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  1. What yamahas did you try? Last couple of my units have been marantz and Denon, but on some places, I notice everyone seems to rave on about Yamaha being better than them. I have never tried a Yamaha unit before.
  2. Damn, The one time i dont have anything i want from Canberra :P. Great Gesture.
  3. Hi Mate, I have some Equinox Audio Perigees, Aphelions and some Def Tech BP7001SCs as well as some SoundLab Marquee .
  4. I saw your screenshot, I am still trying to figure out if the HDFury Integral can do what i need (Remove HDR when sending signal to Projector), as I had already purchased one of them a while back. It sounds like your AVRKey can do it.
  5. Ok thanks @Snoopy8, And are there any rules of things like private information being shared etc. Basically i am trying to understand if there is a set guideline or rule at which point the sale is considered pending or is it always up to the seller? I understand the seller has the right to sell to whomever but for me i find it a bit disappointing if i have already shared private information and i hadnt realised we are allowed to bid above the asking price otherwise i would have counter offered the other person who had resorted to bid above the advertised price after he found out th
  6. Hi Guys, Needed some advice, I have experienced / been told conflicting information in the buying / selling of items. I just wanted to clarify and understand how it works. I have had a couple of purchases fall through after being told i am the winning buyer / person the seller is going to sell to. We have exchanged information like phone no.s , addresses, bank details etc. Also were going through what dates and times suits both people if it was a pickup. At which point another person who had been already told the item is spoken for, has now made an offer above what the
  7. I think i have only purchased computer gear off you in the past. Maybe some cables as well.
  8. Disappointed I didn't get it even though I was told I was first in line to get it and was in talks for pick up and then people made offers above the asking price.
  9. wow i didnt realise you could do those upgrades to the Marantz, I have a 8801A which i still have although now using a Denon 6500, Could i have performed some of those upgrades for 8801 as well? I would have liked Atmos, 4k in that unit. Also I have the Audyssey pro installer kit (bought it with the Standalone Audyssey unit which i dont use anymore), Can i use that pro installer kit with the marantz or the denon? I just use the standard mics they came with but i didnt know about this midrange compression setting. Sounds intriguing.
  10. Can i use this to send through 4k signal but to remove HDR for the projector? I dont like what my projector does when HDR is sent to it.
  11. I have one, but i also have the Standalone Audyssey EQ unit so i probably shouldnt sell one without selling the other
  12. Hi, I can pick it up, I am near that area.
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