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  1. Backup pickup, I am in the neighbouring suburb.
  2. Sadly even though i have sold off a few (getting married, moving to a smaller place and then getting divorced meant a lot of items had to go) I still seem to have more subs than a few years ago. I think i have more than 20 over 2 places right now and my room only fits like 10. so I am struggling to find uses for the others, thinking of connecting them up to my computers but seems like over kill for computer sound except for when i am gaming i guess. Yes i think i had a unhealthy obsession buying up subs, i still do. I guess it was because it was the easiest item to buy and fit into a Home theatre system without having to get rid of your previous items..While with speakers you only have a finite amount same for power amps and pre amps, but sub you can just keep adding them on. Mind you in my new place i have the subs output set to -12db (Which is the lowest i can set it to) on the pre-amp as well as set to like 25% on each sub dial as the sheer amount of subs adds too much bass and my neighbours occasionally message me to turn it down (I wish i had never given them my no. ).
  3. I am local and work in IT, so i may be able to fix it.
  4. I have a tonne of subwoofers from all different ranges and I am in sydney if you are interested.
  5. I have a Onkyo Processor, PR-SC5509 or 5508, I need to check.
  6. Yeah shipping would be scary. If this was in sydney, it would be in my room by now guaranteed. It was exactly what i have been looking for :(.
  7. Damn, I got excited when i saw NSW and then i saw the location :). IF you were in sydey metro :(. I have been looking for a upgrade to my tv.
  8. I have some Equinox Audio Perigees and Aphelions as well as Def Tech BP7001SC and SoundLab Marquee
  9. Hi, I am keen on them please and probably not too far.
  10. I will take any that are still available, Whereabouts in sydney are you?
  11. ok thanks, I think thats where i bought a lamp from for my current JVC projector and havent been very happy with the performance,at times the light seems to get dimmer and brighter and i think it stopped working after a couple of hundred hours. I could have been unlucky though.
  12. Is the bulb a genuine JVC bulb? I have had bad experiences with some of the third party bulbs. I am interested if it is. How many hours on the current bulb and in total for the projector?
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