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  1. Further information: Audio Research Litzline speaker cables, 3 metre lengths, single-wired with spade terminations. From legendary US maker Audio Research, these cables are thick and well constructed, as you’d expect. In very good condition, with some marks on the spades from where they’ve been connected previously, but otherwise they’re tip-top. I’ve not had these long, they came from a fellow SNA’er. Unfortunately the binding posts on my amp don’t play nice with the right-angled spades on this cable. The binding posts are the clear, hard plastic type with a slot on
  2. Further information: I bought this little unit here on the classifieds for use with my ATH-M50 headphones (a great combination, btw) but in reality it didn't end up with much use at all. It's in great condition, fully functional, and comes in its' box and complete with case and end cap. Price does not include postage but $12 will cover it in an AusPost satchel Australia wide. Cheers and thanks for looking! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  3. Further information: Regretful sale, my pair of ATH-M50 headphones which I bought new from an authorised Australian vendor a couple of years back. In excellent condition, no marks or scratches and the headband and ear cups are clean and in very good nick. These have seen little use since I bought them so present very well. As a bonus, I will include the perspex headphone stand as seen in the pics. Postage is available at buyers' cost, not heavy so I'd estimate $15 Australia-wide. Cheers and thanks for looking! Photos: Advertisements with
  4. Further information: Here I have three 10.5" reels of 1/4" Ampex tape, one 10.5" reel of 1/2" tape and one empty Ampex reel. I used to have a Revox B77 Mark 2, and I bought these to use with it, thinking perhaps of making some mixtapes off vinyl. However I ended up selling the Revox (although now I wish I hadn't) so the tape is now surplus to needs. I never ended up using the tape at all actually, so have no idea what (if anything) is on them. The four full reels are as follows: 1 X Ampex 456 Grand Master, 10.5" reel, 1/2" tape, nab hub, in box. There is writing on t
  5. Further information: Terrific little USB DAC/headphone amp which I bought directly from Schiit perhaps a year ago. I'd intended to use it in the study/spare room but this never really eventuated; it's had about two hours' use at the most. It's unmarked and as-new, with box/packaging and cable. The little use it's had, was driving a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50's, which was a fun combination using Tidal as the source. It also has a pre-out so can be used with powered monitors or even a power amp. I'd think it will fit an Aus Post large satchel, so postage if requi
  6. Further information: A pair of Mogami Gold RCA interconnects, 12 ft in length. Brand new, unused and unopened. Have been sitting in a drawer since I bought them. From memory, I got these to use as subwoofer cables, but ended up going balanced instead. These are selling online for about $60 each, so half price! Postage is fine at buyers' expense. They'll fit in a PostPack no problems. Cheers and thanks for looking. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Further information: This is a 5 metre pair of highly regarded Mogami 2549 balanced cables, professionally terminated with Neutrik nc-fxx/nc-mxx XLR connectors. I bought these new off a pro-audio supplier maybe six months ago. I had a system setup in mind that required a long cable run between pre and power amps. This setup never eventuated so these cables are surplus to requirements and have not been used. If I'm not mistaken, the Neutriks are made in Leichtenstein, the Mogami cable in Japan. In as new condition. I'm happy to post at buyers expense, I'
  8. Further information: For sale is a pair of Aurealis Audio 4NAg Pilot speaker cables, 2m in length. Single wired, with spade terminations at both ends. I bought these on here perhaps a year or so back, and have been using them between an Audio Research valve power amp and a pair of Revel standmounts, with great results. However, they're too short for my new setup. Being silver, these are great cables if detail and definition are your thing. The spades could do with some metal polish if you're fussy, otherwise they're in very good condition overall.
  9. Further information: I bought these off a fellow SNA'er a few years ago and ended up using them under my ARC preamp. The pre has since been sold so these might as well go to a good home as well. These are German made and very well constructed and engineered; there are plenty of positive write-ups online. There's no model designation on these but from my research on line they appear to be the Exact MkII. Cosmetically these are in great condition, just a very small amount of wear on the upward-facing sides. Happy to post at buyers' expense, they
  10. Further information: I'm selling this awesome AC cable as it's too short for my re-configured setup. It was being used with my ARC power amp, which has been sold. It's one metre in length, and has an AU plug. Incredibly well made, the cable is thick and reasonably flexible. The connector and plug are very chunky and solid. Hopefully my photos show how well this cable is made. The are a couple of very small marks on the connectors (you have to look closely) and the cable itself is mint. I'm happy to post at buyers expense. Cheers an
  11. Further information: I bought these from Store DJ in Richmond about a year back, intending to use them in a computer audio setup/second system. This never really eventuated so they've sat around pretty much unused since. They're in absolutely unmarked as new condition and function perfectly. Price is firm. I have all packaging so postage is fine. I have a pair of height adjustable stands which I will include if these are collected from my place Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  12. Further information: Up for sale is my Audio Research VT100 valve power amp. I've changed my setup in recent times, including the speakers, and feel the need to look at a grunty SS integrated instead. I've only used it for a few hours since I bought it about six months ago. It works perfectly, and is cosmetically very good with no obvious marks or dings. I've found, though, that it can sound a bit bright straight after switch-on and needs about 15-20 minutes to settle in. It's set up with eight Winged-C 6550 valves for 100 w/ch. No shortage of power even with my rel
  13. Further information: With a heavy heart I offer my Audio Research LS5 for sale. This has been my trusty preamp for a number of years now and I've enjoyed it thoroughly. It's regarded as one of the better-sounding ARC preamps for its' era, and I can understand why. But with a few changes to my setup of late I now need to find a good SS integrated to use instead. I bought this preamp on here way back in 2011 or thereabouts. I tend to change gear a bit, but this one has gone the distance; driving a big SS Parasound and a valve ARC VT100 equally well. My memory is vague at the b
  14. Further information: For sale is a pair of REL T5i subs in gloss black. These are practically new and have maybe an hour on them at most. They're in as-new condition and completely unmarked; the cable packages and user manuals have not been opened. I bought these on here just a few months ago, unused at the time. The intention was to try them with my Revels, but I've decided that they don't really need much help down low, least not in my room. Although I didn't get time to dial them in properly, it was clear that these have quite amazing headroom for a small cube with an 8" dr
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