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  1. the legend everybody talked about when I was young...and still people are awed by this masterpiece! Indeed, a musuem masterpiece..
  2. from one extreme to another... . I also own a supratek Chardonnay though...and loved it...
  3. OHH WOW!! My favourite speaker brand... Believe me, once you tried Active ATC... you will never try another speaker. All the best! Are you upgrading ?
  4. Hello. I am interest in this. Can you reserve it for me ? Thanks
  5. Hello... I just saw a Supratek power supply! what system is that ? I have supratek preamp myself.. Alex
  6. Hello Guys , @flamjam & @Johnny_Boy some of the first photo. Been watching "Chambers" on Netflix on 4K using a 110 inch scope AT projector screen (Elite screen..) I have to say the sharpness and creaminess just balanced out so beautifully. The only thing I notice is that you can see the "woven pattern" on white colour scene more than my panasonic PTAE8000. Could this be a result of the extreme clarity ? I hope hoping to get a better quality screen and hopefully it should bring this into another level... But so far it really mak
  7. Hello @Johnny_Boy & @CustomHT The projector arrived in perfect condition! I did an initial set up.... and coming from a lover of hifi.... it is hard to put to work being a video-fi ... addict but let us say watching from this projector has really made you dont want to leave the screen.... I did two major changes on my set up.... First, the change to Nvidia.... made my previous PTAE8000 POP! in a positive way... but coupled with the new 9400.... I can even watch movies with lights on at eco mode... The next thing I will learn is how to set up these ca
  8. Hi @Johnny_Boy & all, I set it up yesterday...and even if I am using my PTAE8000, the change is almost like getting a new projector! The movement is smoother and clarity (can be a bit too clear) on some TV show. So great advice SNA team!!! The interesting thing that I would like to know is the 1080/60 and 1080/59.3 1080/24....blah blah... and those funny numbers with 4:2:2 and 4:4;4 (reminded me of the horrible differential equation when I was in uni! My question is if I am watching a movie (do I switch to 1080/30 ?) and if I watch a telenovela ..suc
  9. Hello Guys... just got the Nvidia Shield Pro from Harvey Norman... too much toys now... lets see how it goes.... have a great weekend..
  10. hello @Johnny_Boy I just ordered one and will pick them up from Harvey Norman.... see how it goes....
  11. Hello @Black Label , sounds like a good idea.... where is the best place to buy .?
  12. Hi @flamjam thanks for the advice. Would you recommend an invidia pro vs Panasonic 420 for netflix viewing in 4K ?
  13. Hi @flamjam Thank you for your advise. I have decided to take the plunge and order the 9400 from @CustomHT ! I also have decided to get a grey screen as my room is in the living room and that will allow me to get maximum usage. I am getting the Screen Technics Hi-contrast Grey. I notice that the white of the Epson can be "too white" so hopefully getting this grey screen will give me a bit of a moody "grey white" ... Looking forward to share the experience..
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