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  1. I am interested but will need it shipped sadly.
  2. Amazon AU did have a special a couple of months ago for it at AUD$177 which was great.
  3. I will take it please.
  4. Hi I am keen on this if still available?
  5. @t_mike Thanks heaps for all the help. Top bloke and very friendly. had a couple of long chats with him. @wen thanks for your offer too.
  6. Thanks mate, I spoke to the seller and he said he may be able to drive it down to Melbourne himself depending on where and timing i guess.
  7. How did you know i was keeping an eye out :).
  8. But even getting it into the house or from a car or on floors that dont have carpet? What do people do? I always get stuck or have to strain really hard to work with subs like the SubM, i cant imagine heavier than them. Always wanted a 18" sub, but this part is what seems to stop me gettingone, the one time i did , the subs were 300+Kg and unworkable.
  9. Good price for some subs, Someone should grab all 3 of them. I would be tempted if it was in sydney. You can always use the Behringer splitters, thats what i use to split the signals. I had 2 of them going and had 14 subs connected as each one splits the signal 7 ways.
  10. Looking to purchase some speakers and I was wondering if anyone is travelling from Ballarat to Sydney. I can pay some fees to help with fuel etc.
  11. How do the subs compare to the seaton SubMersives? And how do people move around some of theses 80kg plus subs? The one time i bought 2x 2x18" subs, each sub weighed 150kg and i ended up selling it 2 years later unused as i just could not move the subs or fit them anywhere. Do people use trolleys? and i presume in those circumstances you dont even think of having the subs upstairs.
  12. Is this the one that got sold on here a couple of weeks ago? Did you get a chance to try it out? I have been wondering if i should move to Dirac from Audyssey
  13. same, looks like a good sub, any chance you will be driving to Sydney any time soon?
  14. Any idea how it compares to a JVC x30? I know the x30 is a couple of generations newer but a lower model.
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