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  1. Thanks gat474! I will shop around... At another point, it could just ground loop problem... so I hope to be able to isolate it once I get the time to do it.
  2. Hi John, Thank you for your advise. I am not looking to upgrade to current specs. I just want to remove the buzz and the replace new capacitor on it. the hardest thing is removing the amp pack and sending it interstate... Did you have to do that ? Thanks Alex
  3. Hello Guys, My old trusted ATC SCM 50A is in need for a service check up. Do you know anyone who lives in Sydney who can bring it up to spec ? Thanks Alex
  4. LOVE THE SPEAKER TOO - ATC ! ! it must be an absolutely amazing match with the Lampazitor! Good luck! How I wish....
  5. I love my OPPO 105 (non D version). For me, it seems to produce a pleasant sound, not too detailed and yet there is detailed and not to warm and slow and yet there is a deep bass. There was a big improvement when I upgraded the cable from stock to Harmonic Technology AC10. It made it more transparent and the music just draws you in. I am getting used to this (lazy moving wirings around my Audio Research CD 3 MK2 and Electrocompaniet ECD1 AND NAIM ND5XS) that I have not used these components for a while. But I am sure, OPPO 105 will not be put to shame.... SUPEROX
  6. Jolon, I have seen preamp where there are just oversize capacitors that it looked almost like an overkill. You know how Naim does it ? Selling $10,000 worth of power supply... If only I can increase the "bass weight" of the system, this will almost be my perfect system... at least it looks nice inside (more exciting that the outside), orange capacitor. I calculated to be around 28,200 uf per channel...
  7. My question is which one is more important ... the size of the transformer or the size of the capacitor ? or If I increase the size of the transformer, I would need to increase the size of the capacitor as well ? My YBA PRE 400 has quite a small transformer where the 230 AC is decreased to around 35VA AC...then via an XLR CORD it enters the preamp then converted to DC after passing through the 2 orange capacitor located at the upper right section of the photos (am I right in my assumption?). Its kinda a strange design as i would expect that when you have a power supply that you would want it to be releasing a DC voltage. In my case, it is just a reduce AC to around 35 VA so I don't really understand the logic behind this french eccentricity.. looking forward for your opinions..
  8. Hello Guys, I have had my trusty YBA PRE 400 PREAMP and decided to open her up to see her "real beauty". Any comment on the parts and who have used this french made beauty ? 1.) whats in that box inside ? (I did not open it...maybe some kryptonite! LOL!) 2.) would you recommend using a Nordost Kone to improve the sound increasing dynamic ? 3.) how about improving the power supply ? Can I confirm that the power supply feeding into the preamp is in AC ? 4.) At the moment, I am still really shocked by the quality of OPPO 105 even as CD player compare to my Audio Research CD 3 mk 2.. Do you guys feel the same ? 5.) I have not had the time to play around (mix and match) with my Naim and Electrocompaniet an using Audio Research cd 3 MK2 as transport ... Any body who has experience with YBA PREAMP and recommended tweak to increase the bass delivery ? Would be appreciated. My current system: YBA PRE 400 PASSION PREAMP ATC SCM 50A ACTIVE SPEAKER OPPO 105 - with Harmonic Tech AC10 Power cord and Harmonic Tech Truthlink IC XLR Audio research cd 3 mk2 NAIM ND5XS STREAMER DAC Electrocopaniet ECD1 DAC SHUNYATA HYDRA 8 POWER CONDITIONER Overall, I am in the tweaking stage and I want the community expert opinions on how I can enjoy more years of this preamp and my whole system.. Have a great evening... Alex
  9. Hi, Has this been sold ? What is the gain on this unit ? Thanks Alex
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