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  1. Nice review with measurements here: http://www.atcloudspeakers.ro/ELAC_BS_244be_rev-ifidelity.html
  2. Very nice amplifiers with an easy to listen to sound. I have the littler Cyclops and it's almost frustratingly blameless. I have zero excuses to try anything else. 8/ GLWTS!
  3. The FPBs don't hammer your power bill like the old KSAs. They have plateau bias and so will step down to a very polite level of warmth/power dissipation if there isn't a necessity to provide a big signal envelope.
  4. I ended up being silly and buying the S1.4 LEs which I tried hard with but could not live with because of sibilance - those also have huge bass that is difficult to tame in smaller rooms. I should probably have kept the 160s. 😎 I should note that I'm unusually sensitive to energy in the 6-8k range and this is probably not a general criticism of the beautifully made S1.4LEs either - they just don't have the balanced sound/even tonality that the 160s do. They're a bargain even when they aren't bargain-priced like this!
  5. The Focus 140s sounded darker to me. I liked the 160s very much and the treble seems a good step better than what you'd get with the similar sized pro series (BM) Dyns and I think a little better than the 140s too but the tonal differences made that a bit harder to fathom. The 160 is a very balanced speaker to my (admittedly somewhat ravaged) ears. The revised tweeters might be recovering some low-level detail too.. which has never been the old Dyn's forte. Few people seem to have anything to complain about in the 160s highs and several note better liveliness than the 140s which some have call
  6. People tell me that even bank deposits can be reversed in you get to them in 48 hours... and I'm guessing that would be in case you entered the wrong account number. For a significant amount of money I'd probably use an escrow service or the bank deposit idea with little delay for funds to settle. I hate Paypal with a passion and there are numerous vectors for scams, including false e-mail confirmations, e-cheques, getting things shipped to a different address and then claiming they didn't arrive at your Paypal address, swapping things with identical models that don't work and returning them e
  7. I think dipole bass also is more tolerable in a smaller room because it doesn't tend to excite room modes in quite the same way as ported or even sealed boxed designs tend to. Having spent a long time with various kinds of Apogee dipoles I can also attest to the problems going back to box designs. Most of them sound, well, boxy after a dipole. Apogees, or Maggies don't respond well to being backed up to the wall in my experience.. but then these seem a little different in that they both radiate a substantial amount of treble backwards.. and the tweeter is the only thing in the R909 that isn't
  8. That's interesting - it's not been my experience here (or on FB either) in fact it would seem to be the other way about... but you've been in this place longer than I have. Point taken.
  9. It seems to me that if a buyer offers, in the sale thread to purchase at the asking price,, and offers no other impediment to the sale (commonly by requiring shipping for a local sale for example), that the seller generally honours that offer. Is that not your experience? The follow-on is that people who reply after such an offer will say "NIL, or Next in line or I'll go back-up, or similar, honouring it in similar fashion.
  10. @Cyberkank Please make sure the right thing happens here. Just because it's your friend that has the stuff shouldn't change how this place works. It's your thread of course and you can do what you like (and you're considerably more experienced in this place than I am) but I think it isn't right if people don't follow the accepted customs here (as I've been given to understand them at any rate). It would seem to set an unfortunate precedent IMHO.
  11. That seems like a great deal. Wherever I see these kind of midbass drivers they sound fantastic. Usher made a copy that, against all odds, sounded just as good - but I don't think you'd get anything of theirs with this kind of driver for this price either.
  12. @AliI think the appropriate post for you to make would have been - "Next in line" or "I'll go backup". Part of what makes this forum great is that it isn't a free-for-all. We have some manners here. If indeed you PM'ed before I did, and not the following day and didn't know the protocol to post in the thread about it, I apologise, of course. This situation is exacerbated in this respect as we're dealing with a third party that doesn't know the accepted protocols and you could take advantage of that, but that wouldn't be nice. I appreciate the community culture here though and I think it's wor
  13. I always wanted a speaker that needs a bigger amplifier than itself to drive it. 😎
  14. I'm in Adelaide and I'll take the little guys if the tweeters aren't marked. 😎
  15. Great amp. I have the smaller Cyclops with resistor upgrade and it sounds fantastic. These use four of the nice, large Sanken ring emitter devices per channel that both sound great and are ballsy enough to drive difficult loads. I would describe mine as slightly warm sounding through the mids (and in fact Klaus, the chap that produces them in the US, has mentioned that his amps are "voiced" to that end.) They have been through long production and are very reliable units. Mine has seen off some nice amps including an Accuphase P11, a Symfonia and several other very nice sounding and well made m
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