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  1. Yeah the HDMI board on the Onkyo died on me not once but twice! The first time it was covered under warranty. Onkyo/Integra did at least extend their warranty for this repair as soooooo many of their models suffered from this manufacturing/design f-up. But the second time it died it was past even this extended period and I couldn't be bothered forking out $700 to fix up that pile of rubbish. 😆 I did see a youtube DIY guide on how to perform the replacement on another Onkyo model to mine which seemed relatively straight forward: But obtaining the precise part here in Australia seems pretty much impossible and of course Amber Tech won't sell you the part, you have to take it into one of their affiliated service centres. 🙄 I also had a Pioneer receiver that died on me within a couple of weeks from purchase, again a HDMI problem. Thankfully I was able to send that straight back at zero cost under ebay's rather generous buyer protection policy and get an immediate full refund. Touch wood I've never had a problem with a Yamaha, Marantz or Denon product, although of course no brand is perfect - there will always be a certain % with defects. However it's going to be hard for me to forget about my Onkyo experience and regain my trust enough to buy anymore of their garbage ever again!
  2. Now it's all coming back! Yep remember your Paradigms. Damn I really liked that Marantz receiver and can't even remember why I sold it. Probably because I thought I needed some new you beaut feature the Onkyo PR-SC5508 provided. Wish I kept that Marantz as the Onkyo prepro gave me nothing but trouble. Yes again correct re: Normandy. Was FIFO at Big Bell gold mine for 3yrs in the mid 90s.
  3. Yeah it drives my Monitor Audio GS60s beautifully! No complaints whatsoever. And as I only have a modest 5.1 set-up and nothing fancy that single channel problem really wasn't an issue for me. But now it's time to sell as I recently upgraded my receiver to a new Denon model (after my Onkyo prepro gave up the ghost due to the dreaded HDMI board issue!) and am happy enough with the amplification the Denon provides. I wanted HDCP 2.3 so it was time to upgrade the receiver anyway. Another Perth member seems very interested in the ET (along with a couple others) so it's great to know it will be going to a good home where it will be fully appreciated and I won't have to tolerate low-ball offers on Gumtree. 🤣
  4. Great to hear from you Mining Man! Geez I can barely remember that but then again my memory aint that flash to begin. Those were the days with epic arguments over Blu-ray v HD DVD and all those tremendous group buys that were organised on DTV Forum. Seems a previous lifetime to me nowadays. 😔
  5. Thanks for all of the replies. I've called Arthur and he said he will get me a discounted rate on freight. He also asked for some snaps of the internals (as attached). I couldn't see anything out or order to my untrained eye such as obvious physical damage, disconnected wiring etc.
  6. Ok many thanks for posting this Marc. I will contact Arthur and see what he says. But if it's going to lead to costly repairs and a hefty freight bill shipping it back to VIC I may as well take it to my local dump then. Cheers Glenn
  7. Hi guys I have an Elektra Theatron 7.1 channel amp which I purchased as part of a group buy on DTV forum back in around 2008. However one of the 7 channels failed some time ago (2013?). It didn't bother me at the time as I only have a 5.1 set-up so I just switched over to one of the other un-used channels. However I'm now looking at selling the amp and it would obviously have much more re-sale value if all 7 channels were fully working. I'm not even sure whether its an input or output problem or with the actual amplification itself. The only symptom is that I get no sound whatsoever from that particular channel. So is there anyone who is familiar with this amp who might like to speculate on what the issue could be, or would like to offer any advice? I live in Perth so on the other side of the country to its original manufacture.
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