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  1. I actually have one of these i bought a few years ago second hand (havent tested it yet, hopefully it does work), I had heard about that plate amp issue being a very common issue. I have a spare plate amp for the Supercube 1, But i presume it is a different / larger size and wont fit in this?
  2. Damn, I had completely forgotten about that stupid Hdmi , HDCP issues that can arise. Bah. I would rather avoid all that.
  3. Can’t believe they have Dirac now that’s pretty good, always wanted a Dirac processor. What is your end game piece? Datasat?
  4. haha, I was also going to comment that it was a Marantz and a Emotiva. Great projector, I am in the market for a JVC projector but sadly not of this high end caliber :(. I have always only been able to afford the lower end models
  5. I thought the x500 does have 4k albeit the e-shift technology? I am also struggling to move from a JVC to another projector, Tried a similar range Epson myself and it felt like a backwards step from my JVC x30.
  6. I am seating around 3- 3.5m away from the screen i think. maybe 4ish, I have to measure it. I have gone back to using my 65" TV to compare how it feels to watch a tv in the room as opposed to my projector. Because the room is very dark and i painted the walls black, I gotta say the TV glare is a bit distressing on the eyes after mainly watching the projector in that room, but i remember this was where my favourite TV the Phillips with ambilight technology was awesome. I am still probably going to get the 85" as i just want to have a 4k display as well as HDR for some of the new content i have as well as for gaming. I will still keep an eye out for decently priced 4K Projectors to come out on the forums and will one day upgrade to that from my current JVC. I would like to see the different from the e-shift technology to native 4k.
  7. Can it fit a 1.1m centre speaker in the middle section?
  8. Hi Bill, not sure you have been receiving my PM's. I sent a few this week. Do you have any updates for me please?
  9. jeez so complicated and so many different features / panels to keep track of. :). I guess OLED is almost better in every way and thats why its considered the best at the moment. Is this TV worth $3500?
  10. The review is on the 65" IPS panel and not the 85" VA panel though. So they say the 85" should have a lot better contrast.
  11. Yeah, Its sort of half way isnt it? https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x850g Sadly OLED is so pricey still :(
  12. I believe the one i am looking at has a VA panel and hence contrast is really good. Sony 85" X85G LED 4K HDR Smart TV (KD85X8500G)
  13. The Sony i was looking at is pretty good for picture quality i believe. ITs contrast is meant to be alot better than the standard LED TVs. Sony 85" X85G LED 4K HDR Smart TV (KD85X8500G) But I was wondering if it would be a noticeable drop from 100-85", considering from 65" - 100 is a big difference. Or if the TV brightness / colour / 4K part would more than make up for the drop in size. I know some people have 120-160" screens, wish i had that size. I saw a few JVC e-shift projectors come up for on the forums, but its hard to know which ones to go for and havent seen any for a while. I have the JVC X30 at the moment. Also How noticeable is HDR and so the pixel shift projectors also have HDR? I am not sure what is the biggest difference in picture quality when i went from my Samsung FHD to the Panasonic 4K OLED HDR TV. I am unsure if it was 4K, OLED or the HDR part that really made it shine, although i presume 4K makes the biggest initial / noticeable difference out of all the improvements.
  14. Hey guys, I have a FHD projector (100-110") screen and a 65:" FHD TV behind the screen but i hardly watch the 65" these days as 100 is way bigger :). I have been waiting to move to 4k and waiting for the right projectors to come on the second hand market at a price i can afford (I have been using JVC projectors for the past 10 years or so..so still tempted to stick with them as i found some of the other cheaper brand names a step down in the picture that i was used to) and recently got a 4k oled in the bedroom and was surprised the jump in picture quality on 4k and now am even feeling the urge to move my main system to 4k and was thinking of the Sony 85" 4K tvs out. I am just not sure if i should just wait for a semi fake JVC 4k Pixel shift to come up on the forums and make do with that sort of 4k till native 4k Projectors become affordable or just move to the sony 85" 4k till i can get a native JVC 4k projector.
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