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  1. Item: Rega Elicit R amplifier Location: Melbourne Price: $2600 Item Condition: New Reason for selling: Changing living area set up to a one box solution Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased the amp new 2 months ago. I was going to buy a Rega Brio to match a pair of PMC speakers, but chose the Elicit after listening to a single test track. Whilst the Brio is lively and fun the Elicit is a lot more authoritative and resolved. This is a chance to get something really good. Unfortunately, after only 2 months the Rega Elicit and PMC Twenty.23 set up is being sold. Sonically, they are great together. Alas, some members of the household want connectivity and single box solution ... not audio quality. *** Carlton Audio Visual have confirmed the 3 year warranty is transferable to the next owner - i.e. December 2021. *** PMC Twenty.23 also for sale Pictures:
  2. Item: PMC TWENTY.23 high gloss piano black speakers Location: Melbourne Price: $2300 Item Condition: Really good condition, as usual, a few swirl marks in the super high gloss finish. Reason for selling: Family want smaller and simpler living room set up! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Lovely speakers. The Twenty.23's are slim line and look elegant, but sound really full scale. NB these are the high gloss black versions that had a RRP of $5400. (This finish is not available currently for the Twenty.23 - as it is too expensive to produce a coating with this level of detail). I bought these 2 months ago and they have been really well cared for by original owner. I am only selling as I have been forced to go for a smaller set up in a second system. Please see original FS listing below, the speakers are in exactly the same condition. *** I am also listing a almost new (2 month old) Rega Elicit R. Great amp to match these speakers. Buy both for an excellent all English set up! *** Pictures:
  3. speakers are sold - pending pick up and payment .... tomorrow
  4. Item: KEF X300 ACTIVE SPEAKERS Location:MELBOURNE Price: $400 - FIRM Item Condition:Excellent, basically no use Reason for selling:Not being used, plus I need desk space for 2 monitors Payment Method: Cash, PayPal, bank transfer Extra Info: Purchased new by myself from Melbourne HiFi. Have only used them for approx 20 hours. Speakers have no marks, scratches or damage. The plastic covering for the KEF label is still in place. Complete with box and all original cables. The box indicates a packed weight of 17.5 kgs, so whilst post is an option pick up is preferred. Pictures:
  5. I am familiar with the Analog and Discrete sound. I don't think there is much that is disagreeable, but how it sounds depends on the listener's expectations and sonic preferences.. at least a little. For a generic comment, I would say the Discrete is extremely detailed. I think of it as very accurate rather than too uncolored. I run active speakers so I am not sure if it is the DAC that is responsible for the very fast transients. I find that bad recordings sound bad, but good stuff is great. I expect you may hear things that you did not know were embedded in some recordings when you audition. I hope you enjoy audition, even if it not the DAC for you.
  6. I have the same problem, but the room is 5x15 m. The narrow room also makes it hard to position speakers off the rear wall, bass goes straight out the glass, reflections mess up the coherence ...etc I have had three set up in the space; 1. valve amp and full range large speakers 2. small active monitors 3. large active floorstanders I never achieved the sound I was after. Looking back, the valve amp and full rangers were the best. At least they got some of the frequencies right. For me, I am going back to option 1. I will spend only spend a modest amount and realize it is what it is. As mentioned - without a lot of room treatment there is no easy solution.
  7. I recently went though this process. I was sure I would buy some Genelec or Adam monitors. At first the accuracy of these speakers is great, in a clinical way. But I found them very tiring after 30 minutes. They are not easy listening or musical - because that is not their purpose. I didn't rate the Krk Rokits. You may find it different. I am not sure where you are located - but I went to a Melbourne DJ shop with a massively treated room. I am so glad I spent some time auditioning. FWIW i bought some active KEFs.
  8. Withdrawn from sale. Thanks for enquiries
  9. Withdrawn from sale, Thanks for enquiries
  10. I forgot to include cabinet size. Length 1020 mm Depth 425 Height 920 internal space of openings right 470 wide X 390 deep left 440 wide X 390 deep Sorry about that. Reply Report Edit
  11. Item: Stereogram cabinet. At a guess 1940 -50s Location: Williamstown, Melbourne Price: $75 Item Condition: Good exterior, could do with a proper fit out of internal space. Reason for selling: Not using a second system anymore. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Old style stereogram cabinet. Has been gutted of electronics (before I bought it) and used to house stereo gear. I repolished the exterior 15 years ago, but ran out of time to fit out the inside of cabinet and just started using it. Never got around to the fit out, looks OK with gear stacked inside. Has 2 bottom doors for vinyl storage. Built in Sydney. Very good booked matched walnut veneer used for door fronts. Terrific veneer job on the top. Original handles. Cloth on lower section has some pulled threads. Pictures:
  12. alan3016

    SOLD: 80s vinyl collection

    Sold, pending payment
  13. Item: Pioneer PL 100 Location: Williamstown, Melbourne Price: $50 Item Condition: Good. A few light scratches on acrylic lid. Generally looks good for age. Reason for selling: Not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I bought this unit new in 1981. I have not used it for many years, and I do not have an amp with phono any longer. The TT is unaltered from original. I turned it on and it spins, speed adjusts. I thought it might suit someone wanting to try vinyl for not much cost. I think an new stylus and belt would be needed but the originals are still in place. I don't think it worth the cost of packing and sending, so pick up only please. Pictures:
  14. Item: 50 + albums Location: Williamstown, Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: Very good. Some of the covers have a few marks. As far as I know all the vinyl plays well, but I have not used the turntable for 10 years though! Reason for selling: Not being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I am wanting to sell as one lot, and pick up only - at this stage - thank you. I bought these when part of a "record club" in the early 1980's. Most have not been played much, as they recorded to tape soon after purchase. I don't have a phono stage, or amp with this facility, any longer. Also the cabinet the vinyl was stored in is being moved on. Pictures: Australian Crawl - Boys light up David Bowie - Changes one JJ Cale - 8, Grasshopper, Shades, Troubadour Chicago - Chicago The Church - Blurred crusade Eric Clapton - Slow hand Crusaders - Best of the Crusaders The Cure - Pornography Divinyls - Desperate The Doors - Morrison Hotel Eurythmics - Be yourself tonight Marianne Faithful - Dangerous acquaintances Fleetwood Mac - Mirage Foreigner - 4 Michael Franks - Passion Fruit, Objects of desire Fureys - Steal away Mark Gillespie - Sweet nothing, Ring of truth Eddy Grant - Walking on sunshine, Killer on the rampage The Gun Club - Miami Ian Hunter - Short back n sides, All of the good ones are taken Icehouse - Primitive man Mike Oldfield - QE2, Tubular bells Mink DeVille - Savoir Faire, Coup de grace Pink Floyd - Dark side of the moon Redgum - Brown rice & kerosine, Vigin ground Lou Reed - The blue mask Rolling Stones - Tattoo you Roxy Music - Avalon Broderick Smith - Broderick Smith's big combo Split Enz - Time and tide Bruce Sprinsteen - Darkness on the edge of town, Born to run Stranglers - La Folie, Feline Sunnyboys - Individuals Talking Heads - Little Creatures, 77, Remain in light, Speaking in tongues Virgin Prunes - ... If I die, I die Grover Washington Jr - Winelight, The best is yet to come Neil Young - Comes a time, Rust never sleeps Frank Zappa - Over-Nite Sensation
  15. alan3016

    A/V Receiver ~$500-$700

    I have helped a friend set up a basic AV system for a B & B last week. We listened to a few amps at the cheaper end of the market, but the NAD was the only one I could have lived with, fortunately he likes it also! I sounds good with music from an iPod, Cd and bluray. Plays 5 channels well over HDMI. It goes plenty loud enough. As the other posters suggest, you don't get it all at this price point, I chose sound quality over connectivity. This may be a different requirement to you. Can you get to listen to the amps, it really was very clear to me after a few minutes.