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  1. I have a audyssey EQ unit and installer kit as well as a Audyssey Sub-EQ.
  2. Do you know the generation / version? Apparently there are a few different generations of it?
  3. I didnt realise the woes of JVC x000 series and HDR / Gamma D till i got the x9000. Wish HDR was much easier.
  4. I will take them please. Do you know roughly the power on hours?
  5. Oh really? I thought everyone recommended the HDFury items thats why i got one. I actually used some of your recommendations (picture tone, dark level and bright level ) on an older thread to configure Gamma D , so its viewable now but still darker than normal. I figured removing HDR will be better than not having it at all as i noticed some people said they preferred using the Projector without HDR. I do have the lamp on low power mode, it would be annoying having to change to high power mode everytime hdr was used. Plus I hate the resync / delay that causes everytime my projector switches re
  6. I am wondering if i have it set up in the wrong part of the chain? So at the moment i have it after the 15m HDMI Fibre cable from my AVR to the projector. So the 15m Cable goes into the Integral and then i am using a 1.5m Cable from the Integral to the AVR. But I am wondering if its better to put it before the 15m Cable, as in a 1m cable out of the AVR to the Integral and then the 15m Cable from the Integral to the Projector.
  7. I finally got the Integral setup in between my Denon AVR and my JVC x9000 Projector. There were 2 areas i wanted to fix with the integral. Main one was to remove HDR and second is to just tidy up HDCP etc as one of my sources (Foxtel / Sky Satellite STB) doesnt quite recognise the JVC projector as having 4k capabilities when i set the STB to auto for resolution. The STB does always work if i set it to 4k but then it means all signals from that STB will be upscaled on the STB before being sent out while i find 1080p looks much better being upscaled by my projector. Issue i am having is the I
  8. Do you know the difference between integral 2 and the first one? I have the first one and was thinking of upgrading.
  9. lonewolf


    It’s me lol. I probably have a few subs that can fit that size that I am not using .
  10. Hi, I tried to call you to organise pickup but there must have missed you.
  11. Keen on it, it hasn't been driven hard has it? Just had some bad experiences buying psus second hand in the past and I learnt it's usually the item that can wear down the quickest due to the nature of how psus work / used.
  12. What yamahas did you try? Last couple of my units have been marantz and Denon, but on some places, I notice everyone seems to rave on about Yamaha being better than them. I have never tried a Yamaha unit before.
  13. Damn, The one time i dont have anything i want from Canberra :P. Great Gesture.
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