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  1. Just got into the Sonos devices. Does this replace the Connect?
  2. Wow never realised McIntosh had room correction systems. Is it their own proprietary one? How does it compare with ARC, Dirac Live and Audyssey.
  3. What i read was they dont roam between routers (when the routers are setup together) that well for non-apple devices. Did you have a chance to test that. Apparently the Apple devices would move between routers without issues but non apple devices had issues.
  4. Interesting, how is the speed of them? I was thinking of getting a mesh network for the folks. Only thing i am worried about is apparently Airports havent been updated since 2013 so i presume quite old network speeds? Also I read only Apple devices roam properly between Airports, is that right? Did you mainly use Apple devices or other devices as well?
  5. Wow great amp. If only I hadn’t bought my denon. @:) Go Away (: I can imagine how tempted you must be.
  6. I do regret it somewhat, I still miss the larger size of 100" that i had. Am contemplating getting a newer projector still but cant afford native / true 4k.
  7. Why do you say “better still a plasma 1080p”? I always thought they were more for projectors only. Do they help with something on a plasma? I have one hooked up to my Projector but not to my TVs.
  8. Hmm, interested in both power amps. How long do these amps last? Do i need to service them?
  9. Didnt realise Paradigm made things like this. Looks good.
  10. I ended up getting a sony 85" tv (3200$) but still waiting around /looking around for a 4K projector. My screen is 100”so it’s still 15 more than my tv. I need a Epson or jvc basically as I need flexibility with the zoom and lens shift. The benq doesn’t have enough of either for my situation.
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