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  1. Item is now sold pending payment.
  2. For Sale Denon AVR-3313 $850 Receiver is in immaculate condition and barely used. I purchased the product from a local retailer (West Coast Hi-Fi) about 2 years ago. I originally bought it to replace my existing Onkyo receiver whilst it was being serviced as I was planning to sell my old unit once it was fixed. However I decided to keep the Onkyo so the Denon has been sitting in its box ever since, as a spare or backup. I only recently removed it from the box just to take pictures for the sale and ensure it still powered on ok. Will ship at buyer's expense or alternatively you can pick-up the item if you are in Perth. The item comes in its original packaging and includes: * Denon AVR-3313 (black) * Denon remote control * Audyssey calibration microphone * Power and HDMI cable * Getting Started Guide * OEM Discs (includes PDF of owner's manual as a hard copy wasn't supplied by manufacturer).
  3. Awesome find Tolly. I adore my 64D8000 and the FBr was the only knock I had against it. Can't believe a firmware fix was released for this as I'd given up on the possibility late last year. Will definitely perform the patch on the weekend.
  4. Well I emailed Oppo and to their credit they replied almost immediately. They confirmed that .mkv files should stream and to try 3rd party software such as TVersity, Twonky (even though I mentioned I had already tried this), oShare or the PS3 Media Server as .mkv files are not natively supported by the Windows Media Server. So I gave oShare a go which is super simple freeware from Sourceforge and bingo it worked straight away! http://sourceforge.n...ource=directory I think there was a firewall issue when I tried Twonky as oShare immediately prompted me to punch a hole in Windows firewall during installation which Twonky never asked me to do. So in hindsight I probably could've got Twonky to work if I persevered and tinkered further. Anyway I'm just happy I got something to work and oShare is totally free which is a nice bonus. I have finally attained media playback nirvana!
  5. Arrggghh the frustration continues. I have installed the DivX codec pack as well as Twonky Media Server and I still can't see .mkv files on the Oppo. I have tried the generic media receiver profile in Twonky for the Oppo as well as generic DLNA 1.0 and 1.5 profiles and nothing is helping. I have done mutiple reboots of the Oppo and the PC with all these changes and also updated to the most recent official release firmware without any success in streaming these files. I'm quickly approaching the point of abandoning the Oppo as a streaming device. I mean the only files I'm interested in streaming are HD H.264 .mkv ones anyway as SD XviD .avi look like ass on my 64" TV.
  6. Thanks Blairy I've downloaded a copy of Twonky. Will do the firmware upgrade tonight but I'm guessing it won't fix my particular issue so will likely install Twonky tomorrow.
  7. ok cheers senna I might try upgrading my Oppo firmware first as I have version 42 which is now a few iterations dated. I presume that's ok to do with a region free chipped device and that I won't brick my player?? If that doesn't work then I'll give Twonky Media Server a whirl.
  8. These files are all HD TV shows from the US so we are just talking talking regular AC3 DD. Again these files play fine on the Oppo when connected via a USB thumbdrive/hard disk. But they can't be found when searching for them on the Oppo's 'My Network' menu for some bizarre reason. So I can only think that Windows sharing is preventing these files from being discoverable by the Oppo, although have no idea why it would be blocking .mkv h.264 files. Anyway I guess I will try contacting Oppo and see if they have anything to say on the matter since it seems to be a unique problem that no one else on the forum seems to be having. If I get a solution I will post it back here in case other Oppo owners encounter this in the future.
  9. I'm 238 hours in as a L42 Dark Elf Destruction Mage. Can't argue with the play value at about $0.40/hr and shrinking! I've had about half a dozen of the miscellaneous quests glitch out preventing completion so just annoyingly sit in the active quest log. But otherwise the game has been quite solid on the 360 for an immense RPG with just a handful of crashes in all those hours. It still blows my mind how much content Bethesda managed to put on that DVD. I also see a 10MB patch appeared on XBL today.
  10. Thanks aHoC. I'm just using regular Windows sharing on my PC drive adding the relevant folder to my media library. It's got me baffled. Both .avi. and .wmv files show just fine, even my TiVo's .ts files display and stream on the Oppo without a hiccup. But .mkv files are nowehere to be seen. I've also tried changing the file extension on one of the .mkv files to .wmv but the Oppo still won't see it so it seems to have something against the h.264 codec when streaming over my network. It has no problem whatsoever playing these files when placed on a USB thumbdrive though. The Oppo 93 is a tremendous player. Just this one annoying hurdle from achieving media playing nirvana!
  11. I have a networking issue that hopefully someone may have an answer to. I have an RF modded BDP-93 but this issue probably applies to any of the recent Oppos. I'm trying to share media files (specifically .mkv files) from my PC (W7 Pro 64bit) to stream on the Oppo. I have a dedicated media drive quite separate from the OS partition. Anyway the Oppo can see the PC fine (both connected via a gigabit switch) but it won't display any .mkv container files (H.264) located on my PC for some reason. It will find and stream .wmv container files copied to the identical network path no problem at all but not .mkv ones. Is this a limitation of the device, firmware problem, configuration issue or is something else at play preventing these files from being viewable under 'My Network' in the Oppo? Thanks in advance for any replies. Also apologies if the answer is buried in this 1000 post thread or elsewhere on the forum.
  12. It may depend on your wall surface but if it's regular brick wall then it shouldn't be a problem. I've been hanging a 64" Sammy plasma on the ultra slim 'hanging picture' mount for the past 6 months and had no issues and it looks fantastic. It's nice and easy to access the inputs too with the simple yet effective swing mechanism. http://www.samsung.com/au/consumer/tv-audi...&returnurl= So I'm sure your preferred mount will be fine too.
  13. It's only the one at the Joker tunnel that's been yanking my chain - the other ones weren't too bad. Just can't get back to Skyrim til I've got this game 100% complete. I've heard it's even tougher to accomplish on the PC so I guess I should count my blessings. Got close once and know what's required so will fluke it eventually. It's just every step has to be cm perfect. It looks like a walk in the park on the damn video. EDIT: Woohoo finally nailed it after at least 50 friggin attempts. Thanks for the tip Sievers. Hello Skyrim!
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