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  1. FS: Denon AVP-A1HDCI 3D

    What are all the upgrades it comes with? Does it support all the new sound formats? How heavy is it? How does it compare to a Marantz AV8801? (Thats what i have at the moment).
  2. I am looking for another TV but its always hard to decide between New and second hand. How heavy is this? I think i would need to lay it flat to make it fit in my SUV.
  3. Bah, would be so on this if you were in Sydney.
  4. How does TV technology fare over time? Basically what i am asking is how does this tv compare to the new models as i notice there seems to be new 55" LED tvs for not much more. But i presume this is a higher end model when it came out so...?
  5. Hi mate, I am interested in this and not too far from you. I was told over time TVs do lose picture quality and brightness etc, is that true? Can you notice a difference or loss in colour or picture quality? Do you still have the stand as i will require it.
  6. If you can ship it then i am interested.
  7. Interested in this and not far away at all. Just curious is it easy to set up the behringers or use them?
  8. FS: Sunfire 2700W subwoofer

    Do you ever come up to sydney?
  9. Panasonic 65" Plasma Display

    Any idea roughly on the kind of hours it may have done? Is it one of those display type tvs that are on all day every day in store?
  10. I am interested in these if still available?
  11. Thanks for the info, Thats exactly what i needed to make up my mind :). I think i will repair it and keep it for a few more years till 4k and led / laser is affordable and content of that is out there on foxtel / streaming etc. They reckon they will also perform a clean and service to bring it back to new... well as new as can be.
  12. Should i go ahead with the repair or do people feel its not worth it for this projector?
  13. WOW!!! Tecworks (seven Hills) just got back to me with the quote to fix it. 730$ to repair the ballast problem.... I paid 132$ already for the to look at it, so i guess its another 600$ on top to fix it... Ouch, I think that might be the cost of the projector on the second hand market? Or close to at least. They said that involves a complete clean etc but wow these guys really make a lot of money on repairs. The parts are apparently 350$.
  14. haha yeah, sad part is i have bought so many projectors (all second hand) and it had to be the this one that had the issues as it was my best one of the bunch. I guess thats what happens when i keep upgrading quite often. I think each projector i ever bought, i only ended up using like for a couple of hundred or a few hundred hours before upgrading again. So maybe i was just lucky and never used it long enough for it to have issues. Even this one, I believe i have only used it for a few hundred hours but i did have it for a few years now, I am not sure also if the previous owner did anything dodgy with it.