I think punch well above their price point. I'm sorry I let go of mine which were very similar. Nice, musical SB acoustics mid and plenty of projection and air across the room without harshness with the ribbon tweeters. They give you a lot of what the middle sized vintage Klipsches do in terms of sparkle at a distance with, to my mind at any rate, more refinement across the board and deeper bass.. and, unlike many speakers, if something dire happens and you need service, you have a very helpful gentleman with genuine concern for his customers on the same continent. 😎
  2. ..because the boards are one way up on one side and the other way up on the other. I expect there's another row of devices below each row you can see.. You can see the large emitter resistors for the other row on the board, one per device, ten in all per pcb.
  3. These are a great preamp and oem made for Sanders by Coda I believe...who have long experience in zero snake-oil, well engineered high-end amplification. GLWTS
  4. ^^ I don't think that's the same kind of tweeter. This one has a ribbon - not wire.
  5. Very clean and minimalist preamps and with a design philosophy not unlike Pass Labs themselves - since they were ex-Threshold people that started the company. GLWTS.
  6. Great sounding amplifiers. 😎 GLWTS
  7. I was there when Edward was initially testing that tweeter. It sounds very natural the way he uses it and HF annoyances are way up there on my list of least favorite annoyances! The rest of the spectrum is great too of course. It's a great speaker! 😎 GLWTS.
  8. Item: Vatiros Norma Monoblocks Location: Adelaide Price: $350 the pair Item Condition: Working well, face-plates are pretty good, rest of the casework is fair - see pics. Reason for selling: not being used Payment Method: Pickup with cash preferred. Extra Info: 120W into 8ohms from what I can gather, and around 9kg a piece - they feel solid. Not much info on the net besides some positive comments about the manufacturer in general in the Thai forums. They seem to be quite high input impedance and/or high sensitivity since they make my cheap phone headphone output sound noisier than usual as a source when I was fooling around. Normal preamps have been quiet but I suspect this was the case so they can be easily driven from a simple tube preamp as seems to be common in the place of origin (and the same manufacturer makes tubed preamps). I bought these together with a tube preamp (though not matching) that I wanted to play with and these monos are surplus to requirements. They run cool in my set-up with some stand-mount Ushers and perform well connected directly to my DAC. Pictures:
  9. I'll take it this time for 350 plus actual cost of postage - despite the noisy volume control. I don't know why you marked the previous ad as sold the last time we were in discussion three weeks ago, though you didn't seem keen on Paypal at the time and I notice you've removed it from this new listing. I'm willing to pay with bank deposit if you like - given that you've said it's functional in all other respects.
  10. A rare speaker to find for sale - and widely acknowledged as one of the best stand-mount speakers available. Good luck with your sale! I can't even remember seeing a pair of these for sale in Adelaide before in such good condition.
  11. Great looking pair.. and most people I think would say better sounding than the Lyrix Golds that followed them. 😎 GLWTS.
  12. Nice fitment there on the Realistic ones. I made an MDF faceplate for mine because I had some little Dynaudio drivers that I wanted to use to replace the bass drivers and they wouldn't fit in the existing frame. Chap that bought them said they were the best little speakers he'd heard. The Linaeum tweeters uses to go for upwards of $200 a pair at one stage. Folks were buying these speakers, taking the tweeters out of them and throwing the rest away so they could use them in the DIY builds! They're very, very good. I'm also annoyed at Pioneer Australia basically doubling the price on your others once they got popular. They're also excellent speakers but if you can buy used like this please do so and don't reward their actions. One hi-fi opportunist shop I saw had these for $700!
  13. I'll start you off with a bid of 400 and I'll pay shipping to Adelaide by e-go if like. You'll have to wrap it in enough old t-shirts and bubble wrap to make the trip safely though. I had a friend with the older 6SN7 version of this which I think sounded nice. At one stage they sold them as kits via AES. I think 6SN7 are a great sounding tube though in simple designs, though I'd rather be *paying* for 6DJ8s now than 6SN7s certainly. Do feel free to say no of course - I'm just spit-ballin'. 😎 I'm assuming there are no issues like noisy volume/source selection or DC leakage on the outputs?
  14. I'm guessing this is the non-remote version. Can we have a close-up picture from the front please?
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