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  1. I presume it wont fit in anything smaller than a SUV?
  2. I have a Marantz 8801A, is this newer than that or similar preamp features to that? I know people say they are both made by the same factories or something now right?
  3. Pretty sure its gone but i am in sydney and will pick up. Been watching it since it came on here but wasnt sure i could use it..
  4. Interested in this, I will be going up to central coast for easter, you wouldnt be travelling during the easter break will you?
  5. lonewolf

    Free: Gone

    Interested. Where is pick up?
  6. Interested in this and can pick up. is it like Telstra tv or do you need Telstra broadband to use it?
  7. Thanks mate, I just tried it but it doesnt work.
  8. Is that the same as renting my own van? Or do they actually package up items securely and are trustworthy?
  9. Wow, been looking at upgrading to a 75 or 85" TV but was holding off for prices to come down... So tempting, but difficult to transport this without a large vehicle.
  10. Do you know the previous use of the sub? You mentioned it’s from 2007? Do I need to get it serviced or anything? Just wondering as being 12 years old if I need to worry about capacitors or fuses or the amp side of things. Or even the surrounds? I know with my old ME amps I was told to get them serviced every now and then. I hear people talking about replacing surrounds and things with older speakers, does that improve performance?
  11. Interested, Whereabouts in sydney?
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